Is this an Awakening? An update from Greater London

More exciting news about the ‘London area awakening’ – Michael Marcell writes:

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I consider this to be the most important email/post I have ever written.

I can hardly believe that the first stage of what I have been praying for for 20 years has finally arrived. I am so thankful to God for lighting a fire at Capstone Church, Ilford.

Here are two prophetic words within an hour –

What is happening there is a sacred move of God. In His wisdom He has lit the fire in an out of the way place in East London; in a small church made up mainly of people of Indian ethnicity.

I guess this might offend some people, as one might have expected God to move first in a nice church full of Anglo Saxons. However, God is wiser than we are! Rakesh and Preethy Kurian have experienced revival in India and they came to this nation for one reason and one reason only (two if you count God telling them) – Revival!

The Kurians are a wonderful couple, who are prepared to give everything they have (and they have done so in the past) for revival. They realise that there is a large cost for hosting a move of God – money (the one in San Diego costs £750,000 a year); exhaustion and a potentially a lot of criticism and opposition, but they have said ‘yes’ to God. I had been to this church many times before this move started 5 weeks ago. It was and is a church full of love. The people to a man (or woman), were and are hungry and passionate for God. I have not seen that amount of love and passion anywhere before. In addition the worship always brings in the presence of God. Capstone might be difficult to get to, but I understand exactly why God has chosen this church to reside in.

God has done His bit, but whether or not it develops into what this nation desperately needs – an awakening – is up to us. It is up to us to visit and receive what is on offer and then return home to start another fire. It is up to us to go out into the streets to release His glory and bring people to Christ. It is up to us to help pray for this move of God.

So why is it that relatively few people have visited Capstone in the last 5 weeks to drink the new wine?

– ‘busyness’ is the main reason I have heard. May I suggest that this is a season to cancel things to enable us to get to these meetings. We have been waiting 20+ years for something like this; are we going to be so busy that we have no time for the new wine of God?

– ‘too difficult to get to’ comes a close second. As I mentioned above, it is God who chose this out of the way place. Some people have come from Glasgow, Sheffield, Macclesfield and Leeds, and one person travels 600 miles per week to get to the meetings.

– some people are watching online. This is absolutely great; I understand 3,000+ are watching each night from all around the world. Definitely, one receives that way, but there is nothing like going to the well.

– some are happy doing what they do for God and do not need any more. Might I suggest that many people are doing good things for God, but not the best. I believe that this is a new season and it is a time for many to leave the old wine skin behind and taking up the new. May I suggest it is a time for laying our ministries on the altar and saying to God, do you still want me to carry on with this or have you something new for me?

The only way we are going to get our nation out of this awful place is to bring people to the Lord. This move of God is about Presence, Presence, Presence. If we carry His presence wherever we go; few will be able to resist Him. We have the opportunity to go to these meetings to be filled up so we can then take it to the streets and release it. Please, please do not let this outpouring pass you by. It may be gone in a day, a week, a year; we do not know.

During the 1994 outpouring plane-loads of people went over to Toronto to receive and then release it in the UK. However, the people of Toronto hardly went to the meetings. Please don’t let that happen here in London or in the UK. God is offering us something; I urge you to receive it and then change our nation.

Michael Marcell, 2nd August 2017

RB Footnote:

After watching live streaming last Saturday I had an unusually vivid dream of visiting a packed chapel in North Wales with the Holy Spirit powerfully affecting everyone. It was related not only to my being taken to that area as a young child but also to the work of Arthur Burt there and the “No Ebb” prophecy he carried, which the American prophet Bob Jones said would be released now he’s passed to glory. (Read Who is Arthur Burt? – Bob Jones on ArthurA clarification from Arthur Burt’s daughter).

Paws-4-thought: Update on Midnight and Big Ben

Kitty - Paws4thort 5After yesterday’s early start to chauffeur a friend to/from Guildford I started summarising some dreams and visions of Big Ben striking midnight.

I closed with my off-the-cuff reply to ‘Tucson Tony’ asking for my ‘take’ on his dreams, but at the time of receipt I was very busy drafting. So I did a quick ponder…

I told him what flashed up as an answer: ‘My mediate thought as I type is, “It’s warning of the Lord’s Return!” ie. not long now!’. Tony replied, ‘Indeed! It would seem that the midnight hour is upon us.’

BUT, I’d completely forgotten the content of our first-thing prayers that continue with the ‘Keep Praying & Bless’ cycle, as blogged last year. Yesterday we were at ‘Day 39’ for Cleethorpes and area (as well as locally) and part of the blessing for there is:

We bless you to be part of the Bride of Christ, to prepare for the day when He will come and fetch those who are waiting for Him’.

Now that’s what I call a ‘God-incidence’!

I trust you’ve had opportunity to note the feedback in the comments thread. Here’s a couple of them starting with Tim Shey’s subsequent remarks:

‘The photo of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben is significant. For some reason I forgot that Big Ben was connected to the Houses of Parliament.

‘Big Ben–center of time; Parliament–center of government. What starts in England will cause ripple effects throughout the world spiritually and politically. Brexit came first, then Trump won in the U.S.. Maybe Brexit will precede a U.S. exit from the United Nations.

‘More history: the English Civil War in the 1600s preceded the American Revolution in the 1700s. King James Bible in 1611–still very influential today. The Gospel preaching in Great Britain, especially after Queen Elizabeth I came to the throne, greatly influenced the spiritual/social/political formation of the American Colonies. The 1904 Welsh Revival preceded the 1906 Azusa Street Revival in Los Angeles.

‘Again, after looking at the Houses of Parliament and the two hands pointing up to 12 on Big Ben: Parliament (spiritual and political government) and two 12s (a double anointing of government-influence): that is THREE WITNESSES OF GOVERNMENT–ANOINTED GOVERNMENT. The two hands pointing up (heavenward) to 12: heavenly government.

‘Prime Minister May meeting with President Trump was absolutely the Hand of God.’

[Tim re-blogged my post on her prophetically significant speech to the Republican Party.]

Clock from 4Signposts

In Pauline Watford’s contribution I’m reminded of a video that I had in mind after writing:

‘Derek Prince, when teaching on End Times before his death (24 Sept 2003 in Jerusalem – RB), said that God’s clock was standing at five to twelve!

‘And the Supernatural Clock Acceleration in Bob Jones’ hospital room on 6th February and 13th February 2014 (see YouTube videos) was said to point to the church being lined up with heaven’s time when the hands of the clock stopped at midnight. I believe the spinning hands indicated past time, stopping briefly at 8 pm. to indicate Jesus’ incarnation and his launching of the Kingdom on earth, then spinning round again and slowing at 11.50 pm. until they stopped at midnight.

‘And 6th February 2017 was Queen Elizabeth’s Sapphire Jubilee, if that has anything to do with it!’

Now it just so happens that 13 months to the day before posting Dreams and Visions of Big Ben…I’d blogged Body of Christ Being Accelerated to Sync with Heaven’s Time on 14 January 2016 about the very video Pauline refers to and quoted Gary’s Beaton’s insight to those events. Do please watch…

At  2:45 mark of Gary’s phenomenal account he refers to the synchronisation at midnight. (Read About his Transformation Glory Ministries.) After commenting upon the numerical significance of the timings he explains (6:30 mark):

“Twelve is the number of divine government …you’ve got a ‘synching’ up at midnight – another 12 – God was emphasising that His government is coming into the earth right now in apostolic power. We’ve never seen it – we’ve been talking for a long time about it coming…”

LOL – so we’ve now covered 13th…14th…15th…February – whatever’s next?

Watch out tomorrow!!

#1 – Next phase of ‘Setting up The Kingdom’ is now upon us

In connection with the previous post about the dream of “The Kingdom being set up” and Bill Johnson’s prophetical remark about September 2011 becoming regarded as a turning point in the UK for the Kingdom, our sister in the Lord at Ignite Ireland Ministry has recently written at length, encouraging our prayerful, careful reading and listening for Holy Spirit’s leading about this vision.:



Two nights ago I had a very powerful supernatural dream encounter where I found myself standing again in a large courtroom in the heavenly realms, this was not my first encounter in this most strange and sacred place. I’ve been led here before by the Spirit of Revelation and just like in my first encounter a deep and dense fragrance filled the air in this most Holy place.

Now as my spirit began to inquire of the Lord, Suddenly I heard a voice that said, “Daughter, BE STILL, FEAR NOT, FOR I HAVE CALLED YOU TO THIS PLACE TO REVEAL MY HAND AND UNVEIL MY HEART FOR THE NATIONS, As I listened to the Master’s voice, I could feel the heat of His fiery Glory upon my face and I could see the light of His Presence which completely surrounded me and filled me with a deep sense of peace.

Then again I heard His voice, “MY GREAT AND LATE REFORMERS ARE NOW BEING GATHERED TOGETHER IN THIS HOLY AND SACRED PLACE, FOR AS IT IS IN HEAVEN SO SHALL IT BE NOW UPON THE EARTH”, then I looked up and I saw 10 Thrones sitting high upon a marble platform, as I drew a little closer suddenly I saw nine bright and radiant lights appear over the thrones, as I watched closely all nine of the bright lights moved upon the thrones all EXPECT one which remained empty, now as I looked upon the empty throne it was quickened to me in the Spirit the name ‘BILLY GRAHAM’, then my eyes were drawn back again to the nine bright and radiant lights, and by just looking at them I knew and recognised all who were now sitting upon the thrones. I saw in the Spirit the late and great John Paul Jackson, I saw the late and great Bob Jones, I saw the late and great Miles Monroe, I saw the late and great Kim Clement, I saw the late and great Peter Wagner, I saw the late and great David Wilkerson, I saw the late and great Oral Roberts, I saw the late and great Kathryn Kuhlman and I saw the late and great John Wesley.

Now again I knew by divine revelation that this Holy and Royal Counsel of God’s Great and Late Apostles, Prophets and Evangelists were being gathered together in this most sacred place to bear Witness to HIS MIGHTY GOVERNING Hand moving upon the Nations of Earth. The atmosphere was exhilarating and pregnant with great expectation, I stood trembling but silently watching, listening and waiting and then again I heard these words, “FOR THE GOVERNMENT OF THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS NOW BEING ESTABLISHED UPON THE EARTH”.

