A July 4th aspect of praying for the USA

Dutch SheetsDubbed as ‘patriot apostle’ by John Kirkpatrick, Dutch Sheets brought a fascinating account of how the Lord wants intercessors to build on all the previous prayers of His saints in the States – even right back to the time of rebellion against us Brits!

Dutch refers to the practical lesson intercessors can gain from what the colonialists did when faced with the overwhelming power of the greatest empire the world had ever known. The answer was a united ‘Appeal to Heaven’, and was related to what early settlers had learned from the formation of tribal nations’ Iroquois confederation. Amazingly, Dutch teaches how their actions in ‘burying the hatchet’ relate to the account of Abraham and the terebinth tree and how this may apply to overcoming the deep spiritual crisis of today.

In view of Dutch’s calling to press forward into a breakthrough for a 3rd great awakening his teaching is delivered with utmost conviction based upon a close relationship with the Lord. It was clear how well this personal perspective, although different to others calling for national intercession, enhances their calls and goes right into God’s heart for praying for the USA.

Long-time readers may recall my interest in the nature of time and its direct relevance to the purposes of God throughout history. As Dutch’s message was based upon precisely that, he had my undivided attention. His term for this divine/human interaction in time is, ‘Synergy of the Ages’.  (‘Synergy’: the sum is greater than its individual parts.)

[Hold on there Richard, you might be getting the witch-finder generals agitated! I will deal with them on another occasion; maybe over morning coffee? But for now, a quick search reveals a criticism that, “Synergistic prayer is simply not a biblical concept”.

Now that’s inaccurate and downright untrue. Revelation 5:8 and chapter 8 are about the prayers of all the saints being acted upon, which may be connected with the demise of the horrific fourth beast in Daniel’s dream – see Dan 7:15-28.]

This was the most motivational revelatory basis for national prayer that I’ve heard.

So, I recommend readers who are praying for the States to take an hour and follow his message on God honouring the past for the present. Just click on the above photo and scroll to 57min30. Dutch starts by mentioning that the region of the Florida panhandle, southern Alabama and Georgia is witnessing an open heaven for revival:

God is into yesterday. He remembers. You make an impact in the spirit realm and, if you understand how to maintain that – it’s not about a building or it having to be in the same place – the atmosphere of a region changes and all of a sudden there’s an open heaven.

And there’s a strong understanding of a group of people experiencing an outpouring. These are so connected that it doesn’t matter where they go, the Spirit of God just turns up and people are getting saved in their hundreds.

And that’s just a taster. For your ease of reference here’s a few brief notes:

  • it’s not a time to preach doom and gloom as we’re about to have the greatest outpouring whilst darkness increases – God hasn’t finished with America!
  • we may be about to step into the greatest move of God the world has ever seen.
  • eg: Muslim nations will be so transformed that Christians will outnumber others.
  • a 12 year prophetic journey of dreams connecting into previous prophetic words.
  • on his mentor’s prayers, God told Dutch, “I can’t do for him what I promised him until you and the Body comes into agreement with them!”
  • he responded, “I need synergy of unity throughout the ages – the power of prayers made in agreement”.
  • ‘testimony’ means, according to its Hebrew root, when we say what God has done the same power will be released and God will do it again [RB cf: They overcame him (Satan) by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony – Rev 12:11]
  • one of God’s names, ‘Olam-El’, describes Him as ‘Everlasting Now’ – God Who is outside time. “The LORD is the true God; He is the living God, the eternal King.”  (Last words in Hebrew, ‘Mehlek Olam’; Jeremiah 10:10 NIV)
  • prophetic dreams of 2007 and 2013 relating to USA’s foundation, the combined prayers from all generations and declaration of the nation’s holy future.

My notes cannot do justice to Dutch’s message but I trust this may have whetted your  appetite to watch him in this Church of His Presence video (at 57min30). To read about this teacher/preacher/intercessor click here.

Be mightily blessed and may America once again want holiness.

2 thoughts on “A July 4th aspect of praying for the USA

  1. Hi Richard
    Thanks so much for this… I’ve been praying and reading into the exact same thing for the UK, especially wrt the prayers of the Celtic christians all over these islands (from the 1st to 8th centuries especially). I’ll email you details of a vision given to St Fursey, which will whet your appetite. I’ve also prayed into God’s perspective on time and, as you intimate, there is one Church, through out time and space… we are connected with our spiritual forebears. We must not become fascinated with them, but also not ignore or forget them… we can stand on their shoulders/fill up the bowls in Heaven which they poured into, etc.
    God bless dear brother


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