On wild winds, flooding and an earthquake

“…And blessed be God Most High, Who has delivered your enemies into your hand.” (Gen 14:20)

The above led into Tuesday morning’s daily prayer for the nation from Keep Praying and Bless. (We’ve continued using this intercessory paper published for the Olympic Torch relay of 2012). As though answering my thoughts about following the previous day’s post on Bob Jones, that verse was followed appropriately by:

We decree that the Church in the British Isles will be delivered from old mindsets and will walk in the new mantle God is placing on His Bride, for a time such as this.

It also fitted with a private issue over religious legalism. We then prayed a set, specific blessing and the Aaronic blessing for a couple of towns, followed by the day’s blessing.:

We bless His Bride to be washed with the water of His Word and to be filled with the law of the Spirit of Life. 

That reflects the second part of a prophecy through Smith Wigglesworth (as here),  which has been implemented by the Baptist Union’s acceptance a few years ago of applying the Word with the Spirit. I trust, therefore, you’ll bear with my musings before  covering prophetical aspects. There are sound reasons for my confidence in how the Lord has led me in all this. So I trust you will be encouraged in what follows below and in the next post published in tandem with this one.

I’ve wondered what’s Lord’s view of, or influence upon, the severe storms and extensive deep flooding across England, with the west taking the brunt of the violence. Is it climate change? Are these events at all prophetic? There was even an earthquake between Wales and  Devon (click map for details)! is it a sign of a Hebrews 12 ‘shaking’?

It’s no surprise that the Met Office forecast of a ‘drier than normal’ winter was utterly wrong!  At least we’re not alone – in Slovenia thick blankets of ice killed many trees and caused more flooding (thanks Kim).

Today’s news is that it’s officially the “Wettest winter for England and Wales since 1766”, according to early Met Office statistics (click map for report’s details).

In fact, I’d surprised myself by not being judgemental over the storms in assuming it’s all the ‘wrath of God’!

Upon taking a walk a couple of weeks ago I impulsively decided to listen to Paul Keith Davis’ cd The Days of Noah. Speaking mainly from Hebrews 11 and Matthew 24, he adds,  “Light is accelerating and so is darkness…there’s a body of knowledge coming that’s essential for us (the church) to survive”, and refers to Isaiah 60 on the deep darkness covering the earth versus the light of God’s people.

I noted his stressing that Noah had been “warned about things not yet seen…” and that, had he not had the spirit of revelation, he too would have perished in the Flood. Also, Noah honoured his great-grandfather Enoch who “walked with God” and was father of the oldest person, Methuselah. He was given that name because Enoch said, “When he dies it will come” for he already knew about the Flood, which came almost 1,000 years later. Keith had read in Jewish teaching that the deluge started 7 days after Methuselah died.  (For fascinating details see Dr Chuck Missler, The Gospel in Genesis.)

That’s as much as I heard on my walk for I had to linger over those ideas. The reference to a prophecy being fulfilled after a person’s death particularly stuck in mind because I’d been mulling a similar one over in connection with Gabriel’s message.  (That’s yet to be concluded but now I see how this information makes that not only easier to grasp but also gives a Biblical basis for connecting prophesied events with a person’s passing.)

Who is to blame for the storms?

Upon my return home, an email from someone whose views I respect urged calling the nation together to repent because we’ve spurned Him, and seek God’s forgiveness.   He posits that demonic incantations officially broadcast in closing the 2012 Olympic Games acted as a curse to flood the land and affected our weather.  Thus, the violent storms hitting Britain could be a foretaste of chaos to come unless there’s a spiritual change in our national life.  Yet, if that’s so, why was last year’s weather not unusual? (Met Office 2013 annual report refers.)

That all needed mulling over.  I had reservations because it imputed a greater power to paganism than the hundreds of Christian prayers and declarations made in the lead up to the Games, especially afterwards at the National Day of Prayer at Wembley. And what about the nationwide ringing of Jubilee Bells and declarations to negate ungodly, cultic Olympic prayers? (See ‘2012’ in blog Library.)

Also, I recalled Dr Sharon Stone received a word from the Lord on a specific, spiritual meaning to Hurricane Sandy that indicated a turning point in Church history. It would also point toward a shaking of reprobate American society and the necessity of turning to Jesus!  She did not, however, speak judgmentally.

There was also a personal dream of warning that I’d had about weather and so I wasn’t so sure about the spiritual nature of the storms. Quite a bit to weigh and pray…

In addition, we hear in Monday’s video about two hurricanes arriving in Mobile, one that stopped as directed by the Lord, and the other satanic one smashed along the coast.

Prophecies on the 2014 Storms

So in parallel with this post, I will offer what I believe is significant information on this topic from Kathie Walters, who prophesied in 2012 not only about the Queen’s Jubilee Bells, but who also directly connected it to Arthur Burt’s prophecy of 1937. (See It’s Time to Ring Out Those Bells!)

Also, we will learn from her about the link with the late prophet Bob Jones!

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2 thoughts on “On wild winds, flooding and an earthquake

  1. Hi Richard
    The meeting I spoke at about ‘What is God saying about 2014?’ went well; if I can get a CD I’ll post you one. It was particularly poignant reading out Smith Wigglesworth’s prophecy from 1947, Jean Danell’s word from 1967 as well as some of the more recent ones about England from Sharon Stone. Thanks again for the time you have put into your blog; it is an excellent resource for the Body of Christ… I will recommend it to my friends and contacts.

    My friend Malcolm Wood (an ex-national leader of PFI) contacted a friend of his (Arthur Burt’s daughter, Mary) to check out the details about the prophecy from the 1930s, linked with him. Here is an excerpt of her reply; the key factual point to note is that the prophecy was given in 1937… thus there is no direct link with Bob Jone’s birth year (1930):

    ‘… The prophecy is correct, however he did not give it but has carried it.
    The prophecy was spoken by someone else in a meeting in 1937 and it so moved him that dad grabbed hold of it. He has kept it alive all these years.
    I am glad you emailed about it. But we must remember that the interpretation belongs to God. Many have made assumptions, Bob Jones talked about it, but we must hold these things lightly.
    I once saw a documentary shortly after the Afghanistan war where in Kandahar the landmines that were still buried were the cause of many children and adults losing arms and legs. In the documentary they showed a helicopter literally dropping arms and legs to the ground. You could see them in plastic bags. It reminded me of the prophecy.
    Love you both
    Mary xo
    Let His Fire fill and consume the earth including this earthen vessel.
    Mary Moriah Burt
    Word and Spirit Intl Ministries
    Web: http://www.wordandspirit-jubilee.co.uk/
    God bless you…


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