22nd February: day after Billy Graham’s passing Dutch Sheets confirms New Era for the Church

Further to the prophetic words here and here on the significance of Billy Graham’s graduation to heaven, I posted an anointed ‘Now’ Word for the Body of Christ brought the very next day (three weeks ago today) by Dr Russ Moyer.:

“This morning we’ve stepped through the threshold of yet another doorway. And know it’s going to continue to happen and it’s going to continue to accelerate, and we are going from one glory to the next.

“Know that this is the season when open doors will be before us and we’ll step into the new moment. Notice the acceleration of time. Know that everything is going to begin to accelerate, and things that took a long time will happen in an instant, and we will go from season to season and moment to moment….

“And know that at this moment, in this day, in this season, says the Lord, even as the seed has gone into the ground, know that a great and mighty harvest is ordained, right now in this hour and moment; as the seed of my servant goes into the ground, Billy Graham, know that I am releasing mantles in the earth today for evangelism. Know that I am releasing mantles now for the end-time harvest, says the Lord…” (continue here)

Russ recorded the video around midday in Ontario. Then, at that evening’s gathering of prophetic intercessors in The Turnaround in Washington D.C., a detailed confirmation was brought of the start of a New Era for the Ekklesia.

Also, as hinted at the close of the previous post on Rev 22 (my birth-date), take note in the following videos of several references to the importance of number ’22’. (Not forgetting 2018 has the Lord’s promise, “I will impart to My Prophets the ability to see clearly ‘My Numbers’, such as dates, times…”)

After worship and Lou Engle’s declaration for worldwide harvest, Chuck Pierce teaches on what this Hebrew year 5778 and calendar year 2018 will bring, confirming changes I’d sensed over the New Year.

From 54:20 mark (1st Video) Chuck refers to talks about the special nature of this meeting and of the year to ‘Go Through! Go Through the Gates’ (Isa 62),  to prepare the way for a move of God in the USA and not stumble over the ‘stones’ of the past again. The meeting is all about going to places never visited and ‘Go Beyond!’ to where God is moving: on seeing, as watchmen, what’s coming from heaven as well as appreciating what God has done in recent historical moves. His saying this reminded me of a certain prophetic website losing (imho) its standing and prophetic integrity by judging and rejecting modern moves of the Holy Spirit – I was then surprised to hear Chuck affirm my thoughts!!

Half-an-hour later Chuck introduces intercessor Dutch Sheets – I highly recommend watching this video (low volume for first five minutes).:

Some of Dutch’s points:
  • “This isn’t just a new season – it’s a new era we’re moving into…I just say this:
  • “There’s never been anything on planet earth like what’s about to happen. Not just because we’re the best but because of what Jesus is building, and He said “I’ll build My Ekklesia”…He’s going to take this thing to another level!
  • “We’re going to see more people saved in the next 20 years than we’ve seen in the last 2,000! to be more specific:
  • “Asia and the Middle-East are about to be hit with the greatest spiritual tidal wave of God that’s ever hit planet earth!”
  • Rule and decree as the Ekklesia and shift nations (per recent posts here & here).
  • How the meetings started after The Appeal To Heaven – dream of sailing ship and a wind came starting a movement, the sails of which bore ATH flag.
  • Chuck prophesied in May 2017 ten months’ great turmoil in new Administration’s first year because of intense hatred from the forces that don’t understand/believe in the same spiritual destiny for USA. Then will come a 3-year turnaround.
  • (1:44:20) Cindy Jacob, knowing Chuck’s prophecy and Dutch’s dream, gets word from God to tell him ATH is to be relaunched when the 10 months are up on 2/22, February 22nd, in Washington D.C, for a fresh worldwide prayer movement.
  • Need to get very big place for meeting…Trump Hotel found and assisted with all arrangements and finances, “We know what you do and about the flag and want you to do the meeting here as you’re a really good fit!”
  • (1:48:00) ’22’ relates not only to its being George Washington’s birthday (February 1732) but also the personal reference motivating Dutch’s mission:
  • “I will place on his shoulder (government) the key (authority) to the House of David and what he opens no-one can shut and what he shuts no-one can open.” (Isaiah 22:22 NIV)
  • It’s prophetic verse about what Jesus inaugurated in Matthew 16:19 in giving the keys of the Kingdom to the Ekklesia – “You’re going to be the extension on earth of the Kingdom Government of God…’!  It’s a moving into that phase of the prayer movement where we not only petition, we not only operate in our priestly role of requesting and interceding – all that goes upward – but also into kingly stuff, that comes this way (downwards) – we’re going to move into the highest level of revelation we’ve ever moved in because we ARE seated with Him in heavenly places! We do share His authority and His sceptre is extended through us to rule for Him on planet earth!”
  • Watch the video for much more on the NEW ERA – eg. vision of angels with tuning forks bringing new sound of heaven!


