Paws-4-thought: “This is My territory, and Mine alone,” says The Lion of Judah

[GPS #14 A fortnight ago this morning I was astonished at what was brought from the Lord during the ministry team’s prayers at Acorn Christian Healing Foundation – but my surprise stopped me taking note of its content! Therefore, I asked our friend ‘V.J.’ for the details and am grateful for her kind permission to publish this account:

‘During the time of praise, with one or two people bringing gentle thoughts of encouragement, I had an overwhelming sense that, spiritually, we were there to be about the Lord’s business in strength – and there was a real sense of frustration.

‘Then came a picture of a huge lion, which I felt was The Lion of Judah. The first impression was the huge head and tossing mane, with the mouth twisting. The lion then reared up and placed his two front huge paws onto a flat sloping rock. The words I sensed were,

“This is MY territory, and Mine alone. I have equipped you with everything you need to go and accomplish work for my Kingdom. Go out and do it, don’t delay!”

‘I sensed that it was powerful and there was a hint of admonishment involved; there was no sense of meekness about it. The Lord was also saying,

“I Am the Rock upon which you stand.”

‘Since subsequent events have unfolded, I have pondered it further and felt it could relate to those.

‘After the service the minister mentioned the picture to me, saying, “So the picture you had was Jesus saying, ‘Don’t mess with Me/My work’?”. I replied, “Yes, that’s more or less it.”

Footnote: As soon as ‘V.J.’ started describing The Lion of Judah and her impressions, I thought she may have read and been inspired by what I’d published less than two hours earlier; ie, its picture in particular. But not so!

That blog was on the Vision of Violent Spiritual Battle for Britain seen by Veronika West in which she hears, “Daughter of man, fear not, see, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed.”  As the original has no accompanying illustration I’d dug into my library for a suitable image, as shown above. However, ‘V.J.’ was not aware of this until we discussed it this week!! 

Also, note how well this image matches her description of the placement of The Lion’s front paws!!  LOL – truly, a ‘Paws-4-Thought’ moment!

Therefore, what ‘V.J.’ brought is clearly a stand-alone word from the Lord, yet confirms what others are hearing on God’s Global Prophecy Signalling system. Also, it reinforces the scrolling words Nina saw at the start of Trooping The Colour 2016; ‘This is MY country!’

[With gratitude to the unknown creator of this splendid picture.]

Paws-4-thought: Update on Midnight and Big Ben

Kitty - Paws4thort 5After yesterday’s early start to chauffeur a friend to/from Guildford I started summarising some dreams and visions of Big Ben striking midnight.

I closed with my off-the-cuff reply to ‘Tucson Tony’ asking for my ‘take’ on his dreams, but at the time of receipt I was very busy drafting. So I did a quick ponder…

I told him what flashed up as an answer: ‘My mediate thought as I type is, “It’s warning of the Lord’s Return!” ie. not long now!’. Tony replied, ‘Indeed! It would seem that the midnight hour is upon us.’

BUT, I’d completely forgotten the content of our first-thing prayers that continue with the ‘Keep Praying & Bless’ cycle, as blogged last year. Yesterday we were at ‘Day 39’ for Cleethorpes and area (as well as locally) and part of the blessing for there is:

We bless you to be part of the Bride of Christ, to prepare for the day when He will come and fetch those who are waiting for Him’.

Now that’s what I call a ‘God-incidence’!

I trust you’ve had opportunity to note the feedback in the comments thread. Here’s a couple of them starting with Tim Shey’s subsequent remarks:

‘The photo of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben is significant. For some reason I forgot that Big Ben was connected to the Houses of Parliament.

‘Big Ben–center of time; Parliament–center of government. What starts in England will cause ripple effects throughout the world spiritually and politically. Brexit came first, then Trump won in the U.S.. Maybe Brexit will precede a U.S. exit from the United Nations.

‘More history: the English Civil War in the 1600s preceded the American Revolution in the 1700s. King James Bible in 1611–still very influential today. The Gospel preaching in Great Britain, especially after Queen Elizabeth I came to the throne, greatly influenced the spiritual/social/political formation of the American Colonies. The 1904 Welsh Revival preceded the 1906 Azusa Street Revival in Los Angeles.

‘Again, after looking at the Houses of Parliament and the two hands pointing up to 12 on Big Ben: Parliament (spiritual and political government) and two 12s (a double anointing of government-influence): that is THREE WITNESSES OF GOVERNMENT–ANOINTED GOVERNMENT. The two hands pointing up (heavenward) to 12: heavenly government.

‘Prime Minister May meeting with President Trump was absolutely the Hand of God.’

[Tim re-blogged my post on her prophetically significant speech to the Republican Party.]

Clock from 4Signposts

In Pauline Watford’s contribution I’m reminded of a video that I had in mind after writing:

‘Derek Prince, when teaching on End Times before his death (24 Sept 2003 in Jerusalem – RB), said that God’s clock was standing at five to twelve!

‘And the Supernatural Clock Acceleration in Bob Jones’ hospital room on 6th February and 13th February 2014 (see YouTube videos) was said to point to the church being lined up with heaven’s time when the hands of the clock stopped at midnight. I believe the spinning hands indicated past time, stopping briefly at 8 pm. to indicate Jesus’ incarnation and his launching of the Kingdom on earth, then spinning round again and slowing at 11.50 pm. until they stopped at midnight.

‘And 6th February 2017 was Queen Elizabeth’s Sapphire Jubilee, if that has anything to do with it!’

Now it just so happens that 13 months to the day before posting Dreams and Visions of Big Ben…I’d blogged Body of Christ Being Accelerated to Sync with Heaven’s Time on 14 January 2016 about the very video Pauline refers to and quoted Gary’s Beaton’s insight to those events. Do please watch…

At  2:45 mark of Gary’s phenomenal account he refers to the synchronisation at midnight. (Read About his Transformation Glory Ministries.) After commenting upon the numerical significance of the timings he explains (6:30 mark):

“Twelve is the number of divine government …you’ve got a ‘synching’ up at midnight – another 12 – God was emphasising that His government is coming into the earth right now in apostolic power. We’ve never seen it – we’ve been talking for a long time about it coming…”

LOL – so we’ve now covered 13th…14th…15th…February – whatever’s next?

