Paws-4-thought: from ‘under the bonnet’

DSCF5621After the intriguing arrival of last Saturday post’s info, as recounted therein, I’ve had precious little time to blog because of a technical glitch. Drrat – and not a simple one at that!  In re-arranging my PC drives to make more space for the operating system I inadvertently removed the start-up partition with its boot-up routine!  So this week is spent recovering and rebuilding the software.

DSCF5802It’s also time to get my hands dirty ‘under the bonnet’ and do a bit of maintenance. The fan cooling the processor has deep spindles but it had to be removed and cleaned as they were stuffed with dust.

It’s funny to recall that it was here the Lord showed me it’s crucial to have the right attitude to the Cross for getting Holy Spirit’s power! (See And now a PC Gospel?)

Mine’s a multi-boot WinXP-Win7 PC with a third partition for data. Even though the old XP’s not used it’s necessary for booting into a Win7 upgrade. Fortunately, the hard drive management software enabled me to recover both OS, but I had to go back to basics in having to use directional keys only on a plug-in keyboard (mouse had died). It was good to be able to re-install Win 7 without having lost anything and having the usual desktop. But then the printer didn’t work because of an issue on the usb host controller. So yet another re-install… and it takes so long for that and then to get and configure updates ( over 150).

At least I can continue with the next part of my insights into Gabriel’s message on the laptop as the PC churns and I try to dredge out some bits of things from ‘old Windows’, but at least the main data’s backed up…

Back soon….

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