UpdateS on UK WordPress problems

Thurs 8 Aug: no further problems for me although some UK bloggers still have issues. Over 60 users raised over 300 posts on the central thread started 3 weeks ago (Support Forum thread and engineers’ report). This indicates the seriousness of these problems.

THURS 1st Aug: Great news, WP working properly at long last (I hope, as below)!

MONDAY 29 July: Further to my previous, Wordpress.com advised this morning that the cause of the disconnection issue has at last been found and UK users’ sites should be functioning normally soon. But they’re not quite there yet!  My testing all morning with a fresh browser showed promising albeit erratic improvements.

I was losing connections almost a fortnight ago. When drafting an item and then hitting ‘preview’ to check what the post would look like I kept getting ‘Page cannot be found’! So it seemed to be a server issue because I was working entirely within WP software.  Then upon opening the Home Page or any posted item I found I’d been logged out – so had to re-enter the program!  This continued as I tried to work but at least drafts got saved. An inordinate amount of time was spent by the WP community of users and engineers to find out what was going on.

Most of the affected users were with TalkTalk, which has a sensible child-safety in the home protective filtering system but which may have been a factor.  With false solutions and lack of progress for well over a week everyone was getting rather frayed.  It was all so coincidental to have happened during a Prime Ministerial push to clean the internet.

WordPress learned that a number of internet service providers based in the UK are now blocking sites listed by the Internet Watch Foundation. IWF flagged such a site hosted on WordPress.com which was being taken down as it violated their TOS, but not before some ISPs blocked it.  In communication with ISPs and IWF it was found the blocking was not done as well as it could have been and some WP servers got blacklisted, thus preventing UK bloggers from being able to access their sites fully.

WordPress are taking steps to ensure this problem doesn’t get repeated. Hopefully, this may lead to improved contact and cooperation across the industry!

TUES UPDATE: all seems ok and quicker than usual and re-blogging works now. That was this morning, in afternoon disconnections recommenced AND found amendments I’d made to next post changes had got had overwritten back to original text!!  GRRR!!  At I could check this in the Revisions facility and thereby saw the reversion but was able to copy what I’d done before lunch.  Also, the malfunction of being logged out returned again whenever swapping between screens after editing!

Will test commenting on another blog later. Now 245 posts from 54 persons on this issue!

WED UPDATE: Offline until late afternoon. After updating this I updated but took many seconds to process then screen announced ‘Page can’t be displayed’. Hit back arrow button and get back to original edit screen – without needing to log in again, hooray!  And it shows an Autosave is later that what’s on screen. So somehow my update got saved and I could restore. Will copy/paste this for informing engineers.

So the gremlins haven’t been exorcised!

THURS UPDATE 1 – comment on Forum: Noteworthy that those with BT as ISP are not reporting any connection problems. [ALSO now can’t copy and paste between WP and Windows Live!]

When problems cropped up 2 weeks ago today I emailed a friend who runs a top rated UK blog on WP and said I couldn’t reblog or connect to comment on his posts. He wasn’t surprised, having lost a lot work of overnight, but didn’t get any further problems. He’s with BT.

The obvious lack of problems with BT lines and persistent ones with TT and others may be a clue for engineers to keep investigating – if they have?

Btw, have alerted by subscribers, and the public dropping by, to this massive issue with WP.  It even got several likes!

Guess they like being kept in the picture – thanks folks.

2. Upon inserting today’s update I found WP running as normal, so reported:

SUCCESS! Great news (I hope).

For 1st time have updated published post and saved and got returned to edit screen without being logged out. And when I checked Preview Changes, screen changed to show updated post and I could return to editing without being logged out. AND upon hitting blog’s name it gave me home page WITHOUT being logged out (my original issue).

Thank you team – I trust this will continue for all of us.

Your comments are warmly welcome (NB: Comments Caveat & Prophecy Protocol on homepage sidebar).

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