Follow-up on healings in the UK

Recently (here and here), I’ve tried to convey our own great excitement over March’s revival meeting in Hull. At last, I can share it better with you on this 10 minute clip, which also features a short song in the middle Note: no longer available but see this 3 min clip:

These miraculous healings of folk from Hemel Hempstead, Chesterfield and Tiverton strongly enthused a packed auditorium of Americans in Alabama a week ago. Nathan Morris was also excited to announce that BBC local radio had interviewed Michael about his amazing triple miracle and that Lasette’s astounding appearance in her hotel, which I reported in “Now we know God is real”, brought a Muslim to salvation!

[A friend who directs a national healing ministry says Muslims are keen to learn about God’s healing power. It’s a pity for those atheists with whom two fellow bloggers and I have been in debate but who steadfastly refuse to accept such signs of salvation – Lord, bless them with a personal revelation and true contrition.]

Next, Nathan’s fresh preaching entitled Have You Defiled Your Robes? on holiness and repentance, as in John 8.34-36 and Revelation 3:2-6, was truly outstanding.  It was exceptionally rare preaching on the ‘offensive message’ of the Gospel – that is, upon all sin, even in believers!, and the power of Jesus’ blood – “it is the lifeline“. For example:

“I’m tired of this gospel that won’t get in peoples’ faces. Let me tell you the Word of God, the Gospel of Jesus Christ offends – get used to it!  People don’t want to be offended anymore…without the Blood there are no miracles, without preaching the shed Blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ, there is no salvation…one of the biggest lies you ever received is ‘once saved always saved’…you can’t live how you want… “

Many believers flocked forward, blocked the aisles in repentance and then received a fresh fire. The whole was preceded by an hour’s ascending worship as the Holy Spirit filled Lydia Stanley’s fingers with fire on the keyboard. (Join the worship here – news of the UK starts at 1hr20 and Nathan starts preaching at 1hr54.)

On his blog, Hull’s New Life Church leader Jarrod Cooper also includes a video clip of a lady and her husband telling what it’s like to be disabled for 6 years and then being healed at the church.

Jarrod also provides additional photos of Lasette and of extra footage with a follow-up of Michael, who declares, “God’s just amazing. He’s given me my life back and I thank God”. Oh, yes indeed that’s such a tremendous blessing.

I trust you will take time to watch these signs of God’s wonderful healing grace.

4 thoughts on “Follow-up on healings in the UK

  1. I can’t wait to see this happening in Tucson Arizona. Below is a dream/vision/word that the Lord gave me concerning Tucson. I can’t wait to see the Church awaken from her sleep and begin to do the things that I have seen on the video you posted. I know that the shaking is coming and that which can be shaken , will be shaken.

    A Dream About An Earthquake in Tucson, Arizona

    I had a dream early the morning of March 1, 2012 about Tucson having an earthquake. The dream was real enough that I wanted to and intend to purchase earthquake insurance for my house. I personally believe that the dream is indicating both a spiritual and physical event about to hit Tucson. What comes to mind as I write this is the vision from Ezekiel 37 regarding the valley of dry bones. “So I prophesied as I was commanded. And as I prophesied, there was a noise. And behold, a shaking! And the bones came near, a bone to its bone”.
    (Eze 37:7 MKJV) Some of these bones are buried and we walk over them not knowing that they even exist. So an earthquake would definitely reveal that which was hidden from view, at least that is what I am thinking.

    The Hebrew word used for shaking here is, ra‛ash, and following is the definition of the word:

    A masculine noun referring to an earthquake, a shaking, a rumbling, a commotion. It indicates a quaking of the surface of the earth (1Ki_19:11-12); the quivering and shaking of a warhorse as it engages a battle (Job_39:24); or the brandishing, shaking of a javelin (Job_41:29 [21]). It refers to the roar and commotion, the clatter of a battle itself (Isa_9:5 [4]); or the preparations for war (Jer_10:22). It depicts the noise of a rolling chariot wheel, hastening into battle (Nah_3:2). It is used of the sounds made by the Lord’s chariot appearance and movement (Eze_3:12). It stands for an earthquake itself, a great shaking, trembling (Amo_1:1; Zec_14:5).

    When I spoke to my former Pastor regarding the dream he said the following, ” it’s very similar to a prophecy that several shared with me 4 years ago in Tucson. The urgency seemed to be centered around the airbase at that time. For whatever reason. I pray it’s a spiritual awakening, but the concern has been there about disaster”.

