Pray for President-Elect Trump

A highly appropriate scripture and details of pre-election vision ‘God Raises Up A Standard’ from my cyber-friend in dear ol’ Tucson, Arizona.

My Dreams and Visions

As the opposition to Donald Trump has grown after his amazing victory that is nothing short of a miracle , Psalm 2 has been in my spirit. I will quote a portion of it below.

Psa 2:1 — Psa 2:5

Why do the nations rage,

And the people plot a vain thing? 

The kings of the earth set themselves,

And the rulers take counsel together,

Against the Lord and against His Anointed, saying, 

“Let us break Their bonds in pieces

And cast away Their cords from us.” 

He who sits in the heavens shall laugh;

The Lord shall hold them in derision. 

Then He shall speak to them in His wrath,

And distress them in His deep displeasure:

Anointed here is from the Hebrew word,

H4899. מָשִׁיחַ māšiyaḥ: A masculine noun meaning anointed one. Although this word is a noun, it can function both as a substantive (1 Sam…

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Prayer alert against attacks upon Western nations

Intercessors and prayer warriors may want to weigh the details of a poignant dream that came to Veronika West on Monday about the possibility of undetected threats of attacks upon Britain, Germany, France, Israel and USA – and Australia -as in her post PRAY: THE SUBMARINES ARE COMING.

Also, I’m reminded of dreams in 2012 that Tony Puccio had about a coming submarine attack but which ‘surfaced’ again a few months ago, as here.

URGENT prayer alerts for the United States of America

Rev John KilpatrickOn Sunday Revd John Kilpatrick reminded those present at Church of His Presence, as well as live streaming, about the Lord telling him weeks ago the post-election period is very critical and its important to continue praying for the USA and its President-elect (Fulfilled Prophecy #10 con’td refers).

Verinoka West FbkAdditional warning comes from Ignite Ireland Ministries’ watchman for the USA, Veronika West, whose frequent posts bring revelatory insights plus prophetic words of treat encouragement, for prayer warriors. This week she has particularly been interceding against betrayal witnessed behind close doors at the highest levels – Stay Alert, Stay Vigilant for there is a Battle Raging! (26th November, following that of 25th on security.)

Prophetic word for the Church – awakening of the giant

This word brought by Lin Wills, published on UK Prophetic Words, resonates so strongly in connection with what kick-started my writing (“This is ALL about to be fulfilled!”) and reminded me of Lyn F’s vision in 2001 of a giant arising throughout Britain, and of the vision forty years earlier that came to Tommy Hicks (see Library):


I will fan the dying embers into a flame again. A flame of fire says the Lord, that fire of passion. That fire of desire. That fire of longing and desperation for My presence says the Lord. For I am building My church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail says the Lord. For I am the master builder. I am the One who is fanning the flame again. For where there is smouldering ash, so there will be a blaze of glory again.
For where the giant is sleeping, that giant will become awakened. And there shall be a shout of victory again in My church. There shall be a loud shout of triumph again in My church from My people. For there shall be a march of My victorious army throughout the land. And there shall be those signs and those wonders that I have promised.
For My glory shall cover the earth. My glory shall be seen. And My power shall be again resting upon My people. My power, My new oil, My fresh oil. My fresh anointing for these end times. For I will pour out on him that is thirsty. I will cover the dry land with My rivers again.
For there shall be much rejoicing says the Lord. There shall be much praising. There shall be much victory says the Lord. Where there has been defeat, and there has been barrenness, there shall be new shoots. There shall be new shoots of life that will spring up says the Lord.
For I am the Lord and I have spoken it. And I will bring it to pass for I am the builder. I am the master builder says the Lord. And My church shall rule and reign. And My church shall be the giant that I have made it to be.
For there shall be a shout in the land. And the land and the nation shall know, and shall hear the voice of the people of God. And they shall recognise that the voice of the people of God has been raised as never before. The voice has been raised from the church as never before. And they shall recognise the voice as being the voice of God. The voice of God in these days. The power of God in these days. The will of God and the purpose of God in these days. And the glory of the Lord in these days.
For My church shall be the church that I died to make it to be. They shall rise up in power and they shall rise up in strength says the Lord. And that mighty army shall go forth. And there shall many many many be slain of the Lord. And many shall come into My Kingdom in these last days. For I am pouring out says the Lord, and there shall be a triumph note as never before in My church. For I am a God that does not lie. I am a God that keeps His promise. And all that I have promised and all that I have said shall come to pass. And you shall see the hand of the Lord your God and His arm made bare among the nations. For My church shall rise up again in splendour says the Lord. For no enemy shall keep it down, for I am building it says the Lord. I am building it, and no enemy in hell shall keep it down for I am bringing My church to that place of victory, triumph, and the note of splendour that shall go out and ripple out throughout the land.

