Parts of an ‘invisible jigsaw’ point to a bigger picture

In Enjoy puzzles?… I challenged readers to discover an eighth theme hidden within recent postings on this blog. The aim was to imagine these main themes as pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and to try to fit them together.

It was intellectual rather than a physical puzzle. Also, there was no design by which pieces could be matched and fitted together. Furthermore, they wouldn’t form into a complete mental picture because there’d probably be some gaps.

The idea was to develop discernment in considering the data within each piece’s ‘design’ as well as to appreciate the timing of their appearance – like perceiving and mentally handling chunks of information within an invisible matrix.

So, it was a trifle tricky but my intention was to convey a sensing of invisible links between those several blogs in order to get insights into the much bigger picture.

Anyway, here’s my own interpretation of how the puzzle could be started:

Blog Jigsaw

For information, jigsaw pieces as individual blogs are listed below with shorter titles and main themes underlined. Numbering assists seeing which is which (especially if the title isn’t obvious) and the connecting ‘lugs’ of each piece.:

My question is; to what could numbers 8 and 9 refer? The answer to the first follows in the next post.

Prophecy can involve teamwork

Now and again I’ve mused upon fulfillment of Biblical prophecy being similar to completing an immense ‘invisible jigsaw’, as may be read on the Jigsaw tag.

The Holy Bible is the design’s template and global events form the pieces which can be ‘seen’ falling into place. This concept in its finality is ably conveyed in Thanunkhorn’s image ‘Puzzle Globe and Book’, copied by courtesy of

A knowledge of scripture and personal revelation from the Holy Spirit helps born-again believers gain insights into how, when and where the pieces fall into place.

We also have the advantage of being able to have insights weighed, tested and confirmed by leaders who are not only blessed by Holy Spirit’s gift of prophecy but also have access to those recognised as authentic prophetical voices.

In view of the scriptural fact that even accurate prophets prophesy only in part (1 Cor13:9), their words are augmented by prophetic fellowship under the headship of Jesus Christ, whose ‘testimony is the spirit of prophecy’ (Rev 19:10).

So, prophetic data shared and insights gained through the above postings have all come through sanctified yet separate teamwork; in this instance they are William Smith, Paul Keith Davis, John Kilpatrick, Bob Jones, Arthur Burt, Jane Hamon, Sharon Stone and Emma Stark (as with the 8 pieces below! God-incidence?).

Teamwork Solving a Puzzle by Franky242; courtesy

Thank you Lord and praise your holy name.

ANOTHER PIECE ADDED: see Confirmations of latest prophetic words on the UK

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