46,000 churches called to “extraordinary prayer” for Great Awakening

Endless Bridge by Evgeni DenevA fascinating follow-on that acts as sequel to the last post can only be of the Lord.  In asking whether an emerging corrective trend of a spiritual-political nature could link the USA to Britain, I noted a commonality and mused if it may be related to Charlie Shamp’s remarks about the UK.

“Whether we are discussing the First and Second Great Awakenings…God has always seemed to release the fresh movement of the Holy Spirit on these Islands that has gone on to affect the entire earth.”

We now have reference to a ‘Third Great Awakening’, as follows:

Joel RosenbergThis morning (13th Nov) Joel Rosenberg’s latest email announced “something very exciting happening in the leadership of the Southern Baptist Convention”.  In June he’d written  about the SBC’s new President, Dr Ronnie Floyd’s, and Anne Graham Lotz’s urgent prayer call for July 4th and beyond.

Joel reminds us that Dr Floyd was making prayer for a Third Great Awakening a top priority inside one of the world’s largest evangelical Christian denominations. He now reports that, true to his word, this pastor has travelled all over the country preaching on the need for deep repentance and revival inside the SBC.

Now, Dr Floyd’s released a free 16-page e-book titled, Pleading With Southern Baptists And Beyond to come together in clear agreement before God and “in extraordinary prayer for the Next Great Awakening and for the world to be reached for Christ”. It is a clarion call for Southern Baptists — and all Christians in the United States — to become deeply focused and committed to pleading with God for revival. [Click to read in full.]

The Third Great Awakening

Dutch SheetsJoel’s item rang a bell about Dutch Sheets also having similarly called for prayer, about which I wrote in some depth here. It’s the most motivational call for prayer  I’ve heard because of its foundation upon a supra-natural  lesson: the existing effect of generations’  intercession since the American War of Independence.

Also, I was reminded of having encouraged friends in early 2011 to watch his inspiring account at The Bay Revival of the Lord speaking since 1991 about a new awakening (this email refers).

Recounting his experience this September at the grave of the great revivalist Charles Finney, Dutch reminded Holy Spirit about the First and Second Great Awakenings and appealed to Heaven for another,

As we prayed, God chose this time and place to meet with me in a powerful way. I was overcome, as I have been before, with God’s heart and love for America. I wept, as we all cried out for revival in our land. Why did God meet me there in such a strong way? Perhaps it was to honor the memory of Finney, a faithful son; or, since awakening and harvest is what Finney so powerfully represents, maybe it was a confirmation that God is, indeed, going to give us another great awakening; and it could have been to remind us that we are part of something bigger than ourselves – that the great cloud of witnesses is watching and cheering us on, knowing fully that we’re the continuation of their efforts (Hebrews 11:39-12:2). Whatever His reason for choosing this time and place, the Spirit of the Lord came mightily upon me. I was re-mantled and re-anointed.

After explaining about mantles and anointing, Dutch concludes,

God is not finished with America. Don’t be moved by the naysayers, don’t give in to hope deferred. There is a third Great Awakening coming to our land. There is another broad and passionate “appeal to Heaven” occurring in our land, which will be honored, just as it was when our nation was born. There is a re-connecting to the covenants, promises and sacrifices of our forefathers. And there will be an answer from Heaven in the form of the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit the earth has ever experienced – in America, and around the world. You are part of this! Keep crying out for revival – and cry out for revivalists like Finney to be raised up in our day.

Be blessed as you read his full account here.

[Endless Bridge by Evgeni Denev, courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.net]

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