Acceleration in Kingdom activity: part 1

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’):

Dear Friends – am breaking into our usual long-weekend of cyber-silence because of what happened last night.

After awaking I told Nina about two consecutive dreams which left me very excited (who me?) over rapid and imminent changes about to happen in the Church and for advancing The Kingdom. I was saving some of my understanding for afterwards, but from my brief opening description Nina immediately understood – and thereby confirmed – that it includes whatever will happen during and as consequence of tomorrow morning’s service in Mobile, Alabama. How will that affect UK? I don’t know for sure, but our on-fire revivalist from Rotherham, Nathan Morris, will be there once again now he’s at last got an extended visa.

Hopefully, you may be able to set aside a couple of hours at 4.30 tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon to watch.  If not, it will be available later on video via that site’s Media tab. A fortnight ago we heard pastor John Kilpatrick teach some important aspects of using personal prophecy in standing against the adversary.

This morning the excitement of what was going on woke me up! But the Lord blessed me with its continuance when I eventually got back to sleep. That both dreams are not simply personal but relate to a higher level is evident not only from their content but also because they’re in sequence with a similar one of a month ago. After bouncing that earlier dream off a few friends it became clear it was connected to the Revival Alliance Gathering that was being held that day in London. This was accepted by the organiser, who’d had a prophetic word a year earlier and which gave the confirming scripture to the dream’s theme!!

All very exciting – especially as his post-event reflections tie into what I wrote after a conference held by the same groups in Winchester (see Revival: Glory Stories)!

Please take the time to read my account Your Kingdom Come’ and about the event’s Inception with earlier scriptural details and prophetic words.

ALL THREE dreams closed with Holy Spirit-filled energy, leaving me with a deep sense of urgency over how the Lord may be going to move here in the UK.

May you each be blessed with a revelation of what our Lord is up to and wants us to do.

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