Today’s significant gathering to pray for turnaround in America

My thanks go to Dave Chapman for informing me of today’s prayer gathering in Washington DC convened by Dutch Sheets Ministries at Trump Hotel. It’s timing is exceptionally significant!

Four years ago in A July 4th Aspect of Praying for the USA  I wrote about Dutch’s goal of pressing through for a Third Great Awakening in America, as based upon an ‘Appeal To Heaven‘ made by revolutionary colonists in 1775.

The Turnaround: An Appeal To Heaven National Gathering (click for details)

Today through to Saturday an Appeal To Heaven gathering with Dutch, Chuck Pierce, Cindy Jacobs, Lou Engle and other leaders will pray and prophetically shift America into spiritually turning around.

They trust it could prove to be one of the most historic prayer gatherings in America’s history because the atmosphere over Washington DC will be filled with intercession and biblical decrees, shifting the nation into the breakthrough Father desires to give. Also, it will re-launch the next phase of the worldwide prayer movement!


It cannot be ‘coincidental’ that this gathering is the day following Billy Graham’s going ‘home’ and taking up his place in the heavenly courts, as indicated in the visions and words shared in the previous two posts, with their hoped-for outpourings!

Nor can it be ‘coincidental’ that this gathering is the day after President Trump and VP Pence personally met in the White House and listened to some survivors, bereaved  parents and officials who’d been affected not only by the latest outbreak of ‘ASS’ (America’s Satanic Sickness) in Florida but also spoke of its daily threat across DC!

We don’t watch end-of-day news broadcasts but mid-evening I decided to check the banner-loop of headlines running along the foot of BBC News screens. Such a surprise to see live-feed of that emotionally constrained meeting!  Brits wonder why our cousins over the ‘pond’ accept this satanic situation: change your moronic mindsets and shut down the demonic video and gun businesses!  Enough IS enough, so don’t just pray – act!

TIME FOR ALL AMERICAN PASTORS/PRIESTS to take a lead and repent not only on behalf of the nation, but also personally, for the desire to own, collect and use any firearm – and to renounce the right to bear arms and make a public display of destroying all firearms in their possession. TIME TO KICK ‘ASS’!

Rant over and now back to the UK: convening a prayer meeting throughout today, Dave Chapman writes,

‘Bearing in mind where our Nation is at presently, with difficult negotiations with the EU on going, and the dreadful state of the heart and lifestyles of this Nation, we equally are at a crossroads. I’ve copied a couple of links – especially the interview of Dutch Sheets with Steve Shultz, which follows Lance Wallnau’s intro, to catch the heart of this Call, though the others are informative too. ‘  [RB note: links as herein and intro immediately preceding this clip is accessible by clicking on earlier section of timeline.]

46,000 churches called to “extraordinary prayer” for Great Awakening

Endless Bridge by Evgeni DenevA fascinating follow-on that acts as sequel to the last post can only be of the Lord.  In asking whether an emerging corrective trend of a spiritual-political nature could link the USA to Britain, I noted a commonality and mused if it may be related to Charlie Shamp’s remarks about the UK.

