Prophetic words for 2014-16 for UK & Ireland from Dr Stone – part 1

On watch... A clarion call has been released for the UK not to miss its Day of Visitation (because of England’s complacency over advancing the Kingdom of God), as well as for intercessory prayer covering the next phase of God’s move here.

Rev Dr Stone stressed the importance of words received recently from the Lord, and told why England has been ‘out of sync’ with God’s timings and how that can be corrected.


Rev Dr Sharon Stone, Senior Minister Christian International Europe; courtesy CIEAs ever, prophetic messages Sharon delivers are a guide for teaching, prayer and alignment with our heavenly Father’s purposes. The usual invitations for October’s mentoring day had been re-issued and flagged ‘Urgent’.  Sharon stressed that was not a marketing technique but it was because she believes she has an important prophetic message which, she says,

“…Is actually the blending of several prophetic utterances that need to be heard and understood so that you and I know how to align and how to partner with it – but also so that we’re not frustrated by what we see going on around about us…

“We’re going to release a clarion call for the UK not to miss its Day of Visitation, and I believe that the Spirit of God is declaring over the UK that He has not passed us by, that we are on God’s calendar NOW.

“But you need to know what that looks like and, if you will allow me I can be prophetic without saying ‘Thus saith the Lord’ every few minutes; I want to take that and put some meat on the bones so that we have more understanding for our alignment.

“Now, I know that we hear many accounts in different nations of the Holy Spirit’s activity going on across the earth. Some of the major nations where we see that are Indonesia, Brazil, China and even in Nigeria.”  (In the last, where there’s been many murderous atrocities committed against believers by maniacal fanatics, Sharon sees the Spirit’s activity as moving them out of religious and into truly apostolic structure.)

“Also, in Iceland where last week we saw Franklin Graham, Billy Graham’s son, and for the first time 100s responded and came into salvation. Iceland has never, ever, seen that! And so I believe we are seeing some amazing things going on in different nations.

“Most people always judge what’s going on in other nations by what’s going on in their nation. And when somebody talks about nations being first, or nations that enter into things first, everybody believes their nation is one of those! But how many know everybody’s nation is not?

“And so we have to have some understanding prophetically of what’s going on so that we partner with God. We need to know whether we’re to drag our nation into the timing of God, whether we get behind it and push it in, whether we intercede it in, whether we declare it in, whether we release the manifestations of God to cause it to walk in the fullness…We need to know these things!

“And so I’m particularly going to target the next three and a half years for the UK…I know we have people here from other nations and we’re not preferring (the UK) but I believe that’s what’s so different about what I’m speaking at this time challenges most people that have put the entire UK into one pot and mixed all the prophetic words!

“I believe that God is not speaking to us as the United Kingdom at this time.

“I believe that God is speaking to us as Wales, as Scotland, as Ireland and as England, and the reason that He is speaking to us individually as countries at this time is because we are not on the same heavenly ‘time zone’. [Note 1 below also refers.]

“So if that’s true then we need to know where we are in the heavenly time zones of God. But at the same time we need to realise that we are there and what’s going on in each one of us is meant to complement and is meant to benefit the rest of the United Kingdom, as well as other nations.

“So the UK is not getting passed by!”

Sharon then asked those present from those parts of the British Isles to stand up on behalf for their fellow citizens. She then prayed, blessed and spoke prophetically over each country in turn, especially for acceleration into national destinies (not transcribed here).


“In speaking into Ireland it doesn’t take a genius to see that’s the western gate of revival for the UK. That means that if God is moving from the west eastwards they’re carrying something that those in England have need of. Does that make sense?”  Sharon draws attention of intercessors to her points, then reads from her notes of what she heard:

“This is what the Spirit of God, the Lord says,

“You’re the western gate of revival, so it’s crisis time for your heart. (Speaks to intercessors) In the heart of the nation I am bringing a brief shock, like a defibrillator.

“In the heart of Ireland I am bringing a brief shock to reset the heart rhythm. The reason is because Ireland has always been a ‘sending’ nation (ie. of people all around the world) but they have benefitted more nations than they’ve benefitted themselves).

“It’s now time to revive the heart of your nation. Just as man has cut the nation in half (Eire and Ulster) I will heal the laceration portion with prayers for revival. From the west coast to the east coast on your border scar I will turn yesterday’s violence into an arm of strength. An arm of strength that will hurl My spear of revival on into the rest of the UK.”

