A Life-changing Dream

A totally unexpected (and hence uninvited) life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ was the start of a most exciting, never-ending journey.

RJBThis true story recounts my imminent demise and personal proof of the existence of Jesus Christ. After my subsequent baptism by immersion the events were recorded in a short paper entitled More Than A Dream. It was published in the tripartite Death or Destiny? on this blog soon after its launch in late 2011 and a prologue was added later.

Click links to read as required, but I’d recommend reading the three parts in sequence. May you be mightily blessed.:

Prologue : Death or Destiny? Choose Wisely

Part 1: an earthy visitor came by prior appointment but got rejected.

Part 2: a heavenly visitor came unexpectedly like a ‘thief in the night’!

Part 3: three subsequent events demonstrated I had not imagined what happened.

NB: the full 7-part account with further validation may be read in Journey to Freedom.

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