High Court judgement alters plain English, suppresses free speech

Today’s blogging plans are put aside to alert readers to a development in suppressing freedom of speech:

Yesterday a British High Court judge disregarded impartiality and bowed the knee to ‘political correctness’. This was over an advert on a London bus and a responding ‘like-for-like’ advert which got banned by Boris Johnson, Mayor of London.

All law-abiding citizens should be concerned over the mayor’s honesty and his party’s line becoming highly questionable. This needs logging in our minds in case of his future bid for leadership in the Conservative Party.

It reminds me of prophetic words brought in June on ‘Justice and Children’, especially the reference to the ‘judiciary’,

Scandals will be exposed, even within social services, education, the judiciary and the police. There will be nowhere to hide, even amongst the most wealthy and influential.

Later, I covered developments which corroborated the accuracy of this word. So maybe we have yet another fulfillment of that prophecy, but check it out and decide for yourself after this outline:

The charity Core Issues Trust and Anglican Mainstream’s bus ad was banned at the last minute following intervention by the Mayor. The ad, “Not Gay. Post Gay. Ex-Gay and proud. Get over it!” was a mirror response to the one already being run by LGBT lobby group Stonewall, which read “Some people are gay. Get over it!”

Core Issues’ advert says nothing about conversion therapy or cures for their premise is that people should be free to define themselves as they want. But their ad was banned at the 11th hour yet the Stonewall Ad was allowed to run – both then and afterwards.

Boris%20JohnsonAt the time Boris Johnson took credit for instructing Transport for London (TfL) not to display Core Issues’ advert. He not only told the media but also wrote to an MP that he’d done so. Two years later he denies to the High Court having done that.

So, is Boris a liar or not?  The Judge ruled not.

How so? Because ‘instruct’ can now mean exactly the opposite! Crazy!

Core Issues’ reaction opens as follows,

“In disallowing witnesses to be cross-examined and by ignoring both controversy about categorical notions of human sexuality (which the Royal College of Psychiatrists recently admitted are not fixed nor immutable,) and inconsistencies in Boris Johnson’s witness statements, Justice Lang has confirmed today that the British establishment is no longer a guardian of freedom of speech nor of conscience.” (Emphases added in all quotations)

Chief Executive of the Christian Legal Centre, Andrea Williams, is most forthright in her indignation, Continue reading

“Gaza public rejects Hamas, wants ceasefire,” finds credible new poll. Details & analysis.

One factor in this public rejection of Hamas would be deaths of over 160 child ‘slaves’, as in Victorian coal mines, to build their tunnels – per 2012 report by Journal of Palestine Studies, as reported by Breitbart who quote Hamas’ “cavalier approach to child labour and tunnel fatalities”.

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

Source: Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Source: Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

(Denver, Colorado) — The most recent credible polling of Palestinians in Gaza reveals sinking support for Hamas, rising support for the Palestinian Authority to run Gaza instead of Hamas, and an overwhelming desire for a ceasefire, reports the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

  • 88% want the Palestinian Authority (PA) — not Hamas — to run Gaza administratively
  • 70% want a ceasefire
  • 57% want Hamas to renounce violence against Israel
  • 56% would like to work in Israel if calm was restored and they could find a better-paying job than in Gaza

To be sure, the poll finds that a large number of Palestinians in Gaza do support Hamas and violence. Support for a two-state solution has dropped significantly.

Also, this is only a snapshot in time. We will need to see more polling results in the days and weeks ahead to understand…

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Son of founder of Hamas again denounces terror group

For anyone wanting to make up their own mind about events in Gaza, I offer reliable insights from one of its past key operatives, courtesy of Joel Rosenberg.

Mosab Hassan Yousef is the eldest son of one of the founders and spiritual leaders of Hamas. Arrested by the Israelis for involvement in terrorism, he came to realize the true evil of Hamas whilst in prison.

So he renounced Islam and became a Christian, as well as a double agent for the Israeli secret services (Shin Bet) working to thwart Hamas terror attacks. Upon later emigrating to the United States he wrote a best-selling book, Son of Hamas, warning about the dangers of Hamas and telling his own journey out of radical Islam.

Now, with Hamas engaged in a brutal, deadly war with Israel, Mosab is speaking out again against the radical Islamic terror group of which he was a rising future leader.


 Mosab told CNN,

“Hamas does not care about the lives of the Palestinians, does not care about the lives of Israelis, or Americans, They don’t care about their own lives. They consider dying for the sake of their ideology a way of worship.”

He said the goal of Hamas isn’t co-existence or simply to destroy Israel, but to build an Islamic caliphate on the rubble of every other civilization.

On radio he described Hamas as “a ‘cancer’ in the Middle East”.

Click to read Joel’s full post about his friendship with this exceptionally brave man, with prayer request for protection for him and his family, plus links to the interviews.

UPDATE 16:30  July 30th

Debka @ 12:12 today reports as follows under header: In face of truce bids, Hamas’ Deif gives Gaza war fresh impetus, makes it a religious jihad

“Despite the rush of diplomats and analysts declaring that a ceasefire in the Gaza fighting is imminent, the war refuses to end. Wednesday, July 30, the commander of Hamas’ military wing, Mohammed Deif gave the conflict fresh impetus by injecting a religious dimension that cannot be ignored….As fierce as the fighting is on the battlefield, and as arduous the diplomatic wrangling, the emerging and largely overlooked jihadist element is the most troubling…”

“Israel’s counter-terror offensive, Netanyahu explained, is part and parcel of the war on fundamentalist Islam. As self-appointed commander-in-chief, ensconced in his subterranean lair, Mohammed Deif couldn’t agree more. And so the not-so-secret contacts between Washington, Cairo, Riyadh, Doha, Jerusalem and Ramallah are doomed to go nowhere, because they take place on one level, whereas a fanatical religious war is taking place on a completely separate one.” (Read in full)

A call for clarity on Israel and Gaza

Let’s take a trip in my time machine. Hop in and hold tight, it’s just a short hop to go back 47 years.

All done! We open the door and step into a college library. Being a sunny evening in early June, its tables are packed as everyone’s preparing for end-of-year exams or finals.

June 1967

At one end of the L-shaped upper storey room is a lower level for students to relax with a drink, and maybe watch a back & white screen tv affixed near the ceiling. Here, in my youth, a few would take a break to watch the 10 o’clock news on either BBC or ITV, but not tonight. The room is packed for the latest on the stupendous news of the past few days…

Before we take stock of what’s going on I need to brief you as follows.:

The past 5 years: American troops have been involved in South Vietnam fighting the Vietcong insurgency from the Communist North. (The  got into full swing.)  Students are well aware of the deep effect Second World War tribulations, of not only armed combat but also civilian bombings, and years of subsequent austerity have had upon their parents’ lives. So there’s a real loathing of violent global conflicts, as shown by the frequent, international anti-Vietnam War protests.

The previous two years saw increasing Syrian artillery attacks from the Golan Heights down upon northern Israel, but the United Nations proves to be less than a ‘paper tiger’. The Arab League had established the Palestine Liberation Organization to wage war by terrorism against civilians. Also, like Hitler and Mussolini, Egypt’s president Nasser’s rhetoric has become more bellicose in threatening to eradicate the tiny state of Israel, “Our basic objective will be the destruction of Israel”.

Nasser always challenged Israel to fight. Syria invoked its defence treaty with Egypt and in May Nasser ordered UN peacekeepers out of Sinai and his massive army rolled into place near Israel’s borders. He also blockaded the Straits of Tiran, thereby cutting off Israel’s supply route via the Red Sea in contravention of international maritime treaties.

Only days before our joining the students, Jordan’s King Hussein had signed a defence pact with Egypt on 30th May and announced,

“This act will astound the world. Today they will know that the Arabs are arranged for battle – the critical hour has arrived. We have reached the stage for serious action and not declarations.”

Five days later the president of Iraq joined the military alliance, declaring, “Our goal is clear – to wipe Israel off the map!” These five allies were backed by Lebanon, Algeria, Kuwait, Sudan and ‘the whole Arab nation’.

6daywaraIsrael was surrounded by approximately 465,000 troops and over 2,800 tanks and 800 aircraft. So almost to a man and woman, we students were totally against these bullies’ aggressive actions and concerned for Israel’s fate. It was an utterly reprehensible state of affairs.

Israel took the only course of action open to it – a pre-emptive strike on 5th June 1967 against the grounded Egyptian air force, thus gaining air supremacy, fought fierce tank battles and attacked Jordan after it shelled Israeli West Jerusalem. The next day, the Israelis swept across the Sinai peninsular to the Suez Canal, took Gaza and biblical towns of Bethlehem and Hebron.

post67We had watched all the news coverage in stunned amazement and today, June 7th, we hear about the West Bank and Jerusalem being captured by the Israelis, and Jordan’s acceptance of UN cease-fire. Everyone was euphoric over Israel’s success and survival against all the odds.

