Bridge over ‘The Pond’

Once or twice in 2013 I blogged that a theme or principle taught on a Sunday morning in our fellowship in Surrey, England, was also covered in depth, or referred to, during  that afternoon’s viewing of the morning service live from Church Of His Presence in Mobile, Alabama. Being 6 hours ahead of US Central Time we ‘attend’ CHP as online members.  Sometimes, the reference in CHP would be the next Sunday but even so, this has happened more times than I can recall. (They too had a failed heating system in the rented hall and thus had to meet in very chilly conditions on the same day.)

These churches are not officially associated and the only connection is ours as ordinary members. (Apostolic cover of our local Well Church International is from South Africa’s  Christ Of The Nations, and we’re also linked with fellowships in Norway and Germany. Our local leaders are well aware, however, of pastor John Kilpatrick’s ministry in the Brownsville aka Pensacola and The Bay Revivals.)

A cynic would consider both pastors to be in ‘cahoots’; ie, colluding over material. But that’s nonsensical because the content of their preaching is always individualistic. Of course the principles and scriptural comprehension are in accord, but the way they’re taught clearly demonstrates integrity and independence of thought. As the pastors in question are 1/4 of the earth away from one another on opposite sides of the Atlantic, and as their notes are confidential, there’s little chance of a very busy leader of a big American church knowing that morning’s unrecorded sermon at a small fellowship in a Surrey school. Unless, that is, they’re hearing the same thing from the Lord!

Therefore, references to a day’s specific teaching topic or principle is more than merely coincidental. Surely it must be Holy Spirit’s leading, connecting believers as though by an invisible bridge spanning the ocean, or ‘pond’!

When I was a new Christian I discovered one way our heavenly Father would often get important points across to me was through reading or hearing a scripture repeated. As this would be in close sequence, often on three consecutive days, it would ‘sink in’.  On the first repeat I’d think, “I read that only a short time ago”.  And when repeated again I’d react, “Hey, that’s funny! What’s going on?” and take note.

After a few such synchronous events I started to learn the Lord’s putting His finger on something for me – like the proverbial hammer hitting a mule’s head to get its attention! In fact, I humbly submit to you that it’s become a kind of spiritual gifting.

Last Sunday, the first of 2014, was one such occasion. Pastor Lindi Masters brought a few prophetic words from various ministries for our edification. Soon, 6 hours later from Alabama, pastor Kilpatrick repeated Lindi’s main point and then proceeded to fulfil one of those words. Intriguing, is it not?

The next couple of posts will reveal details of Sunday’s sessions, starting with Prophecies for 2014

[Image credit: Endless Bridge by Evgeni Denev,]

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