2013 Revival in Wales – Outpouring in Cwmbran

In the covering comments to a blog about Anglican church attendance I treated claims for the demise of Christianity in Britain with gentle contempt. I hope regular readers of this blog will be aware of my focus upon the Bride’s preparation for her soon returning Groom, our ‘blessed assurance’.  Many Christian leaders who are close to Him would also regard such claims as absurd, as may clearly be inferred from my recent raft of blogs about God’s ‘new season’. [See here for some specific prophecies.]

We now have evidence of this ‘new era’!  You’ve possibly heard the ‘chatter’ about an Outpouring in Wales about which I’d received an update, but I was unable to blog about it until now. [Was just signing off to take a break for home renovations.]

Pastor RT - Credit WelldiggerThank you Graham for alerting me last July to a stirring in Wales, as hinted at in A spiritual slant on Olympic torch’s route. Just a few months later fellow delegates at Windsor spoke about it and so I’m grateful to Peter and Rosamund of Logos Linguistics for the link below. On Sunday we heard about our church leaders’ visit to Kings Church in Burgess Hill to hear Cwmbran pastor Richard Taylor’s account of the Outpouring. They were impressed he testified to not only healings but also to ‘old fashioned’ Holy Spirit led repentance, as in the 1904-05 Welsh Revival etc.

Richard’s splendid Welldigger blog provides a detailed account of Welsh revival history together with events of the current Outpouring.  Horsham Pastor Andy Robinson writes here on his discovery of what was going on at Cwmbran (see A on map below).

What’s more, this is additional to the Grace Outpouring of recent years at Ffald-y-Brenin (Sheep-fold of the King) House of Prayer and retreat under Roy and Daphne Godwin’s oversight! (Located at B on map)

For another good introduction to this 2013 Outpouring see Anita Mathias’ account at Dreaming Beneath the Spires.  I’m pleased to learn that the Outpouring’s theme praise is “Just One Touch from the King”, about which we raved at the National Day of Prayer and Worship at Wembley (as here).  Now listen to Godfrey Birtell tell of the inspiration behind this song, especially his important points on making declarations over our land:

I’d also particularly recommend all Anita’s postings about Heidi Baker, especially for anyone unfamiliar with Iris Ministries’ miraculous work. In the above linked blog, Anita refers to Heidi’s casual reference last August to revival coming to the UK. In fact, her Revival Alliance associate Bill Johnson had prophesied 1st September 2011 would become known as the ‘date things would change in Britain’. (Details, which include my ‘remote’ confirmation of this, may be read at Father, let Your Kingdom come – first link to ‘Revival Alliance Gathering – Post Event’ takes you to Bill’s remark.)  Then last year his wife Beni and others had prophetic revelations that the Queen’s Jubilee Bells may be of relevance to this renewal (here).

Also, how could we ever forget the prophetic song “Behold, the Bridegroom Cometh” delivered at their associate Randy Clark’s conference last October (“something greater than John Wesley… it’s not over”…Click for full transcript):

May the Lord thoroughly bless you as you read, listen and consider this holy matter…

There’s more in the next post: The Unstoppable Church

4 thoughts on “2013 Revival in Wales – Outpouring in Cwmbran

    • Thank you for the update Jill and the Lord’s immense continual blessing be upon you both, especially in the move to Orlando in view of the recent tragic event. Doubtless your moving is part of the Lord’s plans for healing and salvation over the ‘Pond’. (Maybe you picked up in my blog about our connection with Church of His Presence in Daphne, AL, and pastor John Kilpatrick?)

      Our visit to Cwmbran in 2014 got stopped at last minute upon arrival in Cardiff – a hotel mirror dropped on my toes! (But it was an excellent conference there)


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