UCB video on the Welsh Outpouring

Thank you United Christian Broadcasters for the following half-hour documentary which I highly recommend for all my readers. It tells of God coming to church.

As a lady pastor explains,

Pastors and leaders are coming and churches are being changed…People are so fed up with religion that they want Jesus….They’re fed up with doing everyday Sunday church…They want to experience Jesus in a real way.

This documentary is refreshingly different to the usual presentation by journalists who report and interview in a matter-of-fact, but sometimes confrontational, manner.

It allows those intimately involved right from the start of events in Cwmbran to tell what happened from their perspective. Also, some accounts are from those who came and were amazed to be healed either physically (eg. 10 year’s wheelchair-bound Paul) or emotionally and spiritually (eg. depressive and suicidal youngsters). You will learn that this church had also been established with a heart for rehabilitation of deeply damaged people. From the outset, this Outpouring bears the hallmark of salvation with hundreds responding to and receiving Jesus Christ as saviour.

So, be blessed as you watch and receive:

“No more anti-depressants and I got a new job!” is one of the closing testimonies of how God wonderfully transformed one young lady’s life.  Paul’s description of his healing confirms what I recently wrote about that of Delia Knox (see 2nd paragraph here).

There is also an interesting reference to the prophetic word from God about preparing for this visitation at ‘such a time as this’.

Also, please note the introductory minute’s reference to the account of Queen Esther (in the ancient Persian court), with more details at 14-15th minutes of how the Outpouring’s first night mirrored her intercessory audience before the king.

Hearing the 3rd referral in 3 days to the same situation from the Book of Esther would seem to indicate the Lord is drawing attention to its importance. But before explaining, those unfamiliar with her story may wish to read Orphan wins beauty contest in Iranian Court in order to understand Esther’s pivotal role. This will introduce its significance for prophetic action relating to Parliament and how that may connect with the Outpouring. (For details of which see Mentoring Day parts 1 and 2.)

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