WordPress problems

This is to advise readers a number of intransigent issues persist in hampering and even preventing bloggers in UK using WordPress because of UK ISP connection difficulties.   Over a week ago I was unable to reblog or comment on another’s WP blog. Also, it kept logging me out as I switched between editing and viewing screens.  WP users may be able to read details on this Support Forum thread of over 260 posts from 60 users Unable to load web page because server sent no data.

It certainly seems this is related to live software development in meeting PM Cameron’s objectives of countering internet porn, to the detriment of regular bloggers and users. In addition there may be an issue over TalkTalk’s use of Chinese filtering system, as reported by the BBC yesterday: Chinese firm Huawei controls net filter praised by PM.

WordPress access has previously been blocked by China and afflicted by hackers, as reported by BBC here.

Hope we may be up and running properly next week, maybe Monday hopefully 🙂

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