“Whether we are discussing the First and Second Great Awakenings…God has always seemed to release the fresh movement of the Holy Spirit on these Islands that has gone on to affect the entire earth.”

We now have reference to a ‘Third Great Awakening’, as follows:

Joel RosenbergThis morning (13th Nov) Joel Rosenberg’s latest email announced “something very exciting happening in the leadership of the Southern Baptist Convention”.  In June he’d written  about the SBC’s new President, Dr Ronnie Floyd’s, and Anne Graham Lotz’s urgent prayer call for July 4th and beyond.

Joel reminds us that Dr Floyd was making prayer for a Third Great Awakening a top priority inside one of the world’s largest evangelical Christian denominations. He now reports that, true to his word, this pastor has travelled all over the country preaching on the need for deep repentance and revival inside the SBC.

Now, Dr Floyd’s released a free 16-page e-book titled, Pleading With Southern Baptists And Beyond to come together in clear agreement before God and “in extraordinary prayer for the Next Great Awakening and for the world to be reached for Christ”. It is a clarion call for Southern Baptists — and all Christians in the United States — to become deeply focused and committed to pleading with God for revival. [Click to read in full.]

The Third Great Awakening

Dutch SheetsJoel’s item rang a bell about Dutch Sheets also having similarly called for prayer, about which I wrote in some depth here. It’s the most motivational call for prayer  I’ve heard because of its foundation upon a supra-natural  lesson: the existing effect of generations’  intercession since the American War of Independence.

Also, I was reminded of having encouraged friends in early 2011 to watch his inspiring account at The Bay Revival of the Lord speaking since 1991 about a new awakening (this email refers).

Recounting his experience this September at the grave of the great revivalist Charles Finney, Dutch reminded Holy Spirit about the First and Second Great Awakenings and appealed to Heaven for another,

As we prayed, God chose this time and place to meet with me in a powerful way. I was overcome, as I have been before, with God’s heart and love for America. I wept, as we all cried out for revival in our land. Why did God meet me there in such a strong way? Perhaps it was to honor the memory of Finney, a faithful son; or, since awakening and harvest is what Finney so powerfully represents, maybe it was a confirmation that God is, indeed, going to give us another great awakening; and it could have been to remind us that we are part of something bigger than ourselves – that the great cloud of witnesses is watching and cheering us on, knowing fully that we’re the continuation of their efforts (Hebrews 11:39-12:2). Whatever His reason for choosing this time and place, the Spirit of the Lord came mightily upon me. I was re-mantled and re-anointed.

After explaining about mantles and anointing, Dutch concludes,

God is not finished with America. Don’t be moved by the naysayers, don’t give in to hope deferred. There is a third Great Awakening coming to our land. There is another broad and passionate “appeal to Heaven” occurring in our land, which will be honored, just as it was when our nation was born. There is a re-connecting to the covenants, promises and sacrifices of our forefathers. And there will be an answer from Heaven in the form of the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit the earth has ever experienced – in America, and around the world. You are part of this! Keep crying out for revival – and cry out for revivalists like Finney to be raised up in our day.

Be blessed as you read his full account here.

[Endless Bridge by Evgeni Denev, courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.net]

On the evidence of 2 or 3 witnesses a matter shall be confirmed…

Detail from Eagle-eyed by John Mark LongThus states Deuteronomy 19:15 (NASB) about testifying at an inquiry, or any other situation. This principle was also used at the first church council in Jerusalem, whereof Dr Luke recorded the decision to allow Gentile (non-Jewish) believers in Jesus Christ to be in fellowship with Jewish believers:

28 It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us not to burden you with anything beyond the following requirements: 29 You are to abstain from food sacrificed to idols, from blood, from the meat of strangled animals and from sexual immorality. You will do well to avoid these things. [Acts 15]

