Revd John Kilpatrick: apolitical prophecy in His Presence

Awkward internet trouble struck last Sunday afternoon!

However, resolution on Monday brought some unusual insights on America’s highly controversial presidential candidate!

Even more weirdly, whilst writing I’m struck that this post covers a ‘triple-strike’ on one particular day this month: see if you can spot it as you read. Ask yourself, “Does it confirm the previous post’s prophetic word, ‘Month of May – Domino Effect’ ?”

We couldn’t get live-streaming of Sunday morning’s service at Church of His Presence. Occasionally, there are intermittent dropouts but a simultaneously broadcast chat-room keeps e-members and ‘techies’ in touch and so we know what’s happening. But this time it was most unusual not to get any streaming connection at all in over half an hour. Then I saw their administrator’s note about the server having crashed.

I quipped to Nina, “Maybe they’re having a terrific time and the electrics are affected”.

A few years ago we heard Mahesh Chavda talk about when the powerful presence of the Lord blew stage-lighting and set off internal alarms, to which a fire brigade responded and arrived at the church meeting – but there wasn’t any fire, of the ordinary kind, that is.

Was something similar happening far beyond the other side of ‘the Pond’?? It was!!

Holy Spirit’s Presence

On Monday we caught up with the archived video and saw everyone was still affected by the evening celebration on Friday 7th May – Holy Spirit’s presence was clearly evident during Sunday’s worship.

Pastor John Kilpatrick immediately spoke about Friday evening’s celebration and referred to the Glory having fallen during the Brownsville Revival. John interviewed some who’d been there on their reactions.  Of last Friday he admitted to having struggled to preach; because it was on God’s Glory. His message had been held over from an earlier Friday, when he’d been completely unable to speak because he’d been under the ‘chabod’ or heavy weight of God’s glory – ‘slain in the Spirit’ – for several hours!

So, Sunday morning in Alabama continued in the same Revival atmosphere and one hour one minute into the service John said,

JohnK 214_logo“You know I believe what’s going on right now in the political world, somehow I believe the Lord’s right behind it!

“Here’s what I really believe and I want you to know I’m not saying (vote) democrat or a republican – understand?Listen to me: something’s going on in the political sphere!

“And something’s going on in grass-roots America and grass-roots America’s rising up and saying “We’re SICK of the political correctness. We’re SICK of our nation going down the drain. We’re SICK of decisions that’s being made that’s deteriorating America”, and the grass-roots are rising up and they’re possibly voting for somebody that makes Americans real nervous.

“And I’m not saying I’m a Trump supporter – because I’m not!…(and I’m not anyone’s supporter)…BUT I am a supporter of Revival and I’m believing God for Revival to SHOW UP in America and to SWEEP this country – from the White House to the school-house to the corn house!!…[great excitement across congregation].

“Here’s what I believe’s happening: I believe God’s shaking America back – I believe that we’ve been asleep. We’ve been in a coma but the Holy Ghost’s been slapping us [John slaps himself on both cheeks] with His Primaries and America’s waking up – “Huh? What he’d say?” – “What’d she say?”- “OMG what’s going on!” – “I’ve never seen nothing like this before!”

“And the Holy Spirit says,“Buckle your seat-belt; you ain’t never seen nothing like you’re about to see!!”

I believe that God somehow is going to translate what’s going on in the political world and bring it over into the spiritual world it’s time for spiritual correctness!

“Let God be God; I said ‘Let God be God’. Let God MOVE and let His power SWEEP this nation like it did many years ago!”….

Spirit-filled rejoicing and great excitement followed with lengthy ministry under the Glory – very definitely a church of HIS Presence!

Shake, Rattle and Roll…

John’s immense excitement as Holy Spirit sparked him into hopping and skipping whilst he moved into prophecy reminded me of an unusual word I’d read over the weekend from Australia’s Lana Vasser. Perhaps he was confirming the gist of what she received, as here:

LanaVawser‘…I have no political agenda, I am not attempting to ‘push’ anything, I am simply releasing something that I feel the Lord gave me. Recently, the Lord surprised me as I heard Him singing and I heard him singing concerning Trump. I heard the Lord singing in the same melody to the old song by Billy Haley and The Comets, “Shake, Rattle and Roll”. Yet as I heard the melody, I heard the Lord singing:

“I am using TRUMP to shake, rattle and roll..I’m using TRUMP to shake, rattle and roll… I’m using TRUMP to shake, rattle and roll”(!)”

WHAT! WHY?  To grasp this rather alarming revelation read Lana’s blog I Heard the Lord Singing Regarding Donald Trump, published last Friday 7th May .

I doubt John would have opportunity for that to have come to his attention on the other side of the world – especially as he was involved in that evening’s celebration with Lindell Cooley, and preparing to speak on Mysteries of the Glory and then come under its after-effects!!

Trump and Israel

The next day, Tuesday, I had opportunity to follow-up a headline on William Koenig’s news service World Watch Daily as a matter of particular interest to students of Bible prophecy. This was from an article in The Jerusalem Post published on Friday 7th May – Politics: On Trump’s Side (by Gill Stern Stern Hoffman).

It covers the work of British-born public relations innovator Jonny Daniels, director of the Holocaust commemoration organization From The Depths, and may be the Israeli who’s closest to Donald Trump. Daniels is quoted as saying of Trump on Israel,

“He is someone who understands our traditions, Just like Obama grew up in traditional Muslim settings, Trump has gained an appreciation of traditional Judaism.

In 2013 Trump released a video of his deep respect for Israel’s PM Netanyahu and so you may like to read Hoffman’s article in full via the above link to print-copy. (The JP website is slow to load because of a long script and excessive advertising.)  Here are some extracts for your information:

“The Donald Trump I know is thoughtful, strong-willed and an incredibly smart person,” Daniels said. “He reads people and situations and, most importantly, doesn’t give up. He will fight for Israel and – just as important for Israel – fight for the USA. A strong America is a strong Israel. Over the past eight years, there has been a massive decrease in American strength, and as the US’s great ally that has been a significant problem for us.”
“It is very good news for Israel that he will be the Republican candidate for president, because we really do have a good friend in Donald Trump,” Daniels said. “I’m not sure people realize who he is beyond his media persona. He is a politician playing politics, and there are certain things you do and say for votes, and if it’s inflammatory so be it. Netanyahu and Obama have also reached out to their voter base, and that’s what Trump has been doing.”
“He is smart enough to understand that a peace deal wouldn’t be brokered over night,” Daniels said. “When we look at his true understanding of the concerns facing Israel, we have to see it promisingly. He was vehemently against the Iran deal before he thought he would be running for president.”

My reader, did you spot the triple date references in the above three sections?  Friday 7th May.  Hmmm most intriguing….

Maybe the Lord is underscoring that material? Maybe pastor Kilpatrick’s prognostication is accurate? How say you?

Finally, today Israel Hayom publishes an interview with Trump, Israel Is the US’ Bastion of Hope,  wherein he states, “We are going to protect Israel. We will make sure it is in good shape forever”.  I’ll leave you to read his opinion on the incumbent president’s actions to jeopardize an ally by dealing with Iran.

Such interesting times…

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