The following three days would see the defeat of Egypt and Nasser’s resignation, as well as Israel’s capture of the strategic Golan Heights from Syria. In just six days Israel had thoroughly trashed the bully boys and taken territory many times larger than her own at an estimated overall casualties count over 100,000.

It was a re-run of the biblical account of David versus Goliath, but soon the West turned against David. Why?

To find out let’s get back in my ‘tardis’ and return to…

The Present

Nowadays, nothing is reported of the thousands of rockets that have been bombarding Israel for years (>11,000 since Israel left Gaza in 2005 – see IDF Report on Arsenal). This year alone, 450 rocket attacks and such extremely patient people have turned!

100 years ago we went to war with a crazy emperor who’d sent his army into Belgium to strike at France! Then 35 years later, another raving lunatic careened through Europe killing innumerable people – and tried exterminating the Jews. One of his admirers was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

Would we British have let ‘Jerry’ bomb us without any retaliation?  No!

So why whinge about Israel protecting its citizens? Is it because we’ve been molly-coddled and aren’t intelligent enough to recognise cleverly crafted claptrap? Or is it historical and religious illiteracy? Clearly, too many are unable to tell the difference between right and wrong. In my opinion, that’s a result of rejecting God and worshiping atheism instead. This has made our political leaders clueless because they’re unable to comprehend the real root of this never-ending problem: Satanic strategies.

[See Mark Durie’s analysis of Tony Blair’s comments on the Islamist threat at 3 below.]

That fact begins to dawn upon us when we believe the holy Bible as being true. Having been in Satan’s camp, I realised most Christians rarely function in their inheritance. Thus, his strategy is to keep us divided and prevent us living in Holy Spirit’s power. We can see this happened throughout Church history; and now false doctrines are being introduced to lead believers astray.

His other main strategy to prevent his written and foretold demise is to prevent the Jews remaining in their ancient homeland. Why? Satan knows that we are expecting Jesus to return to Jerusalem at the Mount of Olives (Zecharia 14:4), where the Jews ‘will look on him whom they’ve pierced’ (Zech 12:10).

Therefore, if no Jews are alive in Jerusalem, then Jesus will not be able to defeat him, as foretold.  Hence the lies Muslims are told about Jesus and the Jews – and Islamists’ reason for wiping out Israel.

As Melanie Phillips writes,

This thing ultimately defies rational explanation. As Islamist savagery spreads, the moral depravity of the Western animus against Israel and the Jews can only be described as a metaphysical psychosis.

Why did the West turn against Israel? In answering, Melanie refers to the conventional explanation that, with the post-1967 ‘occupation’, modern David turned into Goliath.

In The West’s Metaphysical Psychosis Melanie provides a solid explanation by referring to Joshua Murvachik’s new book, Making David into Goliath: How the World Turned Against IsraelEg. China’s oppression of Tibet didn’t produce the same reaction. In her review Melanie puts Murvachik’s illuminating analysis of the inexplicable into a nutshell – the Arab and Muslim world set out to bend the Western mind, and succeeded.

[Had our leaders understood Islamic history and doctrines, as shown in its founder’s life of violent warfare, they would have expected deception as being routine and religiously sanctioned for dealing with non-believers.]

Apparently, the PLO learned from Algerian experience to present the enemy as not only Israel but also ‘world imperialism’. So the PLO cause was to be a struggle for liberation. Former Arab collaborators of Hitler and Goebbels were transformed into comrades of much romanticized Ho Chi Minh and Che Guevara. The conflict was redefined from Arabs v Israel to Israel v Palestinians. Annihilatory terrorism became intellectually chic. See Melanie’s review for other contributing factors.

Media Misrepresentation

Kindly bear with this mini-rant about moronic mainstream media (MMM).  My readers will be wise enough to think around what’s really happening in Gaza and not rely on the MMM, such as the Blatently Biased Corporation for accurate, professional reporting and analysis. It gets turned off in our house as soon as its slanted news is aired. Nothing has changed since blogging about media manipulation in 2012 – also see BBC tag.

For better information I’d refer you to BBC Watch for a litany and correction of the many falsehoods promulgated by the BBC. Scroll down their blog – reasonable people will be appalled.

For an insight into the spiritual dimension of this conflict see Palestinian Media Watch, from which The Commentator has selected an item on Hamas TV’s extraordinary broadcast stating that civilians in Gaza should be grateful for having died!. So it appears this diabolical group worships Molech, the Canaanite god of child-sacrifice, does it not?

Lord, open the eyes of everyone around the world to the reality of this dreadful conflict.

UDPATE 31st July: BBC NOW SPEAKS FOR HAMAS: see Why has the ‘impartial’ BBC adopted Hamas terminology?

A Summation

Prime Minister Netanyahu gave the following response to the UN call for a ceasefire. His close friend Mike Evans urges you to read every word and then to share this with your friends—they aren’t likely to hear Israel’s side of the story…the truth…anywhere else (emphases added):

PM Netanyahu

The Security Council Presidential Statement relates to the needs of a murderous terrorist organization that is attacking Israeli civilians and does not address Israel’s security needs, including the demilitarization of the Gaza Strip according to the principle laid down in the interim agreements with the Palestinians. The statement does not refer to attacks on Israeli civilians, or to the fact that Hamas has turned the residents of Gaza into human shields and uses UN facilities to attack Israeli civilians. Israel accepted three UN proposals for humanitarian truces, and Hamas violated them all. Even now they are continuing to fire at Israeli civilians. Israel will continue to deal with the terrorist tunnels, and this is only the first step in the demilitarization. Instead of the funds of the international community serving the construction of terrorist tunnels for perpetrating large-scale attacks against Israeli civilians, the international community needs to act toward the demilitarization of Gaza.

Further reading:

  1. Jewish Virtual Library: The Six-Day War – Myths and Facts
  2. Jewish Virtual Library: The Six-Day War – Background and Overview
  3. Mark Durie, Tony Blair and the Islamist Threat
  4. Tarek S Fatah, Stop Jew-hatred and Build Palestine (he is a founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress)
  5. David Goldman, Hamas Wants to Die
  6. Douglas Murray, London’s Pro-Palestine Rally was a Disgusting Anti-Semitic Spectacle
  7. Douglas Murray, Jon Snow’s View of the Middle-East is Biased, Inaccurate and Dangerous
  8. Melanie Phillips, The West’s Metaphysical Psychosis
  9. Melanie Phillips, What our leaders would say if they really cared about defending Britain’s Jews

Credit: Maps are courtesy of Jewish Virtual Library

Gaza War Update, Day #21: Obama calls Netanyahu to demand “immediate” cease-fire. Kerry angers Israeli, Palestinian & Egyptian leaders.

Joel RosenbergOf Joel’s many updates I’m reblogging this because it covers the latest incompetence of messers Obama and Kerry (now persona non grata?). American influence in the Middle-East is likely to disappear in this rapidly changing geo-political situation.

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

UPDATED AT 10:30PM EASTERN SUNDAY:(Washington, D.C.) — The most dramatic developments of the weekend in the Gaza war were these:

  1. President Obama’s call to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday to demand an “immediate” ceasefire, even though Israeli leaders don’t feel they are yet finished neutralizing the terrorist threat posed by Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza.
  2. The U.N. Security council demand on Sunday for an immediate ceasefire, even though this will most help the terrorists.
  3. Secretary John Kerry’s disastrous efforts at negotiating a ceasefire, in which he actually managed to anger Palestinian, Egyptian and Israeli leaders all at once — as one regional commentator put it: “We are witnessing a grave strategic error by the Americans, who are succeeding in infuriating serious and strong allies like Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia in favor of a deception in the form of Qatar and Turkey, which has managed to quarrel with all of its neighbors.”

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What’s prophetic about contending for The faith?


Will you stand and contend with me?

Being contentious may seem un-Christian and contrary to Jesus’ command to love and forgive not only one another but also our enemies, to turn the other cheek when wrongly accused, as well as to avoid judging and condemning others.

However, the opening lines of the letter penned by Jesus’ brother Jude is foundational to Nathan Morris’ message wherein the Lord had told him, “Contend, don’t pretend!”. If any of this is stirring within your spirit then you may like encouragement from watching his fiery message in full on this archive (from 98 mins, starts 107 mins).

Apostle Paul’s letters to his young associate Timothy included instructions for tackling false teaching and he gives the basis for this at 2 Tim 3:16-17. That is, that:

All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.

