Revival in the UK – encouragement from Alabama

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’):

“Are you from the United Kingdom?”, asked young Nathan Morris as he pointed to a couple standing near the front of the congregation.

It was an hour and a quarter into the worship of Saturday’s revival gathering in Mobile Convention Centre, Alabama. Under the power of the Holy Spirit, Nathan had just taken authority in Jesus’ name over all demonic activity and loosened its hold when some-thing amongst the worshipers caught his attention.

The question got repeated and clarified, “You’re from the UK?…You too? – Come here quickly right now, come quickly…come – Keep worshiping, Lydia…You’re from the United Kingdom, is that right?”

“Somerset”, the man replied and as he ascended onto the stage, Nathan pointed again and declared “Jesus!” – the tall man and lady both collapsed under the weight of the Lord’s presence, as did another couple following on to the platform.

Nathan turned away and explained to everyone, “I saw the United Kingdom flag right over that gentlemen’s head…”.

Next, turning back towards them he spoke, “FIRE!…I tell you, the power of God‘s falling all over this place right now” and, extending his hand in blessing over the four, he declared,

“Let revival come to the United Kingdom in the mighty name of Jesus – let the Isles be sacred again – from Scotland, to England, to Ireland, to Wales – let the Isles be sacred again!

Looking amongst those assembled below, “Are you all from the United Kingdom ? You’d better get up here right now, the power of God’s here…”

A dozen or so men, women and couple of children did so and were immediately hit by the fire of the Holy Spirit, “Fire on the United Kingdom”. The effect was so heavy each and every one of them were to remain almost motionless for 40 minutes from one end of the stage to the other! Nathan continued:

”Let the United Kingdom see a move of God that will shake the very foundations.

“United Kingdom, in the name of Jesus, be awakened, be awakened.”

Six minutes after all this started, stepping around nearly 20 of our fellow Britons scattered on-stage, our man from Sheffield suddenly turned towards the camera, directly AND VERY STERNLY addressed all viewers here in UK :

“You know, I didn’t plan this tonight but my nation used to be a nation of Revival. We used to send revivalists around the nations of the world and I’m speaking over the United Kingdom tonight:

“YOU belong to Jesus Christ – He birthed you – He made you who you are today – NOW turn back to Him, TURN BACK to Him before it is too late!

“Let the United Kingdom be shaken with the Fire of Revival !!”

Shortly thereafter, weeping on his knees under an impassioned anointing, Nathan proclaimed,

“God is breaking hearts tonight, that you might see His glory – Give birth to a Great Awakening, Lord – Let it be birthed – Let this fire, this glory flood the nations of the world.”

At 1hr 40min; Nathan announced the title of his message was to have been ‘What we need to see the lost turn to Christ’ but said, “The answer to the message was that we need God to visit us – by His Spirit He needs to come and melt the heart of man. But tonight, the Holy Spirit is doing the preaching,…the way He knows……just worship Him….”

At 1hr 52min; he groans intensely – at times on his knees – under the extreme unction of a prophetic tongue, and interpretation then flowed immediately –

“For I am God of the seasons”, says the Lord. “For though it has been Winter, so shall Spring arise….but I am seeking in these days”, says the Lord, “To raise up My seed, to raise up an army that will bloom. Even though Satan seeks to destroy the nations, I will cause My seed to bloom for I will place within My Body a FIRE that will rage…”

For the Lord says, “Beware, for many shall fall in these Last Days because they place their feet NOT upon the Rock of Truth.” But the Lord says, “You shall know those that shall arise…for My glory shall be upon them…Arise, shine…for your Light has come.”

“Cry out to God to make you a harvester. Ask the Lord to give you souls. Ask Him, ask the Lord, that you might reap the harvest.”

Pastor John then led intercession for the nationsOur friend J, biographer and historian of revivals, thinks it’s singularly significant for the Lord to use an individual like John Kilpatrick to host once again a Holy Spirit Revival.

I’m particularly impressed that the American and Englishman are so well united in spirit and preach the blood and cross of Jesus without any compromise whatsoever. And they focus on three things the Lord has impressed strongly upon me: teaching and ministering as Jesus did, preaching upon His soon return, preparing His Bride to rule the Kingdom with Him on earth.

TO WATCH click on GodTV-TheBay and after an introductory advert (55secs) the main sessions plays. Then click in the middle of progress bar at about 75 minutes (of total 149 mins) and allow video to play.

It is indeed the most profound of many deeply moving sessions in the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival that we have been blessed by.

May you be mightily uplifted and encouraged by all this.

PS: 29Oct’12 – See Marcus Tutt’s account of similar by Nathan concerning Norwich.

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