A clarification from Arthur Burt’s daughter

See photos of Arthur’s Centenary Celebration on Mary’s website – Arthur went home to the Lord on Thursday 28th August aged 102 years (post updated 1st Sept)

Further to recent items about Bob Jones and Arthur Burt I’m grateful to Mark Maddock’s contribution on my post about a likely cause of our storms. He gives a clarification and proviso from Arthur’s daughter, Mary, on the date and origin of the prophecy attributed to her father. It is copied below for readers’ information together with my remarks.:

If you’ve not yet checked what Arthur wrote, then read the ‘No Ebb’ prophecy first, as on Billye Brims’ site rather than Kathie Walters’ longer account relating to Bob Jones.

One of Mark’s friends who knows Mary contacted her to ask about the details and then informed Mark, who comments as follows:

Here is an excerpt of her reply; the key factual point to note is that the prophecy was given in 1937… thus there is no direct link with Bob Jones’ birth year (1930):

“… The prophecy is correct, however he did not give it but has carried it.
The prophecy was spoken by someone else in a meeting in 1937 and it so moved him that dad grabbed hold of it. He has kept it alive all these years.
I am glad you emailed about it. But we must remember that the interpretation belongs to God. Many have made assumptions, Bob Jones talked about it, but we must hold these things lightly.
I once saw a documentary shortly after the Afghanistan war where in Kandahar the landmines that were still buried were the cause of many children and adults losing arms and legs. In the documentary they showed a helicopter literally dropping arms and legs to the ground. You could see them in plastic bags. It reminded me of the prophecy.”

Thank you Mary. (She ministers through Word and Spirit Intl Ministries, which may be found at http://www.wordandspirit-jubilee.co.uk/’)

The reference to ‘arms and legs’ in the prophecy may indicate something about the time in which it’s scheduled for fulfilment.  Also, perhaps someone familiar with those details would actually see body parts coming down out of the sky and thereby realise the direct relevance to the prophecy. That is, it would as a physical sign of approaching fulfilment. (It reminds me of a dream in which I saw how the Kingdom is being set up on earth, and which connected in the spirit with Bill Johnson’s 2011 word for Britain – see Father, let Your Kingdom come).

Alternatively or in addition, of course, that odd reference may mean miraculous healing of limbs will be a major feature of this coming revival.


Now for a look at a funny side of the past fortnight’s deluge of ‘divine data’, of which this is only one bit…

In writing about a trio of prophetical prompts I implied it was 40 years from the date of Arthur Burt’s note as in Billye Brim’s reference to 1934 to that of David Minor’s Two Winds, both of which I’d inserted in my Library.

The next day, in shock I took stock! My quick mental maths were wrong!

“No!” – it’s about 50 years between Arthur’s and David’s of 1987. I was about to amend 40 to 50 but realised the correct connection, and issued a clarification. It was like how my mind had been muddled in a Godly way over the dates and news on the blog’s 2nd anniversary and what provoked my interest over 25 years ago, as noted here.  It’s not like me to get my sums wrong!

NOW, with Mary’s more authoritative date of 1937 the 50 years difference to the ‘Two Winds’ prophetic words has not only turned up again but also shows I WAS right to suspect a link. In clarifying the date it ratifies my notion that a subtle link may exist – so maybe we should consider these prophecies more deeply?

The tornado forces of that First Wind could be like what’s happened since October’s St Jude’s Day Storm, and then onwards from December and New Year’s extreme, record-breaking lowest pressure, known as ‘explosive deepenings’, or ‘weather bombs’ (USA). Almost hurricane force winds, frequent heavy rains and horizon-to-horizon flooding until last week makes it officially the ‘Wettest Winter’ in nearly 250 years.

Please note I’m not promoting any sort of numerical theory. Just noting the facts, and the coincidence. Or, is it ‘God-incidence’?

Is the Lord trying to get our attention and telling us there’s something very important?

“Take note, My children!”

3 thoughts on “A clarification from Arthur Burt’s daughter

    • There is a bit of controversy as to the exact date of the prophecy that dad carried that was given to another in a meeting during the 1930′s. No one really knows the exact date (1934-1937). Dad is now 102 and his memory is not clear. He is now in a nursing home in Llandudno Junction, N. Wales. My husband Joe says the prophecy was around that time but a fixed time is unknown as there is really no one left to ask.
      Enjoy your blog. I am an itinerant minister who God called to Wales in 1998 from America. I met Arthur’s son Joe in Wales and we were married at a later time in 1999. We now reside in Mochdre, Colwyn Bay, N. Wales and attend Sure Hope Church in Colwyn Bay.
      Bless you on your journey in Him.


      • Dear Mary – greatly appreciate your comments on my own father’s birthday (he’d have been 101)!
        When I learned about your father back in February I checked for his home location because some of my earliest memories are of Penmaenmawr and area! In early 1950’s dad would take us on holiday to a B&B bungalow and we’d walk through fields with cows and over an old iron footbridge to the pebble beach.
        Thanks for the link and also to your church, where I’m pleased to read about the Lord’s tangible presence!
        May he bless you all more mightily.


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