Are there times when the Lord draws your attention to certain scriptures and principles by their repetition, even through another person or something else?  For me this can happen one day after another, or even during a church service. My latest should be shared but first, if you’ve not read the previous post’s comments, please let me explain.:

PS to previous post

After publishing that last post I had some reservations about its tone and how it had grown beyond a brief ‘roundup’ of the first two press sources, with my remarks of 2011, into a piece with more depth. I’d run off a hardcopy of the draft to check over lunch and the idea dropped into mind it would be better to start with scripture, specifically verses from the closing chapter of Paul’s earliest letter (to the church in Galatia).

Having done that I also included a bit from Bill Koenig before some of Walid Shoebat’s  main piece.  To clarify it all a conclusion was needed but, devoid of any earlier thought whatsoever, I found myself referring to Obama’s LGBT agenda. And this flowed straight into revisiting Galatians 6 with a pointer for this month as, ‘God is not mocked month’!

I wasn’t sure about it. Could I unwittingly have put a prophetical timing on this issue?

The next morning I read Beth’s contribution to that post and in which she referred to Dutch Sheets’ Reaction to the Election.  I’ve quoted him occasionally but was unaware of this, which he concludes with Holy Spirit’s reply about unanswered prayers, as follows:

“Your prayers and worship did prevail…though not in the way you wanted. Because of them, however, I will now deal with this man who has mocked Me and My laws.”

Two more friends of mine had dreams in which Barack Obama was named Belshazzar (see Daniel 5). This was the ruler in Babylon who saw a hand writing on the wall of his palace—as he and his friends were mocking God. The ominous message written by the hand of God was, “You have been weighed on the scales and found deficient.” The writing went on to say Belshazzar’s reign would end.
I don’t know what form the judgment of the Lord will take, but I am quite confident that God has put up with all of the mocking He intends to from Barack Obama, and that Daniel 5 is now his passage. I say this without malice or ill will, but nonetheless, confidently.

Also in my email was advice of Gillan Scott’s latest on the voting for same-sex marriage in the House of Lords. I opened up his webpage to scan its full content and at the close was reader Hazel’s brief comment, which closes,

If you replace the word gay with sodomite, the Bible is quite clear about it. God is not mocked.

WOW – two sisters and myself witnessing independently to a specific theme that the renowned intercessor and prophetical prayer warrior had received of the Lord. Ancient scripture attests that this is one way a matter is confirmed, or as in some translations, ‘established’.

Therefore, I can only conclude He is about to move in a significant way, AND we were prophetically informed only last week of the “coming great clash between the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light”, as reported herein. Most interesting times…


Let’s lift up our heads for our redemption draws nigh…the Lord bless you and keep you.

News roundup on healings

Thank you Jonathan for alerting me to the Lord’s recent activities in North Kent, and to NK Community Church’s pastor Pete Carter for permission to publish his remarks that:

Amazing things are happening in these days. In the last two weeks we have seen more healings at NKCC: a badly sprained hand healed and returned to full function, … Also someone’s car miraculously repaired, regular sightings of angels,

Also, these are additional to his posting on healings last December.

Ashton Parker Update – earlier post refers.

On Sunday we heard an update on Ashton Parker’s eyesight from John Kilpatrick at that morning’s service in Alabama. The boy’s astonished doctor reports that his right eye can now see as far as 20 feet instead of only 3 inches. The left eye had such bad glaucoma that he couldn’t go outside without thick, wrap-around goggles and sun-glasses to protect him from the daylight. But the day after prayer he could watch an outdoor game without them. His doctor confirms the glaucoma has completely gone.   [Update is at 1hr38 of video: click to run/load, then advance by clicking in gray bar.]

Dutch Sheets – Sunday, March 25, 2012 from Church of His Presence on Vimeo.

