“London’s burning…”

Nathan 2Thus, proclaimed Nathan Morris on Sunday night as he ministered to the congregation gathered in packed Kensington Temple, the renowned Elim Pentecostal church located in Notting Hill Gate, London.

It could be taken as a prophetic declaration in keeping with Julie Meyer’s visionary song and Bobby Conner’s prophetic reference to a UK ‘Firestorm’. We knew of this only through being on opposite sides of the ‘pond’.

And what a way to travel…no planes, queues, passport control – no delays, no jet-lag!!  We were online in Mobile, Alabama and then z o o m e d  to London within a minute!

That’s how we got 1/4 way around the world without going outside our lounge. For three hours we ‘attended’ Church of His Presence, where pastor John Kilpatrick taught on the realisation of believers’ potential (along with 22 prophetic words). He spoke of unseen connections God is bringing about and opening doors -where’d we heard that before? (here) – doors that have been locked for 20 years! Pastor specifically included on-line members but my wife was unable to hear this because she’d been ‘zapped’. What he’d already said had ‘plugged’ her into Holy Spirit’s power socket – thank you Lord.

Rev John KilpatrickJohn’s homily was God Is Planning Something SO BIG, Even The Devil Can’t Stop It!  His excellent exposition on how the Lord will do this complements Sharon Stone’s prophetic words on ‘perspective’ and God’s provision, as well as those she’s just released this week for 2013 from the UK’s Prophetic Council. (See also, summary with introduction to prophecy.)

In announcing that their English evangelist was away on a home visit, and as a guest speaker at Reinhard Bonnke’s School of Evangelism, John’s assistant pastor said that Nathan had been invited at the last minute to address the evening service prior to the event. And because of the time difference, that service would be happening at about the same time as their own there in Alabama, USA.

So Nina wondered if there may be a live webcast for that London service. As soon as John had finished, I searched for Christ For All Nations’ site but its UK page just refused to load! (Overloaded?)  A quick ‘google’ soon located the hosting church’s website.

So from a 10.30 morning service to a 19.00 evening service was simple as pie, thanks to technology. With laptop hooked up to TV we took part in both services from our own armchairs. YET, a shock was in store for us…

Along with hundreds of online members we like being with the enthusiastic Americans but, ‘arriving’ at 7.30pm in London just after close of worship we landed with a thud!  Here, we found an ordinary, subdued English service even though it was composed mainly of youngsters and many nationalities!

Or, as Nathan had just started speaking, maybe they were surprised at how passionate he is? Definitely not the usual sort of speaker. Being fire-filled he cannot be anything but excited about his Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Nathan gave a brief outline of his past life of deep sin and how the Lord unexpectedly burst into his life, turned him around and set him ablaze. Then followed a couple of videos outlining his remarkable ministry in Africa and India and showing the revival and miracles at the Bay of The Holy Spirit in Mobile.

AN HOUR LATER, ALL CHANGED!  The congregation packing hall and balconies was  mightily encouraged and keen for more. Nathan always preaches the blood and cross of Jesus without compromise and after which signs and wonders follow. Tonight, therefore, the Holy Spirit’s fire fell.  Everyone was up on their feet on fire for and with Him and wanting more when Nathan ministered to almost everyone. Hence, his declaration in view of what was happening, “London’s burning”, as well as the fact that  people have come from all over London and the home counties.

What’s it like being touched by the Holy Spirit?  He affects us in different personal ways. For me it’s like a warmth and glow upon the face and often makes me feel I’m surfing. For those very sensitive to the Spirit the power may make us twitch and/or cry out. And it can happen ‘remotely’, as above whilst watching a live broadcast, or by the laying on of hands, as when Nina felt as though a thunderbolt had hit her when Nathan touched her as he passed by at Hull (account here).

A sample of the morning worship of Phil Wickham’s ‘Cielo’ with Martin Smith’s chorus My Heart Burns For You will help you to soar and appreciate that afternoon-evening. This clip of the same recorded in July features Lydia Stanley-Morrow, who too was in London .:

Click here for video of this morning’s worship led by Rebecca van Dijk and where Rev. Kilpatrick’s message starts at 1hr35min. (Rebecca starts those two songs at 19 min.)

Finally, an interesting start to the day happened in our morning service here in UK, but that’s for another time…(continued here)

8 thoughts on ““London’s burning…”

  1. Yesterday I was reading a wonderful book by James A. Stewart, called “God’s New Thing” – all about Revival. It says this “The two symbols of Pentecost are WIND and FIRE . There is no set program for a cyclone or a prairie fire. A great revival is like a forest fire”. I began to think about the fact that wind conditions have a HUGE impact on the spread of a WILDFIRE.
    The Great Fire of London sprang to mind…and so I googled it and began to do some research…there are some very interesting spiritual parallels that I believe God wanted to remind me of:
    In London in 1666, conditions for the blaze were perfect. A long hot summer had left London DRY and drought had depleted water reserves (does this not sound a bit like the spiritual condition of London today – a dry and thirsty land where there is no water?!) This, coupled with a STRONG EAST WIND meant that all that was required was a SPARK! That SPARK began in a bakery (house of bread) and boom! Suddenly that SPARK became the “consuming fire” that had so often been predicted.
    Cindy Jacobs spoke of a coming “marriage of wind and fire” and Julie Meyers UK prophecy speaks of a move of God like a WILDFIRE!! I feel so stirred that God is calling us to press into these things in prayer. I believe that a second “Great Fire of London” is coming! Another interesting factor which is food for thought is that the Great Fire followed the dreadful plague which had gripped London in 1665. Some say that the fire, as dreadful as it was,was God’s mercy on the city because it purged the city of the plague. Oh how we need that burning cleansing flame to sweep through our capital city! Let’s pray for London!!

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    • Thank you so much for this Angela as I had only yesterday a strong sense of a coming spiritual fire. (This was at Acorn Christian Foundation’s noontime service for healing.)

      Also, have you read the ‘Firestorm’ word Bobby Conner brought in 2008, 7 years ago last week? (http://wp.me/p1Y1yB-53O) I’m sure I heard him saying the same at Bath City Church around that time.

      And Johnny Enlow spoke similarly in October 2012 just before the famous prophetic song delivered by Julie Meyer – see http://wp.me/p1Y1yB-2g4

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    • Angela, I’d be interested to know how you came across this 2 years old-post, and which came first: your reading this blog post or James Stewart’s book? (Lydia’s song kept burning in me for months after first hearing it and then Martin Smith sang it at the Revival Alliance gathering in Birmingham August 2012 (http://wp.me/p1Y1yB-42u refers).


      • Sure. I began reading James Stewart’s book on revival on Monday morning – it was talking about wind and fire & I felt God nudge me to Google ” Great Fire of London” (I had studied it four or five years ago with my kids and been struck by the spiritual parallels but hadn’t really given it too much after-thought) This time however, I felt certain the Lord was wanting me to look deeper into it and to start praying into the connections I was seeing.. I have been browsing your site over the last few weeks, as I pray over prophetic words for the UK. I remembered I had seen the phrase London’s Burning somewhere on your site so I typed the phrase into Google and it brought up the link to your website!


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