Lin Wills 20th November 2016

The reasonable ineffectiveness of Mathematics in the Biological Sciences

Professor Seymour Garte’s post makes a very interesting contribution to our thread on maths, science and scripture, especially bearing in mind the Book of Genesis.

The Book of Works

(With apologies to Wigner)

The fact that biology is not rich in theory is well known. Of the theories that do exist (such as Darwin’s theory of evolution), many have never been formulated into mathematical laws. Physics envy is a well-known propensity of those biologists who desire to be working on a more general understanding of whole fields (like cellular biophysics or regulation of gene expression) rather than on uncovering details of particular subsystems.

I used to be certain that the lack of mathematical rigor in biology was the fault of biologists, who generally are unable to grasp the fundamentals of even simple math. But that canard may be less true than it used to be (if it ever really was). With the explosion of systems biology and the development of algorithms for data mining, there are plenty of biologists around who are perfectly familiar with the manipulation of equations…

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A personal reflection on the First Sundays in Advent

Tomorrow, 27th November, is the First Sunday of Advent 2016.

Within a few weeks of launching this blog in November 2011 I posted the following, which conveys why the First Sunday of Advent is always highly nostalgic because of A Life-Changing Dream. It brought a totally unexpected encounter with Jesus Christ. As an unbeliever I’d dismissed a young evangelist and discontinued his visits. So I certainly didn’t anticipate – let alone wish for – such a startling event. This post is about subsequent information that validated that event:

Part 3 of ‘Death or Destiny?’ – A Triple Validation

A little time was needed to gain a fuller understanding of that awesome visitation in the early hours of Thursday 14th September 1989 – the absolute holiness of the Lord Jesus Christ in contrast to my personal sinful nature. No wonder I expected to die and was convicted of my sin!

That encounter used two very personal aspects of my life to grab my attention, thereby validating the experience as real, not an imaginary one. Even more amazingly, both validations are directly related to the 1st and 2nd Advents!  Thus, they couldn’t fail to enhance my interest in End-Times and which had been launched a few years earlier by The Invisible Hand (see herein).

The First Advent was the time when Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem of Judea about two thousand years ago. Hence, the four weeks leading into Christmas are designated within the church calendar as Advent, and which start the church year.

The Second Advent is coming soon and is expected to begin in Jerusalem.

First Validation

I inwardly ‘knew’ the heavenly visitor was indeed Jesus, and that the impressive action was a foretaste of his promised return, when He will come in all His power and glory.

The event reminded me of my favourite picture in mother’s Missal, or service book of the Roman Mass.  This gave the content of every Sunday service throughout the year with a diagram symbolising the theme for each service.  As a boy keen on astronomy I’d been fascinated by the picture for First Sunday of Advent. This depicted Jesus standing on the clouds over a burning earth in the midst of sun, moon and falling stars, indicative of events before his Second Advent!

The confirmation referred to above came almost as unusually. On a healing retreat years later, a minister told me God would show me something after lunch. Indeed, after lunch a stranger who’d been seated at my table confided that the Lord told her to show me something she greatly treasured.

christinclouds-lrgIt was a photo taken, it was claimed, from an aircraft over a thunderstorm. When developed, the photo bore an image of Jesus Christ, as though standing within clouds. However, the facial features were hazy, not defined. It was exactly like Jesus in my dream for I had  not seen His face.  (I recall dark, hazy clouds at the foot of the image. This one is published by Bible Probe.)

Upon seeing this photo my legs gave way – I couldn’t stand but fell into a nearby chair! My companion said I went so white she thought I was going to faint or fall.

Yet, just how did a stranger know to show me this photo?  I’d not divulged such a personal dream – she simply said, “It’s the Lord’s doing”.

Second Validation

I was puzzled over the closing element of the dream-event, that is:  upon my reaching towards Jesus’ feet to grasp his robe, it turned into the branch of a Christmas tree!  So, when I tugged, a Christmas tree toppled over and its fairy fell off and onto the floor.

Weird?  Not really, because that spot by the window was where the family Christmas tree used to be erected. It was a corner closely associated with Christmas.

As a devout Catholic, my mother had told me about Jesus from an early age. When I painted pictures I would put a blue stripe at the top of outdoor scenes to represent heaven, as children did. But I’d also draw a Christmas tree in heaven as being Jesus.

Why? Not only had I associated all the wonder of Christmas with his birthday but I also heard an actor  on TV mention his name whilst looking at a small fir tree. So in my childish way I took the actor at his word and would draw Jesus as a Christmas tree.  Hence, the dream changed him to match that image.

At its close, therefore, the dream-event signified the time had come to put away not only childish misconceptions but also all false teachings and replace them with absolute truth – the one who is the Truth in person.