Another Remarkable Healing – watch clip here

As a drunken driver David had a bad crash, ending up with a broken neck and completely paralysed from the accident. Doctors hoped that by extensive surgery there’d be a chance he would regain feeling and movement to his upper body. That worked but they said, “There was absolutely no hope that he would ever walk again”. They told him to stop worrying about his leges and even refused to authorise  physiotherapy because it would be medically impossible for him to ever walk again,or to move or have feeling in his lower body; ie. he would be paralysed for life and limited to a wheelchair.

David heard about Delia Knox’s miraculous healing but he said it was all faked!  His wife believed he would be saved and healed and, eventually, he decided he had nothing to lose by going to the revival. Around midnight last Friday night the Lord gave him back the use of his legs and then on Sunday morning David managed to climb the stairs onto the stage. A fantastic weekend – thank you Lord!  (See via above video link at 52 minutes onwards).

At 1hr 15 Nathan Morris explains that in such cases of atrophied limbs we need to help those being healed to walk into their full healing, as with Delia and Erin. (Although the wife of a doctor, she was beyond a medical cure. She freely admitted, as a Baptist, to not believing God heals today; but then she saw the clip about Delia – click here for Erin’s own astounding story of what God can do today).

“Doctors may say David’s never going to walk – but guess what, guess what, guess what – WITH GOD, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE…”  (Nathan Morris, at 1hr16min of video)

Dutch Sheets’ observations, and very instructive teaching upon the significance of this outpouring and on the various occurrences of the miraculous, follow on at 1hr40mins.  He’s of the opinion there’s evidence that this is now going up a phase, to a new level of signs and wonders.

Be mightily blessed as you watch and listen…

Ask for the Nations – Psalm 2 v 8

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’):

This is a more personal letter to you as I believe it’s time to tell about a revelation that amazed me, for it came only a couple or so years after my re-birth. (And only now am I glimpsing how it may connect with an open vision of fire shooting up E Africa to Egypt.) So I’d be interested if this may strike a chord, or you get a word from the Lord – or even a check in your spirit. Kindly bear with me as this needs be a bit lengthy.

As what I saw is directly relevant to the past month’s (Jan 2011) momentously historic events (which could affect our Western nations’ economies) I’ve been hesitant to relate this without the Lord’s go-ahead. Thus, early yesterday I sought the verses about His word not returning to Him void (Isa 55.11) but my eyes fell first on Isaiah 44.24-26, as though confirming the validity of the revelation and giving clearance to write:

“I am the LORD who has made all things, Who alone stretched out the heavens, Who spread out the earth by Myself, Who foils the signs of false prophets and makes fools of diviners, Who overturns the learning of the wise and turns it into nonsense, Who carries out the words of His servants and fulfils the predictions of His messengers….”  (NIV)

First, some background. At the time I received this staggering ‘download’ my Baptist pastor and elders were unable to help, possibly because it came in a dream, and I was a ‘young’ Christian…It was, however, an excellent church for solid Biblical tuition and discipleship – thank you Lord.

W Mediterranean

Nonetheless, what I received proved helpful to a young missionary in France as well as to an evangelist off to Egypt. I’d put the full account in a letter, which he put on top of clothes in his suitcase. Thus, when Egyptian customs questioned him and checked inside his case he was reminded and encouraged in his mission. Here’s what I’d written:

The BBC late evening news on 6th January 1992 announced that leaders in the Muslim community wanted to establish a Muslim parliament in Britain…:

In a dream that night I saw Western Europe, mainly France and the Mediterranean, as if from the space shuttle and heard the popular worship chorus ‘All Hail The Lamb’ being sung, as if in the atmosphere!  This praise was repeated many times most melodiously, as though by angelic choir ,and seemed to spiral upwards. Then I heard a very loud, authoritative voice declare, “As Communism fell, so too will Islam fall”.