The dream/encounter ended!

As I have prayed over this second dream encounter I have been some what perplexed by the 9 Great Reformers that I saw and the 10th throne yet to be filled. I have been seeking God for the meaning and significance of these particular saints that are being gathered together as one, prophetically I believe it has something to do with the mantles that they carried, the new Breed of leaders that are now emerging and the legacy they have left behind. Furthermore I felt a great significance to seeing 10 thrones and only 9 being occupied, I HUMBLY submit that when there are 10 thrones occupied that is when we will see a SUDDEN AND MIGHTY MOVE OF GOD COMING UPON THE EARTH like we have NEVER SEEN before. I believe there will be an UNPRECEDENTED OUTPOURING OF GOD’S GLORY UPON THE EARTH AND WE WILL SEE THE GREATEST MANIFESTATION OF SIGNS, WONDERS AND MIRACLES BEING BIRTHED IN THE NATIONS.

Please read prayerfully this powerful encounter I had a year ago, I believe it dovetails with this second encounter and holds powerful keys to what is taking place in this hour of great Restoration and Kingdom Reformation upon the Nations of the earth.

Veronika West, 2nd December 2016


(One Year Ago)


Body of Christ being accelerated to sync with heaven’s time

Clock from 4SignpostsWanting to hear recent praise songs whilst drafting the next post I opened up another tab to play my video clip of Lindell singing “Eyes that burn like blazing fire…King of glory”. When it finished I spotted an intriguing one by Gary Beaton on-screen.

Veteran television and film producer Gary shares the amazing story of the accelerated clock in Bob Jones’ hospital room during the last days of his life, and what it means for the Church. This clip was published on 20th August 2014:

In witnessing this extraordinary, miraculous speeding up Gary is led to this insight:

“God can alter kairos time – His own time – and actually alter chronos time in the earth to line up with His time and the Lord was using Bob Jones’ death to signify prophetically to the whole earth that He was bringing the Church from actually being behind ‘five minutes’ on eternal time – kairos time – time, and that He’s moving the hands of time forward to bring us right in sync with eternal time…that the Church would finally be sync’d up with heaven’s plan. We’ve been behind and we’ve known it…but He’s accelerating us now to be sync’d up with heaven’s clock so we can be moving ahead again in a forward position…”

Take ten to listen to and digest this important message about Time and the new season the Church is now in. [Gary Beaton is at Transformation Glory Ministries.]

Note also Dr Stone’s remarks on England being ‘out of sync’ as indicated by Big Ben inexplicably stopping in May 2007, a couple of months before the attacks on London Transport. (See Prophetic words for UK & Ireland for 2014-2016: Part 2)

Fulfilled prophecy #3 cont’d – Revival to re-visit USA

On watch... The prophet Habakkuk had a burden and complained of current events to the Lord, who answered him at Hab 1. The prophet asked another question and wrote:

I will stand my watch
And set myself on the rampart,
And watch to see what He will say to me,
And what I will answer when I am corrected.

Then the Lord answered me and said:

Write the vision
And make it plain on tablets,
That he may run who reads it.
For the vision is yet for an appointed time;
But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie.
Though it tarries, wait for it;
Because it will surely come,
It will not tarry…” (Habakkuk 2:2-3 NKJV)

New Year’s Day 2015 brought an insight that confirmed my extending and splitting this post in two – one part for the Old Year, this for the New Year – was indeed correct.

During December, however, my intention had been to share thoughts on the Incarnation and In the Beginning. But it wasn’t to be. Events in the USA on that first weekend were still simmering in my mind. Let’s recap briefly:

In Holy lightning beyond ‘The Pond’… I reported what happened upon hearing Lindell Cooley leading worship at the first Sunday morning service for Church of His Presence (CHP). They’d just moved into a brand-new building near Daphne, Alabama (location).

Then, the first part of this post referred to two prophecies which accurately foretold the Brownsville and Bay of the Holy Spirit Revivals, also to inspired remarks before that church’s move out of Mobile Convention Centre.


That first part also gave an introduction to revival, but some readers may think America is long overdue for divine judgement. This is a deep topic which I cannot hope to cover in a short blog. My present purpose is to make some observations only. Many teachers and commentators in the US regularly refer to it; eg. Anne Graham-Lotz, John McTernan and William Koenig to name a few, and with whom I’m familiar.

John McTernanIn his book As America Has Done To Israel, John McTernan tells how his grandfather’s account of how a large enclave of the German-American Alliance on Long Island was devastated by the Great Hurricane of 1938, just days after the largest Nazi rally outside Europe. This gave him an understanding of how dealing with Israel in an un-Godly way brings catastrophic consequences, usually within days. His blog continues to cover this in-depth and often refers to his expectation of a much greater judgement coming to the USA.

In What Time Is It? the guest preacher at CHP, Dotty Schmitt, gave a superb message on prophecy on 16 May last. She spoke about the modern Sons of Issachar being able to discern the times and what’s happening in the heavenlies. A ‘new sound’, she said, is coming from every nation and she learned from Scotland what God is doing in this new season of revival. God is telling us to “Wake up to what is happening in the earth!” and to be saturated in His Word.

Puzzle Globe and Book by ThanunkornWhat caught my attention was her reference to what I’d already devoted many posts to: an ‘invisible jigsaw’. She told about waiting in God’s presence and having a vision of a big picture puzzle and seeing different pieces – very like my post of 20 March. The Lord explained it to her,

“You have begun to see how the End-times pieces of Biblical prophecy, history, current events, various situations, are fitting together – and it’s opened up within you a River of Life.”

(Proverbs 16:22 ‘In understanding there’s a fountain of life’.)

She asked the Lord, “How does it all fit together?” and Luke 24 spoke to her: “Jesus opened their minds to understand the scriptures and said ‘Now wait until you are endued with power from on high’.”

One sign of the End-times is deception, which has moved across the land and caused the nation to make wrong choices and decisions that have opened a door to the enemy and will bring troubles.  Dotty quoted Anne Graham-Lotz’s remark at the National Day of Prayer that all the warning bells are going off.

BillKoenig_hdrLike McTernan, accredited Christian journalist at The White House, William Koenig, has kept close tabs on the events that bring about judgment upon a nation. The ones that have definitely been triggered are all those relating to the treatment of Israel. His Inside the White House report of 26 December categorises ‘evil endorsed from the highest political office in the land’ but expresses candid surprise as follows:

  • The only surprising thing to me has been the delay in the consequences — but when they do happen, they will be even more earth-shaking. (Emphasis RB)

Perhaps that delay may be explained by what’s in the Lord’s pipeline for America?  So let’s check out another prophecy for America by re-visiting the Brownsville Revival:

Toronto and Pensacola

As the Friday and Saturday meetings of CHP’s dedication weekend 5-7 December were in the evenings we had to wait for them to be archived before watching. (As mentioned above, we saw Sunday’s live ahead of those preceding meetings.) The speaker for the second evening was, most unusually!, unable to attend at the last minute and so pastor Rev John Kilpatrick had only the afternoon to prepare a message.

JohnK 214_logoNevertheless, the Lord gave John a download about how culture gets changed for good or evil. So he opened his message on ‘Power Shifters’ by referring to the undesirable effects of ungodly cultural attitudes upon society, eg. the establishment of casinos by criminals, introduction of immorality and rebellion at the Woodstock festivals, as well as Martin Luther King’s godly campaign against racial segregation. All provoked or enabled demonic principalities to react and even manifest in those areas.

After that background, John told of his deep desire in the 1980s for revival and starting prayers for the Lord to send one to the Assemblies of God church he led in Brownsville, Pensacola, in the panhandle of Florida. Intercessors prayed yet, as demonic opposition was reacting, people in church and the media turned against plans for revival.

This pastor spoke in-depth on those days and how the Lord answered their prayers 20 years ago, for the Lord had told him in 1986,

“Son, the heavens are clouding over from New Orleans to this way…towards Pensacola.” He said, “The heavens are brassing over. Disobedience and rebellion is causing the heavens that were once yielding to begin to brass over.

“If you preach what I give you and you will preach it unafraid, and un-intimidated on television, I will hold that brass heaven back and I will open the heavens from the I10 (Interstate 10) all along this Gulf coast.”

In about 1993 the Lord reminded John of those words and said,

“I’m about to open the heavens over Pensacola. I’m about to pour out My Spirit in this place, but first you must make it a house of prayer.”

He recounted the difficulty experienced introducing a new way of praying and the need for prayer warfare because of spiritual opposition. They included communion and kept going for over two years. Consequently, the church grew by over 20%. Eventually he and Lindell Cooley began to sense a quickening in their bodies and spirit.

His wife Brenda went to check out a revival and very different way of conducting church at the end of a runway of Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Canada. On January 20th 1994 a Vineyard preacher named Randy Clark, who’d been invited by pastor John Arnott, delivered a message and invited folk forward fro prayer. But the Lord made His presence felt in the house and disrupted the scheduled programme! So the preacher had to stay on for several weeks. Daily services were convened and the presence of the Lord remained for over 10 years.

News spread rapidly world-wide of what became known as The Toronto Blessing, which was principally marked by believers being filled with, and even overwhelmed by, the joy of the Holy Spirit. It was so strong that most would appear ‘drunk’ in deep merriment. Coming from God, however, this ‘supernatural drink’ has no ‘toxic limit’ and is free from any hangover effects!

When Brenda Kilpatrick went there she stood in the sanctuary for prayer.  The Toronto Airport Church Fellowship’s way of ministering prayer to hundreds of people was for them to stand on lines several feet apart as many would fall down as though ‘slain’ as the Holy Spirit came upon them when the ministry team worked their way along them. (In my case I ‘sparked’ well beforehand!) A lady approached Brenda and John tells what happened next:

“Before she could lay a hand on her, fhfhfhfhfhhh, it was like a torch was lit over her head and fire came down over her head, her ears, down to her collar-bone and worked its way back up”.  

This was in the first years of The Toronto Blessing and before the repentance revival was to break out in a Brownsville church on Father’s Day 1995.  Brenda was powerfully set on fire by Holy Spirit in Toronto and John described the radical, joyous effect of the Lord’s presence that he noticed upon her return.

