Prophecies and visions for Great Britain

A new header Prophecies & Visions on this blog covers a brief introduction to Biblical prophecy. It also explains the difference between the office of prophet and the gifting of prophecy. For those interested in how the prophetic may apply to current national and international affairs, links are given to a number of fulfilled reports and others ‘pending’.

First listed is Smith Wigglesworth’s prophecy concerning revival in Britain. Do you know that its two preparatory aspects have already happened?  Or do you know of his prayer partner’s surprise fifty years later upon seeing the same vision?  Or, are you aware of: Continue reading

Follow-up on recent prophetic words

It’s rather interesting that part of April’s newsletter received this week from Paul Keith Davis has a direct bearing upon my recent post ‘GET READY’.  Therein, I mention seemingly God-incidental references by pastor John Kilpatrick and to the last of Geoff Pick’s  10 visions about preparations for our forthcoming, if not immanent, wedding feast with the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ.

Now, Paul Keith’s newsletter adds the following insight:

“I was recently allowed by the Spirit to witness some individuals being taken “behind the veil” and shown great and mighty things that have been reserved for the end-time….

“As the experience continued, the Holy Spirit revealed how the sharing of Kingdom Truths with the body of Christ was likened to the preparation of a great banqueting table being set for the Lord and His Bride. Seemingly, the “implements and banners” that were being revealed to this group somehow were utilized in the adornment of the banqueting table, particularly around the area that was clearly recognized as the “seat of honor” (sic).  Naturally, these things are shown in symbolic form to illustrate truth that will help us in the hour in which we are living and the responsibility being delegated to us by the Holy Spirit.”

Paul Keith’s newsletter Flourishing During Days of Darkness provides more information  and in closing Revival:1 – glory stories I refer to another God-incidence regarding one of his references to Jesus’ Bridal company.  A short biography of Paul Keith may be read here.

So, it’s worth enquiring of the Lord about the preparations for the Kingdom fully coming to earth.  May He bless you with revelation in this. (Check out Do You Know Him? if you don’t know Jesus yet.)

Continued here, which is in three linked parts.

Follow-up on healings in the UK

Recently (here and here), I’ve tried to convey our own great excitement over March’s revival meeting in Hull. At last, I can share it better with you on this 10 minute clip, which also features a short song in the middle Note: no longer available but see this 3 min clip:

These miraculous healings of folk from Hemel Hempstead, Chesterfield and Tiverton strongly enthused a packed auditorium of Americans in Alabama a week ago. Nathan Morris was also excited to announce that BBC local radio had interviewed Michael about his amazing triple miracle and that Lasette’s astounding appearance in her hotel, which I reported in “Now we know God is real”, brought a Muslim to salvation!

[A friend who directs a national healing ministry says Muslims are keen to learn about God’s healing power. It’s a pity for those atheists with whom two fellow bloggers and I have been in debate but who steadfastly refuse to accept such signs of salvation – Lord, bless them with a personal revelation and true contrition.]

Next, Nathan’s fresh preaching entitled Have You Defiled Your Robes? on holiness and repentance, as in John 8.34-36 and Revelation 3:2-6, was truly outstanding.  It was exceptionally rare preaching on the ‘offensive message’ of the Gospel – that is, upon all sin, even in believers!, and the power of Jesus’ blood – “it is the lifeline“. For example:

“I’m tired of this gospel that won’t get in peoples’ faces. Let me tell you the Word of God, the Gospel of Jesus Christ offends – get used to it!  People don’t want to be offended anymore…without the Blood there are no miracles, without preaching the shed Blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ, there is no salvation…one of the biggest lies you ever received is ‘once saved always saved’…you can’t live how you want… “

Many believers flocked forward, blocked the aisles in repentance and then received a fresh fire. The whole was preceded by an hour’s ascending worship as the Holy Spirit filled Lydia Stanley’s fingers with fire on the keyboard. (Join the worship here – news of the UK starts at 1hr20 and Nathan starts preaching at 1hr54.)

On his blog, Hull’s New Life Church leader Jarrod Cooper also includes a video clip of a lady and her husband telling what it’s like to be disabled for 6 years and then being healed at the church.

Jarrod also provides additional photos of Lasette and of extra footage with a follow-up of Michael, who declares, “God’s just amazing. He’s given me my life back and I thank God”. Oh, yes indeed that’s such a tremendous blessing.

I trust you will take time to watch these signs of God’s wonderful healing grace.