Watch out tomorrow!!

Paws-4-thought: removal of rubbish and the Lord’s glory

Paws4thort5The surprising find of an old, unread email appears related to today’s plans, the execution of which met with awkward, technical opposition. Before taking the walk mentioned in the previous post I’d emailed single copies of an intercessory email but left the bulk for circulation as an early task this morning.

Now let’s consider that unread email.:

Upon return and preparing for the distribution of the prayer to a several dozen I first dipped into the links in the email and replied to its sender,

‘…Have only now checked the links and particularly note Andy’s closing remarks on what the Lord showed him re St Paul’s (Cathedral) and a barge taking rubbish out to sea: “It’s time to clean My house”.
‘The Lord’s timing is always fascinating, so maybe that reflects my thoughts on the Lord starting to expose political wrong-doings, as mentioned in my email on praying for the Camerons….’


That link opens with a reference reflecting something similar that I saw over the weekend on a course on Living in the Anointing.  During fervent worship in the chapel I perceived a large pool of water overflow, as though from a well with a low wall. Soon I understood it may refresh the neighbourhood as the land is slightly higher than and thus may feed into the nearby wide but shallow valley. Later, I learned a visiting preacher’s remarks last week led to a search for dried-up, disused spring of water that served the large premises.

Looking now at the hardcopy of the linked article I notice the website’s appropriate title: Living Stones in Streams of Living Water aka. deepuntodeep-joy.blogspot, and the post refers to a song on the glory of the Lord by Godfrey Birtill: ‘Are You Ready?’.

It then provides a recent marvellous prophetic word that may be akin to the vision Smith-Wigglesworth and his prayer partner Norman James had, albeit 50 years later, of Britain. The writer then tells what he sensed from the Spirit whilst walking around central London and the Thames. I’m grateful, therefore, to Beverley (Joy) Hall for circulating this news.

Read this splendid account in full via the following title:

Paws-4-thought: the Queen, prophecies and jigsaw pieces

IspyLast night it popped into mind that the previous post about Her Majesty’s Christmas broadcast omitted the pertinent part of her hereditary title: ‘Fidei Defensor’ – Defender of the Faith!

STOP, PAUSE, REWIND < < back 500 years…and then fast forward > > to 20th Century England.

‘Fidei Defensor’ was the papal honour bestowed on young King Henry VIII in 1521 for his literary defence of the sacraments (ie. including marriage!) and papal supremacy against Protestant ideas of Martin Luther. However, lack of a male heir to the throne and Henry’s desire to remarry brought a break with the Roman church. That Latin title was revoked but Parliament then conferred ‘Defender of the Faith’ upon Henry VIII and subsequent monarchs as protectors of the Anglican faith in being Supreme Governors of the Church of England; that is, above the Archbishops of Canterbury and York – see Wikipedia.

Flying puzzles - Nokhoog BuchachonConsequently, in my humble opinion Her Majesty’s message could be regarded as being an apologia, or brief expository defence of the Christian faith.  And so we may surmise how this complements related prophetical material and I suspect more pieces of the Lord’s invisible jigsaw pieces are falling into place.

>> to 6 decades ago

A little nostalgia now: I recall a very small toy model coach with team of horses as a gift from my grandfather in preparation for celebrating the Queen’s coronation on 2nd June 1953. There was also model scenery between which to drive the golden coach. Parents and family were getting excited. My father made a large heraldic shield coloured in the Union Jack, from which three similar but small flags could proudly fly when hung outside our house. And he even bought a television and invited neighbours to watch the whole event in black and white vision.

A few years later my school teacher proudly told the headmistress about a story I’d written along with my picture of a RCMP ‘Mountie’ on horseback chasing a criminal – ‘The Mountie always gets his man!’ Consequently, he won a bravery award from Queen Elizabeth II in person. This story may have been inspired by TV cowboy stories and accounts of her state visit to Canada in 1956.

> > to 4 years ago

What I felt in my spirit upon hearing the recent Christmas message and the evening’s news announcement was so similar to what I was sensing during and after our visiting Royal Windsor in Berkshire in 2011. For some reason the view of the castle from a few miles away in the Great Park caught my attention. (Little did I know that Dr Sharon Stone and husband Greg were relocating to Old Windsor.)

That impression was noted in ‘Paws 4 Thought’ of 28th June 2012 when blogging about A special town in the Thames Valley (note photo of cloud of UK over town). Therein, I refer to my chat with Sharon in February of that year:

“After talking about her class in Windsor an image of the Castle’s famous round tower came to mind. This was followed by the notion that its crenellated battlements looked like the teeth of a giant cogwheel which could fit into some sort of invisible socket where earth could get plugged into heaven. 

“It’s a little hard to explain, but then the thought dropped into mind that such engagement would enable the heavenly kingdom to ‘wind up’ our earthly kingdom, or ‘queen-dom’, for the Lord’s purposes (eg. revival) – rather like putting a key into and winding up a clockwork toy.”

Windsor Castle’s Round Tower (right); copyright Richard Barker

I’d suggest we keep these musings in mind when considering current prophetic words for the United Kingdom.

Paws-4-thought: devilish plot to avoid the Lake of Fire

“…for we are not unaware of Satan’s schemes”.  (Apostle Paul’s second letter to the early church in Corinth, Greece)

Paws4thort6It isn’t a popular topic and is one I’d rather overlook, but this has to be said in view of recent and current events. The notions behind my musings may not be new to some of my readers.

The enemy of our souls, that ancient dragon and deceiver, will eventually be thrown into a fiery lake along with his false prophet, the beast, death and Hades, plus anyone whose name isn’t recorded in the Book of Life, as is foretold in the twentieth chapter of The Apocalypse.