Therefore, what Jude also wrote under inspiration is prophetic in ‘telling forth’ that the Lord is exhorting His people,

to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints For certain men have crept in unnoticed, who long ago were marked out for this condemnation, ungodly men, who turn the grace of our God into lewdness and deny the only Lord God and our Lord Jesus Christ.  [See full NKJV text at Biblegateway.com]

We note from these words how applicable they are today too. What the Lord is saying through Nathan shows the situation is no different to 2,000 years ago. What he teaches is indeed prophetic, as were the instructive warnings for 2012. This time he outlined the  lessons to be gained from the example of the Shunammite lady’s assistance to prophet Elisha (2 Kings 4).

[Note: I added a little about that to my extracts transcript. Also, apologies to anyone who found the links in previous post failed. Sometimes my ISP filtering may drop connection when editing – HA!HA! Now in checking those links whilst drafting this I see the v latest on Nathan’s Facebook is an open Bible quoting 2 Timothy3:16 !  So it would appear that THE LORD IS CONFIRMING this issue! Drafting was done last week.]

A few Biblical examples

Being contentious comes with the territory for Old Covenant prophets in calling God’s people to repentance; that is, it’s a life-style. I need only to cite the lives of the major prophets Jeremiah and Isaiah, plus John the Baptist’s denunciation of Pharisees as a “brood of vipers”. And Jesus was definitely contentious, especially when dealing with Satan; whose minions recognise Jesus’ identity as ‘the Holy One of God’ (Mark 1:24).

Also, this One of ultimate authority said the Jews of His day had failed to change after being warned by Isaiah, whom JHe quoted when explaining why the mysteries of the Kingdom were being given to His disciples only – no-one else was worthy!  As Matthew 13:10 goes on to note Isaiah 6 verses 9-10:

“And the disciples came and said to Him, “Why do You speak to them in parables?”.

He answered and said to them, “Because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been given. For whoever has, to him more will be given, and he will have abundance; but whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him. Therefore I speak to them in parables, because seeing they do not see, and hearing they do not hear, nor do they understand. And in them the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled, which says:

‘Hearing you will hear and shall not understand,
And seeing you will see and not perceive;
For the hearts of this people have grown dull.
Their ears are hard of hearing,
And their eyes they have closed,
Lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears,
Lest they should understand with their hearts and turn,
So that I should heal them.’

“But blessed are your eyes for they see, and your ears for they hear; for assuredly, I say to you that many prophets and righteous men desired to see what you see, and did not see it, and to hear what you hear, and did not hear it. “

SO it is with atheists, whose hearts and minds are firmly encased in concrete and spirits not allowed to function. As demonstrated only today in ‘dialogue’, they have absolutely no grasp of spiritual matters and demonstrate intense bigotry in deriding our knowledge. As ‘walking dead’ they’re most pitiable in refusing the freedom Jesus bought for them!  Although denying you Lord, bless them with personal revelatory encounters so they may understand Your kindness, mercy and grace and sincerely repent. You did that for me Lord, so may they be similarly blessed.

A Call to ‘Stand’!

In a shocking open-vision of Britain being ripped apart, because the fabric of society is so rotten, I understood Christians are to stand upon the emerging Rock – for details see remarks accompanying Dr Stone’s Comments upon the collapse of Society.

Hence my appreciation of Gillan Scott’s outstanding work on his leading blog, God and Politics in the UK, as well as that of at least a couple of my readers. I started blogging about the same time as Gillan and have contributed my tu’pence worth many times in comments threads, as has one of your fellow UK subscribers. Another out in the States, has bravely withstood attacks against her own blog by worshippers of atheism.  Bravo, my friends!

In online discussions I’ve often stated unbelievers should find out for themselves by seeking an encounter with Jesus. Thus it was good to learn about Justin Welby’s own encounter on Gillan’s blog and, as in mine, that Nathan Morris had also stressed from his experience as an evangelist, “…You can’t persuade people into the Kingdom. They must have an encounter with Jesus!”

Therefore, those who share my concern over the deep religious illiteracy and hostility to Christianity, may like to consider contending actively in online discussions whenever the Lord so leads. If you’re so disposed, and time permitting, you may care to get a feel for this by dipping into some of Gillan’s recent posts and signing up to receive new posts upon his return from Summer break.

As well as loving patience and ‘thick skin’, a good grasp of scripture is required because some brethren write with a distorted doctrine and, although knowledgeable, others can be judgemental of adherents of ‘Sola Scripture’ – scripture alone. As this is in the public domain it is essential to correct with kindness thus avoiding confrontation.

In closing, only this morning I have an email about Franklin Graham’s call to Christians to battle culture; to stand for God and Biblical values despite social opposition.

Time to don our spiritual armour, as instructed by Paul (Ephesians 6:10-17 NIV):

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armour of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.  For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.  Therefore put on the full armour of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.  Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled round your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.  In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.  Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

JesusIsComingFootnote: The above images were found on the internet and I like to ascribe credit to  and thank copyright holders. Please inform me if you know the owners.

Symmetry or fine-tuning?

I encourage my readers not to miss this and Dr Ruth’s earlier post as they’re so relevant for what I will soon blog about frequencies. Also, the author’s reference to time connects into my brief considerations earlier this year on speaking to time (http://wp.me/p1Y1yB-4zf).

Science and Belief

Hydrogen_Density_Plots wikipedia public domain cropped

Why is there so much symmetry in nature? I shared some examples in an earlier post, and questioned whether there was a link between these and the ‘fine-tuning’ of the universe. I asked Francesca Day, a PhD student at the University of Oxford, if she could investigate. Francesca’s own work is on the astrophysical signatures of dark radiation, and here she explains why she thinks symmetry might lead to a more wonderful explanation of the universe than the mystery of fine-tuning.

Many argue that if the laws of physics had been just slightly different, life – or at least life as we know it – would not have been possible in the universe. The fundamental laws and parameters of physics seem to have conspired so as to make the formation of life possible. To many it seems as if science is pointing to a…

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Plymouth Celebration points to prophetic promises

Jude, a bondservant of Jesus Christ, and brother of James,

To those who are called, sanctified by God the Father, and preserved in Jesus Christ:

Mercy, peace, and love be multiplied to you.

Contend for the Faith

Beloved, while I was very diligent to write to you concerning our common salvation, I found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints. For certain men have crept in unnoticed, who long ago were marked out for this condemnation, ungodly men, who turn the grace of our God into lewdness and deny the only Lord God and our Lord Jesus Christ. [NKJV per BibleGateway.com – emphases RB]

It’s been too long since the exciting time when Nathan Morris ministered in Hull (report) and our watching the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival nightly. (For brief reports of healing read Video Clips of Testimonies.) The ‘fire in his bones’ makes him a highly charged preacher passionate for Jesus. Whilst the power of the Holy Spirit ministers through him he gets drenched in sweat!

Note my following transcription of his message uses various type founts to try to convey Nathan’s passion and flow whilst speaking.

For those unfamiliar with this British Evangelist and wanting some details, please see ‘Background‘ sub-head in Prophetic word 2012: setting the stage for the End-Times. 


Click above photo for Nathan’s Facebook page with photos and comments on the Summer Celebration in Plymouth.

The first evening he taught about landmarks and boundaries of the Christian faith which churches are unwisely moving, thus giving room for the enemy of our souls to advance. The topic for the third and closing evening was fire and anointing. When speaking of God’s power his iPad lost its power, which he took as an indication for preachers to not use well-prepared notes but rely instead on Holy Spirit’s leading and inspiration – which  Nathan certainly did.

Extracts from the middle evening follow below. In my opinion, what Nathan delivered is in harmony with what the Lord is indicating as now necessary for the awakening giant to stand on his feet, as mused about in the last post.:


“A couple of weeks ago the Lord gave me the title for tonight, it’s just a simple phrase: CONTEND, DON’T PRETEND….Contend; Don’t Pretend!

“I read to you this verse in Jude (above) where there comes this cry from the heart of God, this cry from the Holy Spirit, that says to a generation: in these last days I’m calling a people that will not lay down and accept the norm but they will contend for the Word of God in their lives.

“They will contend for something greater than themselves. We are living in a generation today that is literally watching the final chapters of the Ages come to pass!  How can you watch the news today and NOT SEE that every word that Jesus Christ spoke is coming to pass. This is IT!

“Church, nations – THIS IS IT! Jesus said in the last days there will be wars and rumours of wars – nation will rise against nation – there will be pestilence and famine in nations around the world – and the love of MANY will grow cold…the LOVE of MANY will grow cold.

“And yet in the darkest of hours – in an hour when many will run with fear, or tremble – the superpowers of this world are ALREADY trembling because they HAVE NO ANSWER.

“Jesus said that the world, the nations, it will be like a woman in labour, there literally will be times when they will CRAVE, they will desire the Coming of the Lord – THIS IS IT!

“What you’re seeing in Israel…what you’re seeing in Russia and in the Ukraine…across Europe. Something is beginning to rise that NO NATION, NO GOVERNMENT, CAN STOP!


