A September to remember: my encounter with aliens, Hell and Jesus Christ

What’s with September? Two Septembers were life-changing for me – the first, when I was born – the second was radical too, but not the same as being ‘born again’. (That spiritual event came later.)

The new one came a week before ‘life-long’ one’s 42nd anniversary – moreover, it’s of direct relevance to everyone no matter their age, status, race, religion or none!

This is because it’s about our personal post-mortem existence – it’s essential that every living person learns about and knows beyond any doubt or question what their own PME will be like. The death of teenagers a little older than myself made me realise the necessity of searching out the truth of this taboo. My search led me astray and put me in a personally perilous place. But I believed it was a sensible solution and situation – I didn’t know how wrong I was. 

Decades later in September 1989, I was confronted by the consequences of those decisions upon my PME (post-mortem existence) – a terrifying insight!

Last night, 13/14th September, was the 26th anniversary of my life-changing encounter with the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

Only hours earlier I’d more or less told a young chap half my age to go away and not cross my doorstep again. Actually, that earthly visitor did return and I got to know him better as a result of that night’s heavenly visitor – and I learned his birthday’s the same as mine!  (Coincidence or God-incidence? – you decide.)

In view of my deep experience over many years I’d decided the youngster’s discussion about Christianity was a complete waste of time. But what happened a few hours later  remains vividly etched within me. So it must be exceptionally significant. Come back in time with me as I describe what happened whilst I slept, as I recorded soon afterwards in a testimony entitled:

‘More Than A Dream’

I find myself in the lounge of my childhood home and am in front of the large casement window abutting one corner of the room.  I look up into the inky, dark night sky.

A small flotilla of large, wingless aircraft drifts slowly across from left to right at high altitude and I groan, “Oh…not that flying saucer nonsense. I must be dreaming!”  (Occasionally in dreams I’d be aware of dreaming and could change the scenario.)

I’m sceptical about the existence of UFO’s, but now another ‘fleet’ appears from the right and heads towards the first.

Now, the dream changes gear (rather, goes up a level) from the normal mixture of mental material > to that of absolutely convincing lucidity:

The ‘light goes on’!  In my ‘knower’, I realise the first fleet is demonic and the second is masses of angels under the command of Jesus Christ. (I did not believe in unidentified flying objects and aliens, but I regarded Jesus as one of many world teachers – I didn’t know Jesus appeared as the commander of the Lord’s host, or angels, to Joshua when outside Jericho. Here, I can’t see any other ‘persons’ but have ‘inner knowledge’ of the situation.)

I think I’m about to watch an amazing heavenly battle…but…OH NO!  Somehow, I now know Jesus has espied me far down below and is coming down directly towards me!

All I see is a distant bright light very rapidly getting brighter and larger as it drops down to my location, just like an airliner approaching a runway to land at night. 

Instantly, I realise my life has been one of sin that contrasts starkly against Jesus’ own holiness. Right away I realise what’s claimed about the Judgement is true – but mine is about to happen right now!

Beyond any doubt I realise my involvement in the occult was most definitely wrong. Consequently, I deserve the undesirable abode!

“My number’s up!” I groan, inwardly trembling in knowing I’m about to die at any moment and an invisible trapdoor I’m standing on will drop me straight into hell.

Uttermost mortal terror strikes and I dive right under the drop-leaf table in the other  corner of the room to hide from Jesus. But he knows where I’m hiding and swoops down straight through the wall at the side of the window to stand in my room and right beside the table!

Cowering under the table with my back turned towards him, I glance over my shoulder and see him from the waist down, his face out of sight above the table.

Most unexpectedly, somehow I have the courage to reach my hand out backwards to grab at the hem of Jesus’ robe…

>> As I tug, the event goes into yet another level of revelation regarding my childhood…Then I awake! Thoroughly alert, further sleep eludes me!

The event reminds me of an evocative small picture that impressed me as a child – the return of Jesus Christ:


Later I understand that my terror had been ‘the fear of God’ brought through the Holy Spirit in convicting me of my personal sinfulness (ie. wrongdoing) and, thus, preparing me to receive God’s grace (ie. undeserved favour).

Also,  what happened when I touched Jesus proves He’s intimately acquainted with the private details of my thoughts when a little boy.  The last moments of the dream show He will topple my childish concepts of Him and thus hint at their being replaced with a sure knowledge of His true identity.

The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love” (Psalm 111). Mercifully, He plucked me from the domain of darkness to bring me into His own realm and to receive its blessings – I deserved none. Truly, ‘Amazing Grace’ – how awesome and wonderful..!

As a result of the most remarkable dream I’d ever had, I carefully reconsidered all my New Age notions. Meditational and mystical exercises had resulted in my having some unusual, ‘psychic’ dreams, but none whatsoever like this one.

The only remotely similar dream was that of an ‘altered’ state of consciousness known as ‘nirvana’, or bliss, where I’d been taken behind its alluring golden light.  However, ecstasy then turned to abject terror at the sight of an approaching hideous, devouring beast of blackness far worse than any nightmare!  (I didn’t take drugs.)  In this dream, however, fear had been overcome by Jesus himself and his wonderful mercy and love – and pervasive peace.

Confirmation that the event was real would come some years later from an unexpected source (click to continue reading).


  1. This dream account was one of this blog’s early posts published under the title, ‘Death or Destiny?’.  The first part of what happened on 13th Sept 1989 is told in An Earthly Visitor. My full testimony appears in No 7 & My Journey into Freedom.
  2. My remark about ‘UFOs’ relates to Erich von Daniken’s bestselling Chariots of the Gods and similar books. Previously, I’d once dreamt of their being demonic and much more recently learned that the renowned researcher Dr J Allen Hynek came to the same conclusion later in his life.

5 thoughts on “A September to remember: my encounter with aliens, Hell and Jesus Christ

  1. I had a dream also where God told me aliens are demons. I then found an article on the parent company about Flying saucers being evil. So I know without a doubt aliens are demons. Also the Nephilim were fallen angels ( demons). They are the aliens. I believe everything you have said.

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  2. Also in the dream God gave me a scripture to look up and it was the one of the parable about the seed falling in thorns. Satan uses all kinds of distractions to keep God’s Word from taking root in our lives. I have read it over and over and try not to let this happen to me.

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