Thank you, an apology and questions on ‘No Ebb’ prophecy

Thank you to Lynne for notifying me about Arthur Burt, and to Tony for asking about him.

To you dear subscriber, and more importantly, I’d ask you to please accept my apology for not having included in the previous post the date of Arthur’s departure to be with the Lord. I’m sorry for any confusion you may have been caused over its omission.

Normally I’m off-line Friday-Sundays save for running off news reports and scanning for urgent email. One brought this news but there was no time to do anything other than to feature earlier posts on the Home Page and include an announcement plus photo. (Any other posts appearing on a Friday/Saturday have been pre-scheduled for automatic publication.) However, I didn’t realise a regular email advice isn’t issued for such re-publishing. Therefore, in blogging yesterday’s post about Arthur I assumed that readers would already see the news on the Home Page.

So I’ve updated that post and expanded upon what Mary brought, as well as added a map. Now we need to check out whether or not the words Arthur carried for nearly 80 years are of the Lord.

Questions on the ‘No Ebb’ prophecy

As with all prophetic words, this one too – along with Bob Jones’ word – needs to be held in a ‘pending’ tray to wait and see if it will be fulfilled, thereby indicating it was brought through a true prophet. That is, they need to be held loosely, for interpretation is the Lord’s.

Therefore it needs to be weighed against scripture as well as checking with the Holy Spirit. Also, does it accord with the Lord’s character and purposes; was it delivered through an accredited prophetic voice?

I humbly submit a few comments on this:

1. Arthur’s account of the reception of the words is an extensive, essential epistle and tells his personal story. In view of the recent teaching about which I blogged here about the Beginning and holy darkness, it’s interesting to read his Prologue’s opening pages.

Therein, he recounts the night the prophetic word came > “And it shall come like…and there shall be no ebb”.  It marked the beginning of the days in which he would look for its fulfillment when, “the earth shall be covered with His Glory”, as in Psalm 72:19.

Clearly, Arthur longed to see such a day when Revival would not just come and slowly dissipate but stay as a full visitation of God’s Glory. He recounts the many times, and especially in modern days, when such wonderful moves and manifestations have ebbed away and become just another denomination, or way of ‘doing church’!

But this prophetic word brought promise of such a long-lasting powerful revival which would not ebb away. It is very likely the same one Smith Wigglesworth and his prayer partner Norman James each saw in a vision – see blog’s Library under 1947 & 1997.

2. Bob Jones’ account of having heard from God about encouraging a man overseas needs some scrutiny in view of its anecdotal rather than recorded nature, especially in view of the time-lapse. Bob’s friend, Rev Steve Scroggs, writes in The Awakening of the Lord’s End of Days’ plan to bring a billion youth into the Kingdom. He says both Bob and Arthur had revelatory insights into His plan and notes Bob’s remarks,

‘I did not know this word, or Arthur, when Bob Jones told me his part of the story. One morning in the late 1980′s, when Bob was praying and talking to God, the Lord told Bob that he wanted him to encourage one of his men in Great Britain. The Lord said, “In the year you were born I gave him a word, and he has not seen this word fulfilled. Tell him that he will see this word come to pass before he dies.” 

Now there’s a question over this dating because Bob was born in 1930, Arthur’s book has 1934 and his daughter Mary thinks it may have been as late as 1937.

Another way of looking at this, however, is that the Lord planted this word as a seed into Arthur’s spirit in 1930 but it needed nurturing and watering. Then, when delivered by another man it had an immediate impact upon Arthur because it was already in him, albeit dormant, and so it came into full bloom; or, as Mary comments in this blog,

“…it so moved him that dad grabbed hold of it. He has kept it alive all these years.”

The other question over dates is when Bob was told about Arthur because Steve’s later remarks about Kathie Walters contacting Bob on his date disagree with hers. She refers not to 1980’s but about 2009-11, as may be inferred from her account:

‘Several years ago I was in Wales. I was doing an Elijah List conference. After the conference I went to North Wales, to visit an old friend, Arthur Burt. Arthur has been in the ministry for about 85 years. He was part of a tremendous revival years ago around the 1930′s.

‘When I came back to the U.S. I called Bob Jones to see if he had any word for Wales. He said, “No, but I have a word for an old man in Wales and you were just in his house.”

“That must be Arthur Burt,” I said, as that was the only older man whose house I had been in. Bob didn’t know who Arthur Burt was at that time. “What’s the word?” I asked.

“Tell him, he will see the word,” Bob said.

“He will see what word?” I asked.

“Bob said ” I don’t know, you will have to ask him what word he received. He received it years ago. It was given to a group of people and they are all dead now except for him. But tell him he will see it”.’

Despite lack of clarity over when Bob heard from the Lord, the message details remain consistent. Furthermore, we know from many accounts of Bob Jones from close friends such as Bobby Conner and Paul Keith Davis, he operated in an exceptionally accurate gift of knowledge, as indicated in the above excerpt from Kathie’s account (in full here).

3. So if that reminder was from the Lord, what was it that He would be showing Arthur? “Tell him he will see it!”.  Does that mean all the prophecy or part of it? That prophecy describes something happening in sequence:

“It shall come as a breath…
And the breath shall bring the wind…
And the wind shall bring the rain.
And there shall be floods and floods and floods…
And torrents and torrents and torrents.
Souls shall be saved like falling leaves
from mighty oaks swept by a hurricane.
Arms and legs shall come down from heaven…
..And there shall be no ebb.”

From late 2013 and into early 2014 the UK experienced unprecedented weeks of wild wind, heavy rains, massive flooding and an earthquake!  So Arthur lived to see the first part of the prophetic word. The promise brought through Bob Jones therefore proved true.