“I spoke to you last night, Jesus died and rose again. He shed His blood that you might have a hope…you are CHOSEN.

“I CAN’T SAY THAT ENOUGH TO THIS GENERATION, to those who are watching me now that YOU’RE SEARCHING IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES FOR YOUR IDENTITY. Your identity is found in Jesus! He knew you before you were in your mother’s womb. He purposed you, He destined you – He spoke LIFE into your being.

“When you know that you’re Chosen, when you know that God has purpose for your life you realise there’s something that God is doing in your life that is greater than you are – something that’s greater than your own dreams – something that’s greater than a promotion. You know what, I thank God for blessing these people, but I’m TIRED of preachers telling the Body of Christ that a measure of their faith is whether they have a mansion or a Ferrari.

“What really matters is this: Is the life that you’re living COUNTING FOR ETERNITY? Is what you live for, breathe for and you’re willing to die for, going to count for eternity?

“You see what’s happening in this nation and in America right now – I preached to you last night…the hedge, the line of separation (between righteousness and the world) is being removed. MORALITY IS BEING BLURRED. I see across the Body of Christ as I travel around the world THERE’S A CONFUSION because SUDDENLY THERE ARE THINGS HAPPENING – even in the Church – that people say,“I DON’T KNOW…I THOUGHT THAT WAS AGAINST THE WORD OF GOD!”

“But there’s this generation that arises and says, “No, that’s ok..You don’t have to give your all…you go to church, you sing songs but you can have your own sinful life-style. Live how you want to live…Jesus loves you!


“He said, “If you give ME your LIFE I’ll come and live INSIDE YOU. ALL THAT I AM, I will be IN YOU!”

“There’s a generation today – we need the FIRE OF GOD TO FALL UPON THE UNITED KINGDOM AGAIN – we need THE FEAR OF THE LORD TO RISE IN US AGAIN..!  (Loud cheers across packed auditorium!)

“I talk to young people, I start talking to them about the fire of God – I say to young guys, ‘Listen, when the fire of God fell on me it RADICALLY CHANGED ME!’ – You see we want a notebook with 8 steps of ‘how to’…but I’m not that kind of preacher…I just had AN ENCOUNTER WITH JESUS…the power of God took a hold of my life!

“I talk to them about the power and the glory of God. Oh, I’ve seen the glory of God come down like a mist. I’ve watched people paralyzed get out of wheelchairs – the blind see, the deaf hear…I’ve watched as thousands are touched by the fire of the holy Ghost and I SEE A GENERATION LOOKING AT ME AS THOUGH I JUST FELL OFF MARS!! Staring at me as ‘THIS GUY’S CRAZY!’


“But we don’t want to contend any more…

“I want to speak to the United Kingdom for a moment. I was born here, I was raised here and I want to say that I love the Church. I love the people of God…but I’m an evangelist. I want to see the lost saved…and the thing is this – you CAN’T PERSUADE people into the Kingdom..THEY MUST HAVE AN ENCOUNTER WITH JESUS.


“But it’s like we don’t want to FIGHT for the things of the Spirit of God ANY MORE – we’d rather have a nice service with nice presentation, but just NO FIRE.  Well I’m telling you right now there’s something the Holy Spirit’s placing in my heart,

“It’s time to contend. Time to contend for the Glory of God to FILL our churches, to fill our lives that we might know Him in Whom we have believed!”

Nathan goes on to teach from 2 Kings 4 on the Shunammite woman providing a room for the itinerant prophet Elisha and her faith in the supernatural provision of God being vindicated. She knew despite having been barren and then her boy unexpectedly dying, that ‘all was well’! – indomitable faith had developed because she made room for a man of God and her prayers had been answered.

Nathan tells how, despite having been into drugs, he was saved and filled with holy fire. Then going to church and having read the Bible and about miracles, he realised there was something inside him that made him passionately want to see it happen today. He realised he had to contend for this – not like 1/2 hour ‘fast-food’ Christianity.

“But I learnt I had to abide,. If you want an encounter with God you can’t quit too soon. You’ve got to know what it is to CONTEND, to cry out to God…”I’m here, I’m waiting for You.” He then gives a reminder and word for a viewer who had a prophecy over his life.


“That’s why I like what Canon Andrew White said. He spoke about suffering and fighting – contending for the faith. YOU CAN’T CONTEND IF YOU WANT TO PRETEND!

“The days of pretending are coming to an end. The days are going to become SO DARK that if you DON’T HAVE THE LIGHT OF HIS GLORY in your life YOU’RE IN TROUBLE!”

On Repentance

“You know why people are against me so much on repentance? It’s because repentance MAKES ROOM FOR GRACE! The devil hates it because the devil knows that if a man responds and says, “Jesus, you have my life, I’ll make room for you. Come and dwell inside”, then he’s in trouble.

“AND I WANT TO SAY THE SAME TO THE CHURCH. People think my ministry’s just about miracles. NO, there’s a message that goes with the miracle – the message is: ‘JESUS DEMANDS YOUR ALL! YOUR LIFE, EVERYTHING YOU HAVE’. And when you make room for Him HE WILL BREAK EVERY CHAIN, every bondage, He’ll wash you, cleanse you – HE WILL SET YOU FREE!

The Problem

“The problem is, when you’ve never encountered the glory of God you don’t even know what I’m talking about ‘cos if you try to understand God in a natural place of your own understanding…one thing God’s got to get His Church to – to get you to – is to a place where you understand that what He wants to do in you is SO GREATER THAN WHAT YOU THINK and who you think you are.


“You’ve got to look at something that the world says is impossible, that the CHURCH EVEN SAYS IT’S IMPOSSIBLE, and (say) “NO, in Jesus’ name – it IS well”.”

The United Kingdom

“We’re believing God that something will be sparked in these 3 days…I believe God has something for the United Kingdom that is SO AWESOME that the nations will take notice.”

During the Celebration’s final evening one of the many receiving ministry was a severely deaf boy who was then able to hear. Thank you Lord for this and all the healing you are doing. Later, Nathan closed in farewell,

“We’re believing for God to move in our generation in what you’ve seen these last three nights…Can you imagine if the Body of Christ let the Spirit of God move? Not wanting the fake or the strange, but wanting JESUS to be GLORIFIED.

And when you glorify Jesus, young boys who are deaf leave this place hearing, because THAT is the message of the Gospel in the United Kingdom to the nations of the world…”

Hallelujah!  More happened than shown on the videos, as reported on Facebook.

Paws-4-thought: ‘coincidence’ points to a coming revival?

DSC_0210-1edMulling over Saturday’s post regarding Plymouth and how ideas popped into mind, then later upon catching up with GodTV celebrations, I believe my spirit may be sensing a modern prophecy is coming into fulfilment. It’s serendipity yet again. (For a brief introduction to this Biblical principle see In the right place at the right time.)

In Winnipeg, Canada, 53 three years ago this Friday, Tommy Hicks had hardy fallen asleep when,

…the vision and the revelation that God gave to me came before me. The vision came three times, exactly in detail

I was so stirred and so moved by the revelation, that this has changed my complete outlook upon the Body of Christ, and upon the last end-time ministry.

The greatest thing that the Church of Jesus Christ – that has ever been given to the Church – lies straight ahead. It is so hard to help men and women to realize and understand the thing that God is trying to give to His people in the end-time. (Emphases added)

If you’ve not yet followed the link I provided, visit Colin Winfield’s web-page and then his link to the pdf version of Tommy Hicks’ Vision. It is a most remarkable insight into the preparation of the unblemished Bride of Christ for the ‘great tribulation’. Colin comments upon testing its conformity with Scripture, and I cannot but ask if this scenario includes a cleansed, revived Anglican church, possibly as prophesied here?

I am truly humbled by this account being thrust to my attention separately by two sisters in Christ who have the same name, albeit spelt differently.  The first L was mentioned in my musing upon the spiritual significance of Plymouth; ie, her vision of a giant bore a  resemblance to what Tommy had seen. Time constraints, however, didn’t allow me to revisit his vision before writing.

But what I didn’t know was one of my readers had already been directed to that vision!  Upon reading the blog on Plymouth this second L immediately responded she’d been praying on Thursday with her pastor,

…and I had brought my A1 board of Smith Wigglesworth’s (of) 1947, but as I am praying this out from where I believe we are, it ran into Tommy Hicks’ vision of the giant and the ordinary ditchdiggers and washerwomen – this has greatly encouraged me.  [See below for SW’s vision]

A huge thank you goes to both ladies, my sisters in God’s family.

Therefore, I cannot but conclude that the Lord is definitely drawing our attention to the deep importance of that vision. In view of other words about this ‘new season’ and the urgency to Advance the Kingdom now! then the time really is ‘now’!