    The Lord gave me a word the following day about the dream of the Earthquake I had which was, ” the dead in Christ will rise first”. I have been seeing in visions of tombs opening up. What I feel the Spirit saying is that the, “dead” here have to do with His church. The earthquake will wake the church here in Tucson. In addition, the , “dead”, are spoken of in Ephesians and says the following, “But all things become visible when they are exposed by the light, for everything that becomes visible is light. For this reason it says, “Awake, sleeper, And arise from the dead, And Christ will shine on you.” The word, “sleeper”, here comes from the Greek word,”καθεύδω katheúdō which means to be spiritually asleep, i.e., secure and unconcerned in sin, or indolent and careless in the performance of duty. The word, “dead”, comes from the Greek word, “νεκρός nekros”, which metaphorically means, spiritually dead, destitute of a life that recognizes and is devoted to God because its given up to trespasses and sins; inactive as respects doing right; destitute of force or power, inactive, inoperative.
    (Eph 5:13-14 NASB)


  2. You may not have too long to wait Tony, and I greatly appreciate your taking time to share this remarkable dream – on spotting your ‘like’ on the other posting I wondered if you may be in Pima county! (Visited cousins in Tucson/Nogales area four yrs ago.)

    Your ref to the airport reminds me of the importance that Toronto Airport had as the original base for the 1994 Toronto Blessing – it’s not only a physical meeting place of earth and heaven but also a spiritual one, rather like a modern Jacob’s ladder! (The local Indian name for that city suggested the same!) Tucson area certainly needs a great shaking to come spiritually alive.

    Your response seems ‘God-incidental’ on a couple of counts, viz:

    1st – a few weeks ago Paul Keith Davis, plus a couple of others I know of, was at a prophetic conference in Tucson – see Calendar/events tab on – and I’ve often heard him refer to the area’s modern spiritual history.

    2nd – during a revival meeting close by Washington DC on your National Day of Prayer last Thurs, worshipers were reminded of a revelation given to Dr Paul Yonggi Cho in 1993 that all America will be ablaze with God’s glory! The Lord had him to open an atlas and then pointed to towns and regions where He would visit before His return – it included the SW states! (Advance to 1:05:50 as grey buffer loads for full account at >

    3rd – the word described is similar to one that a lady at church mentioned on Sunday, and which I’d learned about only days previously when a friend emailed it to me: it’s a vision given to Tommy Hicks in 1954 (See page 15 of >

    May the Lord continue reveal more to you.


  3. I do live in Pima County.
    Speaking of coming revival to the United States, I share the following vision:

    Coming Wave of the Holy Spirit to the US

    I had a vision on the morning of 9/3/2010 , I kept hearing the word, “wave”, and wondered as to its meaning. I was then shown a wave the size of a tsunami and I was on a surf board riding the wave. The Tsunami was heading for the United States, and, as you know, A Tsunami is caused by an earthquake in the sea which indicates to me a shaking, a great shaking. This tsunami is a move of the Holy Spirit of gigantic proportions that is coming to the United States. It is my belief that it will impact the west coast first as this is where surfing is popular. In order to be a part of this you have to swim out into the deep in order to catch the wave and be able to ride the wave. In shallow water, you call the shots and can get out as fast as you got in. In deep water, however, the water calls the shots and you either cooperate with the water or fight against it and drown.
    Those who are foolish enough to oppose the wave and stand in front of it will be destroyed. Those who are cowardly and run to higher ground to get away from the wave will miss the move altogether. The wave will be stirring up things that have been buried for a long time and bringing them to the surface, i.e., like when the demon possessed man shouted at Jesus in the synagogue, “I know who you are, you are the Son of God” . This man had been there for a while and the demon was comfortable and thus quit. All that is about to change in a very big way,


    • Amen to that – terrific Tony! Maybe it will connect into the close of Dr Cho’s vision of revival going from the south-west states and up to Washington state.

      I recommend therefore, that you hear Nathan’s vision on 23 July 2010 of a huge tsunami (but crimson, as of Jesus’ blood). That night the Lord started moving powerfully near Mobile, on the part of the Gulf of Mexico the Spanish had named ‘Bay of The Holy Spirit’! Nathan spoke about it at the National Prayer Day revival meeting in Silver Springs, Washington DC.

      Watch on – his personal story and why he’s in the USA starts at 2hr10min and the vision begins at 2hr21min – hope your i/net isn’t too slow. (He’s a very passionate ‘firebrand’ and gets soaked because he’s on fire.)


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