I understood this as the Almighty’s declaration that Islam’s demise would come when Muslims themselves want to be free and rise up en-masse. Clearly, by referring to the events that had rippled across the Eastern Bloc to end the Soviet empire, we could expect a similar, unanticipated wave to sweep across Africa, the Middle East and Asia to the Pacific. It, too, would be like dominoes falling. In fact, some commentators are likening what’s happening now to that effect – Telegraph and Foreign Policy reports.

As a prophetical impression the dream awaited proper weighing and confirmation by my leaders. Only a few years ago I read an article by the prophet Marc Dupont in which he referred to a very similar word at about the same period. EVEN SO, if you’re with me thus far, please do weigh and check all this. [Months after this email I discovered that Lance Lambert had later that year brought the same message about God shaking the nations.]

Later yesterday I got an email from leading analyst on Middle-East affairs, Daniel Pipes, supporting that concept of change, viz:

“Something remarkable, unpredictable and unprecedented took place in recent weeks on Egyptian streets. A leaderless mass movement galvanized large numbers of ordinary citizens, as in Tunisia days earlier. It did not rage against foreigners, scapegoat minority Egyptians, nor endorse a radical ideology; instead, it demanded accountability, liberty, and prosperity. Reports reaching me from Cairo suggest a historic turn toward patriotism, inclusion, secularism, and personal responsibility.” – Washington Post

Let’s remember the Lord’s ultimate redemptive plan for Egypt, as stated in Isaiah 19 especially verses 19-25.

19 In that day there will be an altar to the LORD in the heart of Egypt, and a monument to the LORD at its border…24 In that day Israel will be the third, along with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing on the earth. The LORD Almighty will bless them, saying, “Blessed be Egypt my people, Assyria my handiwork, and Israel my inheritance”.

Pertinent to these verses is this closing statement of an email just in: “..the Egyptian identity needs to be resurrected, thereby allowing all of the nation’s sons and daughters to work together for a better future—without the dead weight of foreign encumberments, namely Arabism or, worse, Islamism.” [Assoc. Dir ME Forum: Egypt’s Identity Crisis.]

Did you read in my email 10 Feb of Dutch Sheets’ word given 13 Jan about the Lord supernaturally visiting the Middle-East? Well, on Monday I bought his classic book Intercessory Prayer but didn’t dig in until last night. On fanning through I was drawn to a prophetic word about nations falling rapidly before Him (see large red asterisk in attached). I think the Lord is trying to get our serious attention, don’t you?

THEREFORE, I believe it’s a pivotal prayer-time to ask the Lord for those nations that are closed to Him to become fully open to the Gospel. The harvest fields are ripening.

For example, many Iranians realise that 30 years’ Islamic rule has utterly failed. They’re desperate for the real truth of God. Previously it took one missionary a life time to bring 10 to Christ. Yet last year just one phone call served to bring 30 to salvation! Multitudes are responding to dramatic personal visitations and miracles direct from the Lord, as well as through satellite/phone evangelism. (Dr Hormoz Shariat, Iran Alive Ministries.)

“…By Myself I have sworn, My mouth has uttered in all integrity a word that will not be revoked: Before Me every knee will bow; by Me every tongue will swear (allegiance). They will say of Me, ‘In the Lord alone are righteousness and strength’.” All who have raged against Him will come to Him and be put to shame. But in the LORD the descendants of Israel will be found righteous and will exult.

[Isa 45.23-24 NIV’s ‘raged’ seems more appropriate than ‘incensed’ in NKJV & Amp]

I close as All Hail The Lamb starts playing on pc – WOW, what a coincidence, or rather God-incidence!!

“He’s the Lamb upon the throne…He IS the Lord”


A Third Great Awakening?

Part 2 of pre-blog email Today’s News: ‘Deep US-Saudi Rift’ – see previous post:

The Lord’s Perspective:

However, as regards these events (Egypt and Saudi-USA rift) it’s far more important to seek the Lord on any connection to His Word and on how He sees them, and to ask about His plans. In this connection we’d watched the prophetic intercessor Dutch Sheets on this issue.