Afterwards, a new earth will appear and the new Jerusalem will descend from a new heaven, because the old ones have passed away. But before all that, those evil ones will have been defeated upon the return to earth of “The Word of God”, as described in part of an end-time vision Jesus gave Apostle John:

11 Now I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war. 12 His eyes were like a flame of fire, and on His head were many crowns. He had a name written that no one knew except Himself. 13 He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God. 14 And the armies in heaven, clothed in fine linen, white and clean, followed Him on white horses. 15 Now out of His mouth goes a sharp sword, that with it He should strike the nations. And He Himself will rule them with a rod of iron. He Himself treads the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. 16 And He has on His robe and on His thigh a name written:


Satan’s Strategy?

It may be presumptuous of me, but it seems there’s a verse in each of the Old and New Testaments that Satan could be using to thwart God’s plan for his eventual demise.

Could his strategy be to prevent Jesus’ prophesied return? If he were to achieve that, then what’s foretold in scripture just wouldn’t be able to happen!

However, in view of the facts that Jesus defeated him at Calvary and then ascended to sit at God’s side as His only begotten Son, how could Satan achieve such a goal?

Answer: by ensuring the reasons for Jesus Christ’s promised return have been nullified; that is, no longer exist.

OT Aspect

When Jesus ascended to heaven from the Mount of Olives the gathered disciples were told by two men in white linen that He’d return in the same fashion (Acts 1:9-12). This would comply with the prophecy of the Day of the Lord given to Zechariah, which states in part…

For I will gather all the nations to battle against Jerusalem… 3 Then the Lord will go forth and fight against those nations, as He fights in the day of battle. And in that day His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, which faces Jerusalem on the east….Thus the Lord my God will come, and all the saints with You. (Zech 14:2-5 NKJV courtesy

Therefore, which people will be there?  The descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – the Jews, with whom God has an everlasting Covenant. So, to prevent that Satan could cause people to eradicate them by genocide; that is, by wars, massacres, pogroms, holocaust, politico-religious ethnic cleansing. Hence, Islamist regimes’ goal of wiping the Jewish state of Israel from the map. (Some mullahs want all Jews to be gathered there so they can be more easily destroyed!)

Thus, once all Jews are removed from the land there’d be no point at all in Jesus returning for a people that don’t live there!

NT Aspect

But Jesus could return to snatch away, or ‘rapture’, the Christians into heaven anyway, as Paul foresaw, for that above OT verse says He will return with all His saints. But if all the followers of Jesus are no longer fit to be His bride then they’d be useless and He wouldn’t be able to use them. Hence, the snake insinuated itself into Christendom, got churches to unwittingly promulgate false teachings and lose the Holy Spirit’s anointing and powerful inheritance of the first disciples.

Better still, the devil could scheme to destroy and wipe them out too! Then there’d be neither Jew nor Christian left for Jesus to return to earth. He might as well stay up in heaven and let Satan continue to rule the roost on earth

So, as stated in Revelation 12:17, Satan immediately began “to make war on those who obey God’s commandments and hold to the testimony of Jesus”.

Perhaps the easiest and most subtly unseen way of doing that is the Machiavellian strategy of ‘divide and rule’; that is, disunity. Get these ‘little anointed ones’ to fall out and dispute doctrine, let them build and rule over man-made institutions instead of being filled by the Holy Spirit and led by Him.

But even better, get them to hate and turn on one another, then wage war upon and kill fellow believers and thus disobey not only Jesus’ own command to them to love one another (John 13:34-35), but also His prayer to Father that they be one in them both (John 17:20-26) so the world would believe God had sent Him. And so Satan’s tactic is to render these foundational points of Christian discipleship null and void.

And on top of that, if Satan can get Christians to despise and turn against the Jews then he’s laughing, he’s ‘home and dry’ – we will have done his job for him!!  And better still, why not make everyone else in the world hate Jews too?  Even better, create a religious scripture that justifies, commands and honours killing them.

Doubtless, the Devil thinks prevention of the fulfilment of holy writ is practically guaranteed! Let’s consider some evidence for these claims:

Historical Evidence

1. The opening quotation refers to a matter on which Paul was advising church leaders. About 20 year after Jesus’ ascension a rebellious conflict grieved leaders and believers of that early assembly in Greece. They reacted severely but Paul cautioned forgiveness and comfort. Otherwise it would allow Satan to take advantage of the discord within the church (New Spirit-filled Life Bible notes). NKJV has Paul’s guidance; “…I have forgiven that one for your sakes in the presence of Christ, lest Satan should take advantage of us, for we are not ignorant of his devices“.  (2 Cor 2:11)

2. Another devilish tactic that has persisted is mentioned by the author of the Book to the Hebrews: “Exercise foresight and be on the watch to look [after one another], to see that no one falls back from and fails to secure God’s grace (His unmerited favor and spiritual blessing), in order that no root of resentment (rancor, bitterness, or hatred) shoots forth and causes trouble and bitter torment, and the many become contaminated and defiled by it (Heb 12:15 Amplified Bible).

3. 300 years later, in post-conversion zeal, Emperor Constantine turned against Jewish opposition to Christianity. Being empowered as the official religion it dominated that empire’s territory and Sylvester, the bishop of the Catholic church in Rome, withdrew its long-standing brotherly support of churches led by the ‘desposyni’ (“the Lord’s blood-kindred”). Thus began centuries of official anti-Semitic indoctrination and persecution, the fruit of which appalled me when a child upon hearing my devout Catholic mother referring to Jews as “Christ killers”. So we can understand how the strong undercurrent of anti-Semitism in Europe enabled Satan to complete one phase of his strategy: the infamous Holocaust.

4. Yet the Bible calls Christians to live as peacemakers (Matthew 5:9), and we are to pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6).

5. 1,500 years ago along comes a new religion that invades other lands, tramples upon their culture and persecutes and kills anyone who thinks differently; including Jews and Christians. (Other than refer you to website The Religion of ‘Peace’, I’m not citing any details because those familiar with the subject will already be well informed.)

