Jesus is passionately jealous for His Bride

Thank you Bill for this encouraging response to Wednesday’s post – I’m never surprised by what the Lord does! Praise His Name…

Dear Richard,
Thank you for today’s “Richards Watch” [What Jesus is saying to His Church]. I always appreciate what you write and so often feel stretched by your words.  I also receive “Lion Bites ” so the link is doubly strong.

I received the following from the Lord at the end of last week [ie. before my impulsively and totally unplanned publishing those words. RB], and thought I would pass them on to you in the light of today’s word.

I have 2 words from the Lord…

Jealous and Separate.

He is saying, “I am passionately jealous for your whole heart. I cannot settle for less than all of you. My jealousy is aroused when I see you giving yourself to anything/one other than Me. I delight in every moment you give yourself to Me. I never despise any time we share together. It is always a joy to Me. Yet My whole purpose for you is to be wholly Mine. I know your heart will never be at rest and peace until it is wholly Mine. So I am jealous for your love. I hate the lovers that take your heart away from Me. My jealousy burns strongly and I will not settle for less than all of your heart.”

He is saying, “A Bride sets her whole heart and mind on her Beloved. She anticipates her wedding day and thinks constantly about the day she will be fully joined to her Beloved. No Bride shares her heart with another. She separates herself from all former lovers. She does not entertain any thoughts of another lover other than her Beloved Bridegroom. She gladly chooses to separate herself from everything which distracts her from her Beloved, from her Wedding Day.

“She gives herself fully to all the preparations for the great day. Her mind and heart are totally given over to everything needful for that day. She busies herself with preparations. Nothing else seems to occupy her mind. Even the daily needs become secondary to her as the Day dawns closer and closer. She has separated herself to achieve the goal of being fully ready for the day she is married. Her mind is consumed with the joy and wonder of being fully joined, at One with her Beloved. This is all she thinks and talks about. All her energies are directed toward the Day of consummation.
A separation has occurred which she has happily embraced and has become indifferent to everything else. Even food and sleep become secondary to her delightful obsession. Preparing for her Bridegroom.

“So you, as My Beloved Bride, are to separate yourselves from everything which could hinder your preparations for our Wedding day. There is always a leaving, a separation, to enable the cleaving. Abraham left his home and family to enter My purpose for him. The result, the nation which birthed your salvation. I left My home to gain you and take you to Myself. This separation is not a hard thing when you are so deliriously captivated by your Beloved. So ask Me and I will give you that passionate desire which will cause you to leave everything to know Me and become Mine.”

I have been particularly impacted by the way the Bride to be completely loses interest and attachment to things, without any striving because of her overwhelming passionate distraction, namely the Beloved and forthcoming wedding. When the church truly loves and longs for our Beloved King Jesus, surely the stuff that clogs up and confuses today, will evaporate in the wonder of His glorious love and soon return.

Bless you.

1 thought on “Jesus is passionately jealous for His Bride

  1. Hi Richard
    This is why fasting is being restored back into the church.
    What a surprise that scientits have found that fasting 2 days a week is very healthy for our bodies; John Wesley fasted 2 days a week as a godly habit….


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