All Hail The Lamb,

Enthroned on high,

His praise shall be our battle cry.

He reigns victorious,

Forever glorious,

His name is Jesus,

He is the Lord.

This refrain was repeated and then again, and yet again and again, over and over. The young man led worshipers higher and higher; as though with eagles spiralling upwards on heaven-bound thermals…

W MediterraneanThis was no short chorus, but many minutes devoted to praise. Immediately, therefore, I recalled 20-odd years ago being high over the Mediterranean and looking down upon southern France. Suddenly, I heard lots of  loud voices filling the void beyond the Earth -all singing that same popular earthly chorus. And there was a proclamation from on high! As an almost new Christian I’d never heard such truly awesome, harmonious singing as that of the angelic host.  Harmony upon harmony kept being added as their praise of The Captain of Hosts, the Lamb of God, soared up, and on and on, through the heavens as well as wrapping around Earth. Utterly unforgettable!

We hadn’t heard this chorus for a decade or more, but this time it was the opening song for what was to become quite a special Sunday on 6th January. Our day started outside Guildford, Surrey > then 2 hours later home for lunch before ‘cyber-flying’ over to the Gulf of Mexico by Alabama for another morning service > then 3 hours later zooming in a flash back to London for Kensington Temple in the evening (as recounted here).

Upon checking my notes I found that first dream/vision had occurred exactly 21 years before (ie. 6 January 1992). Could this be of significance, not only that 21 = 7 x 3 but also because that day is known as The Epiphany of the Lord – the celebration of God’s revealing Jesus to the world as its true God, Messiah and Saviour. (For an excellent explanation click here).

Additionally, I’d had an email about dreams many Muslims are having of Jesus.  Also, I was prompted to dig out and then blog about notes for a prophetic word, 2011: an ‘epic generation’ – and noticed it too had been publicly delivered on the same feast day!

So, perhaps this reminder happening on the 21st anniversary of the vision means the declaration I heard is now about to be fulfilled?  The situation to which it referred has since grown far more grave, as indicated in the PM’s recent remarks about al-Qaeda.

Whatever was it I’d heard?  My brief notes made at the time are as follows:

The BBC late evening news on 6th January 1992 announced that leaders in the Muslim community wanted to establish a Muslim parliament in Britain, but:

In a dream that night I saw Western Europe, mainly France and the Mediterranean, as if from the space shuttle and heard the popular worship chorus ‘All Hail The Lamb’ being sung, as if in the atmosphere! This praise was repeated many times most melodiously, as though by angelic choir, and seemed to spiral upwards. Then I heard a very loud, authoritative voice declare, “As Communism fell so, too, will Islam fall”.

Many years later the opening events of the Arab Spring led me to share that ‘event’ with a few friends. By then I’d discovered a couple of prominent prophetic voices had had a similar revelation.  [My interpretation of this dream proved to be of encouragement to a  lady missionary in Marseilles and an evangelist in Egypt; this email refers.]

Yes and No, Prime Minister

!cid_image002_jpg@01CDBDD2The previous post outlined my grasp of the issues Prime Minister Cameron spoke about and why he may be correct in saying a war against al-Qaeda could last decades. I could have drawn upon what his renowned predecessor Sir Winston Churchill foresaw of the danger of militant Islam in 1899! His trenchant opinion, based upon personal military service in The Sudan, speaks with great insight and I quote only the portion pertinent to this post.:

“…Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilisation of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilisation of ancient Rome…”  [Read full extract in Wikipedia’s The River War – hat-tip to Roy.]

What wisdom on the strategic strength of Christianity – but many regard it as worthless and want it ditched!  Lord, open the eyes of antagonists’ understanding. [Update 4 Feb: former PM Blair says, “…the West should view the fight against Islamism as the fight against revolutionary communism” – The Commentator.]

