The Unbelievers – Richard Dawkins’ new film makes me want to believe in God

The excellent debate on science and faith ensuing from Gillan Scott’s film review is well-worth reading – thank you everyone. More may be found on Dr Ruth Bancewicz’ blog Science and Belief and in works of physicist-theologian Rev Dr John Polkinghorne, as at BioLogos.

God and Politics in the UK

Unbelievers Dawkins KraussI have a guilty secret – I actually quite like Richard Dawkins. It’s always good entertainment watching someone who is so eminent in his scientific field, continually putting his credibility on the line by taking on religion despite his limited knowledge of the subject. Through his attempts to dismiss all things religious he has ended up acting more and more along the lines of a High Priest of atheism, creating his own irreligious dogma in order to counter the religious dogmas he despises so much. Through his books, which include The God Delusion, he has gained worldwide fame and now we get to experience a taste of this superstardom in his own docufilm, The Unbelievers.

This film which was originally premiered at Hot Docs Film Festival in Toronto in April 2013, is officially released today in the UK on DVD. The film follows Dawkins and his close friend, the…

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