Truly, the most fantastic Christmas present ever – one that’s daily an ever-present encouragement and help in every time of need, no matter how dire. Thank you Lord.

These events started in 1989 and culminated in 1995 with its prime confirmation. Yet more was to come!  Sixteen years later upon revisiting this story for the purposes of this blog, I was surprised by a couple more insights that dropped unbidden into mind. One was tantalising: could the street number of my childhood home (212) possibly be significant in pointing toward the coming year? That is, to 2012!  

Could that notion be true?  Such musing would be confirmed in a fascinating numerical manner at 2012’s first Christian conference we were to attend (with Dr Sharon Stone and Patricia King). Upon our arrival at the venue in Torquay I was curious about the distance driven from home. The car’s odometer reading was ‘212’ miles!

Third Validation (updated Dec 2013)

Once again, timing proves crucial in presenting another objective confirmation!  Again, had I not been writing about the visitation I would have missed the crucial linkage!

Whilst writing instalments of My Journey Into Freedom I inserted a report on something pertinent that happened at that time in the USA. This came as a ‘new revelatory word’ from the Lord to Revd John Kilpatrick and began at 2:22am. This too, is very interesting on two counts. Numerically, because my birthday falls on a 22nd. Orally, because that word is directly relevant to my dream visitation in referring to the angelic host as well as in closing with Luke 21:28, namely:

But when these things begin to come to pass, look up, lift up your heads, because your redemption is at hand.

My mother’s Missal for the First Sunday of Advent is shown below and notice how the scripture on page 69 links into my personal visitation and what pastor John brought.

[Click to enlarge]


It’s amusing that the number of hits on this blog passed the 212,000 mark within days of the 4th anniversary of its launch on 21st November 2015.

So a huge thank you goes to every subscriber and regular reader, as well as all visitors – Richard

[Read Rescued from Satan by the Lord of Hosts for what happened afterwards.]

Further reading:

Archbishop blasts the EU and recognises Isil as Islamic

Another public event concurrent with ‘heaven’s breaking news’ that the worm (satan) has turned is Archbishop Justin Welby’s address a week ago today at the Catholic Institute of Paris, where he received an honorary doctorate.

His full address on the common good and a shared vision for the next century is well worth taking time to read. Allow me to comment briefly upon aspects our national press picked up and which may relate to the recent prophetic word brought by Heidi Baker on an awakening in Europe and in the Anglicans.

Maybe His Grace has found himself turning into the fresh winds of change that the Lord has brought?

Contrary to our understanding of God’s deep desire for the UK to be freed from its deep entanglement with the EU,  the Telegraph’s religious affairs editor John Bingham notes,

‘Although he voted for the UK to remain in the European Union, his lecture contained a scathing critique of “centralisation, corruption and bureaucracy” in the EU. He said millions in Greece in particular were suffering because of the actions of European decision-makers who had urged it to join the euro on a “false prospectus” and ultimately turned the entire country (the origin of democracy. RB) into the “biggest debtor’s prison in European history”…’

Justin even joined the very wide circle of sensible people who are fully aware of the nature, teachings and history of Islam and who have been insisting that politicians have been causing immense mischief and harm by disingenuously reiterating that terrorism by Muslims has nothing to do with the tenets of Islam itself.

To grasp his perspective on this we need to note how he introduces that matter within the topic of ‘The State of Europe: religiously motivated violence’ – not forgetting his deep personal horror at last year’s barbarity at the Bataclan. I quote direct from his address, as published on his website (emphases added).:

img0o4trdcw“It is a legitimate to therefore ask: how can we expect to respond effectively to religiously-motivated violence across our continent if we don’t have the ability to understand it? You here have experienced it in all its fury and terrible cruelty. Even watching the anniversary celebrations in England we felt again the horror and wept. How we feel for you!

“As such, one of the major challenges is to work out how we talk about religion in Europe. On a continent that is seeing growing secularism and apathy (in some cases outright hostility) towards religion and religious people, a challenge for all of us here today is to find new ways to share our religious vocabulary with the rest of the continent.

“This also means feeling confident to talk about the Judeo-Christian tradition of our continent and why this tradition needs to be reflected in our understanding of Europe. This is not – for those concerned – a call for a return to Christendom, but being open about our tradition and heritage – both the good and the bad.

“In a speech I gave in September to head teachers of Church of England schools, I said – uncontroversially in my view – that in order to defeat terrorism, we need to understand the mind-set of those who perpetrate it. To my surprise, a small number of media commentators viewed my comments as appeasing terrorists and their acts. However depraved it may be, groups like ISIS have an ideology, indeed a theology – which is at the heart of their propaganda, and therefore the driving force – which holds an apocalyptic understanding of human history, not as a loose term but in its strictest technical terms: they believe that the world is about to end, that the Prophet will return with Jesus, and will defeat the western powers.