“When I saw her, her face glowed like an angel, her hair glistened like gold and silver, and I ran to her and said, “Brenda, what’s happened to you?” And she said, “I’ve been with the Lord!”

At a prayer meeting led by Brenda upon her return, a lady who rarely spoke told John that, whilst in Seattle, she’d heard about a prophetic word from a visiting pastor from South Korea. John told the gathering what she’d said to him,

“I was in a meeting where Dr Yonggi Cho was and he told of when he was in a hotel room in Seattle getting ready to preach that night. He then asked the Lord if He’s reserved America for judgment or, “Are You going to pour out Your Spirit on America?” and the Lord said,

“I’m not going to judge, I’m not going to bring My judgment on America – I’m going to pour out My Spirit. Get your atlas out of your attaché case!”

“He opened up the atlas and opened up the map of the United States and the Holy Spirit said, “Point!”  His finger landed right on the dot for Pensacola, and the Holy Spirit said to Dr Cho,

“I’m going to pour out My Spirit first in Pensacola – it will burn like a match-head, fiery, there and it will go west along the I10 to the Mississippi river, (which the Spanish called the ‘River of The Holy Spirit’). Then it will back up along the Gulf coast, go down the peninsular of Florida, go up the Eastern seaboard and come down into the Mid-West and South-West and shoot out through the North-West; and before My Coming ALL of America will be ablaze with The glory of God!”

John says that night the Spirit of God fell upon the leaders of that Pensacola church and he saw God do great things. John attested that his dear wife was obviously instrumental in bringing this about.

“I didn’t know how close we were to Revival but God sent us Steve Hill, a passionate revivalist, a simple evangelist with a simple message – like Reinhard [as last night]…

“I said all that about [ungodly/demonic areas] for one reason. There’s a lot of places in America that you can go back to and test the DNA of certain cities, and test the DNA of certain places, and there’s things there that remain to this day after decades – sometimes 100s of years – but what happened on Father’s Day of 1995 <clap!> (John clapped his hands loudly)…a SHIFT happened…in America. Things shifted.

“Steve Hill was ‘the match’ – ‘the fumes’ were in the room because we’d prayed for two and a half years – ‘fumes’ were in the room – Steve Hill was ‘the match’ <CLAP>, Lindell Cooley was ‘the psalmist’, I was the pastor that had ‘headship’ over it all.

“God put together a pastor, an evangelist and a psalmist together …and Revival broke out! And things shifted in America and the religious world, it changed denominations, it changed Pensacola, it changed the whole Gulf coast – and that’s what we’re all doing here tonight!…Things shifted – God used one man, Steve Hill, to shift things.”

Furthermore, pastor Kilpatrick referred to a much older prophetic word from the historic Pentecostal Revival over 100 years ago:

“There was a prophecy in California years ago that God was going to pour out His Spirit at Azuza Street, and the Lord said it will start at Azuza Street and wind up at Zee Street on the East coast…and Brownsville was located at Desoto and Zee Street (Pensacola).

“So God used one man – Steve Hill – as a power shifter and things changed…When Lindell came before the Revival broke out you could feel right at the end of praise and prayer you could feel the atmosphere thinning out and every Sunday another layer could be peeled off like an onion – it even began to feel like there was no ceiling over .. you could literally feel the heavens opening over Brownsville…I promise you that is the truth…and on Father’s Day <CLAP> the match was lit and it was like there was no roof at all and the heavens opened!”

John then quoted the vision of the river from the Throne of God seen by Ezekiel, about which I’d been struck when someone spoke on 9th November about the church’s return to Daphne (as in part 1):

“Let me tell you where I think we’re heading – into waters over our head! I believe it…This place isn’t going to bring Revival, it’s going to be a place where God’s going to send revival”. He went on to speak quietly about what he believes is going to happen in Alabama.

The Gulf coast

Sea by Salvatore Vuono_edNina briefly popped out of the room but upon return she was hit by another ‘holy lightning bolt’ because what John was saying. She had to lean against the wall and transfixed there as a surge Holy Spirit’s power went right through her, as with Lindell Cooley’s praise song “We Will Ride”. 

This is what John was saying,

“I believe there’s going to come a powerful shift that will begin in Alabama, and the shift that takes place here (CHP’s location) – among other places – is going to begin to shift this nation back to where it should be – amen!

Now don’t make this mistake – don’t make this mistake, don’t make the mistake that whatever God does next He’s done before, because it’s not!

“There’s a new sound that’s coming! There’s a new level of worship that’s coming! There’s a new level of revelation preaching that’s coming!

“AND there’s a NEW LEVEL and a NEW BREED of Millennials that God is raising up and what Martin Luther King was to the movement that helped bring the blacks to emancipation, what Abraham Lincoln was to the Emancipation Proclamation. God’s about to touch some Millennials that are prophetic, they’re evangelistic, they’re anointed – and there’s a vacuum – they’re going to rise up under a fresh anointing and God’s going to use them in a POWERFUL WAY – and don’t you doubt it!…

“The Bible plainly says that in the Last Days, “I shall pour out My Spirit on all flesh, on all your sons and all your daughters (etc)…As we know things tonight you may think you know who God’s going to raise up and touch and how things are going to be, but I tell you, you’re going to be totally surprised by what the Lord’s going to do! It’s going to catch you off-guard because you’re going to be thinking and looking in one direction and God’s going to come around from another direction and catch you.

“So be open to whatever God’s doing…you know I’m so excited about the possibility of God beginning to pour out His glory in these Last Days that I’m looking for it appearing as an actual, visible sign, just like He did for Israel in the wilderness of a pillar of fire by night and a pillar of cloud by day. The Bible says that in the last days the knowledge of the glory of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.

“You’re going to begin to see signs of the glory of the Lord that will confound the nations!…And the glory of the Lord shall be for your defence…

Here’s what I’m saying to you as a mouthpiece tonight of the Lord, I’m saying this  prophetically to you: even in America to those churches that will turn to God with all their heart, God’s about to give them a revelation of the glory of God where protection will be so powerful (detailed promises to those assembled)…the glory of the Lord is going to be our rear-guard…”.



Thus we may soon see a fresh move of revival in the USA, as prophesied not only by Bob Jones, Paul Keith Davis and Dr Paul Yonggi Cho but also by an intercessor for America, Dutch Sheets (at 2 below).

It is particularly noteworthy that the Lord has graciously used John Kilpatrick to host two revivals, so he has a good track record as a leading revivalist. No doubt he’s also well aware of Steve Hill’s warnings on the need to deal with these hindrances:

  • neglect of God’s work of atonement
  • disobedience
  • daily denial of God’s presence in our lives.

Pastor Kilpatrick’s first series of teaching in the new building is based upon the radical revelation Jesus gave his first disciples – that God is ‘Father’. So John is teaching about and ministering into effects of dysfunctional fathering upon believers. This will enable them to come closer to heavenly Father and move fully into their adoption as children of God.

One of the enduring and renowned benefits of the Toronto outpouring over its several years is a better understanding within the Body of Christ of the Father Heart of God. So John Arnott refers to that revival as ‘The Fathers Blessing’. [See my wife’s account of how she no longer remained officially registered as ‘permanently disabled” when John visited Bath and decided not to preach after hearing the Lord say He wanted to heal.]

Could it be that a repetition of such deeply practical teaching will be foundational for a full revival to re-visit the USA and thus be far more empowered than previously?

I pray so…

CONTINUE reading at next post, A couple of visions about Revival in the USA >>

UPDATE 2nd March: see “Revival of Prayer” in Lion Bite: Watchmen Arise!


  1. CHP’s archived message Power Shifters will prove useful to all students of the history of Revival. Pastor Kilpatrick commences speaking as above at 1:26:00.
  2. Dutch Sheets (within) 46,000 churches called to prayer for Great Awakening.
  3. John Peters: ‘Great Revivalists’ (CWR 2008); see brief review here.
  4. John Peters: ‘The Story of Toronto through the lives of John & Carol Arnott’.


Fulfilled prophecy #3 – Revivals in the USA

Sphere of EnergyIn view of its content, it’s right that this two-part post covers the old and new years. Also, two bolts of ‘holy lightning’ struck from ‘across the Pond’ in addition to that posted here. That one was the Holy Spirit’s reaction within Nina upon hearing a song about Jesus Christ’s return to earth in glory. The other ‘strikes’ were interior responses to prophetic words about a coming revival in the USA!

Also as 2014 closes, the nature of my considering Revival in North America takes the year full circle!  2014’s first, personally written post introduced the concept of ‘Bridge Over The Pond’, where Holy Spirit inspires similar teaching in the UK and US churches with which we’re personally associated, followed by several posts on prophesying into Time based upon the previous year’s blogs on the power of prophetic decrees.

More about all that later. First we need to understand the meaning of ‘revival’ other than as personal revival, which is nevertheless of great importance to the individual. It’s not possible to do more than briefly overview this vast subject on a blog, so I quote a couple of sources:

Revival is…

An ‘ancient’ book recommended only this week by a local intercessor directly refers to a historic revival in America. Arthur Wallis opens his 1956 book In The Day of Thy Power by asking  ‘What Is Revival?’, from which I extract with emphasis added:

‘True revivals have ever been marked by powerful and often widespread outpourings of the Spirit. Many times the preaching had to cease because the hearers were prostrate, or because the voice of the preacher was drowned by cries for mercy. Who will deny that these were outpourings of the Spirit? …

‘David Brainerd recorded the beginning of the wonderful movement among the American Indians in 1745 thus: “The power of God seemed to descend upon the assembly ‘like a rushing mighty wind’ and with an astonishing energy bore down all before it. I stood amazed at the influence that seized the audience almost universally, and could compare it to nothing more aptly than the irresistible force of a mighty torrent. . . . Almost all persons of all ages were bowed down with concern together, and scarce one was able to withstand the shock of this surprising operation.”

