A new, quickening of power coming to Wales?

I am grateful to Daibach-welldigger blog for this encouraging prophetic word delivered by Chuck Pierce at City Temple, Swansea, on 19th September. Also, to Sue Payne of Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival for transcribing this prophecy, which I’ve rendered into blue for ease of reading, as follows.:

“I say to you I am bringing a new quickening of power across Wales. Get ready, for a quickening power that will cause the birth of heaven to come down into the atmosphere of this nation, is now being released. I say to you even the next 6 months that which I have conceived in the last 3 will now begin to open up and mature. I say to you this is your quickening time and during the day and especially through the night, My people throughout this land will be crying day and night for Me to come. And I say to you get ready, for I will surprise you at the gates of this nation. Now as we worship let the bowls fill up and be poured out. I decree right now there’s a filling going on in heaven, so a pouring out can occur, in this nation.

“You have said do it again Lord, but I say a generation is arising that are hungry after Me. A generation that will go beyond the stories that they’ve heard in the past, and the history of a land where heaven and earth have kissed.

“And I say this generation which you’re a part of; even some of you who are 80 plus, I say three generations will now arise in this land and see Me move in a new way. I say to you, I want to begin new and fresh. Even though I have come before, I say it is not that crossing over for this season, but I, instead of doing again, will now begin. For I say an angelic host have been waiting, and many have come, but now they stand positioned in the land, ready to say who will go with Me into this season ahead. 

“I say many houses have gone awry. And many families have gone astray during this season of wandering in this land. But I say I have come to repair the door of the house of My people in this land of Wales. And I say, if you will allow me to repair the door of your house, you will come out and help Me repair the door of My house, and then you will build an altar new and fresh in this land. I say, it is that altar that I am calling for in this hour, so that My incense and fragrance, that is dwelling in this land, will arise and be smelled by Me, and be filled, and what wasn’t coming into fullness in one season, I will pour out in fullness in another season. 

“I say to you I am very near to you. I am nearer to you now than you have known. I say the very ground you have been walking on has been crying out, saying, we long to have the glory come, and to be used again to build a new altar in this land. And I say I have heard the cry of the land, and now a people are responding, and saying we are ready to build.”

And the Lord says to you, “I have been waiting for you to pour yourself out to Me again. It is you I’ve been waiting and watching for. And I say now, I see a people in this land who say we are ready not to hold back any longer, but to pour out again, and give You the best of this land.”

I saw, 6 months ahead, where there were sealed doors in the heavenly realm. 6 doors. Man had sealed these doors up. All of a sudden, I could see those 6 doors, I could see why they had been sealed for 100 years. And I actually could see, it was like a 100 year war that had gone on in the heavenlies below. And God had sealed the door because of the warfare that had been above this land. But all of a sudden, when we hit that song, one of the doors, the seal had started to melt on it, I could see it. And as we hit that song, that door started coming open. And I could see behind the door.

Now, the Lord says to you, “The next 6 months for this land is key. The next 6 months your worship is key”. And I think you should worship the way you’re accustomed to worshipping, in places like this wonderful place we’re in. But I also think you should find strategic times to just come together in worship. Where you come here and you begin to worship, and you worship until you feel the Spirit of God is satisfied. And the moment you finish, that door is going to start coming open, and what got sealed up a 100 years ago will now be opened and the prophetic anointing will start stirring over this land and you will speak a thing and that warfare that’s been in the heavenlies over this land will not be able to stand in resistance against the Word that God’s going to bring down to activate the next move.


As with all prophetic words, please weigh the above and seek the Lord over its content. We shall wait and see!

I’m well aware that self-appointed heresy-hunters sit in judgement on prophets, which is contrary to the command of Jesus Himself and of His Apostle to the Gentiles. For example, where Jesus’ disciples wanted to prevent others casting out demons (Luke 9:49-50), and when Paul rebuked believers in Rome for standing in judgement (Romans 2.1-2), which lined up with Jesus’ instruction not to judge, as at Luke 6:37.:

 “Judge not, and you shall not be judged. Condemn not, and you shall not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.”

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