Greater London – An Awakening of Fire

“I am about to reflect the full dynamic and the full facet of My nature”, says God. And the Lord says, “You have got to be prepared to be uncomfortable, for the Lord says it is all the greatness of My glory and My magisterial Kingly anointing that is going to visit in the midst.” Continue reading

Is this an Awakening? An update from Greater London

I can hardly believe that the first stage of what I have been praying for for 20 years has finally arrived. I am so thankful to God for lighting a fire at Capstone Church, Ilford.

Here are two prophetic words within an hour –
by James Goll in San Diego and
by Emma Stark at Friday’s meeting.
What is happening there is a sacred move of God. In His wisdom He has lit the fire in an out of the way place in East London; in a small church made up mainly of people of Indian ethnicity. Continue reading

Updates on the London area awakening – more!

(London) ‘The UK’s largest evangelism event since Billy Graham’s crusade decades ago hit the heart of Britain at the weekend with thousands responding to the Gospel message from evangelist J John…”Mass evangelism reminds the world that the Church is not dead. It’s easy to ignore a few little fellowships hidden away in anonymous buildings in a dozen suburbs. It’s much less easy if there are tens of thousands of people in your city’s main stadium…” (Ilford)…”There are signs and wonders already happening. I attach a video of a fan next to Miranda Nelson which has a flame in the middle of it. Jerame said it was a sign that the Lord was fanning something into flame! Also the keyboard started to play on its own. There have also been a number of people healed this week. Continue reading

Heidi Baker: God’s awakening Europe – and the Anglicans!

Thank you to Suzanne Payne of UK Prophetic Words and especially to Dave Hood for this link to an important prophetic word from Heidi Baker of Iris Global ministries. Heidi foretells the Lord’s appearing in dreams to Muslims, Sikhs and Buddhists … Continue reading

Britain and Brexit: a word on the why and wherefore – Awakening!

Thank you to UK Prophetic Words for this significant confirmatory word from Heidi Mitchell received today: BRITAIN AND BREXIT God’s been speaking to me a lot about Brexit, which I knew nothing about before I came to the UK. And He … Continue reading

Monday newsmix: UK re-awakening and more Muslims looking to Jesus

After a short break on the coast followed by a weekend course on living in Holy Spirit’s anointing, I trawled through my in-tray and was very pleased with the following good news. Both items are related to visionary and prophetical … Continue reading

Reports of ‘Awakenings’ in USA – UK next please Lord (#1,000)

Appropriately for this blog’s 1,000th post there’s news of developments in the New Era for the Church: At Sunday’s morning’s service in CHP in Alabama pastor John Kilpatrick said he’s being contacted about a revival involving many young people in … Continue reading