‘Revival can never be explained in terms of activity, organization, meetings, personalities, preachings. These may or may not be involved in the work, but they do not and cannot account for the effects produced. Revival is essentially a manifestation of God; it has the stamp of Deity upon it, which even the unregenerate and uninitiated are quick to recognize. Revival must of necessity make an impact upon the community, and this is one means by which we may distinguish it from the more usual operations of the Holy Spirit…

His next chapters consider the distinctive features of Revival [see link at 1 below]. An  up-to-date scholarly analysis and summary of revivals and 25 key revivalists by John Peters offers, from across that spectrum, a succinct definition of the role of revival. In Great Revivalists [at 2] John quotes Dr Wesley Duewels:

“Revival days leave you with a profound realization of God’s greatness and transcendence and of your own unworthiness and dependence upon Him. [In this way] God accomplishes more in hours or days than usually results from years of faithful non-revival ministry. But revival is far more than evangelism. Man can evangelize; only God can give revival.”

Five aspects of the role of revival in particular are mentioned, that revival:

  1. demonstrates the power of God
  2. exemplifies the glory of God
  3. emphasises timeless truths about the Lord Jesus
  4. acts as a catalyst for the Church and its outreach
  5. means days of heaven on earth.

Revival prophesied in July 1994

Paul Keith DavisWhat we heard and learned this month about a coming revival reminded me of what an American teacher-prophet said earlier this year. In blogging about Paul Keith Davis remembers his friend Bob Jones I noted his references to the precision of Bob’s prophetic gifting, in particular:

  • Accurate prophecies about two revivals – Pensacola/Brownsville and The Bay of The Holy Spirit – as well as two hurricanes striking the same place (Mobile bay).

By 1994 they’d become friends and decided to convene a prophetic round-table with mutual friend Bobby Conner and others. Sixteen minutes into his eulogy Paul Keith reveals what happened when they all got together:

“In July 1994, I felt comfortable with Bob (ie. his constant anointing) and I said, “Bob, why don’t we have a prophetic round table in my condominium….let’s spend a weekend, a couple of days, seeking the Lord on what He would say?

“What came out of that meeting was to prophesy what became known as ‘The Brownsville Revival’…(he shows a photo taken that day in July 1994 – not this one here)…

Teamwork by Franky242

“Everyone began to come to the breakfast table and every single person there had a revelation that God was about to pour His Spirit out in Pensacola, Florida – each one had a little different variation but everyone had a part, everyone had a piece of the puzzle that God was about to do something in Pensacola Florida that just wasn’t going to be for Pensacola, it had more far-reaching implications.

“We didn’t call it ‘Brownsville’ because we didn’t know that it was going to be Brownsville – we just said, ‘Pensacola’! And the prophetic word was – and I wrote this on August 1st 1994, months before Brownsville happened on Father’s Day 1995 – but I wrote that:

‘This outpouring would be repentance – an outpouring of repentance – which would lead to righteousness, which would eventually become power-evangelism’that’s not yet fully accomplished…there were many aspects of that (eg.) we saw a prayer mountain coming to America, this was before we had what was known as ‘harp and bowl’ ministry, before the 24/7 intercession/house of prayer later began to be developed at IHOP in Kansas City, but we prophesied that God wanted to move a prayer mountain to America – it  symbolises continual prayer…there was something about a Charles Finney anointing…

Part of my revelation that morning was, that what was going to be poured out in Pensacola was going to move 50 miles to the west!

“Here I am even before the revival ever started, I was ready to move it to Alabama! – and that’s how far it was over into Mobile Bay!

“And sure enough, that happened some years later. There was a little outpouring of the Spirit called The Bay of The Holy Spirit Revival. John Kilpatrick – the pastor – tells me that one of his members got into his car at the Brownsville parking lot and drove to the parking lot of Daphne civic centre and when he turned into the parking lot it turned over to 50 miles!” So that word came to pass. (Emphases mine)

(A similar significant travelling distance of 212 miles happened regarding my starting this blog and my childhood home’s address.)

The Bay Revival

As a result of a Visitation of the Lord on Father’s Day 2010, Church of His Presence moved meetings from the civic centre in Daphne to the Mobile Convention Centre on the north-western corner of Mobile Bay. That happened on the last day of their Open Heavens Conference and the outpouring became known as The Bay of The Holy Spirit Revival, after the Bay’s original Spanish name 500 years ago (Wikipedia). Many healing miracles with powerful evangelism led to live media coverage and global recognition, as well as its name being shortened to ‘The Bay Revival’.

Meeting for some years in rented premises was very expensive and so Pastor Kilpatrick sought support for moving into new premises and a piece of virgin land was acquired on the eastern side of the bay. Then a new building got erected within a record 8 months!

Sea by Salvatore Vuono_edDuring one of the last meetings in Mobile, on 9th November, pastor John invited a speaker from the men’s breakfast to greet and briefly address the congregation.  It may have seemed like his own opinion but no, for he suddenly spoke under the unction of God and a lightning bolt hit my wife from ‘beyond the Pond’! . That is, Holy Spirit validated the following prophetic words:

“Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty and in this place anything can happen…I’m looking forward to what God is about to do on the eastern shore.

“You know, I believe that we’re about to experience the greatest move of God this area’s ever seen – I really do!

“Brownsville was good, Bay of the Holy Spirit would happen here – but I believe what’s about to take place over there (ie across the bay from Mobile) is going to rock this nation!

“I challenge the men to get ready.. to be in our place and be prepared for what’s about to take place, to be prepared for what’s about to happen!”

Upon hearing that, it occurred to me that entire bay symbolises a reservoir source to the holy river of God, as seen in a vision by the prophet Ezekiel coming from under His Throne out of the East Gate of the Temple:

Then he brought me back to the door of the temple; and there was water, flowing from under the threshold of the temple toward the east, for the front of the temple faced east; the water was flowing from under the right side of the temple, south of the altar. He brought me out by way of the north gate, and led me around on the outside to the outer gateway that faces east; and there was water, running out on the right side. (Ezekiel 47:1-2 NKJV)

The New Year’s first post considers how this may relate to a fresh revival as well as the matter of divine judgement upon the USA…>> click to continue reading >>



  1. Arthur Wallis: ‘In The Day of Thy Power’, read brief biography & first 3 chapters here, or ‘look inside’ here.
  2. John Peters: ‘Great Revivalists’ (CWR 2008); see brief review here, CWR pdf extract ).
  3. WhiteDove Ministries, Remembering Bob Jones: A Journey in the Supernatural, (from 16:20 minutes)
  4. Church of His Presence, Leading on Empty Part 1 (from 1:13:00)


  • ‘Sphere of Energy’ by Dan, courtesy
  • ‘Teamwork’ by Franky242, courtesy
  • ‘Sea’ (cropped) by Salvatore Vuono, courtesy

Thank you, an apology and questions on ‘No Ebb’ prophecy

Thank you to Lynne for notifying me about Arthur Burt, and to Tony for asking about him.

To you dear subscriber, and more importantly, I’d ask you to please accept my apology for not having included in the previous post the date of Arthur’s departure to be with the Lord. I’m sorry for any confusion you may have been caused over its omission.

Normally I’m off-line Friday-Sundays save for running off news reports and scanning for urgent email. One brought this news but there was no time to do anything other than to feature earlier posts on the Home Page and include an announcement plus photo. (Any other posts appearing on a Friday/Saturday have been pre-scheduled for automatic publication.) However, I didn’t realise a regular email advice isn’t issued for such re-publishing. Therefore, in blogging yesterday’s post about Arthur I assumed that readers would already see the news on the Home Page.

So I’ve updated that post and expanded upon what Mary brought, as well as added a map. Now we need to check out whether or not the words Arthur carried for nearly 80 years are of the Lord.

Questions on the ‘No Ebb’ prophecy

As with all prophetic words, this one too – along with Bob Jones’ word – needs to be held in a ‘pending’ tray to wait and see if it will be fulfilled, thereby indicating it was brought through a true prophet. That is, they need to be held loosely, for interpretation is the Lord’s.

Therefore it needs to be weighed against scripture as well as checking with the Holy Spirit. Also, does it accord with the Lord’s character and purposes; was it delivered through an accredited prophetic voice?

I humbly submit a few comments on this:

1. Arthur’s account of the reception of the words is an extensive, essential epistle and tells his personal story. In view of the recent teaching about which I blogged here about the Beginning and holy darkness, it’s interesting to read his Prologue’s opening pages.

Therein, he recounts the night the prophetic word came > “And it shall come like…and there shall be no ebb”.  It marked the beginning of the days in which he would look for its fulfillment when, “the earth shall be covered with His Glory”, as in Psalm 72:19.

Clearly, Arthur longed to see such a day when Revival would not just come and slowly dissipate but stay as a full visitation of God’s Glory. He recounts the many times, and especially in modern days, when such wonderful moves and manifestations have ebbed away and become just another denomination, or way of ‘doing church’!

But this prophetic word brought promise of such a long-lasting powerful revival which would not ebb away. It is very likely the same one Smith Wigglesworth and his prayer partner Norman James each saw in a vision – see blog’s Library under 1947 & 1997.

2. Bob Jones’ account of having heard from God about encouraging a man overseas needs some scrutiny in view of its anecdotal rather than recorded nature, especially in view of the time-lapse. Bob’s friend, Rev Steve Scroggs, writes in The Awakening of the Lord’s End of Days’ plan to bring a billion youth into the Kingdom. He says both Bob and Arthur had revelatory insights into His plan and notes Bob’s remarks,

‘I did not know this word, or Arthur, when Bob Jones told me his part of the story. One morning in the late 1980′s, when Bob was praying and talking to God, the Lord told Bob that he wanted him to encourage one of his men in Great Britain. The Lord said, “In the year you were born I gave him a word, and he has not seen this word fulfilled. Tell him that he will see this word come to pass before he dies.” 

Now there’s a question over this dating because Bob was born in 1930, Arthur’s book has 1934 and his daughter Mary thinks it may have been as late as 1937.

Another way of looking at this, however, is that the Lord planted this word as a seed into Arthur’s spirit in 1930 but it needed nurturing and watering. Then, when delivered by another man it had an immediate impact upon Arthur because it was already in him, albeit dormant, and so it came into full bloom; or, as Mary comments in this blog,

“…it so moved him that dad grabbed hold of it. He has kept it alive all these years.”

The other question over dates is when Bob was told about Arthur because Steve’s later remarks about Kathie Walters contacting Bob on his date disagree with hers. She refers not to 1980’s but about 2009-11, as may be inferred from her account:

‘Several years ago I was in Wales. I was doing an Elijah List conference. After the conference I went to North Wales, to visit an old friend, Arthur Burt. Arthur has been in the ministry for about 85 years. He was part of a tremendous revival years ago around the 1930′s.