A song of victory is in the air

At the Summer celebration Nathan preached strongly about maintaining our spiritual boundaries and ‘landmarks’ because the church has given ground to the demonic. The next day his message was on the need to ‘contend not pretend’ for the faith.

On this, today’s Lion Bites from Glasgow Prophetic Centre is highly apposite:

Song of Victory

There is a new song arising in the people of God, it is the war cry of conquered ground.

There have been many battles of the season over the same piece of ‘ground’. Many have wondered why the battle has been so long and why it has kept them from the greener pastures their eyes have seen.

Many have wondered and asked, ‘Why am I still here fighting the same battle?’

This has formed a useful training ground for the people of God and they have grown in faith, in endurance and in maturity. But it is now time for conquering and completion – and so the new song of conquered ground will arise.

The Lord is establishing secure boundaries for the ground that has been fought over. The Lord is placing His seal over areas of contention because His saints are transitioning now over the battle ground that has been won.

Will you sing your song of victory in faith today, in faith that the Lord is moving on your behalf and that the battle has been won?

Psalm 68:1
May God arise, may his enemies be scattered; may His foes flee before him.

SO, let us note and weigh these things, and take action…


Smith Wigglesworth’s  Prophecy of major move of the Holy Spirit in Britain (1947).

  1. Two preliminary phases have already happened, so be prepared for the full move! Likewise for the word delivered 40 years later to David Minor in NW USA – Two winds coming to the Church.
  2. Further insights on this revelation was given to American evangelist, Lester Sumrall, “…I see the greatest revival in the history of mankind coming to planet Earth…every form of disease healed…”. (Revival Prophecies for the British Isles)
  3. In 1995 I was standing alongside SW’s prayer-partner Revd Norman James when he had a similar vision of UK that Wigglesworth had – he was left speechless!


“I just knew that Jesus was there and I had met him” – interviewing Justin Welby

Thanks for this transcript Gillan and JJ. Imho, it’s significantly important at this time because Justin Welby speaks plainly and humbly about his personal encounter with the reality of the living Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ. May He bless all your readers with a similar encounter so all speculation and ignorance be removed by direct knowledge.

God and Politics in the UK

J John Justin Welby InterviewFrequent contributor to this site, Canon J John has been producing a regular series of interviews entitled ‘Facing the Canon’, speaking to well known and influential Christians about their lives and work. These have included Andrew White (the vicar of Baghdad), Jackie Pullinger, Tony Campolo and Nicky Gumbel. Recently he spoke to The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. J John has kindly provided this blog with an abridged transcript of the interview. It reveals a great deal about Justin and his hopes for the future of the Church.

Canon J JohnYou can find out more about J John and his work through his Philo Trust website and follow him on Twitter. He also has a dedicated Facing the Canon YouTube channel where all of his interviews can be watched.


Canon J John: You’re incredibly busy?

Justin Welby: I honestly don’t think I’m busier than most parish priests. If you look…

View original post 3,946 more words

Prophetic words on Plymouth and its spiritual significance

If you ‘beamed up’ into cyber-space and visited the Summer Celebration in Plymouth you may have heard mention of prophecies for the city and south-west England? If you didn’t the evening events are now available on video here.

Several days of summer slotted between wet weather enabled me to repaint the house entrance and integral garage, as well as catch up on garden tasks. So what was in mind to blog about got put in the pending tray (the connection between the Father’s name in Hebrew and the crucifixion; photo of an invisible hand protecting the skies over Israel during rocket attacks).

Nina, however, reminded me of God TV’s coverage of Nathan Morris’ visit to Plymouth. Had to admit this was ‘off my radar’!  SO I posted an alert about the event and then got ‘up to speed’ on what was going on and how Rory and Wendy Alec were directed into a new work in Plymouth as part of their global broadcasting mission.

Therefore, it may be useful to share what little I know and have found, for you to discern and weigh with the Lord. Am intrigued that, by my coming ‘cold’ to this, it seems He may be in all this – but judge for yourself.


In 1620 devout Christians sailed in the Mayflower from Plymouth seeking religious freedom and tolerance far away in our American colonies. That event could possibly be the birth of a strong Christian bond between the UK and USA, despite differences in the effects of church-state relationships and some theological emphases.

Endless Bridge by Evgeni DenevYou will recall I call this connection ‘Bridge over the Pond’ because I’ve noticed how often the Holy Spirit inspires something, or a similar topic is being stressed, on either side of the Atlantic. In fact, I’ve previously noticed specific teaching has often been delivered on the same Sunday in our local UK church and in a US church!

Previous Prophecies

I was reminded about an outcome of having met a couple at a conference in Torquay in early 2012. We became friends and last year Lyn allowed me to publish her note of a vision she had in 2001 about revival in the UK, namely:

“When in Cornwall I had a very strong  impression…as if I was positioned at the south-west of Cornwall looking at the land mass of England, Scotland and Wales from the air.  In a moment I saw rising up from Scotland first, like the lid of a container with the hinge being at the extreme end of Cornwall, the ‘Body of Christ’. (Emphasis added)

“Impressed that the ‘Body’ is everywhere and there are people ‘hidden’ who are so much part of it, I was then taken aback by the thought that it appeared to be like a sleeping giant rising up powerfully and suddenly.  The experience left me with hope and anticipation for what God would do in spite of how things appeared.”  (Also see Tommy Hicks’ Vision in 1961.)

Lyn’s vision is confirmed by details of the Clarion Call for 2014-16 to UK nations,  as delivered by Dr Sharon Stone, and which may be being fulfilled with an awakening in Scotland and Wales.

If we consider the image of a sleeping giant arising, and the map of Great Britain does have a sort of human shape (per old British School of Motoring adverts!), then the parts that first get noticed and come into view are its head, shoulders and arms. The trunk, legs and feet wouldn’t move much at all until the giant starts to get up. Thus, as far as England is concerned, the ‘awakening’ would proceed down through the North (eg. as in Sunderland and Hull areas) and eventually get to the south coast.

[ OH my! As I check a hardcopy of this draft and read those words I’m reminded of an open vision I had in 2004 of a new Rock – Jesus Christ – arising to replace the Pennine chain, known as ‘the backbone of England!  Details in Comments upon the Collapse of Society.]

When this giant stands it will be ‘seen’ from Europe and even across ‘The Pond’ and elsewhere, as well as being ‘heard’! That is, his voice would be as media broadcasts of a Godly nature around the world. So, maybe God TV’s project is part of that vision?

And when we recall the purpose of a hinge and how it acts as a fulcrum we may gain an insight into the holy power to be released from that area. That is, if we consider the land to be a lever fixed at one end, then not as much effort is required to move it if we do so from its other end as in attempting to do so from the middle. And were we to try from close to its fulcrum, the hinge, then a great deal more strength is needed. So it may be easier to stir and awaken people in the North than in the South – and maybe it indicates how much power the Lord would be using along the ‘land lever’? The ‘turning couple’ by the hinge would be huge and may indicate a commensurate release of the Holy Spirit in Cornwall, Somerset and Devon, where Plymouth is located.

What do you think?

Local Prophecies

According to City Church Plymouth Newsletter dated 24 March 2013, under ‘One City, One Church, One Father’,

A number of prophecies have been made over Plymouth in recent years, carrying a consistent message of a fresh move of God in the city.  

These prophecies have come from different Godly people, from the UK and overseas – from Sweden to Uganda – and have come to the attention of a number of church leaders across the city. In particular two compelling prophetic words brought in 2012 emphasised the immanency of this move. A group of church leaders have weighed these words and feel it right to respond and call for corporate prayer and seeking God for Plymouth.

Apparently, the Ugandan didn’t know what the prophetic word related to because, being unfamiliar with English geography, she mistook ‘ply’ for a piece of timber and ‘mouth’ as a facial feature!!

The Alec’s Prophetic Direction

Rory and Wendy Alec believe the Lord specifically told them to focus upon Plymouth and were able to obtain and consecrate a building as a Revival Prayer Centre for the UK last January. There, they declared that God is not finished with Great Britain and will once again use this nation to send missionaries to the four corners of the earth.

SC-Pic6 HoeTheir studio guest in the Centre for two broadcasts was Steve Munsey, pastor of Family Christian Centre in Munster, a town in Indiana. Steve shared how God had touched his heart on this, his first visit to Plymouth. (It was here that Sir Francis Drake was playing bowls on the cliff-top Hoe when he was told about that the Spanish Armada of massive galleons had entered the English Channel to destroy our navy.) Steve observed.

“There is an historic anointing on Plymouth. Men and women who were going to change the world gathered in Plymouth nearly 400 years ago. What happened all those centuries ago is going to be rebirthed in the UK.”