On 13 January (2011) Nathan Morris was off with ‘flu from the revival meeting in Mobile, Alabama. However, Dutch stood in for him and taught about it being a true revival and become so significant outpouring of the Holy Spirit it would be the start of a ‘Third Great Awakening’. He said this is indicated by an unsurpassed number of medically attested miracles and salvations amongst the young.

Dutch SheetsAfterwards, Dutch went into intercession for a number of nations, but stopped and fervently declared he believed he’d just heard that the Lord is going to move super-naturally across the Middle East with dreams, visions and miracles. He claimed the Lord would be doing what evangelists cannot do in these closed lands and bring whole Muslim villages to salvation in Jesus. [NOTE below]

Watch the following profoundly important prophetic message after John Kilpatrick hands over to Dutch at 1hr40min. Three minutes later he opens up about a ‘great awakening’  which the Lord has been talking to him about since 1991. [Note: this brief note of a word given in June 2012 is also relevant. Read also of his experience in Sept 2014  – email updated 13 Nov 2014.]

Dutch’s descriptions reminded me of a vision of holy fire sweeping up the eastern side of Africa from Mozambique (where Rolland and Heidi Baker have brought whole Muslim provinces to Jesus), up to Sudan and Egypt and then into the Arabian peninsula!  Even so, the one who would usurp God’s throne will no doubt get stirred up.  So we shall see…

[2012 Note: The vision came when I first saw Heidi addressing a conference in Toronto. Suddenly, it was as though I was in orbit over central Africa and saw tall flames leaping high into the atmosphere over the whole of Mozambique and which spread northwards. The Mediterranean coast sat on the curvature of the globe and I saw the flames go along it and across the Sinai peninsular. Upon speaking to Rolland Baker a year or so later, he informed me this vision is similar to that which their director Supresa Sithole had for Iris Ministries.]

Praise our Almighty God and Father of Lord Jesus.

NOTE: The day after Dutch’s intercession the president of Tunisia fled to Saudi Arabia.  Three days later an Egyptian man copied the earlier self-imolation of a Tunisian street seller, which led into the major protests in Egypt and toppling of president Mubarak.   See Timeline (24 Jan 2012)

Obama’s Cairo speech

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’) – The main points covered therein are.:

> Jesus said, “Take heed that you be not deceived … (Luke 21:7-8).

> President Obama’s Cairo speech to Muslim world included delegates from the banned Muslim Brotherhood who were invited at Obama’s specific request. This Islamist group is banned by the Egyptian government because of its teachings and violence against all authorities that do not fully implement Islam’s sharia law.

> My reservations about the accuracy of his claims as a Christian and historian. In fact, Obama negated known actual facts to present a fully Arabic and Palestinian narrative.

The link to Rick Joyner’s paper is defunct but is open here: Discerning the Times pt34

Update 1: Elliott Abrams, Fellow of the Council of Foreign Relations, on 25 Sept 2012 briefly remarks on this in Pressure Points – Obama, Judaism and the Holocaust:

As Ronald Reagan once said, there he goes again. Islam has a prophet; Christianity has a savior, but Judaism has…. the Holocaust. The problem Jews and especially Israelis face, with apologies for having to spell it out, is not so much Holocaust denial as it the slander of the Jewish religion as a whole and the desire to eliminate the Jewish state.

Mr. Obama and his speechwriters should get over their equation of Judaism and Israel with the Holocaust. It is dispiriting to see the 2009 error repeated again three years later.

Update 2: Raymond Stock provides an excellent overview of the situation in the Foreign Policy Research Institute E-Note, On Mistaking Mohamed Mursi for His Mask (Feb ’13).  For introductory post, see Lunch with Raymond Stock.

Dear Readers,

Doctor Luke quotes Jesus on the signs of the times; ‘…And He said, “Take heed that you be not deceived…”(NKJV).