‘When I came back to the U.S. I called Bob Jones to see if he had any word for Wales. He said, “No, but I have a word for an old man in Wales and you were just in his house.”

“That must be Arthur Burt,” I said, as that was the only older man whose house I had been in. Bob didn’t know who Arthur Burt was at that time. “What’s the word?” I asked.

“Tell him, he will see the word,” Bob said.

“He will see what word?” I asked.

“Bob said ” I don’t know, you will have to ask him what word he received. He received it years ago. It was given to a group of people and they are all dead now except for him. But tell him he will see it”.’

Despite lack of clarity over when Bob heard from the Lord, the message details remain consistent. Furthermore, we know from many accounts of Bob Jones from close friends such as Bobby Conner and Paul Keith Davis, he operated in an exceptionally accurate gift of knowledge, as indicated in the above excerpt from Kathie’s account (in full here).

3. So if that reminder was from the Lord, what was it that He would be showing Arthur? “Tell him he will see it!”.  Does that mean all the prophecy or part of it? That prophecy describes something happening in sequence:

“It shall come as a breath…
And the breath shall bring the wind…
And the wind shall bring the rain.
And there shall be floods and floods and floods…
And torrents and torrents and torrents.
Souls shall be saved like falling leaves
from mighty oaks swept by a hurricane.
Arms and legs shall come down from heaven…
..And there shall be no ebb.”

From late 2013 and into early 2014 the UK experienced unprecedented weeks of wild wind, heavy rains, massive flooding and an earthquake!  So Arthur lived to see the first part of the prophetic word. The promise brought through Bob Jones therefore proved true.

Therefore, the original word’s own promise of an abundance of souls coming into God’s Kingdom may be just around the corner – or more likely, over the horizon!

Perhaps it may be like a spiritual tsunami sweeping right around the globe from where an immense number of salvations are increasing (China). Its initial ‘up-swelling’ is being felt by those who are awakening to what God is doing in this new season.  For example, recall Justin Abraham’s remarks in Prophecy of a roller-coaster ride – Get Ready! 

“Just back from a ballistic incredible time in OZ and NZ. Things are heating up! We are seeing early signs of the great turning of the tide everywhere…

“It’s already started and isn’t it amazing we get to see days of fulfilment and breakthrough that previous generations imagined. A brand new day. Strap yourselves in for an exciting ride!”

In this connection, Paul Keith mentioned that the open spiritual atmosphere he senses in Wales and UK is like that over Canada, but it is not so for the United States.

Now, could this be because both lands’ Prime Ministers are not anti-Semitic and anti-Israel and so the Lord’s hand of blessing is upon our nations? I’m sure it is!

Methinks Habbakuk 2 verses 1 and 13-14 seem right for what’s happening:

I will stand at my watch
    and station myself on the ramparts;
I will look to see what he will say to me,
    and what answer I am to give to this complaint.

13 Has not the Lord Almighty determined
    that the people’s labour is only fuel for the fire,
    that the nations exhaust themselves for nothing?
14 For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord  as the waters cover the sea.


Who is Arthur Burt?

homepic1Please note, I write not ‘was’ but ‘is’, for Arthur has joined ‘the cloud of witnesses’ in heaven eager for the fulfilment of the Lord’s purposes on earth. He went ‘home’ to the Lord last Thursday 28th August aged 102 years.

In tribute to him I reproduce below the text of what Santos Garcia hopefully dubbed as, “The greatest move of God the earth has (sic) seen”.

Earlier this year I came to learn a little about this centenarian but haven’t yet fully appreciated what the Lord was doing through him. How did I hear of him? I may have picked up on something on the internet whilst casting around for what was being reported in the UK. Then I noted his location!

His home was in a small seaside town in which lie my earliest memories of holidays; Penmaenmawr in North Wales and between Conwy and Bangor, opposite Puffin Isle on the eastern end of Anglesey – across the Irish Sea from Dublin. (There, I first met cows in a field and learned to watch my step en-route to the beach via a footbridge over the railway. I recall large cobbled stones at high tide and sand at low tide.)

I’m grateful to have later received his daughter-in-law Mary’s clarification on a dating error of a major prophetic word which came to a young man at a meeting, of which Arthur was the sole surviving member. She also wisely stresses that the interpretation belongs to God alone.

It was this prophecy that Arthur remembered word-for-word and about which the Lord gave Bob Jones an insight in 2009 that, “He will see the word”, as reported in On floods and Bob Jones on the prophecy held by Arthur Burt.

Brief bio’

The outline of his free e-book And There Shall Be No Ebb introduces Arthur as follows:.

‘Many from around the world have visited his home, Bron Wendon, in Penmaenmawr, North Wales, and many have to the annual “Living Waters” conventions. Many know the story, “A house for the glory of God.”

‘Arthur and Marjorie Burt were married for 65 years and had nine children and more than 50 grandchildren and great-grandchildren. As a family man, a preacher, teacher and storyteller, he’s been known in the churches around the world as “Uncle Arthur.”

‘He came to Wales from Paddock Wood in Kent, England, where he was a pastor. One day in Paddock Wood the Lord spoke one Word to Arthur: “Go!” He gave up his work in Kent and has taken a very specific message to some 44 nations for than 50 years. He said it was out of painful obedience that he entered into delight and purpose, to help prepare a people to handle the glory of God… to His glory. He said, “Now that day is at hand….”

‘He’s often said, “Big doors swing on little hinges.” Arthur’s life changed upon answering the call of God and, as a consequence, many lives all over the world were changed and refocused as he freely poured out the Word the Lord had given him.

‘His stories, teaching and proclamations echo deep ponderings over the Word. While he searched out the mysteries of the Kingdom, his life became an adventure exploring the ways of God in many nations. With spontaneity, humour and serious outcries, Arthur proclaimed,

“Prepare! We’re in the last of the last days! Humble yourself! He’s calling for a people who can handle the Presence of God to the Glory of God! Jesus did everything with nothing. (John 5:30) We are ushering in the dawn of a new day. The time is at hand – the dispensation of the fullness of times, where there shall be no ebb….”  (emphasis RB)

The prophetic word Arthur held

On pages 47-48 of his book, Arthur explains ‘ebb’ in the context of moves of God as the fullness of times (my emphasis) before telling how the ‘No Ebb’ prophetic word came about and what it states:

One the third day He will raise us up…” Every move of God has finished with an ebb, a denomination. Men like A. A. Allen, Oral Roberts, whoever, they’ve all fulfilled the word of God: “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.” That’s the ultimate, the glory of God. We all “fall short of the glory of God.”
And to this day, the Church is in two-thirds. The Church is in Pentecost, meeting
man’s need instead of moving into Tabernacles and meeting God’s glory. God is
governed by one thing, His glory.
Pentecost brought us to two-thirds. But we’re entering into the fullness of times.
One, Two, Three. Passover, Pentecost, Tabernacles. The underlying principle is
Tabernacles, the third third. God will fulfill and fill full in Tabernacles. Tabernacles is
for the glory of God.
If God has dictated three, then two will never do the job. Pentecost introduced
it but did not have the power to produce. Only the third third could do it. Very few
know what we are talking about when we’re talking about the third third. It’s joy,
fullness of joy! Tabernacles… Fullness!
What is the third third? I don’t know anything higher than the love of God.
Break it down to simple everyday loving. Would I walk in love? It’s new wine,
it’s joy. It produces fruit. The little bud, the bloom, the blossom — then comes
the fruit! But even after the fruit is developing, unless it comes to fullness, you’ve
got nothing.
One, two, three. We’ve entered into that season, the third third, the third day. Most
people never get beyond souls. “Oh if I could only get this soul saved!” But the
ultimate is that God requires His glory and if souls are not operating to the glory
of God, they better not operate at all. That’s the goal! His glory
We are children of light. Something is trying to pull us into darkness, hardness.
“You were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of
light….” It’s Christ in you. We have the ability to touch others. Yield and be used
everyday. He’s only asking for obedience. All He’s asking for is obedience.
There’s much more in a much more salvation. He saves us to the uttermost.
“After two days will he revive us: in the third day he will raise us up, and we shall
live in his sight.” Something’s coming!
And there shall be no ebb…
Right from the beginning, there has always been the ebb. When a tide comes in, it
reaches high tide and then after flowing in, it ebbs out. Every move of God has been
followed by the ebb. There is something lying ahead that will have no ebb!
I was expelled from the Church of England in 1934 for embracing the Pentecostal
revelation, the baptism of the Spirit, speaking with other tongues. Right after that,
a prophecy came. I remember it as if it was last night:

I walked over to a piano and looked at the open Bible, it was open there at this

“For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come….”

At the meeting that night, not a Church of England meeting, but a Pentecostal
meeting, the Spirit of God fell upon a young man and he prophesied. I think it’s
about the only prophecy I can remember word-for-word in my entire life. It’s like
a scar inside of me!

“It shall come as a breath…
And the breath shall bring the wind…
And the wind shall bring the rain.
And there shall be floods and floods and floods…
And torrents and torrents and torrents.
Souls shall be saved like falling leaves
from mighty oaks swept by a hurricane.
Arms and legs shall come down from heaven…
..And there shall be no ebb.”

I remember that, “Souls shall be saved like falling leaves from mighty oaks swept by a
There was another part about “the rich and the poor embracing each other in the streets of New York.” But the final thing was… “And there shall be no ebb.”
No ebb!

Thus closes the 6th chapter, the 7th being entitled ‘The One-man Show Is Over’!!


  1. For a consideration of this prophetic word in connection with Bob Jones’ later word of knowledge that “He will see the word”, read the next post >
  2. Maray Lamplighter comments on Confirmation of prophetic word: holy winds of change, “Arthur Burt was told to release the No Ebb Prophecy in the year 2014 just before he went to heaven at the age of 102. He preached it for over 60 years but The Lord told him he had already seen the breath of the beginning of His Mighty Wind of His Holy Spirit in 2012 in North Carolina in miracles and signs and wonders. People came and Jesus healed them in miraculous ways. They came to surrender their lives to Christ. Now this breath of HIS first visitations has filled His People with The Anointing for Holiness. They will go Forth to Do Exploits to Prosper The Kingdom of God on the earth…(he) heard this word first from a young man (still unnamed) over 60 years ago. God wrote it on his heart and he carried it in his breast pocket until one day in 2014 after 60 years of preaching this word in over 50 countries The Holy Spirit told him it is time to tell the people “I AM Performing My Word!”

