On stepping into your next move of God

Jaw dropping – that’s what happened when Bob Mazeroski described something similar to what I’d seen in a dream back in September 2011. Bob had got fired up talking about what happened to him in the Brownsville Revival, which saved him and his marriage, and urged everyone gathered yesterday:

“Listen! If a former, drunken horse trainer with no college degree – that didn’t even have a credential or ministry training – but was full of the fires of revival, baptised in the Holy Ghost – if God can use someone like me to put a mantle on, I want to tell you there ain’t one person in this room that God can’t use and He desires that for every one of you – but you need to just reach out and…all you gotta do is put it on!”

Leading into that remark, Bob shared a personal insight applicable to emulating any minister who’s moving powerfully in the Holy Spirit’s unction. He’d said:

A couple of years ago I had a dream and woke up to make notes and preach on it, for it was one of those  ‘Now’ words for the Body.

In this dream, this BIG old cargo plane – you know the kind, like those they haul military supplies in – a big old cargo plane up in the sky opened up and out of that thing came all these parachutes dropping out of that thing.

Operation Unity Knight“And connected to every parachute, different looking to all the others but BIG,  was a suitcase. They looked like the old suitcases that you used to see people take on trains. That’s what they looked like. They were falling all over and they were hitting the ground and when they hit the ground the lids would POP open…they would burst open.

“I begin to think what is all that about and I heard the Spirit of the Lord speak into my spirit. He said,

“They’re mantles that I’m trying to put on the people in my Body today. They’re mantles I’ve used yesterday, they’re new mantles for today, they’re  mantles where the ones carrying them died and moved on; but I still have the same power, I have the same heart and I’m the same God that wants to do the same thing.


That’s what He’s saying!

“You say, “Oh I wish I could move in healing…I wish I could move in signs and wonders”, but you know what God is saying…


That’s your move of God that’s coming!  But it takes faith…” (continues into first quote, “Listen…”)

It was a fitting climax to exceptional teaching on applying lessons from how Elisha became anointed to succeed his spiritual father, the prophet Elijah. Listen to Bob’s inspirational address about stepping into your next move of God, starting here at 1hr27min for the whole, or at 2hr20 for the above excerpt.

Note: this theme continues in Thursday’s post Holy Treasure of ‘The Open Door’. Bob’s New Life Worship Centre Facebook page refers to CHP event with video.

My dream

What was it about Bob’s dream that made me react? It plugged into the details of a dream about the Kingdom being set up, which directly related in theme, location and timing to what Bill Johnson had prophesied about 1st September 2011 being a pivotal point in Kingdom activity in the UK. Consequently, I emailed friends and contacts about an Acceleration in Kingdom activity, the importance of which pushed me into blogging.

Here’s the opening part of my dream of 3rd Sept 2011, its commonalities with Bob’s dream are underlined:

Am in an open-plan, modern office environment overlooking a town centre. Upon glancing out of one side’s extensive windows I’m amazed to see a large white cube flying very low over nearby buildings! (It’s about the size of a Hercules transport plane.) Watching, I see a few more similar cubes follow and fan out in different directions.

Then I look from a different quarter’s aspect to see where they’re coming from and then notice this view is from a much higher floor and over a different location! Then, a couple of cubes hover and discharge some cargo, which floats down to settle on the ground – rather as furniture vans deposit items outside a house.

However, I’m seeing into a room being set up, as though the building itself is invisible! A large wooden table and its several chairs are already there as white porcelain bathroom furnishings descend, but stay hanging in space!

In a flash I understand what’s happening and, without thinking, declare aloud, “They’re setting up The Kingdom!”

The full account may be read at Father, Your Kingdom Come, which has Bill Johnson’s remarks as footnotes.

Plenty to ponder upon and become motivated to serve our heavenly Father and step into His next move, wherever we are.

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