What are your thoughts and reactions to President Obama’s exceptional speech to Muslims last Thursday in Cairo?

To check it for yourself click  http://www.whitehouse.gov/the_press_office/Remarks-by-the-President-at-Cairo-University-6-04-09/

The widely welcomed speech brought a good response in Lebanon’s election with the defeat of Hizbollah-controlled coalition – but watch out Beirut! And SURPRISE, SURPRISE, in false-anticipation of a Hizbollah victory, Iranian/Syrian-proxy Palestinian terrorists responded in combined Hamas/Fatah/Al-Quada assaults upon Israel’s border, all of which failed.

According to an exclusive report based upon military and security sources, those attacks were only one outcome of Egypt’s intelligence minister meeting with Hamas’ politburo chief, who rejected Obama’s call and refused to call off terror campaign against fellow Palestinians. Also, soon after that meeting came the first ever missile strike from Gaza upon Egyptian security forces.

Book of Daniel

Far more importantly, it will be well-worth watching how Obama’s plans will connect into the EU’s European Neighbourhood Policy – which, some surmise, is part of the ’70th week’ of Daniel (chpt 9:20-27) that Jesus spoke about in Matthew 24:15. Should you need any proof, read this letter of intent:http://www.fulfilledprophecy.com/workspace/solana_remarks_obama_speech_cairo.pdf

A FlawedSpeech?

May I submit to you that were Obama’s proposals for the seven issues he addressed put on a 3-legged stool, they’d probably collapse.

Why? Like legs upon which his argument was based, three connected claims in his opening remarks are flawed. Hence, the speech has some deceptive inaccuracies and dangerous nuances – even a clear implication of the New World Order’s agenda of multi-faith projects through the Alliance of Civilisations (and the Blair Foundation? – remember his strong connection to the Clinton’s and Hilary’s rebutted/denied previous Bush Admin’s agreement with Israel!).

First, it was sensible to slant a speech towards the mindsets of the Mulsim audience – like St Paul did with the Athenians. But after quoting ‘Be conscious of God and speak always the truth’ from the Koran, Obama said “I will try…to speak the truth…” and closely followed with “I’m a Christian”. IF he really were a believer, wouldn’t he have referred to what Jesus taught about how the truth makes one free?

IF Obama really were aChristian, he would not have firmly declared, as US President in his inaugural address and consequent trip to Europe, that America is no longer and never has been a Christian nation!! The national intercessor and teacher Dutch Sheets said that’s like the stronghold of Goliath mocking God’s people – so maybe there’s a warning here? We believers know God is not mocked!

IF he really were aChristian would he have spoken, as do Muslims, of Jesus as being equivalent to Mohammed??

IF he really were aChristian, then why are many Church leaders gravely concerned?

Rick Joyner writes,“…This new unity in the church is being driven because of foreboding created by the demeanor and laws being passed by the Obama Administration, which seem to be specifically designed to open doors for persecuting the church.”

To read his report Discerning The Times, Part 34  clickhttp://www.morningstarministries.org/Publisher/Article.aspx?ID=1000051215

“As a student of history…”.If Obama really were a well-informed Christian and student of history then he would have told the truth about the founding of Israel, not only in 1948 but also despite fierce Arab riots and attacks against Jewish settlers since 1916, and about the reasons and origins of Arab and Jewish refugees within the Palestine region.

IF he really were a Christian and familiar with history, he would NOT have claimed the foundation of America and its universities were not influenced by God’s word and Christian principles. Whilst on-air, the renowned intercessor Dutch Sheets took great exception to Obama’s gross mistake and quoted from historical records to disprove the President’s claims that America is not and never has been a Christian nation.

Hence, Obama started out from a fundamentally flawed position and those errors affected the whole speech – like a little leaven. What do you think?

If you’d like further details on these important matters please do ask me to clarify or explain. Or, you could read these excellent articles from the Washington-based Centre for Security Policy:

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