Bobby Conner: A holy, unstoppable firestorm coming to the UK

bobbyconnerSix years ago today the internationally recognised prophet Bobby Conner brought the following prophetic words for the United Kingdom. We had heard him previously in Bath and were impressed his outstanding teaching is so well-grounded in the Bible.

Therefore, watching him live via God TV, his words deeply impacted my spirit and so I transcribed them later from God TV’s archive. After launching this blog I copied the notes into the Library on the Prophecies & Visions hub, and find they get regularly consulted.

Please note:

  1. that, as with all prophecies, it needs to be weighed and tested against scripture, as well as being considered in the event of fulfilment in, for example, the current Welsh Outpouring. Also, controversial as it was, the Outpouring in Lakeland, Florida, is generally recognised as having been of God, albeit with a big mix of man. (This linked post offers an informed review of that earlier Outpouring.)
  2. Updates regarding the subsequent Bay of The Holy Spirit Revival and Welsh Outpouring.

Day 42 – 13 May 2008

The meeting’s emphasis upon healing and testimonies changed when Todd Bentley announced:

“Yesterday I had a phone call from a senior prophet of this nation…and he said, “Todd, Bob Jones and I are ready to come down to Florida. Can you please call us as to when you want us to come? In fact, sooner rather than later because we want to come tomorrow night.

“I knew in my spirit there’s something going on here!…There’s something about the two senior prophets in America – proven and versed in the Word – coming together. I knew that something would change in the revival, for I’ve known Bob through the years and we have such a connection that just his blessing tonight would release something in the Spirit.
“I believe they’re here tonight as two witnesses…Something in the spiritual atmosphere is about to change and you need to…hear what the Holy Spirit is saying and we’ll just let Him move…I’m going to bring Bob up but before that I know Bobby has some words for you…”


Bobby Conner

“This is the day of His power…This isn’t a time to be waffling, not a time to be waiting – this is a time to move into the very fire of God.

God is up to something! The voice of the Lord spoke to me last night and here’s what He said,

Tell the people to keep their focus on Jesus, moving ever closer to Him and I will see that this move is a quintessential move of God.”

Bobby continues:

“This move is a ‘quintessential move of God’… and quintessential means the most perfect embodiment of something…He’s going to bring this move to a point of maturity we’ve not seen before; and He called it ‘quintessential’…[one meaning is] removing impurities to bring to a place of maturity and perfection – that’s what God wants to do!

“Also, the Lord said to me that this very night we can eat the hidden manna…Revelation 2:17, “To him who overcomes I will give some of the hidden manna”. We’re in a time right now when God will reveal sacred secrets and mystic mysteries. This is a time we can access the very heart of God and find out what God has planned for these days. And Todd is absolutely, totally 100% right. God is turning a page – going up another level, another level, not only in Lakeland but also all across the earth! – Another level !!

“Remember, just like Moses cried out in Exodus 33:18 “O Lord, show me your glory”. That’s what we’re after…we’re after the glory of God.

“Revelation 2:17…I want to be an overcomer. Don’t you? So there’s a time right now, according to Matthew 13:16 that you and I can see things and hear things and observe things and receive things that prior generations could not…we are a privileged people but with that privilege comes great responsibility. So, I want us to really seek the Lord with everything that’s within us: Jeremiah 29.13…you will find Him – God – when you seek for Him with all your heart.

“I’m telling you, there’s going to be a holy, unstoppable fire – a firestorm is going to come to the UK – I’m talking to you now Trevor (Baker): God says He’s going to send a firestorm to the UK. It won’t be stopped. It won’t be stopped. It’s going to rage, rage, rage!! God’s going to be bringing a firestorm! This is a night we need to be praying for the UK because God said,

“I’m going to start a firestorm!”

Bobby excitedly exhorted everyone,

“I’m tired of smoke. I want to see a fire – don’t you? And the Lord’s going to do it…Malachi 3:1 – the Lord whom you seek shall suddenly come to His temple. He’ll come like a refiner’s fire, a fuller’s soap. He’s going to come…

“I’m so excited…but I’m so tired of people not being excited about this. There’s an awesome, an awesome anointing here…God says, “I will pour water on those who are thirsty, floods upon dry ground”… and when we position ourselves God will pour out His Spirit…

“I hope none of us think, “I’ve seen that, been there, done that”. It’s wrong…to be blasé for this is a new, wonderful thing that God is doing – Isaiah 48:6 “See, I am doing a new thing.”. **

Bobby then blesses and calls for the fire on everyone. Todd invites Trevor Baker from Dudley, UK, onto stage and he says that Bobby had already known outpouring would break out in England (eg. the Come Up Here conference, Bath 2007 – RB’s note) He tells him it’s started and is in Ireland too. Bobby replies,

“This meeting will be one of the most explosive for it’s going to go everywhere! This move will be distilled – all impurities taken out. It will be distilled, not diluted – the further it goes the stronger it will get! It should be the other way round – but no! The further it goes the stronger it will get!”

After Trevor Baker gives an update Bobby and Bob lay hands on him and wham! – click to see video clip:


** Bobby quotes Isa 43:19 but his referral to Isa 48:6 is most apposite, which reads:

You have heard these things; look at them all. Will you not admit them? From now on I will tell you of new things, of hidden things unknown to you.

Day 53 – 24 May 2008

John & Carol Arnott present again and John told of two angels seen by the United Methodist scholar Scott McDermott who asked them, “What are you doing?”. He was told they’re going to those places that had revival, or were touched by revival, in 1990’s to bring it again – if it’s what they want! [NB. This is two years before the Holy Spirit’s brought God’s presence again to Pensacola-Mobile area.]

John spoke of 2Kings3:14-20 as being prophetic for this outpouring. Then, water for three kings’ troops had run out and the Lord told Elisha to have them dig trenches. Nowadays, this may be applied to the lack of any sign in the natural that revival is coming but, if you dig, then suddenly with no wind or rain in sight – water will come into all the network of ditches. That is, all areas that had contained the previous revivals would be re-activated and flowing with the river of God. [Note: this scripture had motivated the Ditchdigger Network of Churches in Reading, which had been involved with revival in South American nations in 1990s.]

Under a noticeably very strong, powerful anointing (heavier than I’ve previously seen on her) Carol referred to 2 Kings2:19-22 and asked the Lord to pour salt into these revival waters, to ensure that they’re cleansed of all past impurities and poison.

UPDATE May 2014 – this last point is worth noting in view of subsequent personal events in Todd’s life AND because a fresh move of healing came in July 2010 on the anniversary of the start of the Brownsville Revival. This became known as The Bay of The Holy Spirit Revival hosted by Rev John Kilpatrick in association with British healing evangelist Nathan Morris. [See The Bay website and tag on this blog, as well as tags for both men.]

Day 57 – 28 May 2008

Todd: “Something to happen tonight, for the first time, is a great birthing within the Church – the Lord is about to commission places, regions as ‘hubs of miracles’. God’s plan was for visitation at Jerusalem and is now to visit whole cities and regions with revival…Who’s here from Wales?”
Several people came on-stage and, whilst imparting the Holy Spirit, Todd declared, “The Great Welsh Revival” many times over one man. Others were from S Wales, one was told, “Take it all over the UK”, another man was from Wrexham.
“I believe the Lord is commissioning new healing wells of anointing in places all over the

UPDATE May 2014 – see this blog’s report 2013 Revival in Wales and links therein for la fuller documentary coverage of what’s happening as well as this blog’s Welsh Outpouring, tag . 

SEE ALSO: Revival in the UK – encouragement from Alabama

An insight into the supra-natural

ladderheaven_credit Elijah ListMy previous post may have perhaps puzzled, or perturbed, some readers?  Lately, I’m not writing so much on Biblically relevant news as on the prophetic and more upon the supra-natural, such as subtle linkages, dreams and even visitations.

This culminated in items on three well-known closely connected prophets; Paul Keith Davis, Bobby Conner and the late Bob Jones. Prior to publishing I’d been mulling over the material for several weeks, especially over the dream about Bob.

Let me share a scriptural insight on this more contentious issue for those who prefer to keep to what’s black and white, as printed in the revealed Word of God. Continue reading

Bob Jones: It’s about THE Harvest, look at your hands!

The following dream account by Bobby Conner is especially interesting in connection with recent references to the parable of the wheat and tares and An Invitation to The Threshing Floor:

Bobby_Conner_2013_150pxIn the early morning hours of March 28, 2014 around 3:30am I received a very vivid dream, which I feel is significant to help the Body of Christ gage (sic) the season we have entered into. This was much more than a mere dream. This was a prophetic encounter! The dream commences, I am in my study at my desk in Moravian Falls, North Carolina; I am working on a new book.

The Holy Spirit said; “You have a visitor”. Thinking someone was at the door I am about to open the door. However the Holy Spirit said, “Your visitor is at the window”. Turning to look at my windows, suddenly with a flash of light appearing just outside my window striding down what appeared to be translucent pearl colored stairs was Bob Jones. He had the most winsome warm smile and looked absolutely wonderful. However, in the dream I was completely aware that Bob had gone to heaven on Feb 14th 2014.

Bob simply stepped into my study. I did not need to open the window he just walked right in. His appearance was incredible, he was firm and fit. He was dressed in a wonderful soft, beautiful, elegant white robe past his waist down below his knees, like a long shirt. His hair was extremely white and glistening I was amazed at his skin it was without blemish white and soft, his smile was truly radiant and beautiful. His eyes were bigger than normal and extremely clear sparkling like that of an excited child.

Jones3_300pxI had been expecting his visit. Nevertheless words can’t describe my delight and thrill. I was so excited to see my dear friend. I said, “I been expecting this meeting! And looking forward to it.” He quickly replied in an excited tone, “Me too!” His next words were, “You are doing fine!” And he said, placing both hands on his chest, “And I am doing wonderful”.

