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A week ago today, two uplifting prophetic indications of what the Lord’s doing in the Church of England were received by two of my friends, who don’t know one another and were many miles apart – it’s exciting, most important news!

‘A’ shared on Sunday that the previous Friday’s prayer time at the Fflad-y-Brenin retreat centre in Wales didn’t go quite as planned!  The morning prayer time got overshadowed by the Lord, who reminded them of the raising of Lazarus. They were told He’s going to call the Anglican Church out of its grave and bring it back to life!

[Note: for further consideration of the preceding and of comments below read here.]

That same day was the start of a residential weekend for training in the ministry for 100 or more, including ‘B’ who works in a London church. That first evening he received the following vision whilst in prayer.:

I saw the nation like a city on fire, and pastors throwing buckets of water on the fire to put it out but unsuccessfully. Then a floor of water springs up, dampens and defeats the fire. This water is the Gospel.

“Let the gospel be the gospel. Join in with what I’m doing.

“I am about to show you where I’ve been at work unseen for years. All over the land where I have been brooding over the expanse and the chaos. The time is coming. Stand with the rising waters and make a splash; declare against dismay that the water is from me for the healing of your lives in the land I have called to my own.”

The water rises.

“Proclaim to the water, ‘’Rise”

and to the city, “Repent”  (turn around, redemption is here)

and to the people, “Live”!

“I will bring life.

“My life is not even threatened by the fire. I have been holding off to see my church faithful, but (is) confused and distorted, I now show grace. I AM faithful.

“The waters will rise.”


This is exceptionally encouraging in view of the prophetic slant of my recent posts, as though more pieces of the ‘invisible jigsaw’ are falling into place!

‘B’ confirmed the fire across the nation is one from hell, and thus of a different nature to the holy fires mentioned in my recent blogs.

The reference to water welling up has similarities to the 1937 vision noted by Arthur Burt, as in this blog’s On wild winds, floodings and earthquake and next post about Bob Jones on the timing of that vision’s fulfilment.

It also connects into what Charlie Shamp prophesied in February about fresh springs and streams of water arising and the Lord displaying His glory in England this Spring.

The Lord’s remarks about brooding over the expanse of land and chaos and wanting His waters to arise so that He can heal the land, are close to Charlie’s teaching on how the Lord created and how His glory is going to manifest in signs and wonders.

‘B’ shared his thoughts on the vision:

“It’s all deeply entwined with the work of the Spirit. The pastors are no longer to use the Holy Spirit only as a resource in their reacting to particular situations, but to see the work of the Spirit all around them and to join in. One thing I believe the Lord said to me about it (amongst others) is that if we are asking for ‘more’ of the Holy Spirit (which much of the church is), then that ‘more’ is to be found by joining in with his saving work outside the walls of the church. He has not given us the Spirit to keep us safe whilst we sit still but to move us into mission. If we want to meet with more of him then we must go to where he is leading us and meet with those he is wanting us to meet with – those living and dying without him. The ‘more’ that we seek is to be experienced as we step into the great commission. The Spirit does not belong to us for our services; we belong to him for His service.” (Amen – Emphases added, RB)

All this confirms what Bob Jones, Charlie Shamp and Doug Addison have heard this year from the Lord as pointing to ‘Now’s the Time – May 2014’.

For more, please see comments below followed by The Accuser attacks politically-related prophecies

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2 thoughts on “Library updated – Resurrection coming to Anglican Church

  1. Ehhhmm …… does anyone question so-called prophetic utterances recorded here, like this one related to Lazarus and the Anglican Church?? In the cacophony of so much ‘prophetic’ garbage, where are the ones who have the gift of discernment of spirits and the ability to say “not true”??

    There is no comparison between Lazarus and the Anglican church! Lazarus was raised by the Author of Life to the Glory of God – while the Anglican church is a mere institution and not a person for whom Christ came and restored for a short period to his family.

    For the record; “Resurrection Coming to the Anglican Church” was a false prophesy born, at best, out of a fertile imagination – much like so many other words dished out to those already enjoying the ambience of self-deception.

    The voice, that these propagating imaginations may be tickled by, is the voice of the counterfeit, desiring to be impregnated into their hearts in fulfillment of the Word spoken by Paul in 2 Thess. 2 : 4


    • Thanks for your response ‘golemski’, and for challenging this posting – I’m not surprised. It’s most understandable but I’d invite you to kindly reconsider.:

      Frankly, my own reaction to what I’d drafted was similar to yours about imagination. You can be forgiven for not realising I have deep reservations about the CoE, of which I’m not a member, especially having recently reproved a bishop and laity for inaccurately handling scripture on a leading blog. (Am fully aware of Paul’s letter you’re waving!)

      Many years ago I’d realised that CoE was buried in it’s own graveyard! Hence my own deep astonishment at any possible reference to its resurrection – it would be a complete turnaround! Also, imho, such an empowerment should get it back to 1st Century roots and away from all its historic junk.

      Normally, when covering debatable material my blog titles pose a question. But I hadn’t done so for this one and was to amend and re-slant the text before publishing; yet I sensed the Lord giving His ‘ok’. “Huh?…really?…why?”, thought I.

      It’s what I call a “John 3:8 insight”, where He ‘blows my spirit along with His’ and in rising upon ‘eagle’s wings’ connections may be ‘seen’ – even beyond ‘the Pond’. This time what the Lord gave 3 people in Wales, England and Arizona ON THE SAME DAY was along similar lines about changes for the UK – my role was to perceive and ‘herald’ His new activity. (And another principle is also involved.) Nominal believers may not grasp the significance of such a witness.

      You ask, “Where are those with discernment?”.

      Leaders of the renowned centre in Wales where the Lord is moving would recognise His voice, would they not? My report was second-hand of their understanding that He’s calling Lazarus out of his ‘Anglican cave’.

      Friend ‘B’ was not trained in prophecy and some months ago received visionary warnings for the CoE. This was similar to what someone else and his vicar have had, and so I advised him to write direct to a specific archbishop about it. His material has been checked and he’s permitted me to relate the latest and remarkable follow-up on those warnings.

      Furthermore, Justin Welby’s subsequent call to the CoE to pray for the UK so that God will “send his Spirit that we may proclaim the good news afresh” echoes the prophetic points from my friends. I may tackle all this more fully next week when I resume blogging.

      Perhaps you’d let me know about your own training and experience in the prophetic, and what specifically makes you think you’re correct?


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