URGENT prayer alerts for the United States of America

Rev John KilpatrickOn Sunday Revd John Kilpatrick reminded those present at Church of His Presence, as well as live streaming, about the Lord telling him weeks ago the post-election period is very critical and its important to continue praying for the USA and its President-elect (Fulfilled Prophecy #10 con’td refers).

Verinoka West FbkAdditional warning comes from Ignite Ireland Ministries’ watchman for the USA, Veronika West, whose frequent posts bring revelatory insights plus prophetic words of treat encouragement, for prayer warriors. This week she has particularly been interceding against betrayal witnessed behind close doors at the highest levels – Stay Alert, Stay Vigilant for there is a Battle Raging! (26th November, following that of 25th on security.)

3 thoughts on “URGENT prayer alerts for the United States of America

  1. The Jezebel spirit has been stirred up because it realizes its hold is about to be broken being that Obama is no longer going to be president and his hoped for successor is not going to assume the presidency. One of the characteristics of Jezebel is false accusations and betrayal. I concur that we must keep Donald Trump in prayer. Also that the enemy would be exposed.

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  2. We at…. http://www.lighttotheworld.co.uk are getting prepared to bring Jews and Christians in from USA to protect them from the severe disasters and persecution that is to come we want to make Ireland a safe place for them to come to. Terrible judgment is coming on USA due to them falling away from the Lord there shall be disaster upon disaster. The Lord is showing us clearly to set up something like a field hospital to receive the broken and the wounded Christians and Jews as that Nazi spirit among many others far greater than in the past will rise up against God’s people.

    Light to the world Ministries.

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