Golden Shafts

In this encounter is seemed as if we could communicate without actual conversation, spirit to spirit with our hearts. Then he said, “Have you noticed your hair?” I replied, “No not really!” He said in an instructive tone. “Run your hand through your hair.” Accordingly I ran my right hand through my hair it felt perfectly normal.

Then Bob said in a delighted, gleeful tone, “Look in your hand,” when I looked at my hand I had hundreds of golden pieces of strands. These golden particles seemed to me like the shaft of arrows only much smaller! They were round and very straight about one foot in length.

Bob said in an excited informative manner, “Do it again and again and again”; each time more and more golden shafts appeared until my hands as well as his were overflowing with these golden strands.  Bob declared with a wonderful twinkle in his bright blue eyes, and a smile of someone who knows a secret that you are about to learn, “Watch closely!”

Suddenly these golden shafts appeared to turn into wonderful huge stalks of ripe grain. These golden stalks filled not just our hands they were now huge you could hardly get your arms around them. And they continued to expand larger and larger. The rapid acceleration of their increase was breath-taking.

It Is Harvest Time

Hand_in_wheatBob said with a child-like smile, “YOU know what this means don’t you!“

I replied somewhat tentatively, “I think I do!”

He said in a most confident tone, “It is the HARVEST!”

He said, “The coming harvest will be spearheaded by the prophetic.” The Prophets will be used in an unprecedented way to announce and declare the fields that are now ripe and ready for harvest. The prophetic voices will sound a clear trumpet call bring forth the Body of Christ to stand-up and speak up becoming  anointed evangelists.

Bob said almost in a personal matter of fact manner, “It is so much better to watch from my vantage point.” He added, “I know we have much to talk about, but we will do that later!”

And suddenly there was a strong flash of light, extremely blue bright, and he was gone. In the dream I am standing in my study; my body and mind both pulsating, shaken to the core by the visitation.

Abruptly I am awake laying in my bed, my body still responding to the event that I just experienced, my heart pounding and my spirit electrified. The main enlightenment we must comprehend from this encounter is: it is harvest time. The end of the age is now upon us. Arise, prepare your heart to thrust yourself into the harvest field.

Bobby Conner, April 10, 2014

Photos courtesy The Elijah List; Hand-in-Wheat photo via Flickr by Tom McCagherty.

Notes to Readers:

For those concerned over the supra-natural implications of this account I’d direct you to a scripturally related explanation in Who’s watching who? A cloud of witnesses.

Bobby’s ‘bio’ and websites: EaglesView Ministries and Prophetic Ministry of Bob Jones

In the light of their long friendship, I‘d like to draw attention to Bobby’s brief eulogy of 15th February.:

Bob Jones, a wonderful prophetic leader and prayer warrior for over four decades, went home Friday morning at 6:22, February 14th, 2014.

In the early morning hours Friday I heard within my spirit the corporate cry coming from earth… “my father!” my father!” (see 2 Kings 2:12). Bob Jones moved to heaven peacefully and smiling. For over 20 years Bob and I lived in relationship only God could have arranged.  He was a true father and friend in the prophetic. I asked Jesus many years ago, about Bob Jones and He replied to me “He is MY FRIEND”. I am very sure of this fact, Bob will be more effective from his vantage point now than before. The seeds he has sown will surely bring great harvest.

Prophetic stream updates blog’s Library

Courtesy of James Mark Long, www.propheticartists.comIncreasing ‘chatter’ across global communication channels alerts intelligence agencies to possible terrorist attacks. Similarly, there’s lots of ‘chatter’ on what God’s about to do. That is, an increase in revelatory words along similar lines alerts the recognised prophets that, ‘something’s afoot’ –  the Lord is about to take a specific course of action for, as the Old Testament prophet Amos learned:

Surely the Lord God does nothing,
Unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.

It may be an invidious comparison between prophecy and security, yet it’s apposite for both are based upon intelligence gathering.

In view of developing promises of revival, therefore, I’ve enlarged this blog’s Library of Prophecies with several words from recent months, together with older, related items.

Therefore, I’ve enhanced material on Bill Johnson’s ‘tipping point’ of 1st Sept 2011 as being a date of change for the UK, which was almost identical in nature to a revelatory, vivid dream I’d experienced. The dream took me to the street in Westminster where Bill was meeting. This was far too coincidental to be simply by ‘chance’ because it validated the content and new insights I’d been blessed with in my dream.

Other, older material is from Chris Welch’s personal ‘prophetic stream’ on revival, along with a couple of video clips which includes an interview with Jean Darnell.

Heather ClarkJean’s visions of 47 years ago were unknown to Heather Clark, guest worship leader on Sunday, who spoke of sensing strong fires upon her arrival in Britain two weeks ago!  And that week I’d sensed a large expanding fire whilst in Fleet  Baptist Church, Hants. (It had started 2 years ago as a fireball blown from the Lord into the congregation.) There’s also the ‘trail-blazing fire’…!

In my opinion it’s important to note Bob Jones’ last published prophecy, The Coming Promise: especially its reference to Persian King Cyrus as the Lord’s ‘battle axe’ that would be applied first to the corrupt and compromised Church. (He’s featured in my recent Babylonian aspect of the Church’s ‘New Era’)

Now you may recall Charles Shamp’s reference to the axe too, and cynics could all too easily assume he’s seen and repeated Bob’s material. But we have a third source who had been given that very principle two years ago! – see Mark Maddock’s reference to ‘Axe Prayer’ in his comment to my blog on Babylon and referred to in Confirmations…

The Library’s new material can be found easily by means of its coloured dates. Simply scroll and look out for the reds, blues and purples.

May you enjoy and be blessed…

Parts of an ‘invisible jigsaw’ point to a bigger picture

In Enjoy puzzles?… I challenged readers to discover an eighth theme hidden within recent postings on this blog. The aim was to imagine these main themes as pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and to try to fit them together.

It was intellectual rather than a physical puzzle. Also, there was no design by which pieces could be matched and fitted together. Furthermore, they wouldn’t form into a complete mental picture because there’d probably be some gaps.

The idea was to develop discernment in considering the data within each piece’s ‘design’ as well as to appreciate the timing of their appearance – like perceiving and mentally handling chunks of information within an invisible matrix.

So, it was a trifle tricky but my intention was to convey a sensing of invisible links between those several blogs in order to get insights into the much bigger picture.

Anyway, here’s my own interpretation of how the puzzle could be started:

Blog Jigsaw

For information, jigsaw pieces as individual blogs are listed below with shorter titles and main themes underlined. Numbering assists seeing which is which (especially if the title isn’t obvious) and the connecting ‘lugs’ of each piece.:

My question is; to what could numbers 8 and 9 refer? The answer to the first follows in the next post.

Prophecy can involve teamwork

Now and again I’ve mused upon fulfillment of Biblical prophecy being similar to completing an immense ‘invisible jigsaw’, as may be read on the Jigsaw tag.

The Holy Bible is the design’s template and global events form the pieces which can be ‘seen’ falling into place. This concept in its finality is ably conveyed in Thanunkhorn’s image ‘Puzzle Globe and Book’, copied by courtesy of

A knowledge of scripture and personal revelation from the Holy Spirit helps born-again believers gain insights into how, when and where the pieces fall into place.

We also have the advantage of being able to have insights weighed, tested and confirmed by leaders who are not only blessed by Holy Spirit’s gift of prophecy but also have access to those recognised as authentic prophetical voices.

In view of the scriptural fact that even accurate prophets prophesy only in part (1 Cor13:9), their words are augmented by prophetic fellowship under the headship of Jesus Christ, whose ‘testimony is the spirit of prophecy’ (Rev 19:10).

So, prophetic data shared and insights gained through the above postings have all come through sanctified yet separate teamwork; in this instance they are William Smith, Paul Keith Davis, John Kilpatrick, Bob Jones, Arthur Burt, Jane Hamon, Sharon Stone and Emma Stark (as with the 8 pieces below! God-incidence?).

Teamwork Solving a Puzzle by Franky242; courtesy

Thank you Lord and praise your holy name.

ANOTHER PIECE ADDED: see Confirmations of latest prophetic words on the UK

Enjoy puzzles? Then try this ‘invisible jigsaw’!

Stretch your intellect and imagination to complete this jigsaw. Although invisible it’s not imaginary, because its material content really exists.

Divine data downloads as gently as snowflakes. As insights, or revelatory notions that drop into mind, they seem independent until sticking together like flakes. In fact, they get plugged in, a switch is thrown, the connection made and my inner light bulb starts flashing!

Then I perceive they’re really like jigsaw pieces.  Each fits somehow, somewhere, into an invisible jigsaw puzzle, the overall design of which is beyond my ‘ken’.  Last week’s  downloads do fit snuggly together!  Someone looking over my shoulder whispers what sequence I’m to slot them together. Only as I do that, like moving in faith, does a new, unseen design start to appear. I could almost handle it and discover its intricacies…

The challenge

Would you like to try this puzzle? It’s not as complicated as may seem at first. As in a ‘whodunnit’, clues need to be assessed to identify actors, locations, sequences of activities and inks before a crime mystery can be solved.

We’re avid fans of the tv series Death in Paradise set in the Caribbean. The climax always features Detective Inspector Goodman puzzling over the many clues garnered from investigations, as shown on the team’s whiteboard. Each episode, he stares for ages until getting a flash of inspiration on how the invisible threads link every piece together and solves the puzzle. He tests his theory by confronting suspects and the unequivocal solution enables the criminal’s arrest.

Shall we tackle our ‘invisible jigsaw’?

The Jigsaw Pieces

Our novel jigsaw is like a tapestry but we can’t see the design from our perspective underneath the fabric. We can see differently coloured threads and sewing according to instructions we grasp only that part of the tapestry in our hands. Yet it’s not impossible to guess the eventual design that’s being created.

In our jigsaw each piece displays information upon one or more obvious themes. These pieces are recent posts on this blog, as listed below with shorter titles and main themes underlined. Numbering helps us to see them (especially if the title isn’t obvious) and the connecting ‘lugs’ of the pieces.:

Like any pictorial jigsaw, we can fit most matching pieces together. First, we select the single numbers and put them down. Next, pieces with two numbers, or two lots of data and, where possible, we can connect one cluster with another and leave them on the ‘board’. As with a real jigsaw puzzle we see pieces that have bits of an image, fit them together and then connect with other images. It may help by drawing your own Venn, or ‘bubble’, diagram showing logical relationships.