“It’s very difficult to understand the things that impel people to some of the dreadful actions that we have seen over the last few years unless you have some sense of religious literacy. You may reject and condemn it – that’s fine – but you still need to understand what they’re talking about.

“And in order to understand, religious people in Europe must regain the ability to share our religious vocabulary with the rest of the continent. If we treat religiously-motivated violence solely as a security issue, or a political issue, then it will be incredibly difficult – probably impossible – to overcome it. A theological voice needs to be part of the response, and we should not be bashful in offering that.

This requires a move away from the argument that has become increasingly popular, which is to say that ISIS is ‘nothing to do with Islam’, or that Christian militia in the Central African Republic are nothing to do with Christianity, or Hindu nationalist persecution of Christians in South India is nothing to do with Hinduism. Until religious leaders stand up and take responsibility for the actions of those who do things in the name of their religion, we will see no resolution.”

In toto, Justin Welby is encouraging a fresh vision for Europeans to aspire to: “One that is unwaveringly committed to the common good and to the flourishing of all”.

Perhaps the Lord is moving His servant towards speaking with a prophetical voice, one akin to the Old Testament prophets for the good of our nation. May Our Father grant him a blessed vision for Britain as He sees us – and recognising the fact that Brexit IS an ‘act of God’ that challenges churches’.

Finally, let me point to the IMF’s warning from its first managing director and deputy chief, David Lipton, that Europe’s failure to break its anaemic economic is of greater concern for global stability than Brexit!

Why We Need Disorder: A physicist’s perspective on the living world

Terrific timing because not only have I been ruminating for a few weeks on those ‘first days’ but also I was asked to read out Gen 1:1-2 at an Alpha meeting last night! Moreover, am interested in a reader’s reference to the co-founder of string field theory as am learning about his concepts…

Science and Belief

10248755515_7859b0be20_k Cropped from From Chaos to Order By Sebastien Wiertz. Flickr. (CC BY 2.0)

The Genesis creation story may seem to be all about God getting rid of disorder and turning it into order, but that’s not how a physicist sees it. In her lecture at the Christians in Science conference in Oxford a few weeks ago, Dr Rhoda Hawkins explained why.

Hawkins studies how unpredictable events on a microscopic scale can produce something very predictable and useful on a larger scale. For example, zooming out from an image of white noise produces a fairly even grey colour, or the random movement of gas particles can produce an overall temperature. So while in everyday language the word ‘random’ often means ‘purposeless’, in science it just means that something is unpredictable – and that unpredictability can be put to good use.

26231002464_541adaf3fb_kCells keep their shape with actin filaments (red) and…

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Battle for the UK: heaven’s breaking news – The Worm Has Turned!

This important, powerful prophetic word comes from Emma Stark, co-director of Glasgow Prophetic Centre / Christian International Scotland, as well as national director of Healing Rooms Scotland, with husband David.

Emma calls it “Heaven’s breaking news” and shares about hearing the Lord say,

“The worm has turned, the worm has turned, the worm has turned away.”

She immediately knew this means satan and its hordes, and the Lord explains,

“The enemy has just changed direction and he has just changed strategy.”

Listen carefully as Emma brings the full details of what she received and then prays for listeners at the close:

This video posted on Sunday 20 November is highly encouraging for faithful intercessors and brings correction and instruction on how to pray in this situation.

It’s interesting to note concurrent events in the political world:

On the previous day I read about injudicious comments by Lady Hale, a justice in Britain’s Supreme Court. Most readers are aware the Court is to rule next month on the procedure for the government’s application of Article 50 for leaving the EU.

However, as Charles Moore explains in Saturday’s broadsheet op-ed ‘Time to say Hale and farewell to judges who hand down opinions on Europe’, Lady Hale delivered a lecture overseas in which she presumptuously declared that she and her fellow judges “have definitely become the guardians of the UK Constitution” (read earlier on-line version here).

Furthermore, the wife of the Court’s President Lord Neuberger had made dozens of tweets against the Referendum result, as well as broadcasting extreme opinion on it far and wide. Baroness Neuberger’s actions are not in contempt of court as such, but contrary to the Supreme Court’s own Guide to Judicial Conduct, which advises judges to show caution and restraint whenever publicly commenting upon their case decisions.  Therefore, calls have been made for her husband to recuse himself from inclusion in the 11 judges sitting to hear the government’s case for Article 50.

On Monday it was reported Lord Neuberger has announced his early retirement next year. Furthermore, the leading political commentator Melanie Phillips has called for Lady Hale as the only female Supreme Court justice not to take his place as President (article refers).