<Prayers/declarations over those from/connected to Ireland.>


“The Lord says,

“2013 began your time to awaken but 2014 will be your time of a new outpouring. An Outpouring that is very new and very different from the past. (That means people can’t go back and say “I want the Welsh Revival all over again”.)  An outpouring that will overlap not only the season that you’re in now but the season that will come after 2014.”

“An outpouring of your worship will break through the 100 years of barrenness since the last Visitation. (Listen!) Creation’s voice is crying out for my Glory. So altars of corporate worship are going to need to be built to release My Glory. Glory will turn your barrenness into a fruitful land. Your corporate worship will influence and calculate your harvest and your fruitfulness. 

“I am going to pour Myself  out on you but I’ve been waiting for you to pour yourself out on Me. So, My Church of Wales, it’s time to cry, to strain, to exert yourself with tears of intercession for a new quickening power because you are called to seek manifestations of My Spirit.” 

“Look at the Welsh people here and say, “You’re called to do strange things for the Lord!” And the Lord says,

“And the prophetic anointing will prepare Wales for new Visitation and a new move. Wales you are placed for an outpouring visitation that is going to spread like lightning to you and beyond to Scotland and to England. But before it travels to the nation, nations will travel to you for refuge and My Presence. But you must mend your broken families and then I will give you a building anointing to heal your fractured churches.”

<Those words are prayed and declared over those from Wales – see Note 2>


“For Scotland, the Lord says,

“In 2013 you were pregnant with purpose. 2014 though, you’re going to give birth to twins and there’s going to be a double-anointing released upon Scotland.

“The first ways you’re going to see it is it’s going to be the Father’s Heart and the second is Justice.

“You have started a quantum momentum for the rest of the UK and Europe for you are no longer at a crossroads but you have crossed over. As with the Israelites when they crossed over from the desert to the Promised Land everything changed. A warrior mentality had to be restored, prophetic activity released…

“Now I used to live right underneath Scotland and the things that the Lord is speaking to me now about the nations He just wasn’t talking about before, and so I’m very excited about this! (emphasis RB). The Lord is saying,

“Prophetic activity released is this: the asset of Scotland is its families. No longer a fatherless nation but a refuge for families. Scotland you are not a mother nation like England but a father nation who fights for what is just. So prophetic warfare, praise and intercession will shift your land and help align England and other nations as well.

“Eventually, you will declare new freedoms. Freedom to see in a new way, freedom to govern yourself financially in a new way…

“And the Lord speaks to Scotland AND Wales and says,

“I will not let the complacency of England hold you back any longer. The hunger and the violence to take My Kingdom by force will be released within you.”

“Now before England gets upset there, you know that complacency means there is a relaxed wait and see position that you take, rather than a forcefully advancing Kingdom position – that’s the difference there…

“A friend of mine Chuck Pierce said this,

“Wales and Scotland you will be thorns in England’s side”.

“England, you’re going to get prodded, you’re going to get irritated, from your borders. That’s what’s going to happen at this time. And remember that God’s not speaking to us as one because we’re in different time zones spiritually – but we are a catalyst and a complement to one another.

“So, Wales and Scotland is going to assist England to spiritual hunger – repeat after me, ‘Hunger not jealousy’ – hunger for the Kingdom and God Himself. So before I go onto England itself, let’s pray over Scotland…”

<Those words are prayed and declared over delegates from Scotland.>

ENGLAND – is covered in Part 2, which goes on to refer to a clash of kingdoms and a spiritual centre in Part 3 (which includes link to record of angelic visitation).

To summarise thus far, Sharon prophesied that:

  • Ireland is a revival spear thrown from the heart of Ireland into the United Kingdom.
  • Wales is positioned now for an outpouring Visitation. [See also Note 2]
  • Scotland is the first nation in Europe to ‘cross over’. [See also Note 3]


1. In Nov 2008 Chuck Pierce closed his report on visiting Germany and England as follows: The Spirit of the Lord says to the people of England, “This is your season for your light to come forth as never before. Rifts will come in old structures and My people will unite in a new way. A message will come forth from pulpits in this land” Then I saw a picture of 5 nations and the Lord said, I will radiate in each land. Do not allow the rifts to cause you to let go of My hand for I am raising you up with a sound of victory.”  (Emphases added)

2. See Chuck Pierce on A New Quickening Power Coming to Wales, 19 Sept 2013.

3. For more see Seven Decrees Over Scotland – Jane Hamon, 20 Sept 2013

4. Transcribed with permission of CI Europe and a polite reminder; Copyright applies.

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