PKD-Booksof DestinyA prophetical teacher’s book sheds scriptural light upon all this. I’d put the book aside a while ago, but was moved to pick it up again this month. Returning to chapter 10, I found Paul Keith Davis writes this about the OT prophet Daniel.:

‘Much of Daniel’s revelation and many of his visionary encounters centred upon a future generation identified as (literally) ‘end-of-the-days’. He was a forerunner of a company of end-time saints who will be esteemed by God and awarded mighty revelatory inspiration and insight. In many ways God’s role in his life offers a prophetic model for us to follow. Likewise, we can also use Daniel’s model to discern the enemy’s plans against the destinies of God’s people. In Daniel 10 (chapter here)…we read of one of the incredible visitations bestowed (which) was not without intense resistance from unseen sinister forces. In his vision Daniel discovered a dark entity called the


The chapter continues by considering the Lord’s Holy Alliance and the purpose of global terrorism to frustrate the birth of heavenly aspiration on earth. Also covered is a vision Bob Jones received in 1999 that relates to the Twin Towers attack in 2001.

The ‘unholy alliance of a religious and of a political spirit’ means something like the Nazi-ism and Communism of the last century.  Although primarily political, both ideologies were based upon a belief that would improve the whole world. But this time it would be a far more powerful re-emergence of a medieval mentality.

To Westerners steeped in democratic values the ‘Arab Spring’ brought some hope for widespread change – and perhaps the realisation of that supra-naturally heard word. But most are ignorant of the deep motivation within Islamist doctrine and its repudiation of democratic principles. A well-informed knowledge of the Islamist mind-set, therefore, makes it easy to agree with the PM’s opinion of a greatly protracted conflict.

[Readers wishing to learn more about this matter may want to dig into Dr Bill Warner’s site Political Islam, which is defined as ‘ Islam’s ideology about unbelievers’.]

So without divine intervention from the real God, there would be absolutely no hope for ordinary Muslims of freedom. Their only hope is the same as that of their fellows in the faith of Abraham – the blessed hope of our assurance, Jesus Christ, as Paul wrote to Titus:

11 For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men, 12 teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly in the present age, 13 looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ, 14 who gave Himself for us, that He might redeem us from every lawless deed and purify for Himself His own special people, zealous for good works.

The Blessed Hope Appears to Muslims

I would direct you first to a reply to the previous post in which Tony refers to a dream that relates to Hagar, mother of Ishmael and all Abraham’s Arabic descendants. Tony concludes:

…the water in my dream is symbolic of the Holy Spirit, and I believe that a revival is coming to the children of Hagar who dwell in desert places.

This reminded me that in November 1999 Wendy Alec received a revelatory visit from Jesus wherein He addressed Arab nations and made a promise to visit them (pages 141-143 of Journal of the Unknown Prophet) – am stunned to notice these are the same numbers as just copied from chapter 10 of Paul Keith’s book! WOW !! Here are some snippets.:

…I, the Lord God of your forefathers am about to unwrap the grave clothes that bind you so fiercely to that which leads you so far from me…even as you have betrothed yourself to Islam, so I have betrothed Myself to you…

And so a great revelation and visitation shall start to manifest and so a great spirit of supplication and repentance shall sweep the communities for it is I, Jesus, who shall speak. First one behind closed doors, then two behind closed doors, then twenty and then thousands, and so my Church throughout the Arab nations shall start to rise.

Lastly, there have been many many independent accounts of such direct encounters, the latest received by email of Dreams, Visions Moving Muslims to Christ.  A few years ago I emailed about those recorded in Christine Dargs’ book (as below, and website):

Miracles & MuslimsMiracles & Muslims - outline


I trust that readers who’ve followed my two-part musings about Mr Cameron’s remarks may agree there really is firm hope of a considerable change within years, not decades.

In my humble opinion, coincidence of dates and book pagination indicates that the Lord is stressing the importance of revelations of His working throughout the Muslim world.  This may, therefore, be of great encouragment to intercessors, to believers and those serving Him in those lands.

Readers may wish to listen to the following recording of Dave Bilbrough’s stirring song -be blessed, mightily.:

IMMEDIATE POSTSCRIPT – JUST PUBLISHED THIS POST AND FIND THIS EMAIL from Paul Keith in my In-tray about Books of Destiny!!

“In recent weeks and months we have received numerous inquiries concerning the message I received in 2002 involving the soon emergence of God’s last day champions and the prophetic picture God gave me through the story of Secretariat. Those visionary encounters and prophetic messages are now written in “Books of Destiny”. This book was birthed out of a series of visions the Lord gave me concerning his plans for this generation and the uniqueness of those he has caused to be born in this hour. To many the gift of a spiritually “enlarged heart” will be granted to give us greater capacity for God and compassion for mankind.…” click to read this Newsletter. (Website: White Dove Ministries)

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