6. Britain has a mixed history of treating Jewish residents, including persecution during 12th-13th Centuries. After returning in 16th Century they integrated well into one of the most tolerant countries in Europe (Virtual Jewish Library). However, during the last century there’s been noticeable anti-Semitism in diplomatic circles, and in the military during the British mandate to govern the Palestinian territories. However, of the latter, honourable mention must be given to two distinguished British officers:

  • patterson[1]Lt. Colonel John Henry Patterson, commander of the British Army’s Zion Mule Corps at Gallipoli in 1915 and in 1918, after becoming 38th Kings Fusiliers, they served under Gen. Allenby in driving the Turks out of Palestine (source). Israeli PM Netanyahu personally presided at the re-interment of his ashes last year.  Patterson had been a very close friend of his late father, as well as of Israel’s first two Prime Ministers Ben-Gurion and Eshkol. (Click image for more)
  • wingateMajor General Orde Charles Wingate DSO, creator of special behind-the-lines WW2 units (later became the SAS) operating in Abyssinia, North Africa and Burma, where he formed the famed ‘Chindits’. His template for this had been in training the Haganah during 1936-39, which later became the IDF (source).

7. Anti-Semitism in todays’ media and traditional churches in Britain, as in Archbishop Welby’s speech against it and silencing of anti-Zionist Stephen Sizer.

These musings soon developed further as An Insight into a Global Satanic Strategy  and then into a 3-part mini-series on the biblical ‘End-game’ (click for Part 1).

 “…the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time.” (Rev 12:12)

[All Bible quotations courtesy of Bible]

Further Reading:

  1. The real reason for the Israel-Palestine issue and anti-Semitism.
  2. What did Jesus foretell about the First World War?
  3. Arabs & Jews unite to agree only solution to conflict is Jesus Christ.
  4. A call for clarity on Israel and Gaza.
  5. PM Cameron’s 1st state visit to Israel warns about Iran’s “despotic regime”.

Paws-4-thought: on revival and ‘down under’

NZ credit Taesmileland

A country at the far side of the world has quietly made its presence known whilst I blogged about our regenerating trip to Wales.

In Prophecy of a roller-coaster ride… I included remarks by Justin Abraham,

“Just back from a ballistic incredible time in OZ and NZ. Things are heating up! We are seeing early signs of the great turning of the tide everywhere.”

Events organised by Justin in Cardiff and by our church outside Guildford both featured New Zealander Ian Clayton.

Then, after finishing my last post on Wales by hinting at a connection between FFald-y-Brenin and ‘Days of Wonder’, a highly pertinent item pops into my mail – The Return of The King! Why pertinent? It refers in-depth to the Lion of Judah!

And where’s that come from? New Zealand.

Are these facts and their timing just coincidental? Has my talent for noticing possible connections made an unwarranted supposition? Or maybe, just maybe, there may be some truth in my surmising:

could New Zealand be the Land of ‘New Zeal‘ ?

It so happens that the above was drafted before going offline for long weekend. Now this morning, the lady who blogged about the roller-coaster writes these fascinating thoughts:

I think the ‘close at hand’ is even closer at hand now. This last month things have been shifting and being set up for an outpouring in several areas. It’s not just one. I see a field planted with several different vegetables. They may not all be harvested at the exact same time but I see growth in various stages. Many areas coming to fruition in succession.

Thank you my brothers and sisters, may you be mightily blessed.

[Image of New Zealand map on flag by Taesmileland, courtesy of]

Paws-4-thought: Ffald-y-Brenin and a prophetic promise

Paws4thort 4Let’s linger in south-west Wales before continuing on our journey to tell about the Days of Wonder gathering in Cardiff. Would you spend some moments to muse with me over a few things?

Offered a refreshing cup of tea upon arrival at the Newport Links hotel, Nina took it to seats looking down to the beach. There, she met a fellow guest who, it so happened, had returned for dinner from Ffald-y-Brenin. Clearly a ‘divine appointment’, and Jane and Nina chatted away as only those who’ve got an exceptionally special person in common can do.

The clean atmosphere of the Newport area plus its fascinating house of prayer at Ffald-y-Brenin made a deep impact which still affects us two weeks later, even though we were visiting friends and not participating in its daily prayer rhythm. Although my 2013 post on Revival in Wales and the Outpouring in Cwmbran briefly referred to this place, I hadn’t done any background reading whatsoever prior to our trip.

Years ago I wrote a paper for Reading churches on its Abbey’s history and the town’s Viking period and battles in 870s AD with the future king Alfred the Great. So, I was also aware of  the history of the ancient British Celtic Church, especially in its Northumbrian king Oswald’s treaties in 630s AD at Dorchester-on-Thames with heathen Mercian king Cynegils and the Roman Catholic missionary Birinus.  Earlier studies had taken me into the history of the early British church. (For example, 6th century historian Gildas posits the Gospel’s arrival in the later years of Tiberius Caesar’s reign, circa 40 AD. In AD 177 Eleutherius of Rome wrote to king Lucius in answering how to conduct himself as a Christian in the kingdom of Britain.)  However, all that past information was deeply submerged in the recesses of my mind.

I came to South Wales in blissful ignorance to enjoy a refreshing short holiday.

So, what I blogged earlier in the 2nd part of my ‘regenerating week in Wales’ was a very basic personal impression. However, as I completed it I realised some details would help readers who are interested in the retreat. So I copied in extracts from the Trust’s website. Also, just after publishing it I got a nudge to search on Google and immediately noticed a blog I’d quoted previously on Wales in the historically erudite Diebach-welldigger.

Therefore, I scanned David Edward Pike’s personal account of The Grace Outpouring and quoted his closing remarks on a roaring lion – without having read it in full.

Imagine my surprise upon doing so at leisure later. Here are details not only about the origins of Ffald-y-Brenin but also on 6th century Celtic saint Brynach’s time spent on the mountain its built upon. Which is why that place is named ‘The Hill of Angels’.

Carn Ingli in distance

Over the mountain road from Ffald-y-Brenin to Fishguard we stopped for lunch up on the col and walked up to the tor shown above, from which the top of Carn Ingli may be seen in the distance. It was a good place from which to speak out blessings to family and everyone in the area.

Speaking a Blessing

Diebach’s account of the retreat centre refers to a couple of supernatural events I wish to draw your attention to. One is on the solitary cross and its origin.

The other event is the lion that appeared to a pastor from Africa in the beehive chapel and the reference to the four points of the compass. I wish to refer to the significance of that when blogging about the Days of Wonder gathering in Cardiff. Peculiar as it may seem to those who have no grid for the supernatural, I can attest that a huge lion was seen to walk through our local church. Only when a visitor reported having seen it did I know I wasn’t imagining it!