Therefore, the original word’s own promise of an abundance of souls coming into God’s Kingdom may be just around the corner – or more likely, over the horizon!

Perhaps it may be like a spiritual tsunami sweeping right around the globe from where an immense number of salvations are increasing (China). Its initial ‘up-swelling’ is being felt by those who are awakening to what God is doing in this new season.  For example, recall Justin Abraham’s remarks in Prophecy of a roller-coaster ride – Get Ready! 

“Just back from a ballistic incredible time in OZ and NZ. Things are heating up! We are seeing early signs of the great turning of the tide everywhere…

“It’s already started and isn’t it amazing we get to see days of fulfilment and breakthrough that previous generations imagined. A brand new day. Strap yourselves in for an exciting ride!”

In this connection, Paul Keith mentioned that the open spiritual atmosphere he senses in Wales and UK is like that over Canada, but it is not so for the United States.

Now, could this be because both lands’ Prime Ministers are not anti-Semitic and anti-Israel and so the Lord’s hand of blessing is upon our nations? I’m sure it is!

Methinks Habbakuk 2 verses 1 and 13-14 seem right for what’s happening:

I will stand at my watch
    and station myself on the ramparts;
I will look to see what he will say to me,
    and what answer I am to give to this complaint.

13 Has not the Lord Almighty determined
    that the people’s labour is only fuel for the fire,
    that the nations exhaust themselves for nothing?
14 For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord  as the waters cover the sea.


5 thoughts on “Thank you, an apology and questions on ‘No Ebb’ prophecy

  1. Richard I had heard, although I can’t state as a fact, that when Obama was elected as president for the first time in 2009, The Torah reading for that day was as follows:
    Then a new king, to whom Joseph meant nothing, came to power in Egypt.
    (Exo 1:8)

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  2. Just like to add, something, I heard a dozen or so years ago, and again a number of times over the past few, in relation to the statement of Burt’s “and there shall be no ebb”…

    Once before, as I was thinking of “historic moves of God” over the centuries, I saw in the Spirit, mighty waves forming far out at sea, sets, they are called by surfers, and these waves began roiling to form dark concave facets on their surfaces … and I saw wave after wave of these heaving giants , break and crash and roar over surfaces of sand and land … and I thought “ so many waves, such awesome power” and I felt I heard him speak …it’s not just a wave(s) of my Spirit, for I am bringing My Tide ……makes me consider the phrase … and there shall be no ebb

    And at another time whilst at a meeting, the same picture of giant crashing waves came in view, but as I focused on the foaming, falling crests of those waves …I saw like white horses merge into the crests’ foam as they formed and broke inward upon the land … only to see, these horses facing, “surfing “ inland, were accompanied by hosts, lines of angels, also surfing towards land as the crests of the waves broke upon the shore … and I heard … (a) greater is he who is in me than he who is in the world, and, (b)more are those who are for us than those who are against us. As I thought about this …i understood, the white surf to represent inward intrinsic nature of His righteousness, purity, holiness and it’s power …. and I sensed that in (a) there was a sense of this immense internal greatness and nature, formed, forming, within each believer but also within the body … but also that with (b) there was outwardly, a far superior, external component. … the components of horses and angels, brought the sense of “the chariots of God” and their numerical superiority

    I considered, what, or how are tides physically formed? Well , I read the following…(c) The ocean tides on earth are caused by both the moon’s gravity and the sun’s gravity. In general, ocean tides are not generated by the overall strength of gravity, but instead by the differences in gravity from one spot to the next (the gravitational gradient). Even though the sun is much more massive and therefore has stronger overall gravity than the moon, the moon is closer to the earth so that its gravitational gradient is stronger than that of the sun. Because ocean tides are the effect of ocean water responding to a gravitational gradient, the moon plays a larger role in creating tides than does the sun. But the sun’s gravitational gradient across the earth is significant and it does contribute to tides as well

    And I considered, God gave 2 lights… the greater light the sun(Son) and the lesser light the moon(the church) the moon gets its light from the Son, Sun

    The drawing to, the pull of the Son, upon the moon, in conjunction, finds expression in Tide(s) upon the earth. So we have the interaction of a. the internal, inward nature of God Himself, it’s glory manifest within the believer and body b. the external agencies, superior in number and might and c. the Divine as expressed through the heavenly, cosmic eternal realm.

    But again, in relation … to there shall be no ebb …. relates as well to a vision received … where I was walking down the road. And this all red, low slung sleek sports car draws along side me. I see Jesus in the driving seat … and he leans over and opens the left side door to me. He has his right hand remaining on the steering wheel and his left now situated on the gear stick … he looks at me as I bend and peer in and he says … get in, buckle up, for I am not stopping until I get to then end … with that he thumps his foot, hard down onto the accelerator and flat to the boards and shrieks forward at top speed …. foot, flat to the boards, and says “ I’m not stopping till I get to the end” …. there shall be no ebb.

    Another picture given … came through hearing Him speak the word … “juggernaut”….which expresses something of the weight alongside his speed, his velocity and mass… definition …A huge, powerful, and overwhelming force; and a large articulated vehicle

    In terms of there shall be no ebb …I saw a huge articulated lorry roaring down the motorway at paces, but steady, speed and force … and everything in its path was being crushed, thrown aside at this artic just bludgeons all vehicles aside, that it finds before it … despite its size not one of the cars on the motorway could speed away from its oncoming presence, nor was anything large enough to withstand it force and might as it accelerates into the back of them.. unstoppable, undeniable, irresistible, …. this shows something of the passion and zeal and might of defining …and nothing escapes the progress of His purpose …glory means in one sense weight …and there shall be no ebb … there shall be no deceleration… but rather ACCELERATION

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