Urgent prophetic word: advance the Kingdom now!

JesusIsComingAccording to a national prophetic word for June declared from Glasgow, time is now short for starting new things of God’s Kingdom. How can we be sure now’s the time to do this?  It isn’t because we’re at the summer solstice – this blog does NOT advocate ancient pagan or new age ideas: quite the contrary, as is obvious from our personal testimonies (here and here).

As with all prophecies and visions, the following is to be weighed, tested and checked for harmony with God’s character and purposes, as revealed in the Bible. A personal assessment follows the first part of this word:




The anointing for this time is for advance and breakthrough. It is time for a new level and God is opening the doors of heaven to facilitate advance and breakthrough for you – personally, in your family, your business, your church, your community… God wants to take us to a new place.

2 Samuel 5:20
So David went to Baal Perazim and there he defeated [the Philistines]. He said, ‘As waters break out, the Lord has broken out against my enemies before me.’ So that place was called Baal Perazim [means ‘God of the Breakthrough’]

God, as Master of the Breakthrough, is advancing His people and His church into a vastly different place. Just as an advance in science changes thought processes and practical applications, so the advance in the Church and in individual lives will change how we think and do things.

You can consider yourself successful in this season if nothing looks familiar to you and there is a little bit of mess around!

There is favour for birthing new Kingdom projects, relationships and businesses, building new Kingdom projects, relationships and businesses and establishing new Kingdom projects, relationships and businesses.

There is an urgency and a blessing in birthing, building and establishing. However, time is short, so be quick to act now, whilst there is a favour from heaven. Do not procrastinate, for this is an ‘open door’ time for advancing through!

In this season of advance, God is asking us to fix our gaze on Him like never before – for in this we will see His BIGNESS, and it will shift what we expect to see flow from His hand. If we don’t fix our gaze on God we will build too small and it will cap us for several years to come.

And the Lord would ask us to drop what is fruitless and to walk away from dead projects and relationships. If you have been stuck or frustrated in trying to build something that is not getting to where it should, now is the time to let it go. Don’t waste more years on the fruitless tree but instead sow the seeds that you have within you into a new, fertile soil for the season.

[Part 2 continues here and suggestions on how to respond are here.  Also, click for information about ‘Lion Roars’ and the team at Glasgow Prophetic Centre.]

By the mouth of two or three witnesses the matter shall be established. (Deut 19:15 NKJV)


Second jaw-dropping moment of the week! Little did I suspect that, whilst I was writing over Tuesday-Wednesday about the ‘Word’, as in ‘God’s Signature’, this prophetic team were putting the finishing touches to a closely related prophetic word! Thursday morning I added scripture to my draft and varied my concluding remarks to refer to the ‘Open Door’ as a means of breakthrough. Also, I had a very distinct concern over the fact that only a few months are left in this Hebraic year.

Therefore, it was so encouraging after publishing that post to have opened the team’s email that had dropped into my in-box earlier that morning. Thus, we find at least two or more people are receiving similar insights from the Lord. (See others’ comments below and other overseas ones bear witness to June’s prophetic word.)

7 thoughts on “Urgent prophetic word: advance the Kingdom now!

  1. Hi Richard
    This witnesses with me; I’m writing a summary today of two similar prophetic messages from speakers I’ve heard recently, with a similar urgency (both have a ‘wake up’ theme); I’ll forward this on to you soon…
    If the message about 2016 (Organic Grain from Canada etc) I sent you in the past is from Jesus, then this urgency to be building Kingdom things only now all makes sense. My friend who wrote that piece sensed God saying there would be a harvest this year and in 2015…. but he had to have the kingdom business he is setting up now functioning by 2016, otherwise it would be too late.
    God bless
    PS This came via my wife’s FB account.. I’m shop sitting for her today as she is in London.


  2. It has really witnessed to me Richard and has also encouraged me because there does seem a lot of mess and after having retired from work, which was where my main ministry was for the last 20 years, I can now look forward to the future with the hope that Father has put in my heart with another project which I am hoping I will be part of. Also to let go of those things which have either just come to a natural conclusion or just plain need to go. Thank you God Bless


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