Also for those who wish to know more, I recommend a fellow reader’s travelogue on his St David’s to Leominster Prayer Walk. This is apposite to Pembrokeshire as well as in connection with my remarks in A spiritual slant to the Olympic torch’s route, viz:

I was intrigued to learn from a fellow reader of an encouraging encounter with some Welsh Christians during his hike from Newport, Wales to the Lizard in Cornwall . This group had been in contact with people involved in new age etc and had been told “such groups were aware something was going on in the spiritual realm”!!

Mark’s call to the prayer walk was directly connected to the London 2012 Olympics, which are related to the Queen’s Silver Jubilee about which I wrote several posts on the prophetic significance of the Jubilee Bells.

Yet of particular interest is his reference to his key prayer theme on the walk as being confirmed by the restoration of St David’s shrine in the very year of his walk, AND this is identical to the ‘unexpected hint’ from Matt 19:28 referred to in part 1 of our journey. Also, Mark writes that the statue of David has a dove by his shoulder and his holding a Bible, which signifies the combined foundation of the Word and the Holy Spirit, which is also the message of Smith Wigglesworth’s prophetic vision.

About a prophetic promise

Of all the hundreds of prophetic words I’ve blogged about, only one has resulted in a hostile response and slanderous slur upon my character. It relates to the report from Roger of what happened during one of the prayer times at Ffald-y-Brenin when it was considered that Jesus is “calling the Anglican church out of Lazarus’ cave”.

I had intellectual reservations yet it seemed right in my spirit, and it’s timing fell in with a related vision that had come to an Anglican Ordinand on retreat with several others. So I reported it, but a visitor to this blog challenged it.  Now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that and I respect everyone’s opinion and gave it serious consideration.

Yet my explanation was rejected and the report scorned by that bibliolater; ie. someone who thinks their interpretation and application of scripture is sacrosanct. His reference to what Jesus said at Matthew 24 and assumption it means me, indicates his grasp of scripture is not as sound as it could be. That is, he uses eisegesis not exegesis. That is, there’s an incorrect inference because the plain meaning isn’t taken into context either then or as applied to now.  [Thank you The Bishop Dr. for the excellent explanation, What’s with those “Gesis” brothers?]

This critic doesn’t follow Jesus’ instruction about not judging and condemning another. In my opinion it’s wiser to let the Accuser of the brethren do its own dirty work – and if what I reported is actually a work of the Holy Spirit, that soul has possibly committed an unforgiveable sin.

Therefore, I can only conclude satan is very unhappy with this claim about the Anglican Church. Consequently, that prophetic promise on ‘Lazarus cave’ may well be from the Holy Spirit. Having now been to Ffald-y-Brenin and sensed the brooding presence of the Holy Spirit there, I am even more confident of the validity of what Roger shared on revival within England’s established church.

What’s more – this isn’t the first instance of our adversary’s use of heresy hunters over revival in Wales, as noted in this post about Chuck Pierce’s prophetic word on Wales.

A validation?

What may we expect for evidence that the Anglicans are ‘reviving’ or coming out of a tomb, like Lazarus when Jesus called him forth?

Perhaps one noticeable change would be the reversal of centuries of anti-Semitism practised for centuries by the traditional, established churches – and as promulgated by ‘replacement theology’ (the false idea that God no longer has any covenant with the Jews because the new one instituted by Jesus Christ has superseded it).

So let’s take serious note of remarks by leading blogger, His Grace Cranmer. In Welby: “Israel has the same legitimate rights to peace and security as any other state, he writes,

When did you last hear an Anglican bishop, let alone the Archbishop of Canterbury, support Israel’s historic and legal rights? When did you least hear a bishop of the Church of England advocate militarised self-defence as the only rational path to peace when confronted by murderous Jew-haters who conceal their bombs below hospitals, their rockets in clinics, and their guns and grenades in schools and mosques?

In drawing Anglicans toward a better understanding of His work with the Jews – exactly as Jesus’ friend Lazarus would have well known – then perhaps the Lord really is reviving this part of His body, as not only surmised upon Archbishop Welby’s enthronement (New era for the Church refers) but also as heard recently during the regular prayers at this renowned retreat in South Wales.

Now, come for an awesome time in Cardiff >>

Paws-4-thought: ‘coincidence’ points to a coming revival?

DSC_0210-1edMulling over Saturday’s post regarding Plymouth and how ideas popped into mind, then later upon catching up with GodTV celebrations, I believe my spirit may be sensing a modern prophecy is coming into fulfilment. It’s serendipity yet again. (For a brief introduction to this Biblical principle see In the right place at the right time.)

In Winnipeg, Canada, 53 three years ago this Friday, Tommy Hicks had hardy fallen asleep when,

…the vision and the revelation that God gave to me came before me. The vision came three times, exactly in detail

I was so stirred and so moved by the revelation, that this has changed my complete outlook upon the Body of Christ, and upon the last end-time ministry.

The greatest thing that the Church of Jesus Christ – that has ever been given to the Church – lies straight ahead. It is so hard to help men and women to realize and understand the thing that God is trying to give to His people in the end-time. (Emphases added)

If you’ve not yet followed the link I provided, visit Colin Winfield’s web-page and then his link to the pdf version of Tommy Hicks’ Vision. It is a most remarkable insight into the preparation of the unblemished Bride of Christ for the ‘great tribulation’. Colin comments upon testing its conformity with Scripture, and I cannot but ask if this scenario includes a cleansed, revived Anglican church, possibly as prophesied here?

I am truly humbled by this account being thrust to my attention separately by two sisters in Christ who have the same name, albeit spelt differently.  The first L was mentioned in my musing upon the spiritual significance of Plymouth; ie, her vision of a giant bore a  resemblance to what Tommy had seen. Time constraints, however, didn’t allow me to revisit his vision before writing.