He then spoke prophetically about Plymouth’s spiritual significance,

“Plymouth could be one of the Holy Spirit capitals of the World. Great things are going to happen in this building once it is complete. Viewers are going to be able to watch television that releases the power of God in their lives. The Lord says that the same anointing that was on those who sailed from this city to the New World has not left Plymouth and He is going to take those who gather here into a new place in the Spirit realm that will touch the nations.”

Full details with prophetic words for the UK at: Rory & Wendy and Steve Munsey speak prophetically over Plymouth and the UK.

Only the previous week Steve had released on his Facebook page a prophetic word the Holy Spirit had given him:

 “Have I not told you not to remove the ancient landmarks? I do not want this ancient landmark to be removed.  I have heard my children (Rory & Wendy) and they have responded. (GOD TV is building a Revival Centre in Plymouth)

“I want the ancient landmark of Plymouth to be recognized for I give honour to whom honour is due,” and the Holy Spirit speaks strongly at this moment and says,

“They have obeyed Me.

“There would not be an America, there would not be such a superpower and such influence (without Plymouth)… For when there are Tsunamis, when there are earthquakes, when there are crises in the world, the people who came from Plymouth to go to a land called the United States of America are the first ones to come to the aid of the world. The landmark must be rebuilt and be remembered.”

Listen to how deeply the story of the Pilgrim Fathers has affected the God TV team as their UK Regional Director, Fergus Scarfe appeals for support in this video recorded on the beach where the Fathers landed in Massachusetts. He speaks about the prophetic history of Plymouth and its powerful link to America.

These historical facts are similar to Dutch Sheets’ account of a dream of generations of America’s saints interceding for the States (see 4th July Aspect of Praying for USA).

A Criticism?

For another perspective on this project Grant van Schalkwyk, a leader of the Waterfront City Church, writes a frank but fairly balanced report from a New Frontiers viewpoint on his attendance at the Revival Centre’s consecration service.  [We spent several years with a newly planted NF church in Surrey and respect the fact that many young men are in active service across NF and gain a solid Biblical foundation but, in my opinion, their  ‘replacement’ theology doesn’t grasp the importance of Israel in God’s plans.]

Wanting to be open to the leading of the Spirit and the works of God, in another item he considers even-handedly how God TV’s project may or may not fit in with what the city churches were expecting, “…where there has been a growing sense that perhaps God is indeed going pour out His Spirit upon Plymouth and we are believing that this will be in a powerful and very noticeable way”. But he may be surprised, for all disciples know that God is a God of surprises, liking to do things in new, different ways not according to our human concepts.

Readers wanting to learn more about Revivals, along with their history, may wish to read Waterfront City Church’s series of short blogs Marks of Revival just because,

“Whatever you think about this, it is important to learn from what we read in scripture and from what we have seen throughout history at times like this, in order to inform us and help us as we look to God for what he may be about to do amongst us”.

I’m sure all will be revealed in due course because, at its heart, Rory and Wendy’s mission meets the Lord’s desire to save millions around the globe.

Even so, I’d be interested in the city’s church leaders’ reaction to Canon White’s short speech on God’s glory, especially of what happened when he advised a grieving Muslim father to pray ‘Yeshua’ continually en-route to the mortuary to see his daughter’s body. She’d died of cystic fibrosis but as he lifted the shroud, she sat up and came back to life!!!  Andrew says they’ve had many resurrections in Baghdad…Praise you Lord.

Blessing Prayer for Plymouth

During the 2012 Olympic Games, intercessors prayed for towns visited during the 70 days’ Torch Relay and it’s appropriate to republish the parts specifically declared over Plymouth, which was on the first day of the relay from Lands End:

Decree: “I AM THE GATE” (Psalm 24:7) – We decree that the gates of the Church, Government, Education, Commerce, Family and Media be opened; that Jesus Christ be enthroned to take His rightful place of rule and authority in every sphere of life.

Blessing: We bless and welcome the King of Glory to rule and reign over the British Isles and Ireland. Amen. (Courtesy: Keep Praying and Bless)

PS: continued at:

[Credits: Endless Bridge by Evgeni Denev, Freedigitalphotos.net & Visit Plymouth]


Join Summer Celebration tonight ’til Saturday

Founder-director of God TV, Rory Alec, invites you online to,

“Join healing Evangelist Nathan Morris and Canon Andrew White for three days of powerful teaching and open heaven as part of the ‘Battle for 1 Billion Souls’ campaign!”

For full details click as required: trailer schedule  video archive

SC-Pic1 andrew whiteVicar of St. George’s Church in Baghdad and president of The Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East, Canon Andrew White works to provide spiritual home, medical care and humanitarian relief to the region while promoting reconciliation amongst Christians, Jews, and Muslims in the most dangerous areas of the world.

Before his 15 years in Baghdad, Andrew served as a mediator between Israel and the Palestinians. If you are unfamiliar with this exceptional servant of God take a moment to read Cranmer’s Canon White deserves a Knighthood, which opens as follows:

“He doesn’t care about temporal honours, of course. You only have to hear the ‘Vicar of Baghdad’ preach, or take a few minutes to watch the above short film (parts 2 and 3 to follow), to appreciate that the race he runs is for the crown of Christ’s glory, and the reward he awaits is in heaven. He doesn’t want a knighthood or a CBE: he wants our prayers, our awareness of the plight of his flock, and our generous donations to aid his ministry in this time of appalling suffering and tribulation.

“He has lost a thousand of his parishioners over the past year alone – murdered by Muslim militants; many of them summarily shot or beheaded. He has recently been speaking to numerous fellowships in the UK to raise awareness of the situation in Iraq, and he received death threats last week from ISIS/ISIL (or IS [Islamic State], as they now wish to be called)…”

[Cranmer concludes by saying he deserves a gallantry medal.]

SC-Pic3 nathan morrisFounder and President of Shake The Nations Ministries, Evangelist Nathan Morris has led Gospel crusades and witnessed the salvation of over 100,000 Muslims and Hindus, as well as, documented healings of the blind, deaf and crippled. Leading meetings for the Bay Revival in the United States, he saw thousand of salvations and hundreds of notable healings.

Lydia and NathanWorship will be led by the wife of Nathan’s ministry associate Nathan – Lydia Stanley-Marrow – who became internationally well-known during the Bay Revival as its worship leader and has released two albums as well as appearing on YouTube clips. My personal favourite..:

Wildfires and Opening Gates in North Wales

Further to my post on Bob Jones and the ‘No Ebb’ prophecy recorded by Arthur Burt, the following links provided by his daughter Mary announce a couple of revivalist events in North Wales.

Click on the images for details.:


Wildfires! is hosted by Sure Hope Church in Old Colwyn, Wales, and is said to be a place where people experience vibrant and inspirational worship and the manifest Presence of the Lord is increasing in a visibly tangible way.

The attached link for the following conference advises that remaining places are limited, so early decisions to attend may be needed…

God has the keys to open the gates in your life and land,
preparing the way for Revival and a Spiritual Awakening.


This conference is organised by Word and Spirit International Ministries, who believe Jesus is about to walk through this land of Wales and the UK – open hearts will see Him, open hearts will receive Him. ‘Who so ever will….’

It just so happened that Mary contacted me on my late father’s birthday and he used to take me to the seaside resort her father Arthur was called to in his ministry. So I believe it’s a prompting from the Lord to publish the above announcements.

Middle-East events and fulfilment of Bible prophecy – 1

Detail from Eagle-eyed by John Mark Long: www.propheticartists.comLast August, in Events indicate the Bible’s relevance for today, I referred to what was happening in several Middle Eastern countries.

Although my subsequent coverage has been occasional, changes in the geo-political reality have continued to accelerate. It demonstrates how amazingly scripture has foretold what is unfolding before the world’s eyes.

It’s important for everyone, Christian or not, to appreciate the significance of these times and events.

There is an increasing likelihood of an internecine Sunni v Shite war. However, ulterior, religious goals may make them overcome their differences. This happened in the 1980s Iran-Iraq war when elite units from enemy camps rehearsed the storming of Jerusalem,  thereby kick-starting my interest in the prophetic when I wasn’t a Christian! (Details in Welcome.)

The following overview of a couple of experts’ reports will help you understand these developments, especially if you follow the links for more details. Also, a newer slant on interpreting scripture will be briefly considered.

Declaration of an Islamic Caliphate

The Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs has published an informative document, What does an ‘Islamic Caliphate’ in Iraq Mean? and notes a coincidence that’s of no surprise to Bible students:

On the first day of the month of Ramadan (29 June 2014), the day on which World Pride Day was celebrated as a marker of social and cultural progress, the reestablishment of the Islamic caliphate (state) was declared in Iraq and a caliph was appointed to lead it.

The Centre’s analysis looks at the historical and current state-of-play:

The Islamic State is trying to reinforce its battlefield achievements in Syria and Iraq by creating a new Sunni Muslim religious entity that threatens to overturn the prevailing regional political order rooted in the Sykes-Picot Agreement (1916) which set the borders and carved up the Middle East into European spheres of influence. The rule of the caliphate is applied to the territory under its control….

