Parallels to 1914 Europe: Is the Second Horseman About to Ride?

King Abdullah of Saudi ArabiaSince the 5th anniversary reprint of The End-Game Is Now In Play my blogging has mainly been upon prophetical developments for the UK, but I’ve continued to keep a ‘weather-eye’ on news from the Middle-East, especially via DebkaFile. Therefore, I’m pleased to re-blog this analysis  by Mark Davidson of the prophetical implications of the buried news about Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the war in Iraq. Mark interprets biblical prophecy from a novel, and perhaps more insightful, perspective than the predominant, mainstream one. The ensuing discussion is good reading too.


If you are familiar with the geopolitical situation as it was in Europe back in July 1914 one could say that there are parallels to the situation in the Middle East right now. Both situations involve several countries in chains of complicated alliances. One major difference though, is that the winds of war in Europe were fanned by nationalism and today in the Middle East it is fanned by sectarian zeal.

In Europe in 1914 one country after another in a chain reaction declared sides and mobilized its armed forces. So we are starting to see the same thing in the Middle East today.

DEBKAfile reports a very disturbing set of developments in the last day or so. As I followed the story I wondered if other news agencies were reporting the same thing, and CNN confirms it.

The DEBKAfile site reports that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia…

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