But what I didn’t know was one of my readers had already been directed to that vision!  Upon reading the blog on Plymouth this second L immediately responded she’d been praying on Thursday with her pastor,

…and I had brought my A1 board of Smith Wigglesworth’s (of) 1947, but as I am praying this out from where I believe we are, it ran into Tommy Hicks’ vision of the giant and the ordinary ditchdiggers and washerwomen – this has greatly encouraged me.  [See below for SW’s vision]

A huge thank you goes to both ladies, my sisters in God’s family.

Therefore, I cannot but conclude that the Lord is definitely drawing our attention to the deep importance of that vision. In view of other words about this ‘new season’ and the urgency to Advance the Kingdom now! then the time really is ‘now’!

A song of victory is in the air

At the Summer celebration Nathan preached strongly about maintaining our spiritual boundaries and ‘landmarks’ because the church has given ground to the demonic. The next day his message was on the need to ‘contend not pretend’ for the faith.

On this, today’s Lion Bites from Glasgow Prophetic Centre is highly apposite:

Song of Victory

There is a new song arising in the people of God, it is the war cry of conquered ground.

There have been many battles of the season over the same piece of ‘ground’. Many have wondered why the battle has been so long and why it has kept them from the greener pastures their eyes have seen.

Many have wondered and asked, ‘Why am I still here fighting the same battle?’

This has formed a useful training ground for the people of God and they have grown in faith, in endurance and in maturity. But it is now time for conquering and completion – and so the new song of conquered ground will arise.

The Lord is establishing secure boundaries for the ground that has been fought over. The Lord is placing His seal over areas of contention because His saints are transitioning now over the battle ground that has been won.

Will you sing your song of victory in faith today, in faith that the Lord is moving on your behalf and that the battle has been won?

Psalm 68:1
May God arise, may his enemies be scattered; may His foes flee before him.

SO, let us note and weigh these things, and take action…


Smith Wigglesworth’s  Prophecy of major move of the Holy Spirit in Britain (1947).

  1. Two preliminary phases have already happened, so be prepared for the full move! Likewise for the word delivered 40 years later to David Minor in NW USA – Two winds coming to the Church.
  2. Further insights on this revelation was given to American evangelist, Lester Sumrall, “…I see the greatest revival in the history of mankind coming to planet Earth…every form of disease healed…”. (Revival Prophecies for the British Isles)
  3. In 1995 I was standing alongside SW’s prayer-partner Revd Norman James when he had a similar vision of UK that Wigglesworth had – he was left speechless!


Paws-4-thought: Dr Stone on the rains and the threshing floor

Paws4thort 4

I trust most readers can appreciate and weigh words said to be from the Lord and, thereby, check with scripture and how what’s been delivered ‘sits with’ their own spirit and the Holy Spirit. For what it may be worth, I humbly submit my brief thoughts on the words about the ‘Threshing Floor’:

Also, I’m suspecting a sense of ‘timing’ in what Sharon has delivered. This isn’t so much from its relevance to the record-breaking extreme weather but more from a possible link to what was written recently on this blog.


First, the reference to Ezra relating to this prophecy is interesting. His priestly role in writing the revealed word of God is second only to that of Moses. He is credited with accurately transcribing the Pentateuch’s Old Hebrew, borrowed from the seafaring Phoenicians, into square characters of the Hebrew alphabet based upon the Aramaic alphabet. That was the language spoken by the Jews during their captivity in Babylon and upon returning to Jerusalem over 2,500 years ago. About 70 years before that the  lost Book of the Law from Moses’ time about 700 years earlier had been re-discovered in the Temple.

After the discovery the Jews were taken into captivity and their teacher and spiritual leader Ezra devoted himself to studying the five books of Moses. He organised their compilations into a single entity, was inspired to write scripture and started the process of replicating God’s Word through a school of scribes (Sopherim). The original meaning of that Hebrew word is ‘people who know how to write’ – and count. Numeracy was vital because they counted every single letter in many different ways in order to transmit the Word as exactly as possible. That target was achieved to almost 100% accuracy.

Hence, the significance of commencing this current prophetic word with reference to Ezra’s book.

The Threshing Floor

Although not quoted, the words Sharon brought are directly related to John the Baptist’s description of Jesus’ mission, as Matthew recounts:

“…I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance, but He who is coming after me is mightier than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire. 12 His winnowing fan is in His hand, and He will thoroughly clean out His threshing floor, and gather His wheat into the barn; but He will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.” (Matt 3 NKJV, BibleGateway)

Later, Jesus refers to this truth in the parable of the wheat and tares (weeds identical to wheat until the grain appears). He explains it as follows:

“He who sows the good seed is the Son of Man. 38The field is the world, the good seeds are the sons of the kingdom, but the tares are the sons of the wicked one. 39The enemy who sowed them is the devil, the harvest is the end of the age, and the reapers are the angels.

40Therefore as the tares are gathered and burned in the fire, so it will be at the end of this age. 41The Son of Man will send out His angels, and they will gather out of His kingdom all things that offend, and those who practice lawlessness 42 and will cast them into the furnace of fire. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth. 43 Then the righteous will shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. He who has ears to hear, let him hear!” (Matt 13 NKJV,

This parable is one of three ‘coincidental’ repetitions from 5 years ago that I mentioned in Friday’s blog.  Fascinating that it’s re-surfaced at this time. Perhaps the Lord may be stressing its relevance for the coming season? In 2008 the leader of a ministry in which I served had taken other leaders to task over quoting that parable as a reason for not correcting Todd Bentley during the Lakeland outpouring.  I was uneasy with how this issue was being handled and with the mishandling of this scripture in criticising others. So I found Paul Keith Davis’ insights into the parable to be most helpful. (Should you be interested, a brief version appears in An End-Time Strategy.)

Also, a brief paper by David Reagan on The Threshing Floor is informative reading.

Satan’s Strategy

“We must know the wiles of our enemy” is a very sound reminder. Even those familiar with deliverance ministry may fall foul of these ways that distract us from our prime purpose of knowing God and following Jesus’ command to love one another, thereby honouring our brethren.

Romans 13

Lastly, another scripture of special personal significance is Romans 13. This is pertinent to my encounter with Jesus, as I was to discover a long time afterwards.  It features in the liturgical readings assigned for the First Day in Advent, which is about Jesus’ return. The verses Sharon quoted from Romans 13 were those which deeply encouraged me upon finding and reading my late mother’s Missal for that date – click on image to view. [To understand the relevance read the conclusion of my testimony.]