The declaration of the caliphate poses a challenge to the rival Islamic organizations and particularly to the Muslim Brotherhood, which has tried to promote the concept of a “political Islam” that combines Islam and democracy (according to the Islamic interpretation) and is aimed at achieving the ultimate goal of global Islamic rule in stages.

The stated objectives of the declaration are not surprising to those who understand Islamic doctrine in depth, unlike Western politicians. The objectives are headed; Establishment of an Islamic caliphate…Implementation of Islamic law (sharia)… Fortification of the rule of the Islamic caliphate…The supremacy of the Muslims over the peoples of the world and the goal of an Islamic takeover of the world…Representation of the Muslims all over the world…The rejection of democracy, secularism, and nationalism…On-going jihad everywhere…

Note the goal of totalitarian, global supremacy, violence and inhuman suppression of freedom is no different to 1,500 years ago. That is, a caliphate is a backward step into the barbarism of the Dark Ages.

Providing a thorough overview and warning “The danger of regional instability is greater than ever”, the JCPA document is therefore worth careful study:


John McTernan:

John McTernanOpinion: ‘The establishment of an Islamic caliphate has the potential to be the most important fulfillment of Bible prophecy since Israel became a state in 1948 and Jerusalem’s unification in 1967. A caliphate would unite all the Arabs and perhaps even all of Islam against Israel. This is exactly what the Bible states is going to happen just prior to Armageddon.  What this caliphate needs to succeed and expand is a mass public uprising in its support. A war between Israel and the Palestinians could be this catalyst. It is easy to see Jordan fall to ISIS during a war with Israel and then Egypt. I have said all along that Syria is doomed and when ISIS consolidates power, they will turn on Syria. Syria is going to fall, there is no doubt about this. It appears from here on out that incredible prophetic events will unfold before our eyes.’

John’s Commentary for 8th July then summarises several news sources on that topic.

Following on from the re-blog on Saudi Arabia and ISIS, here’s an analysis from someone with good knowledge of and well-informed contacts in the region…

Walid Shobat:

shoebatThis ex-radical PLO militant, now a Christian (see bio), brings an interesting viewpoint on the identity of ‘The Whore of Babylon’ as being connected with Saudi Arabia.

Writing about Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s entrance to announce his intentions in the grand mosque in Mosul on 29th June, Walid notes that, ‘Everything, statements, attire, setting and message comes from the Inaugural address to the first Muslim Caliph Abu Bakr and is why Al-Baghdadi chose the name Abu Bakr and even used the same statements of the historic Abu Bakr:

In analysing the recent event, he goes on to state that Saudi Arabia knows it is this man’s main target and Walid offers this scriptural opinion:

‘The Harlot of Babylon, Saudi Arabia is realizing finally that funding the Syrian revolution created a curse, that the same Jihdist fighters in Syria are now about to terrorize Arabia – the nation that allowed the Islamist boogeyman (sic) out of the box is now trying to shove it back in. After all it was Arabia—which Islam emanates from and its harlot religion is spread throughout the entire region. It was Arabia which produced Muhammad, Arabia’s prophet.

‘From a prophetic perspective, we see the impending destruction of Saudi Arabia. The kings stagger in their vomit as a drunkard not knowing what to do. Shoebat.com takes the position that Revelation 17 referenced Arabia as a prostitute “Whore of Babylon”.’

His full analysis in New Muslim Caliph’s eyes are on destruction of Saudi Arabia, relates how the highest authority in Islam, The Haditha, discusses the Ka’ba in Mecca as Babel “The Gate to God”, which is its Arabic term. He claims it’s also depicted as a woman!

This is explained further in ISIS vowed to destroy Mecca along with photographs from which we can see better how that centre of Mohammedanism may be regarded as a Babylon.

Another important aspect for understanding what’s happening and likely to come next is Islamic disagreement over recognition of this caliphate through strong opposition from the Muslim Brotherhood. And all of this centers around Turkey.

In Top Muslim scholar says Caliphate in Iraq is VOID because it doesn’t fit the Ottoman model, Walid reveals this scholar is none other than the MB’s spiritual leader, Sheikh Yususf al-Qaradawi. After quoting his words, Walid reminds his readers:

‘The Turkish based Ottoman Empire is something the Western media and leaders simply refuse to call attention to. Perhaps more noteworthy than al-Baghdadi’s declaration or even al-Qaradawi’s rebuke of that declaration is the admission by al-Qaradawi that the Muslim Brotherhood desires its resurrection. (Emphasis added)

‘This is something we have been maintaining for decades now. Once one understands how prominent al-Qaradawi is within the Muslim Brotherhood, it’s much easier to see what the group’s plans are…’

In Only Turkey can establish the Caliphate, he outlines the reasons for this:

‘As we stated previously, The Caliph must (be) Sufi Muslim, someone who will succeed in reviving the Ottoman glory days, unite Sunni and Shiite and only Turkey has such a model and a major regional presence with significant global standing and respect. The Iraqi model of the Caliphate has set the stage for a Caliphate competition. This is why Al-Qaradawi finally had to declare what he declared.

‘In Istanbul, Turkey a Caliphate nostalgia for the Ottoman Empire has been on the rise as of late. The Ottoman Sultan’s seal can be found on T-shirts, advertisements, and jewelry everywhere in its old imperial capital of Istanbul. More alarmingly, the jihadists of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) are now proclaiming a new Islamic caliphate in former Ottoman provinces.

‘As we have always stated, Turkey and Iran will unite, soon.’

Walid then considers how this may affect Egypt and relates it all to Biblical prophecy. That is, major developments in the Gog-Magog alliance prophesied by Ezekiel.

It is noteworthy this ex-PLO activist’s insights tally with Mark Davidson’s analysis based upon in-depth news reports in Parallels to 1914 Europe. Readers especially interested in the prophetic will find Mark offers fresh food for thought at The Four Signposts.

Daniel Pipes:

Daniel Pipes

Let’s consider the opinion of a secular expert on Turkey, who warned in advance of the 9/11 attacks. In Turkish Support for ISIS Daniel Pipes states,

‘The battle in Iraq consists of “Turkish-backed Sunni jihadis rebelling against an Iranian-backed Shi’ite-oriented central government,” (as) I wrote in a recent article.

‘Some readers question that the Republic of Turkey has supported the “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria,” the main Sunni group fighting in Iraq. They point to ISIS attacks on Turkish interests, within Turkey, along its border with Syria, and in Mosul and a successful recent meeting of the Turkish and Iranian presidents. Good points, but they can be explained….’

He presents several substantiations and concludes,

‘Turkish leaders are finding Syria a double quagmire, what with Assad still in power and the Kurdish entity growing stronger. In reaction, they have cooperated with even the most extreme, retrograde and vicious elements, such as ISIS. But this support opened a second front in Iraq which, in turn, brings the clash of the Middle East’s two titans, Turkey and Iran, closer to realization.’ (Emphasis added)

The version of that article published in Washington Times used the title: “Turkey’s support for ISIS Islamist terrorists. Aiding jihadists could put Ankara at odds with Iran”.  Daniel offers nine more proofs that AKP government of Prime Minister Erdoğan stands behind the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria in an updated article.

(Note: Faced with threats, Mr Pipes issued an apology under duress in the Washington Times.)

Not withstanding the present bombardment and defensive action against Hamas by Israel, Daniel also reflects upon Benjamin Netanyahu’s important speech to a security institute. He too refers to the Sykes-Picot secret agreement and notes four great challenges posed by Islamic fanaticism; border protection, stability west of the Jordan River, building regional cooperation and especially to prevent Iran becoming a nuclear threshold state. (See Netanyahu’s Steady Hand).

Daniel admiringly concludes:

‘Going back to 1999, I have often criticized Netanyahu but the excellent analysis in this speech suggests a steady hand at the helm. (Secondly) All the more important to have an American ally that understands security concerns when the Obama administration is clueless.’

‘[Update: A number of readers have protested my describing the Obama administration as “clueless,” insisting that it is malign more than ignorant or incompetent. But this misunderstands what I meant by clueless: I meant mistaken, wrong-headed, foolish, ineffectual; I did not mean to ascribe reasons, whether malign or incapable.]


In my opinion, we may be about to witness major upheavals that will affect not only the ancient world’s centres of civilisation but also the modern world’s global petro-economy.

Furthermore, Walid Shoebat’s conclusion is most telling:

As Shoebat.com first reported, al-Qaradawi espouses the Sunni version of taqiyya [religiously directed deception.RB], otherwise known as Muruna. He has written extensively on the subject and until westerners understand this technique, they will fail to understand their enemies.

