Prophetic words for 2014-16 for UK & Ireland from Dr Stone – part 2

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A brief recap, or ‘bridge over to England’, of the previous post’s close.:

Sharon brought the Lord’s encouragement for both Scotland and Wales,

“I will not let the complacency of England hold you back any longer. The hunger and the violence to take My Kingdom by force will be released within you.”

“Now before England gets upset (she says), you know complacency means there is a relaxed ‘wait and see’ position that you take, rather than a forcefully advancing Kingdom position – that’s the difference. Chuck Pierce said, “Wales and Scotland you will be thorns in England’s side”.  England, you’re going to get prodded, you’re going to get irritated, from your borders. That’s what’s going to happen at this time. And remember that God’s not speaking to us as one because we’re in different time zones spiritually – but we are a catalyst and a complement to one another. So, Wales and Scotland is going to assist England to spiritual hunger…”

Out of Sync

Rev Dr Sharon Stone, Senior Minister Christian International Europe; courtesy CIESharon refers to Chuck having been hosted in England 40 days immediately before the bombings in London on 7th July 2005. Upon landing here he saw a sword in the sky and, with others, sought the Biblical meaning for this [1 below refers]. She recounts that Chuck sensed the Lord saying, ‘Whoever wields that sword will be in control’.  Consideration was also  given to it being the sword of Islam.

Whatever the fullest meaning may have been, thousands started praying and fasting in intercession for Britain. Right after that prayer period Islamist terrorists bombed London transport, but compared with the infamous 9/11 attacks there were relatively few deaths [2]. She continues,

“Many of us were excited by that fact and felt (the situation) had been turned. But since that point, the Spirit of God has said this, and God doesn’t always see things the way we do:

“We’ve won a battle but we didn’t continue to win a war!”

“I believe what happened to England at that time (was) we got out of ‘time sync’ at that moment. God gave us very clear information saying in 40 days something is going to happen. It was like an ‘enema moment’! It came but we weren’t able to take full victory; but we did take a bit of a battle victory at the time but it put us out of our area in time [3].

“And so we have been catching up and felt a little bit ‘out of sync’ ever since…You can be doing the right things but, if you’re not in the right time, you’re not getting the right results that you feel like you should have. You have revelation from God, but if the ground is not cooperating with you then you’re not seeing the fruit from the ground.

“I believe that what we’re doing now is coming to a chance to catch upIF we will let Ireland, Scotland and Wales assist us by prodding us to a greater spiritual hunger for the face of God. (Look at each other and say, “You need this!”)

“I believe that’s where we got out of sync and I believe the Lord’s giving us a chance to catch up with that. Before I go on about England, let me say this:

Dalet - Melissa Flores“We moved into this season of Hebraic New year at Rosh Hashanah. (It’s symbolised by) an opening of a tent door [4]. The season means you have access to either go out of that door into the things God has for you, or else you can keep ‘polishing and fixing’ what’s within and stay in the tent. Now ministry-wise, many people do this and they just make things get better and better. It doesn’t affect many people or have any influence elsewhere, but the spirit of excellence keeps rising…

“But this is a time where we have an opportunity – a door of access – to move out into a greater realm. So here we are as England and we’re out of time and God says,

“But I’ve given you a door, I have given you an opportunity that during this time you can get caught up and be ‘in sync’ and that you are not going to be behind, or lose your destiny in any way, but instead you’re going to have to depend upon the Spirit of God to get you caught back up to be in the right time at the right place.”

“How many here say, ‘That’s not my favourite message to hear’? It’s the truth! I don’t want to hear that!

“I’m living here in England – this is my home – and many of us go to prayer meetings where it’s ‘England is first’, ‘England’s going to enter in’, ‘England’s going to do this’…

“England has an amazing destiny, but we don’t lie to ourselves about where we are, or we can’t benefit the nation! Let me take a moment here:

“You’re all prophetic people, we’re a ‘tribe’, that’s why we join together – as prophetic people, what responsibility you take is what authority you get! 

“So what responsibility we take for our nation is what authority we have to be able to release and to benefit the nation. So…


“We’ve always spoken about England as being an apostolic nation, have always spoken about England as representing the majesty of God. How many people have heard those two things before?…Only a few, ok.

“But I have to say, as I was seeking the heart of God during this season, the Lord told me something different that was a surprise to me! I can honestly say it, and I took the time to call a few other prophets and bounce it off them.

“And again they (too) said ‘I’d never heard it but I bear witness with this’. Listen to what God says about England [an aside: one of the reasons it’s been so hard for the English to find their identity is not because we’re dealing with the British and the English, and because there’s so many different countries here.] The Lord says that,

We are an apostolic delivering nation that will display God’s majesty and the reason we could be so good at developing an empire is that our anointing was to deliver nations – we just didn’t always use it rightly!

“So here we have a great destiny to deliver nations. What an amazing call of God that is upon a nation!  You may say we’re not doing anything different to what other nations are doing (secular laws and anti-Israel stance).

“As prophetic people we’ve got to get beyond that. The Word of God says to him whom much is given, much is required. So that means we can’t measure ourselves by those who are next to our shoulder. You measure yourself by the purposes and by the destiny of God that He’s speaking forth into this nation.

“So again; the Lord is saying the identity of this nation is of one that’s called to deliver other nations. It’s going to be known as an apostolic delivering nation that displays the majesty of God.

“The other thing the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me about England I’d never heard is,

“England is a key to release the wealth that is needed.”

“And I believe part of that is to deal with injustices that are going on in the earth…

Continued in Part 3, wherein Sharon speaks about a clash of kingdoms and a spiritual centre in England. Regarding the latter, I provide a link to a record of angelic visitation.


  1. Watchman Network Report dated 7th July 2005
  2. Wikipedia, 7 July 2005 London Bombings.
  3. Sign of going out of sync: Big Ben Stops for 90 Minutes, baffling engineers
  4. Fuller details may be read in Door into New Season is Open.

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