Confirmations of latest prophetic words on the UK

Hand Holding Puzzle Piece by Ponsulak

This piece wasn’t around when I tried completing that ‘invisible jigsaw’. It’s as though the Lord has added a fresh piece to enable us to start seeing the bigger picture.

And what’s just happened is extraordinary! (This may try you, but it’s true and I called Nina to witness what happened.) I wanted a fresh ‘puzzle picture’ for this post, one to convey my sense of what’s happened. So I searched database and soon spotted the above by Ponsulak. They have reasonable terms and conditions for using images freely and the application form requires an auto-generated security question to be completed to get the download. Most sites want a mix of letters and numbers to be copied but this one uses a short phrase, such as title of a rhyme, song or book.

What was this image’s security code?  It was “Greatest Story Ever Told” – AMAZING! (It’s the 1965 film on Jesus’ life.)  How highly appropriate. An Almighty L.O.L.!

Can we take that as confirmation? – even validation? – of the observations I’m about to make on Charles Shamp’s God’s glory will be on display this Spring (click to read):

1. “Shifting”

At the close of the introduction, my remark “…notice that, once again, a ‘major shift’ is spoken of” referred to what I’d already written about “a sifting and a sHifting”, as here, and an almost concurrent confirmation from John Kilpatrick.

At the close of teaching upon the Lord redefining His people, John brought a powerful word that concluded, “There is a SHIFTING going on RIGHT NOW. There is a TRUE SHIFTING going on right now, where God is going to…” (A Season of ‘Suddenlies’).

Charlie opens,

 Almost every major shift of reformation or revival started on these Island nations. [Later stating that…]

The Lord spoke to me that a major shift in the Spirit would come in the Spring and wells that were capped over would be opened once again.

2. Bridge Over ‘The Pond’

Endless Bridge by Evgeni DenevAlthough last October I’d heard him refer to a connection existing in spirit between Britain and the States, I’d was already aware of this operating between Sunday morning services locally and online in Alabama, as I’d blogged early in the New Year (see Bridge over ‘The Pond’).

So it’s good to read Charlie on this:

My love for Church history and the moves of the Spirit caused me to recognize that what took place within these nations directly affected America and the move of the Spirit in my nation. Although we are an ocean away, we are connected in the realm of the Spirit, and as the song of Heaven would arise over the UK, it would carry all the way to the shores of America and revival would begin to come forth in these United States.  (My emphasis)

3. Axe to the Church

In commenting upon my ideas about The Babylonian aspect to the Church’s ‘New Era’, Mark Maddock refers to what he believes came from Jesus: ‘The Axe Prayer’. Mark’s valuable reply dated 23rd March explains, “It deals with the spiritual curses which can affect most of the church and enables individuals or churches en-masse to be cut free from all Babylonian (= mystery religion etc) influences from the past. The lack of cutting these off the church is part of the reason for every revival eventually dying off and yet another deadly denomination being created…”.

Therefore, it’s interesting to note Charlie’s reference to an axe,

God is changing the waters from bitter to drinkable. New prophetic voices will come forth this year that will cause the axe head to float. There will be signs and wonders and prophets that will move with the government of God. They will decree a thing and it will be established!

He seems to refer to a different context, yet the significance lies not only as above but also upon John the Baptist’s declaration, as he goes on to say,

Men and woman, that up until this point no one had even known their names, will come with the word of the Lord and an axe will be in their hand to lay at the root of the religious tree. They will cut off the old system.

4. Earthquake – this is astonishing!

Four weeks ago today I mused upon Wild winds, flooding and an earthquake, especially whether or not they had a demonic origin. Now, I just happened upon a news item of an earthquake on 20th Feb, which I’d not heard about. As my spiritual antennae were up I wrote:

2102-EarthquakeONL_2829623aI’ve wondered what’s Lord’s view of, or influence upon, the severe storms and extensive deep flooding across England, with the west taking the brunt of the violence. Is it climate change? Are these events at all prophetic? There was even an earth-quake between Wales and Devon! Is it a sign of a Hebrews 12 ‘shaking’?

Not having caught up with my item about Charlie and thus totally unknown to him, Mark forwarded me yesterday an email from a lady in the ‘far north west’ who leads a prayer team in the North England, which reads in part (my emphases shown),

2014 word – Britain

I am sure many of you have already seen the prophetic word given to Charles Stamp in February that was published recently on the Elijah List. If you have not already read it then a copy is attached. What many of you may not realise is the significant prophetic timing of the release of this word.

It seems the Lord is speaking through a loud-hailer to His people this spring about streams flowing from the desert. When God says things more than once we must sit up and take note; we must also weigh and test the word and consider it in the wider context into which the message was spoken. We must do this in order to tease out the whole of its significance. So I would bring the reading of Charles Stamp’s word to
your attention in the following context.
Please weigh and test what I have to say for yourselves.

On 8th Feb 2012 we were in a group retreat on Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel. During this time the Lord gave a vision to two team members (one was an elder in a ‘modern’ church; the other was a retired Anglican vicar). They were in the dilapidated church on the island at the time when they saw the floor under the altar open up and then the whole of the altar and ‘stuff’ behind it, choir pews, reredos etc.
disappeared into the hole. The Lord then spoke to us through a part of the island on the western side called ‘earthquake’ that what had been seen in the spirit was a forthcoming ‘earthquake’ that would send a shock wave through the institutionalised church that would eventually
see a total collapse of all religious activities not founded on the Word and the Spirit and the original Hebraic foundations of the early church (N.B. by referring to Hebraic roots I am not advocating laying s grace and becoming Jews, merely to the original formation of the early church on its Hebraic foundation inherited from its forefathers). 

On Feb 21st this year there was a literal earthquake in the Bristol Channel just east of Lundy which some of those who had been on Lundy two years earlier saw as a prophetic sign that what we had seen in the spirit was about to be released on the earth. On that very same day Charles Stamp received his prophecy in Lowestoft. In it God refers to both the fall of the religious system and the release of the streams in
the desert.

…(much more) Signed S_W_

There’s a slight mix up as the BBC reported the quake on 20th Feb as having occurred at lunchtime, the day before the word came to Charles. Nevertheless, what he received is a fantastic confirmation of what the group on Lundy Island had received.


Stay awake! Excitingly awesome times are ahead…at long last, thank you Lord! And thanks go to Mark for these important contributions.

Also, couldn’t we consider that at least one unknown piece has now turned up for the gaps in my tentative jigsaw?

Blog Jigsaw

[Image credit: Endless Bridge by Evgeni Denev,]


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