Please note, we won’t get a completed jigsaw in this exercise, just joined pieces. Were we to look at previous posts we’d get more clusters joining up.

Can you see how we can fit them together? For example 2’s are about Bob Jones, 3’s and 4’s about Jesus and His Bride, 5’s about the recent flooding, etc..

But what does ‘8’ represent?  Can you solve that from the puzzle? If so, then please comment below. (Regret no prize other than that of satisfaction.)

The answer is hinted at in Paws 4 Thought and links what downloaded last week, like the pieces dropping out of the sky as illustrated above. In my opinion, it’s to do with the link between Dr Stone’s words about the threshing floor and an aspect of the new season the Church is moving into. But what, or who, is it?

See Parts of an ‘Invisible Jigsaw’ Point to a Bigger Picture for my illustrated solution to the above ‘puzzle’

Some may say it’s contrived to claim connections, or I’ve published selected material in a way that lends itself to being linked!  Let me assure you that, much as I prefer to write posts in an orderly manner, what’s in the pipeline often gets delayed because topical events are more relevant for publication, as on this occasion. I couldn’t get this item out in time for close-down last weekend. Nevertheless, what happened over that weekend was also to prove a piece of this ‘invisible jigsaw’!

It’s all like an open door, or rather a time-tunnel connecting a Biblical template with what’s soon to happen.  But just what is that template? More about that soon…and hope it’s not too big a tease?

Also, I will reveal how the unknown theme ‘9’ relates to the invisible hand behind our invisible jigsaw.

I trust that ‘grasping’ this puzzle’s pieces will develope a discernment of likely, hidden links between events.

Thank you

James Hughes knew nothing of my week-old plans on this puzzle but I’m grateful to him for unwittingly confirming that intention. I gave him a draft hardcopy of John Kilpatrick’s prophetic words and he said it’s all “like a jigsaw”. I laughed and confided my attempt at describing an invisible jigsaw in another item, to which he responded with 1 Corinthians 13 verse 9:

9 For we know in part and we prophesy in part. 10 But when that which is perfect has come, then that which is in part will be done away…13 And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love. [NKJV per BibleGateway]

[Image of Flying puzzles by Nokhoog Buchachons: credit]

A clarification from Arthur Burt’s daughter

See photos of Arthur’s Centenary Celebration on Mary’s website – Arthur went home to the Lord on Thursday 28th August aged 102 years (post updated 1st Sept)

Further to recent items about Bob Jones and Arthur Burt I’m grateful to Mark Maddock’s contribution on my post about a likely cause of our storms. He gives a clarification and proviso from Arthur’s daughter, Mary, on the date and origin of the prophecy attributed to her father. It is copied below for readers’ information together with my remarks.:

If you’ve not yet checked what Arthur wrote, then read the ‘No Ebb’ prophecy first, as on Billye Brims’ site rather than Kathie Walters’ longer account relating to Bob Jones.

One of Mark’s friends who knows Mary contacted her to ask about the details and then informed Mark, who comments as follows:

Here is an excerpt of her reply; the key factual point to note is that the prophecy was given in 1937… thus there is no direct link with Bob Jones’ birth year (1930):

“… The prophecy is correct, however he did not give it but has carried it.
The prophecy was spoken by someone else in a meeting in 1937 and it so moved him that dad grabbed hold of it. He has kept it alive all these years.
I am glad you emailed about it. But we must remember that the interpretation belongs to God. Many have made assumptions, Bob Jones talked about it, but we must hold these things lightly.
I once saw a documentary shortly after the Afghanistan war where in Kandahar the landmines that were still buried were the cause of many children and adults losing arms and legs. In the documentary they showed a helicopter literally dropping arms and legs to the ground. You could see them in plastic bags. It reminded me of the prophecy.”

Thank you Mary. (She ministers through Word and Spirit Intl Ministries, which may be found at’)

The reference to ‘arms and legs’ in the prophecy may indicate something about the time in which it’s scheduled for fulfilment.  Also, perhaps someone familiar with those details would actually see body parts coming down out of the sky and thereby realise the direct relevance to the prophecy. That is, it would as a physical sign of approaching fulfilment. (It reminds me of a dream in which I saw how the Kingdom is being set up on earth, and which connected in the spirit with Bill Johnson’s 2011 word for Britain – see Father, let Your Kingdom come).

Alternatively or in addition, of course, that odd reference may mean miraculous healing of limbs will be a major feature of this coming revival.


Now for a look at a funny side of the past fortnight’s deluge of ‘divine data’, of which this is only one bit…

In writing about a trio of prophetical prompts I implied it was 40 years from the date of Arthur Burt’s note as in Billye Brim’s reference to 1934 to that of David Minor’s Two Winds, both of which I’d inserted in my Library.

The next day, in shock I took stock! My quick mental maths were wrong!

“No!” – it’s about 50 years between Arthur’s and David’s of 1987. I was about to amend 40 to 50 but realised the correct connection, and issued a clarification. It was like how my mind had been muddled in a Godly way over the dates and news on the blog’s 2nd anniversary and what provoked my interest over 25 years ago, as noted here.  It’s not like me to get my sums wrong!

NOW, with Mary’s more authoritative date of 1937 the 50 years difference to the ‘Two Winds’ prophetic words has not only turned up again but also shows I WAS right to suspect a link. In clarifying the date it ratifies my notion that a subtle link may exist – so maybe we should consider these prophecies more deeply?

The tornado forces of that First Wind could be like what’s happened since October’s St Jude’s Day Storm, and then onwards from December and New Year’s extreme, record-breaking lowest pressure, known as ‘explosive deepenings’, or ‘weather bombs’ (USA). Almost hurricane force winds, frequent heavy rains and horizon-to-horizon flooding until last week makes it officially the ‘Wettest Winter’ in nearly 250 years.

Please note I’m not promoting any sort of numerical theory. Just noting the facts, and the coincidence. Or, is it ‘God-incidence’?

Is the Lord trying to get our attention and telling us there’s something very important?

“Take note, My children!”

On floods and Bob Jones on the prophecy held by Arthur Burt

arthurhandssmileA reader emailed that Arthur ‘went home’ to the Lord on Thursday 28th August, aged 102 years.


The original post published on 27th February 2014 is featured, together with his daughter Mary’s subsequent clarifications, as here, in commemoration of this remarkable servant of our Lord. A consideration of the following prophecies may be read here.  The original posts reads as follows… Continue reading

Paul Keith Davis remembers his friend Bob Jones

This personal reflection by Paul Keith upon his long, close friendship with the ‘prophet of love’, Bob Jones, is fascinating. We learn how they met, what Bob was like, about his ministry and more…

Readers unfamiliar with revelatory or prophetical material may find his statements novel but, rest assured, this video is well-worth watching.

To give a flavour, here’s a few notes on what Keith divulges:

  • Bob operated strongly in the Daniel anointing of dream interpretation. Not only did he have advance knowledge of the content of another’s dreams but he would also know its meaning – and even be in it with them!
  • That was very clear in Keith’s first meeting with Bob when, with Bobby Conner, they held their first public meeting and demolished a stronghold of witchcraft.
  • Bob’s prophetic gifting would flow continually over several days.
  • Accurate prophecies about two revivals – Pensecola/Brownsville and The Bay of The Holy Spirit – as well as two hurricanes striking the same place (Mobile bay).
  • Bob’s earlier death and why he was returned to earthly life, and a later attempt by the spirit of death to prevent his completing his ordained destiny.
  • Their trip into hell and its purpose in connection with an unsaved person. (I was reminded of when I stood upon hell’s trapdoor; as told here.)
  • His passing on St Valentines Day – Keith surmises it’s not so much that Bob is a prophet of love but that its significance is about Time – a ‘tick’ of God’s prophetic clock and what’s about to happen globally with billions coming into the Kingdom!
  • Re. Daniel 7:26-27 and John 16:8-11 – the judgement has been, or is about to be, made in favour of the saints and the Spirit of Truth released upon the earth.

Those are just a few and exclude the meaning of two asteroids heading toward earth!  (It reminds me of what demolished the idol in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream – Dan 2.)  If you’re interested, I’m sure you’ll make the opportunity to watch this 90 minute  video. There’s so much wisdom for us to learn from both men of God. Some, I know, may have reservations but this may be addressed as you read on…

Defeating Compromise

Today, I received an email from Keith on his work with Bob in understanding previous moves of the Holy Spirit. They investigated what was done properly and what brought about a decline, what has been lost or why an original mandate wasn’t fully achieved. In opening, he explains:

One of the last conversations I had with Bob Jones dealt with our great need to remain true to God’s word and alleviate spiritual compromise. Bob was a man who clearly remained true to his beliefs and represented the prophetic gospel with boldness, without yielding to the compromise of political correctness. I wrote this article based upon the revelatory encounter that he had and the understanding we gleaned from our conversations on the subject. I believe it is a very relevant word for this hour.
Clearly this nation and the church are presently going through a great shaking.  Naturally, our first question is to understand the Holy Spirit’s objective during this season.  What do we need to gleam from these tests and trials?
As I have been asking the Lord this question I was reminded of a prophetic article that Bob Jones and I brought several years ago…
Scrutiny of these revivals will highlight one principal spirit of a
diabolical nature that has facilitated this demise.   It can simply be identified as the “spirit of compromise”. (Emphases mine)

Keith is referring to the USA but this applies to the UK too, as we may gather in Gillan Scott’s latest blog about Anglicans compromising with the world.

Our prophet continues by recounting Bob’s deep visionary experience and revelatory insights about how this satanic spirit shipwrecks advances within churches, and how it can be most effectively countered and defeated through using the Sword of the Spirit – namely, the living Word of God.

To read the letter in full, watch out for its publication on WhiteDove Ministries’ website.

Bob on Arthur Burt

I will soon cover what Bob Jones said about Arthur Burt’s ministry. [NOW published in two parts beginning here.]

Meanwhile, you may be interested in Bob’s account of his first death and its effect upon him, as recounted here, and this earlier video of a conversation between Keith and his other close friend, Bobby Conner.