Some readers found the newspaper’s previous editor’s opinion rather too polite, as in this sample of letters!

Prophetic words on changing winds over the UK

Thank you to Sarah Sillitoe for commenting on The Wind Has Shifted as follows:

“Felt God say today “The winds have changed” get the feeling it’s like when Mr Banks learns how to play with his children in “Mary Poppins” and the wind changes. Get the feeling we are stepping into a vast and spacious land (the promised land). Bearing this in mind I would highly recommend you take a look at two videos: (see post’s Comments).

Also to Chris Bennett (posted on UK Prophetic Words 21 Nov 2016)

‘The Wind of Change is beginning to blow over the UK. The Spirit and the Word are beginning to come together and are forming an unbreakable chain that is dragging the church into the 21st century end times. At the same time the Ruach of God is blowing the cobwebs away, blowing the dust out of the corners, and cleaning up the Bride for Her Groom.

“I am sending my Wind of Change to cleanse My Bride of all the impurities found in her”, says the Lord. “Those of my church who have espoused hypergrace and sinful practices and claim that My Word teaches them are an abomination to me  – those I will spit out of my mouth and they shall wither away. Those of my church who ignore the sick, the poor, the needy, widows and orphans – these will I leave out of my plans. Those who do not feed, clothe, and tend those in need – these I will desert in their own hour of need. Those who have no part in taking the gospel to people but expect them to come to the church – these will have no part in my risen church, nor in my celebrations”.

“I am about to resurrect my church”, says the Lord, “and the Ruach of God will blow through her. Those who hear what the Spirit has to say will prosper. Those whose lamps are kept prepared will be partakers of all my glory” says the Lord God Almighty.

Chris Bennett 16 Nov

And what a very windy weekend and early week we’ve had!!

PS: note also Tony Puccio’s contribution in the ‘replies’ below…

Prophetic intercession

A useful overview of the subject and I note that Les Lawrence uses a photo from an event Reuters censored by cutting its video feed. (See video at close of Urgent Word for USA.)

The Road

trump-prayer-shawl Donald Trump receiving Jewish prayer shawl (tallit) from Apostle Wayne T. Jackson

This is from the blog Elisha Vision:

Praying for President-elect Trump is an opportunity for me to explain a wider concept of intercessory prayer. Have you heard of prophetic intercession? It is a completely different approach to prayer. A friend and brother recently asked for my thoughts on the subject; and it seems worthy of sharing more widely. Contrast prophetic intercession with what I call “pathetic” intercession. Please don’t whine when you talk to God. Prayer is conversation with God; so be adult about it. He has made certain promises which He expects us to remind Him about, and hold Him to them. Pray with a basis for expecting Him to do what we ask because He said He would.

Praying for the new President and “leader of the free world” is a sobering assignment and is not for…

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Update on Nina’s progress

A hearty thank you to the Lord and to everyone who prayed for Nina after her major hand operation. There’s been one achievement at least: she’s managed to learn to write again! This time with her right hand 🙂  It was so amusing when she first attempted doing a crossword.

We’ve had a busy morning shopping locally and later in Liphook after going to the Royal Surrey Hospital. There, the registrar who’d stitched her thumb and forearm in two places checked progress again after she’d worn a wrap-brace with thumb-splint. Three weeks ago when the plaster cast was removed he was astonished at how well the wounds were looking and healing. So Nina told him about prayer power as people had been praying for her and the whole medical team during the op’ and afterwards.

Today, he said it’s “Brill – marvelous!” and sent her to start physiotherapy. That therapist was amazed Nina’s had so little pain as most patients complain of post-operative pains, and Nina had been warned it may happen. But praise the Lord no, and the whole is healing exceptionally well. The course of physio will now continue at the small unit 1/2 mile away and adjacent to our GP surgery, with next check-up in in mid-Feb, hopefully for sign-off.

yumAND the weekend had got off to a very good start with a bowl of dates, sultanas, raisins and glace-cherries that had lain soaking for 3 days in a secret spirit being incarcerated within a stiff mix of flour and goodies only to then be incinerated – well not quite.

If only we smell its warm yumminess! Am so pleased Nina encouraged me to bake and ice our Christmas cakes.

yum-2ALSO, the whole house oozed with the combined scent of the cake and my freshly baked granary loaf.

Now herein lies a story of prophecy!

When we attended our first workshop on moving in prophetic gifting with Dr Sharon Stone 11 years ago one of the many activations involved a chubby chap with a one-tooth grin. He said he saw loaves on a conveyor belt – that certainly befuddled me! Although my name’s Barker I’m definitely no baker and my cooking abilities are very limited. Of course, we try putting a scriptural interpretation on these things but most often they are exactly what they are.