Continued in Parts of an ‘Invisible Jigsaw’ point to a bigger picture and in The Babylonian aspect of the Church’s ‘New Era’.

Paws-4-thought: from ‘under the bonnet’

DSCF5621After the intriguing arrival of last Saturday post’s info, as recounted therein, I’ve had precious little time to blog because of a technical glitch. Drrat – and not a simple one at that!  In re-arranging my PC drives to make more space for the operating system I inadvertently removed the start-up partition with its boot-up routine!  So this week is spent recovering and rebuilding the software.

DSCF5802It’s also time to get my hands dirty ‘under the bonnet’ and do a bit of maintenance. The fan cooling the processor has deep spindles but it had to be removed and cleaned as they were stuffed with dust.

It’s funny to recall that it was here the Lord showed me it’s crucial to have the right attitude to the Cross for getting Holy Spirit’s power! (See And now a PC Gospel?)

Mine’s a multi-boot WinXP-Win7 PC with a third partition for data. Even though the old XP’s not used it’s necessary for booting into a Win7 upgrade. Fortunately, the hard drive management software enabled me to recover both OS, but I had to go back to basics in having to use directional keys only on a plug-in keyboard (mouse had died). It was good to be able to re-install Win 7 without having lost anything and having the usual desktop. But then the printer didn’t work because of an issue on the usb host controller. So yet another re-install… and it takes so long for that and then to get and configure updates ( over 150).

At least I can continue with the next part of my insights into Gabriel’s message on the laptop as the PC churns and I try to dredge out some bits of things from ‘old Windows’, but at least the main data’s backed up…

Back soon….

Paws-4-thought: on the ‘snatching up’ of believers

Paws4thort5More nourishing morsels to munch in this repost from T.E. Hanna, which is apposite in view of my previous post’s reference to apostasy. If you’re unsure of that connection, check the insights Holy Spirit gave to Apostle Paul on the return of Jesus, as outlined in his two, brief letters to the Thessalonian church (here).

I like his following title’s pun as it refers to the popular Left Behind stories by Tim La Haye. The premise for the whole series was based upon the Pre-Tribulation Rapture, the concept of which, in my opinion, seems to be a particularly American fad. So I greatly appreciate T.E.’s unwrapping of the subject and helpful answers to good questions raised by readers, especially the inclusion of the parable of wheat and tares in the whole scenario.

So enjoy and be mightily blessed…


Author TE HannaThis month marks the two year anniversary of Harold Camping’s prediction of when the rapture was to take place. In preparation for that great ascension into the sky, countless numbers of people quit their jobs, sold everything they had, and took to the streets to proclaim the coming day of Christ. The date was set for October 21, 2011, and they wanted to sound the trumpet so that nobody was “left behind”.

On October 22, they woke up to find themselves and their families left destitute, without any savings or means of income, with their shoes still treading the soil of our world. The rapture had not taken place.

Harold Camping was not the first to predict the date of the rapture. In fact, October 21 was not even his first prediction. He had predicted it to happen earlier that same year, on May 21, and before that he had declared September 6, 1994 to be the correct date. Before Camping, there were multiple predictions for 1993, allowing for a seven year tribulation before the glorious appearing in the year 2000. Prior to this, Edgar Whisenant had issued predictions for 1988, 1989, 1992 and 1995. Chuck Smith had predicted 1981, while the Jehovah’s Witnesses predicted 1914, 1918, and 1925.

Perhaps the most impactful prediction, however, was issued by the Baptist preacher William Miller and further popularized by the preaching of Samuel Snow. While Miller asserted 1844 as the year in which Christ would return to rapture His church, Snow narrowed the date to October 22. Much like Camping, the result of this popular prophecy led to a movement whereby his ever-growing following yielded all of their earthly possessions and sat waiting with joyous expectation for the heavens to rend and the Messiah to summon His beloved. So great was the cry that arose on the day to follow that October 22, 1844 became lodged within the annals of Christian history known only as the Great Disappointment.

As best as I can tell, the Great Disappointment was the first prediction of the rapture in Christian history, which is (on the surface at least) a strange event for a faith previously spanning a full 1800 years of history. Even more strange is how common subsequent predictions became. One would expect that, given the mystical history of Christianity, we would see proclamations of the impending rapture long before the nineteenth century. One would expect this, to be sure, until one began to study the doctrine itself. Then, the strange lack of prophetic utterance suddenly makes sense.

Before the nineteenth century, the doctrine of the rapture simply did not exist.

What Lies Behind The Rapture

The church has always looked forward with eager anticipation towards the return of Christ. Christian eschatology has long held that the world would come to be judged, the old things would pass away, the Kingdom of God would manifest in its fullness, and we would celebrate our eternal presence in the midst of the new heavens and the new earth. Heaven would come down as the New Jerusalem, and all things would be made right once more. This has always been a singular event.

Not until the 19th century did we see the return of the King split into two events. At this point, a theologian by the name of John Darby theorized that there were actually two occurrences foretold in scripture: the day of Christ, and the day of the Lord. The former consisted of Christ’s return to gather up His faithful; the latter referred to Christ’s return to judge the world. For the first time in Christian history, Jesus was taught to return not once, but twice.

Another theologian by the name of C. I. Scofield grabbed hold of this idea and ran with it. Around this time, Scofield published the first publicly available “study bible” in history. This consisted of a bible translation with explanatory notes in the bottom half of the printed book, and it became immensely popular. The resulting “Scofield’s Bible” quickly spread throughout the Christian culture, and with it came the rise of Dispensationalism. Dispensationalism not only gave us the doctrine of the rapture, it gave us a new view on our world as well.

What The Rapture Has Left Behind

The appearance of the rapture, within Dispensationalist theology, is foreshadowed by the continuing collapse of our world into sin and destruction. The closer we come to that glorious summoning, the darker and more corrupt our world will get. It is within this understanding that we often refer to “the signs of the times”, usually followed by pointing to some great ethical violation that our culture lauds as virtue. Dispensationalism places the human experience in the midst of a worldly trajectory towards oblivion, identifying ourselves as a remnant of God’s people who are clinging fast to the cross in the hope of persisting until the reinforcements arrive.

