Encouragement from the heart of England

It’s so heartening when the Lord drops something into mind that helps others. It’s like the appearance of stepping-stones to help one across a fast, full stream.

In closing my previous I gave a very brief personal background on Dr Sharon Stone and decided to pop in a reference to Dr Charles ‘Chuck’ Pierce. The next day I was ‘nudged’ to visit his website and quickly espied this header, ‘Chuck’s Latest Letter: England – A Land on the Verge’, wherein he writes:

chuckpierce[1]“England is on the verge!  Being on the verge is like being at a crossroads! Our gathering on Tuesday night in Burton-on-Trent…was wonderful! Lots of leaders and key intercessors were there. One group from Liverpool travelled down to be a part of what God is doing…”

You may ask, on the verge of what? We’re well aware of the present dreadful state of society. So where do those crossroads point? What’s on the finger posts?

  • ‘Rack and Ruin’ >
  • ‘Atheist hedonism’ >
  • ‘Road to Hell’ >
  • ’Kingdom of God’ >

I know which I’d choose…but where would you like to go?

Chuck’s report from The Secret Place Conference includes a picture painted during worship, along with its associated word for personal meditation: not for delegates alone. I thank the Lord for drawing this to my attention and, should you doubt He really is up to something, I hope you will find encouragement therein.

Then on Friday, friends leading a house church asked us to weigh a couple of verses from Isaiah that have been constantly coming to mind. Our independent deliberations confirmed the scripture as apposite and, in confirmation, Holy Spirit also gave us the same non-scriptural term suggestive of an action plan. I’m excited how this connects into what was revealed at September’s Revival Alliance Gathering.  Also, the above word Chuck received upon his arrival here could include this couple’s church group.

In Revival: Glory Stories, I wrote of something personal the Lord started revealing to  me last May, and then came a connection to the same conference last year. That time, Chuck had opened by saying,

“I sense when we got off the plane yesterday that the Lord is doing a new thing in England…I’ve been here many, many times and you can sense something beginning to change. You’re entering a new day, a new era – and a new Kingdom era. So it’s really awesome to be with you…”

NOW that was last year, and we have seen changes and developments in the nation and church. So I’m keen to learn what was taught and revealed at this year’s ‘start of the year’ conference and declared for 2012 – aren’t you?

Lord, open our eyes to what you are doing…

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