Battle for the UK: heaven’s breaking news – The Worm Has Turned!

This important, powerful prophetic word comes from Emma Stark, co-director of Glasgow Prophetic Centre / Christian International Scotland, as well as national director of Healing Rooms Scotland, with husband David.

Emma calls it “Heaven’s breaking news” and shares about hearing the Lord say,

“The worm has turned, the worm has turned, the worm has turned away.”

She immediately knew this means satan and its hordes, and the Lord explains,

“The enemy has just changed direction and he has just changed strategy.”

Listen carefully as Emma brings the full details of what she received and then prays for listeners at the close:

This video posted on Sunday 20 November is highly encouraging for faithful intercessors and brings correction and instruction on how to pray in this situation.

It’s interesting to note concurrent events in the political world:

On the previous day I read about injudicious comments by Lady Hale, a justice in Britain’s Supreme Court. Most readers are aware the Court is to rule next month on the procedure for the government’s application of Article 50 for leaving the EU.

However, as Charles Moore explains in Saturday’s broadsheet op-ed ‘Time to say Hale and farewell to judges who hand down opinions on Europe’, Lady Hale delivered a lecture overseas in which she presumptuously declared that she and her fellow judges “have definitely become the guardians of the UK Constitution” (read earlier on-line version here).

Furthermore, the wife of the Court’s President Lord Neuberger had made dozens of tweets against the Referendum result, as well as broadcasting extreme opinion on it far and wide. Baroness Neuberger’s actions are not in contempt of court as such, but contrary to the Supreme Court’s own Guide to Judicial Conduct, which advises judges to show caution and restraint whenever publicly commenting upon their case decisions.  Therefore, calls have been made for her husband to recuse himself from inclusion in the 11 judges sitting to hear the government’s case for Article 50.

On Monday it was reported Lord Neuberger has announced his early retirement next year. Furthermore, the leading political commentator Melanie Phillips has called for Lady Hale as the only female Supreme Court justice not to take his place as President (article refers).

Some readers found the newspaper’s previous editor’s opinion rather too polite, as in this sample of letters!

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