In contrast to this, the overarching narrative of scripture does not speak of God abandoning His creation to ever-deepening destruction. The trajectory of scripture is a positive one, one that speaks of a God who is intimately involved with His children, whose Spirit still broods over the waters as He did in the opening pages of Genesis. This is a God who enters into the fullness of the human experience in the incarnation, who proclaims a Kingdom of God that is at hand, who sends forth His children to be emissaries that bring restoration and healing to a world that is suffering and broken. This is about a world that is continuing to get better, not worse.

This is what the rapture ultimately leaves behind: that we are active participants in God’s manifesting Kingdom, agents of mercy who are called into His work and through whom the world is being transformed. This is the image we see in John’s Revelation; not that our world is swallowed up in darkness so that God creates it anew, but that the New Jerusalem descends into our midst, that the Kingdom of God is overthrowing the enemy’s earthly rule, that the glorious creation which He so lovingly fashioned in the opening pages of scripture is one that He is at work restoring.

Yes, there will come the day when the trumpet shall sound and Christ shall judge the living and the dead, separating us into our chosen kingdoms. Yes, we will still face trial and strife and tribulation as we live out our lives in the brokenness of our world. Yes, the King will return for His citizens.

But the glorious hope to which we cling is not a distant one, it is immediate. It impacts our lives in this moment. We are not simply holding fast to the anchor of our soul and waiting for our lives to run out or for Christ to return. The Kingdom is coming, even now, even here. Our hope is for this world, and it leaps from here into eternity.

Many thanks TE for such an excellent, succinct summary which puts the unorthodox pre-trib rapture into its proper perspective.

I strongly recommend the ensuing interesting discussion on Of Dust and Kings – click on link and scroll to foot of TE’s original post.

More in-depth consideration may be found on Your True Christian Journey in::

Paws-4-thought: Christian inheritance and the End-times church

DSCF5621Upon closing the ‘conversation’ on Parliament’s rebellion against God’s creation of covenantal marriage, this thought dropped into mind: I’d now  gone FULL cycle in writing about Biblical prophecy for today. That is, in 2009 I’d noted where we were heading as indicated by holy scripture. Now, worldwide changes have brought humanity to the prophesied repetition of ‘The Days of Noah’.

So let’s pause to consider where the Body of Jesus Christ, His Church, is heading. (At our school cafe assembly the elders are pondering what the End-times Church will look like. We’re far from persuaded about theories of pre-Tribulation rapture on the grounds of all the scripture.) My purpose is purely to flag this topic for thought.

A personal peek at ‘the wood and not the trees’ will suffice to recap briefly.:

> visions in 1992 and 2004 of momentous changes to the Islamic World (see All Hail The Lamb) and within the UK (see Comments Upon Collapse of Society). The latter was checked and verified by Revd Dr Stone and revealed that, although the fabric of British society is so rotten it will tear, out of that will rise the Rock upon which Christians will take a stand and repair our nation.

> an insight upon the importance of keeping our focus upon the future marriage of the Bride to the Lamb/Lion of God, Jesus Christ, as in Revelation 21-22.

> recent reminder of a quotation in book I’d read as a new believer. This had arisen out of comments from a non-believer on Godandpolitics blog, and for which confirmation was soon to come – twice! – as follows:

Lightning-1The last point arose at the start of the WordPress problems for UK bloggers, and which prevented my replying. I recalled what John Widdas and Peter Mockford wrote in 1993 about learning how to deal with demonic attacks against church congregations (see left). One of the hardest comments they heard whilst writing their book was made by,

‘…someone coming out of satanism: “The Church is powerless, because they do not live in their inheritance”! (at page 170)

Immediately I recognised its truth from decades spent in the enemy’s camp of the New Age/occult (as here).

From my experience, this situation has arisen because Christians had neglected doing what Jesus commanded; for example, to love one another as He loves them (John 13 & 15), failing to do greater works than He’d done, as stated in John 14:

 “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.  

No. 1 –  The next week we saw Nathan Morris preaching at the first session of Open the Heavens Conference in Mobile. He spoke about the full inheritance in Christ every believer has but doesn’t receive and keep up, or else compromises and thereby loses. In his full-throttle passion and fire Nathan staked his claim to that inheritance on four principles – he even had large T-shaped stakes painted white with signs at the top, as follows:


The next morning at the Well Church, the young worship leader opened by saying he wanted to, “Stake my claim to our inheritance”!!  Nina and I just couldn’t help but chuckle. Worship took straight off >> heaven bound. What followed was personal for practically everyone – which is as it should always be.

No. 2 – Early this week came a link to Paul Keith Davis’ teaching with revelation on Three Anointings Coming to End-time Believers

The notes which come with it by James Bailey are helpful. (He too blogs on how current events relate to scripture at Z3news (ie. ‘zee’ as Americans say, not ‘zed’ as Brits say). It would be hard for me to do justice to this profound paper.

Paul Keith DavisPaul Keith tells of having a vision about chapter 10 of the Old Testament book of Numbers and the meaning for the church of the three tribes of Israel – Judah, Issachar and Zebulun –  as it moves into the ‘new season’. That scripture, writes James, ‘shows four lessons the End-time church can learn from what God did for the ancient Israelites’.

In connection with my musings I notice this pertinent remark by Paul Keith about the anointing of Zebulun:

These are those who have received revelation on how to access their inheritance, which has been stored up in heaven throughout the ages but not released to the earth until now due to a lack of revelation.

Additionally, the Lord explained to Paul Keith those anointings will be the antidote against three very dangerous spirits (per Jude 1) that will seek to strongly hinder the last days’ church. From the descriptions given, that they are obviously at work already is yet another sign we have entered the End-times.

Their aim is to ‘undermine the foundations of faith and direct God’s people away from the source of their salvation’ > NB: Nathan’s first ‘stake’.

The whole message is an exciting and very rich treasure for those who seek to move deeper into our Lord Jesus Christ. To read it click here >