A few years later a good friend asked if we may be able to put her bread-maker to use as she didn’t have time to devote to its regular use. Nina gave it a try and suggested I may like to give a go – and have been doing so ever since! So that prophecy’s long fulfilled.

Yum, yum, yum…yum, yum, yum – yum yum all the way.. almost every third day!

What intercessors ‘heard’ during UK Referendum & US Election

This ‘review’ of intercession for the Referendum and Election by Dave Chapman is offered not only for edification but also as a good example of listening to hear the Lord’s will for our world. Dave contributed a couple of informative papers very early in my blogging on the Referendum for staying in or leaving the EU and I’m honoured to publish his latest, to which underscoring is mine for emphasis.:


Well, what a year it has been thus far!  So much going on, and so many changes both here and abroad.

We began it with preparations for our trip to Kabale, Uganda, again. All sorts of things to do, and to take. Loads of clothes, and gifts we had been given, mostly monetary, for the work out there. We too were blessed there on so many fronts, not least the privilege of seeing God at work in miracles and healings through them before our very eyes.

Referendum Time

We were back home less than two weeks before David Cameron announced a June date for the Referendum.  Prayer for this began in earnest.  We focused primarily on “Your kingdom come, Lord, Your will be done….here”.

Though we sensed we needed to leave the EU, we did not pray from that standpoint.  But, as we prayed, we ‘heard’ so many different scriptures coming, both to us and to others we were praying with, sometimes here and some other prayer times, all within a 20 mile radius of us.  “Let my people go”, the words of Moses to Pharoah was an early one. Then there was the story of David and Goliath.  Yes, the ‘Goliath’ is stunned, but not dead yet!  There is quite a lot of wriggling going on!  Continue reading

The Atom and the Atonement: Why we need models in science and theology

Chemistry graduate Joe Ogden draws a fascinating comparison between the apparent contradiction of the Holy Trinity and that of wave-particle duality in quantum physics, plus other interesting insights.

A Biblical Basis for Brexit

A possible identity of the British Isles in the Bible is something I was aware of long before becoming a Christian. Thank you Jonathan Ely at Why Leave the EU? for your link to this article, and for the kind permission of The Emmaus Group, which presents a lucid case for Britain being the ancient land of Tarshish.: 


Grateful thanks to the unknown creator of this splendid illustration


It is written that God establishes the boundaries of nations and for those who understand the times we are in, you realise we’re getting close to the end of days. So in light of the Referendum outcome, we decided to publish this article as we believe Britain could be the ancient nation of Tarshish, as referred to in Old Testament biblical prophecy. Tarshish is listed as one of the nations that challenges the Gog- Magog confederacy that sets itself up against Israel. Tarshish is also one of the first nations to bring offerings (tribute) to the God of Israel therefore could not be part the Gog-Magog confederacy.

The Emmaus Group believes our deliverance from Europe was God’s will for this nation, for His word does not return void but will perform what He purposes, in the thing for which He sent it (Isaiah 55:11). So be encouraged, but also understand such revelation highlights the times we’re in. Time is now very short and Britain will soon be humbled. What we are witnessing before our very eyes reflects both prophecy and the list of nations in Ezekiel 38. Continue reading

A word to decree, declare and share for the USA

Published here by Veronika West this morning:





‘At sunrise this morning I was sitting on the beach talking with the Father concerning the Nations, when suddenly I was caught up in a very powerful vision where I saw the whole Nation of the United States of America completely covered in a very thick and heavy layer of dust.

‘Then I saw the two hands of God coming out of the heavens, and reaching down both hands took hold of two corners of the Nation as if it were a huge blanket and He began to shake the Nation with great power and great force. I watched as the thick and heavy layer of dust was shaken loose from the Nation revealing the deep and vibrant colours of the American flag, I SAW THE COLOURS OF WHITE, RED AND BLUE.

‘As I looked at the White Stripes, I saw the words, PURITY AND INNOCENCE deeply etched into the land, then I looked again and I saw the deep colour of Blue and the words, PERSEVERANCE, JUSTICE AND VIGILANCE which were also written into the land, then again I looked at the Nation and I saw the vibrant colour of Red and the words, COURAGE, SACRIFICE AND HARDINESS upon the land.

‘Then I heard these words in the spirit,

“In this hour, I have taken hold of the Nation, For I am shaking America like a blanket, I am shaking off the thick and heavy layer of dust that has covered and concealed the true colours of the heart of this Great Nation. Watch, FOR EVEN NOW, The light and Power of My Glory is Rising upon My Sons and Daughters in the land, Look and See, I have Come to Remove, Renew, Restore, Revive and REVEAL the true heart of the United States of America to the Nations of the Earth”, says God.





