“The wind has shifted” – update from Revd John Kilpatrick

Come a short journey back in time with me, back to a fortnight ago today – Friday 21st October…

At about the same time in the morning I set off home from Alton High Street, Hampshire, with a couple of goodies to have with our morning coffee, 4500 miles over ‘the pond’ pastor John Kilpatrick was being awakened in the night by the Lord.

Nero_6As Nina’s forearm and hand were encased in plaster we weren’t chilling out for our usual Friday morning in Caffe Nero, but I’d managed to get there quickly and visit other shops so as not to be late getting back home – and so I looked my watch at 10:25 am.

Later, when we got to bite our ‘butties’ at lunch-time, would have been about the time pastor got a phone call – around daybreak there! (These time differences make our lives so interesting.)

Later again, after our afternoon ‘cuppa’, we hooked up to live streaming for the first 10:00 am morning session of the ‘Awake Deborah’ conference on 20th to 22nd October at Church of His Presence in Daphne, Alabama.

Later in their day, Pastor John popped into the evening session to tell them about what the Lord had given him before daybreak. WOW, the ladies must have taken off!  When we ‘attended’ the next morning’s session they were still flying high in prophetic intercessory declarations!

If you’ve read this blog’s most popular post of the year thus far (20 Prophecies and Words for 2016 and Beyond – “The Wind Has Shifted”), then you’ll want to know what happened. Here’s what John said at that Sunday’s service, from 1:10:00 mark on this video.:

JohnK 214_logo“While I was sound asleep the Lord woke me up about 4:30 and He said, “The wind has shifted!”

“The last time I heard that was last December but, as soon as I woke up and I heard the Lord say that, I listened and I heard the wind whistling through the windows of my house and the wind picked up. It wasn’t the natural wind that the Lord was talking about: it was some kind of another wind!

“About 7 o’clock – my phone rang around about daylight, and it was a preacher friend and evangelist who called me and said, ‘I couldn’t wait to call you and I’ve probably woken you up…’ No….he said, ‘The Lord wanted me to call you and tell you about the wind…and He wanted to start talking about the wind’.

“I said, ‘Yeah, four thirty this morning the Lord spoke to me about the wind, He said the wind’s shifted.  He (the friend) said, ‘Did you know they presented the Nobel Prize for Literature to Bob Dylan? They’ve never given it to a songwriter before but they gave it to him because they said that song that he wrote, the poetry and lyrics of that song have been so lasting – the name of the song is ‘The answer is ‘Blowin’ In The Wind’?’  And I said I knew that and he went on ‘Brother John, there’s something about the wind today!’.

“Later, that afternoon, one of my staff members emailed me and showed me where Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets was up in Maryland, and Chuck Pierce gave a word about the wind on that very day and the Lord said the winds have been blowing in the heavens for the last eight years, and He said, “I’m about the let those winds reach the earth and they’re going to start blowing”….Go ahead, give God praise!

John soon continued,

“I know that so many people are overly concerned – I’m really concerned myself.  I’m not worried but I’m concerned about two weeks this coming Tuesday – but you have to know that the Lord knows. You have to understand that the Lord knows, everything is right on schedule – nothing takes Him by surprise! – God never scurries, He never hurries – He’s never in an emergency, He knows everything…

“I have to believe that there’s something going on, there’s no telling what kind of things are going to take place that we don’t even know about yet – we just don’t know. The only thing I want you to assure you with is, the Lord woke me up and said the wind’s shifting.

“That means things have somehow been going along a certain way but last Friday (21st October) things shifted and that will show up real soon, whatever it is will show up real soon.

“Chuck Pierce also gave the word – and Dutch shared it when he was here – that the Lord said there’s going to be confusion and great confusion up until October 20th – that was the day the ladies started their ‘Awake Deborah’ conference here and the next morning was when the Lord woke me up to say, “The wind has shifted”

“I keep quoting Chuck and I believe he’s a prophet of the Lord, and Dutch says he’s the most accurate prophet he’s ever heard…he’s never known him to be wrong – I have to agree.” John then refers to when he received a personal word that happened exactly as he told him.

“So between now and Tuesday in two weeks we need to be in prayer.”

Listen to Chuck deliver this important prophetic word on ‘turning-point winds’ for re–arranging nations.:

On a personal note, we’ve met and heard Chuck on several occasions and many of the words he’s brought (especially of 2013 about this year and the 7 July 2005 attacks in London) are in this blog’s Library as well as under this tag.

Visit Chuck’s website at Glory of Zion International Ministries.

3 thoughts on ““The wind has shifted” – update from Revd John Kilpatrick

  1. You need to be ADDING that God uses us as in going and voting so we will not just lay back and think God does it all. Salvation HE did but HE now uses us as was HIS original plan. Many Christians are Sadducee and Pharisees and if Yeshua was running for President they would do just as the former Sadducee’s and Pharisees did. Be3


  2. Felt God say today “The winds have changed” get the feeling its like when Mr Banks learns how to play with his children in “Mary Poppins” and the wind changes. Get the feeling we are stepping into a vast and spacious land (the promised land). Bearing this in mind I would highly recommend you take a look at two videos:

    Lets go fly a kite from Mary Poppins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBkSy3dnIY8

    When the wind changes the 1st time in Mary Poppins (because its to good to miss and filled with intregue): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zPchc2dM1M

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