#0 – Pivotal prophecies now coming into play

Puzzle in sky - Idea go

Puzzle In Sky by Idea Go, courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.net

It dawned upon me upon waking that three personal prophecies/scriptures have suddenly been plugged together. Sometimes I can be slow, but an excitement has been building up within my spirit this past week. I’m catching sight of what subscriber Dave Hood recently remarked upon: aspects of previous prophetic information received years ago are being reiterated but far more strongly and significantly.

1960’s Jigsaw Piece

The first piece of the ‘invisible jigsaw‘ was a reminder last Monday evening from the Lord of his promise that John 14:12 “will happen”, ie. anyone who believes in Him will do even greater things because He’s gone to the Father. The lack of evidence of that happening within churches in 1950-60’s spurred me into seeking the Truth elsewhere, and in wrong places!  On Monday Nina and I met our Spirit-led vicar for a brief chat as we’re relatively new to his congregation and happily found we have much in common.

2009 Jigsaw Piece

The second piece is the stunning insight that happened when I went to check Matthew 13 on the parable of the wheat and tares in 2009.  Consequently, I started writing about End-times and letting a few folk know by email. More will be revealed in post #2 of this mini-series.

2011 Jigsaw Piece

The third piece is an unforgettable dream in early September 2011 that I soon discovered linked into what had happened at a Revival Alliance Gathering in Westminster. We couldn’t attend but were invited to a de-briefing meeting at Winchester Vineyard Church led by Revd Hugh and Ginny Cryer.

I was astounded to learn Bill Johnson had said that weekend may come to be seen as “the day things changed in the UK” because details of my dream related directly not only to the gathering’s location, but also to its purpose and outcome. This is summarised in the following details from this blog’s Library under ‘2011’:

‘Sep – RB dream: “They’re setting up the Kingdom!” and urgent release of its news, as recounted in ‘Your Kingdom Come’ at foot of Prophecies & Testimonies feedback here. (See also Acceleration in Kingdom Activity.) A similar powerful dream of how mantles of anointing are becoming available from the Kingdom came to Revd Bob Mazeroski of New Life Church, Weirton, W Virginia, as reported here.  RB’s dream was confirmed in theme, location and timing as follows:

Bill J Credit Bethel‘Sep – Bill Johnson: at Revival Alliance Gathering in Westminster declared ,“We would look back at 1st Sept 2011 as the day things changed in the UK.” A Welsh delegate noted Bill went to say it might take time for the impact of this day to be seen and felt across the nation, but gradually it would come. Another noted him as saying, “There’s something about September 1st. I believe you can write it down…‘Everything changed September 1st 2011’….understand that a Kingdom perspective sees the oak tree as an acorn…I feel like it’s a prophetic word over this country: September 1st everything’s different.”

‘Sep – Christen Forster: a Gathering organiser later reported Che Ahn had told him that, in all the time working with him, he’s rarely heard Bill make an apostolic pronouncement of such a kind. Christen wrote, ‘Bill’s prophetic word in September was a declaration of the start of the new day, the new wave, the new season. The wells don’t need unblocking any more, the water is flowing, we just need to carry their life and refreshment into the dry places. And every week I hear stories that confirm that word.’

That opening remark of mine on the Kingdom being set up was a reaction to what I saw coming down from heaven as preparatory foundations for establishing the Kingdom of Heaven here in UK. Unfortunately, most of the above links are no longer active because Christen’s website has since changed. (A report of the meeting appears on Welldigger.)

Nevertheless, I blogged about the details of the dream on 20th December 2011 at Father, Let Your Kingdom Come, which is directly relevant to a recent dream/vision experienced by Veronika West,as recounted by her this 2nd December 2016.  [This is also appropriate in view of our mutual connection to Revd Dr Sharon Stone, whom I first met in connection with my trying to find a prophet’s opinion of a vision of Britain that had thrust itself before my eyes in 2004, as recounted here.]

That exhilarating dream in 2011 motivated me to reach a wider audience by launching this blog a couple of months later.

Next – in #1 – we’ll read Veronika’s fascinating dream/encounter about the Kingdom being established…

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