A vision of unity, freedom, glory and redemption coming to the UK & USA

A mightily inspiring word to Veronika West that also confirms earlier words through others on the spiritual link across ‘the Pond’ (click title for link to her facebook).:



‘Today (11 Nov) while praying for the Nations, suddenly a very powerful vision opened up before me where I saw a large gold hand coming out of the Nation of America, I watched closely as the gold hand reached up high into the heavens.

‘Then suddenly I saw a large silver hand coming out of the United Kingdom and it too reached up high into the heavens, I watched intently as the silver hand of the United Kingdom and the gold hand of America came together and began to shake hands and as the two hands shook, I felt the earth tremble and the ground beneath my feet began to move and shift.

‘Then suddenly out of heavens came a third large hand, but it was a hand of blazing fire, I watched as the hand of fire came to rest upon the shaking hands of silver and gold, Suddenly the blazing hand of fire intensified in heat causing the hand of silver and the hand of gold to melt, I watched closely as the two precious metals melted into one another forming one mighty river of molten gold and silver.

‘And then I heard these words, “UNITY AND FREEDOM, GLORY AND REDEMPTION”

‘Then I watched as the river moved with great force and in great power, I watched as the river of gold and silver suddenly turned and broke forth upon the Nations of the earth and wherever the river of gold and silver flowed the mighty waters rose causing the landscape to be changed and transformed, then I watched closely as great fires broke out upon these Nations, the blazing fires of purification and revival, fires that will not be quenched but will only burn brighter and brighter.

‘Then suddenly out of the heavens I heard these words,




PS to previous on US election – New World Order

Who’s the third person in the extract from ‘A New World Order’ in Linda Louis-Vanreed’s article? We’ve heard of Marx and Lenin but maybe, like me, you’ve never heard of that other person who’s so inspirational to Hillary Clinton – Saul Alinsky. Well I just found out, thanks to William Koenig’s new book.

Here’s the opening of that quote:

A New World Order

‘Once all of our freedoms are brought under global control, we will have a new world order, free from religion, individual expression or thought. There will be a ruling class, and it will not be us. Marx understood this. Lenin understood this. Saul Alinsky understood this. Hillary Rodham Clinton, a student of both Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky, and a self-declared globalist, understands this. For almost 40 years she has fought to make for herself a place at the table, no matter what, or who, it costs.’

BillKoenig_hdrIn tidying up that post this morning I took a moment out to check the link to Amazon of Bill’s indictment, Revealed, Obama’s Legacy. Finding I could ‘look inside’ I took a quick scan and scrolled through. Here’s what stopped me in my tracks at the close of his Introduction.:

Orchestrated Disasters

‘Is this intentional devastation to America’s Judeo-Christian foundation based on the teaching of his mentor Saul Alinsky, the one who dedicated his first printing of the Rules of Radicals to Satan?  These actions have not been accident or coincidence but intentional. Israeli journalist Ruthie Blum wrote, “What the Axis of Evil Owes Obama”…

‘…it is America’s greatness not Obama’s that enabled him to make it to the White House in the first place.

‘His ability to pull off winning the election a second time, in spite of a bad economy and sweeping radicalization of the Middle East, is a measure of how well he had already implemented the methods of his mentor, Rules of Radicals author Saul Alinsky, of infiltrating the country’s institutions and destroying them from within.

‘One thing is clear however: his presidency has been paved not with failures, but with a string of the most successfully orchestrated disasters in history.’

Would anyone with a proper understanding really have wanted that continuing decline in American democracy ??

revealed-obamas-legacyWilliam Koenig is a Christian watcher and accredited journalist working within the White House who publishes World Watch Daily and the weekly Koenig’s Eye View From The White House and personal website at – details about the man and his mission may be obtained via those links. Very soon after launching this blog I introduced readers to his 4-year investigation into cycles of economic and social activities and their historic effect upon our lives in Points to Ponder: 2011-12 Biblical, Historical, Financial Cycles. I’ve therefore often referred to Bill’s work, as under this tag.

Clarification of ‘redcoats’ photo and wise reaction to US election

Having voted ‘Yes’ in the referendum to join the Common Market but soon finding it was a con-trick, and living for 40 years under its increasing totalitarianism and confirmation we were bamboozled into it, I regret that personal act of globalist altruism – but I’ve now done my bit in rectifying that juvenile folly.

Furthermore, we’ve found empirical evidence for the will of God on this momentous issue as revealed prophetically on nearly 20 occasions for the past 15 years!  (A triple-word from Switzerland 12 years ago is the latest addition to that collection – as here – AND part of which is confirmed by a vision one of my readers, Tony in Tucson, reported on 21st July last – see Direction!!  Also, only this weekend did a sister confide that the Lord had directed her to vote to leave EU!!!