So, we should expect Turkey and Iran to be at loggerheads, even at war, but behind the scenes they will become allied against Israel and all non-Moslems, thereby manifesting the Ezekiel 37 ‘alliance’ of Gog and Magog.

Keep looking up for, “our redemption draws nigh”.

Update to corroborative events post

Additional links have been incorporated into the item on recent prophetic words:

  1. reports substantiating my remarks about US security weakness,
  2. this morning’s news on Establishment aspect of child abuse inquiry.

This material may be found under UPDATE click to read post

Are there any moderate Palestinian leaders who truly want peace? Yes. Meet one: Salam Fayyad.

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

aspen-friedmanFayyad(Washington, D.C.) — As I watch the current crisis, I am deeply concerned for Israeli civilians, especially those who live in the south. But my also heart breaks for the Palestinians, especially those who live in Gaza.

Both sides are suffering. Both sides are feeling pain. And as a follower of Jesus Christ, I want to find ways that Christians can bless and care for and show compassion to both sides.

At the same time, I admit that I find myself asking difficult questions:

  • Why did Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority (PA) recently make a peace agreement with Hamas, a terrorist organization affiliated with the Radicals of the Muslim Brotherhood?
  • Why isn’t the PA deploying security forces in Gaza to stop the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists to stop the rockets from being fired at Israel, and thus ending the need for Israel to retaliate?
  • Why isn’t the PA taking the lead in fighting the terrorists and retaking control…

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Events corroborate accuracy of recent prophetic words

Detail from Eagle-eyed by John Mark LongMajor news items surfaced last week that relate directly to recently received prophetic words (updated 10th July as below):

1. Security (Cindy Jacobs, 26 June; as in this post)

Cindy emailed:

This is what I am hearing: “There is an another attack on the scale of 9/11 being planned!” As I prayed to pinpoint how to intercede, I immediately heard these words: “Close the gates! All borders must be closed to terrorists and those who would aid them.” This includes all airport customs checkpoints, as well as border crossings.

July 4th Daily Telegraph’s banner headline Body searches at British Airports was based upon the previous day’s announcement that smartphones will be confiscated if they’re uncharged when presented at pre-boarding security checks.

That broadsheet edition is more extensive in the online version. Of particular interest to this blog is security editor Tom Whitehead’s coverage of US comments:

‘Beefed-up security at airports with direct flights to the US was requested by America’s secretary of Homeland Security. The move underlined growing White House unease at the apparent failure of the UK and other European countries to stop young Muslims heading to Syria and Iraq to join Islamist Groups. The US government said there was a “real-time” and “credible” threat.’

NOW that’s exceptionally hypocritical because POTUS Obama ordered the removal of  references to Islamist terrorism in all US security forces’ training manuals. Thus, their full recognition of their nation’s principal threat and its modus operandi was seriously hampered. Eg: the shenanigans surrounding the murderous, military-style assault at Fort Hood.

UPDATE: see Investigative Project on Terrorism reports on the FBI and CIA.

The Telegraph editor then cites one of many leading critics against their president’s potty security policy and whose excellent articles I’ve regularly read, Frank Gaffney…

‘…a former assistant secretary of defence under President Reagan and founder of the Centre for Security Policy think-tank, said Europe was, “reaping the whirlwind” of its policies on domestic Islamists. Neither Britain nor Europe nor the US have come to grips with the nature of the enemy we’re up against…the Western jihadists in Iraq and Syria have guns and they learned how to practise violent jihad and they’ll be returning with that knowledge”.’

All our lack-lustre, less than mediocre politicians in their ignorance and contempt for religious beliefs have fallen for the deliberate deception encouraged in Islamic doctrine known as taqqiya. This has blinded them to reality and failure to protect the nations.

So, thank you Nick for asking if my posting Cindy’s email on 28th June may be related to the crackdown – AND most interesting that it happened during Urgent ‘777’ Prayers and the day before US Independence Day!!

2. Child Abuse (Part 2 of Prophetic Word June 2014)

In that Glasgow Prophetic Centre document, under ‘Justice & Children’, we read:

God is moving with righteousness and justice towards children. Scandals will be exposed, even within social services, education, the judiciary and the police. There will be nowhere to hide, even amongst the most wealthy and influential… (emphases added)

When everyone thought the furore over two once-famous celebrities being predatory sex-abusers was confined to the entertainment industry, yet another scandal broke concerning politicians over the loss of an incriminating dossier left with a previous government.

Again, news broke just before 4th July. Telegraph report of that date, Child abuse files were dismissed as fantasies of a deluded man, opens as follows,

‘To MPs and Westminster journalists in the early 1980s, the disclosure that a dossier alleging an Establishment paedophile ring was presented to Leon Brittan, then home secretary, comes as no surprise.’

Today’s news reads,

‘Downing Street has stood by the appointment of Baroness Butler-Sloss as the head of an inquiry into allegations of an establishment cover-up of child abuse, as it emerged her brother was accused of a “white-wash” over a paedophile diplomat.’

UPDATE: at foot of broadsheet’s front-page, Abuse inquiry head ‘too establishment’.

This exposure is part of the ‘shaking’ that the Lord has started and, unwholesome as it is, this news vindicates the declaration of prophetic words and strongly encourages all believers who appreciate the prophetic gifting.

I have to smile at a reader’s unbelieving response to Tony Puccio’s re-blog of this part of the prophetic words because an author was of the opinion that a certain theology had to be engaged before one could fully consider a word.

It’s a great shame believing Christians circumscribe what our Lord can and should do, thereby limiting Him and how they may be more fully blessed. They simply give an ear to, and even act on behalf of, the Accuser of the brethren.

Which, my reader, do you think should take precedence? Man’s ideas of God and how He works, ie. theology; or a word direct from God to His people, ie. prophecy?  (Note, this is not to deny the necessity of checking prophecy against scripture.)

Parallels to 1914 Europe: Is the Second Horseman About to Ride?

King Abdullah of Saudi ArabiaSince the 5th anniversary reprint of The End-Game Is Now In Play my blogging has mainly been upon prophetical developments for the UK, but I’ve continued to keep a ‘weather-eye’ on news from the Middle-East, especially via DebkaFile. Therefore, I’m pleased to re-blog this analysis  by Mark Davidson of the prophetical implications of the buried news about Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the war in Iraq. Mark interprets biblical prophecy from a novel, and perhaps more insightful, perspective than the predominant, mainstream one. The ensuing discussion is good reading too.


If you are familiar with the geopolitical situation as it was in Europe back in July 1914 one could say that there are parallels to the situation in the Middle East right now. Both situations involve several countries in chains of complicated alliances. One major difference though, is that the winds of war in Europe were fanned by nationalism and today in the Middle East it is fanned by sectarian zeal.

In Europe in 1914 one country after another in a chain reaction declared sides and mobilized its armed forces. So we are starting to see the same thing in the Middle East today.

DEBKAfile reports a very disturbing set of developments in the last day or so. As I followed the story I wondered if other news agencies were reporting the same thing, and CNN confirms it.

The DEBKAfile site reports that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia…

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Remember, there’s a war on…

A timely reminder for whenever our peace gets disturbed, especially for whenever our walk gets tough.


prayer1Hopelessness, depression, relational conflict, worrying debts, misunderstanding, betrayal, people problems, personal failure, deep insecurities, the bombardment of shaming accusations … all sometimes accompanied by unusual levels of emotional tension and unrest.

Ever been there? There now?

What’s going on?

Well, it may just be a bit of something quite practical taking place – but I also want to counsel the Christian – remember there’s a war on.

Ephesian 6:12 reminds us “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities,against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

“Bad angels” (demons), authorities, rulers, all engage us in a struggle in the unseen realm fighting against the purposes of God and Church. We feel it, we get stirred up by it all – but we don’t always recognize it. Maybe we need to pray and ask God for a…

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Genocidal religious tyranny gives Iraqi Christians two choices


The Vicar of Baghdad, Canon Andrew White, this morning emailed this Crisis Report about the latest situation in Iraq – NB: the barbaric Islamist hatred:

“WE ARE IN THE MOST DESPERATE SITUATION WE HAVE BEEN IN SINCE THE WAR IN 2003. The total infrastructure of the country has fallen to pieces even basic communication facilities like Facebook have all been closed down.

“We have no government very little food and for the first time huge opposition against Christianity. Churches have been attacked, Christian homes destroyed and thousands of Christians have fled there homes to seek safety and refuge.

“ISIS have told the Christians they have a choice:

They convert to Islam and pay the jazzier tax or have their heads chopped off. Today in Church the people said that they will never leave their Yesua (Aramaic for Jesus), they said when you have lost everything Jesus is all you have left and he is every thing. So this is the situation we are in we have no idea what will happen tomorrow but we know that our Lord will be with us.”

Andrew is highly regarded internationally for his humanitarian work which is supported by the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East.