Likewise, I’ve also been closely watching events in the USA since the Millennium, if not earlier, and seen severe deterioration there since the Lord blessed me with revelation in 2009 that The End-game Is Now In Play.

Then this weekend brought some heart-warming reading. Back in the early 70’s I was diving deeply into New Age ideals and increasingly contemptuous of traditional religious doctrines and values. They’d become obsolete and it was imperative for worldwide society to adopt those of the new globalist god, otherwise civilization was doomed to deteriorate.

Before relating what I read let me clarify something just in case any visitor or subscriber may misunderstand my meaning of the photo and post Fulfilled Prophecies #12. The photo of Prime Minister Theresa May being alone on the US president’s podium does not mean she will personally be of influence upon our ally – and complete lack of any political connections between our government and Donald Trump and his campaign team is the clearest attestation of lack of political influence upon him or the US’ democratic process.(The weekend’s leading newspapers were awash with this breaking major story in UK.)

No, that photo doesn’t have any political significance. It implies a prophetical and therefore spiritual connection related to the will of our heavenly Father being done on earth through our two nations.

AND, the totally unexpected upheaval in both nations as a result of democratic action is so utterly uncanny that it must signify the Lord’s active involvement, as postulated in Is Brexit an ‘Act of God’? Yes but it Challenges Churches!


Let’s look at a couple of reactions to the US election from Prophecy Today UK. Revd Dr Clifford Hill in Trump Triumphs shares his analysis and thoughts, noting “An American President who is a friend of Israel could be extremely significant for the future of world events”.

However, I particularly want to quote that site’s American correspondent’s response to the election result because it relates directly to and confirms not only my above reference to globalism but also points out its danger, and thereby augments my tripartite blog on The Fatal Flaw in Western Society (posted July 2015).

On the premise that US’ and UK’s citizens seem to have have been fast-tracked for the past 10 years toward incorporation into a one-world government, here are extracts from Linda Louis-Vanreed’s Is God Giving the US a Second Chance? 

A Global Worldview 

Most people do not have a clear understanding of the realities of globalism. It seems the common narrative stems from what the media has delivered to us – globalism as a way in which everyone in the world can end division and come together as one, to help one another prosper and become ‘better’ people. What they do not understand is that for globalism to exist, certain conditions must be met.

The first condition is that the concept of God must die. We must become ‘enlightened’ and realise that this life on this planet is all there is and all that is possible. We must believe we are all ‘accidental’ beings, not intentionally created by a superior Being.

When we remove God, it is the same as removing the concept of ‘zero.’ In arithmetic, the existence of ‘zero’ acts as the centre point that creates value for all the other numbers, whether they are +1 or -9. Without the zero, numbers have no reference point or concrete value.

God acts as our ‘zero’ point, if you will. Because God exists, we have value, we have a referent for ultimate truth – and therefore, we also have moral reference. Without moral reference there is no direction for the guidance of either family or society.

Freedom Without God?

When we acknowledge God, we are able to experience true freedom as we walk in relation to his Being, his Truth. Our freedom comes from this relationship. But without God, the burden for moral parameters falls upon man. Without God, there is no ‘zero’ point to give us value, so our morals and personal values become situationally relative.

According to those who denounce the need for moral referents, situational relativism should produce ultimate freedom. Every human should be ‘free’ to act in any way he/she wishes, being responsible only for his/her individual sense of value and freedom. But deprived of any moral referents, man’s thoughts and actions fluctuate constantly, fomenting instability.

When there is instability there can be no peace. Therefore, the only way to achieve peace is to create a referent. A created referent or moral base must be established either by populist whim (which is constantly in flux) or by a decree from a self-installed ‘elite’. For the globalist, a populist/democratic rule is far too unpredictable and potentially unenlightened to be sustainable and/or sufferable…

‘Globalism is presented as a way in which everyone in the world can end division and come together as one, to help one another prosper. But it requires certain conditions, including the removal of God.’

A New World Order

Once all of our freedoms are brought under global control, we will have a new world order, free from religion, individual expression or thought. There will be a ruling class, and it will not be us. Marx understood this. Lenin understood this. Saul Alinsky understood this. Hillary Rodham Clinton, a student of both Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky, and a self-declared globalist, understands this. For almost 40 years she has fought to make for herself a place at the table, no matter what, or who, it costs.

Donald Trump, a man who was raised in and has heavily contributed to the success of America’s free-market society, who apparently sees the dangers of globalism, may well think differently...

Very interesting. Read her argument in full here.

I could continue with insights from the accredited Christian correspondent at The White House, William Koenig.  However, all I’ll say is I’m very pleased to once again subscribe to his weekly Eye View From The White House, to which I’d ceased because it was so dispiriting to read the antics of the Obama/Clinton/Kerry brigade, most of which is now in his book Revealed, Obama’s Legacy.