Fundamental flaw in Western society – preamble

The purpose of this preamble is to tell how the main part came to be written during the past week or so. It’s almost finished, but this will help you better understand its genesis and content – and please permit a personal perspective with a little poetic licence.

Clearly, this is not to make light of the deep problems our brothers and sisters are and will be undergoing in one of my favorite countries, Greece.

My comments on the crisis couldn’t be done in a single session at my desk, and then a few things arrived and fell into place. Like computerised processes, it’s been running in my brain’s background processing after having been tapped out. They sit in the Drafts folder, akin to something planted in our rear garden’s flower bed with its roots extending out of sight below the soil. They burrow deeper in the Summer heat and get watered by showers from heaven blown on the breeze.

Meanwhile, we carry on with a myriad of mundane necessary tasks with scheduled as well as unscheduled appointments, sandwiched between watching live Wimbledon lawn tennis championships.  SOoo helpful being no longer distracted by employment after having been blessed with early retirement – re-fired more likely!

Interweaving with all that during last week, the basic points of the next post grow and begin to blossom of their own accord, like new honeysuckle wending its way up a rectangular trellis, then threading its way upwards through diagonal struts placed on the adjoining greenhouse roof. This leaves me thinking maybe there’s some truth behind that new post’s title and to the conclusions I’ve already made but not yet written in full.

Initial inklings ‘morphed’ into “maybe?”, then got ‘watered’ by parallel perceptions and thus transformed into tangible concepts by ‘coincidental’ confirmations.

Suddenly we’re once again in the realm of God’s ‘invisible jigsaw’, or divine tapestry!

Hand Holding Puzzle Piece by Ponsulak

If you’re still with me in this ‘pre-ramble’ around the garden of my mind you may begin to realise ‘poetic prose’ is pointing to the prophetic; in the sense of its coming forth from the Lord’s mind – as though we’re gardening together, as Adam and Eve did with Him in Eden!

In preparing you for the fuller thoughts on the Euro-Greek crisis, the seed of which was a notion to introduce an application of End-times theory, let me say my dear wife supposes my first thoughts are always of food! In that case, let’s put it this way…

The first draft of the main part with its introduction and the start of my conclusions, looked a bit like a couple of slices of bread cut from the end of my freshly baked wholemeal loaf. To become a sandwich they need some filling from the fridge: slices of ham and home-grown salad say.

Metaphorically, along came a mixture of coincidences (more likely ‘God-incidents’) to create the sandwich. As one would expect the whole consists of different colours with my ‘bread’, or own thoughts, being of one colour and the filler another.  So the next post will be two-tone to distinguish between my original, personal material (black/grey) and the God-incidental ‘filling’ (dark blue rather than green, for ease of reading).

Hope I’ve whetted your appetite. I’m preparing that sandwich so we can share, bite and munch together…….but first try this as a sample, or…

A ‘Taster’:

Take this preamble as an example of what I’m doing in the next post. In both, my thoughts are typed in black. For this preamble they first emerged into the light of day as I scribbled in a very old, slim notebook whilst the sun was setting last week – and then I found a very intriguing ‘coincidence’, as told in blue below!

It so happens that notebook’s previous, and therefore last, notes are on a message that’s directly relevant to other ‘God-incidental’ material I’ve already inserted into the draft of main part!  Now that other new material itself is apposite for what I’d drafted. It was buried within a collection of papers I’d unexpectedly found last week up in the loft!  (Note the symbolism of a kind of resurrection!)

[Those papers were copies of an online discussion on humanism and Greek philosophy with a studious atheist in December 2012 – the month this blog really got under way! Hopefully, all this will enable you to appreciate the content of the next post even more.]

However, back to the matter in hand. Here’s what’s in that old notepad, the relevance of which will become clear when you read the main part later. Note it refers to Paul’s letter to a Greek church:

More on Prophecy: Intellect or Revelation? (John Kilpatrick, 3 June 2012)

1 Cor 2:11-14 is provocative – the natural mind cannot receive things of God, so WHY turn it onto spiritual things as it has not got ability and function of the spirit? It’s been that way since the Fall: ie. intellect dominates human spirit.

It’s also reason we fail to worship properly as mental concerns distract us. It’s also why churchgoers generally are afraid of, and offended by, the supernatural – common sense, intellect, logic and human wisdom alone are sufficient.

But by Jesus’ sacrifice and ascension we have gift of faith that enables us to go beyond the natural mind and thus opens vistas beyond its comprehension. (1Cor 2:9) Hence, few can grasp teaching on Jesus’ return and our rapture!

  • The difference is like that of a child’s toy hammer vs heavy sledgehammer.
  • Revival (ie. Brownsville & ‘The Bay’) brought new levels of revelation.
  • Faith is the exit door to intellect
  • Faith feeds off impossibilities – nothing shall be impossible to those who believe
  • Can’t have revelation until light of illumination comes (Heb 10:32) – ie. heavenly illumination comes to show what one’s been blind to!!

Furthermore, what’s really fascinating are these facts:

  • not only was that old notebook in the same collection as the next post’s ‘God-incidental’ material,
  • but also its first dozen pages are jottings made in Sept-Nov 2011 for creating this blog!!

Yet again my thoughts are directed to either when I started emailing friends, or to when I started public blogging.

So, whats going on?

Is the Lord turning my head to face look at something in the past that’s again becoming of spiritual significance for the day?

How could I think otherwise??

After this ‘taster’ we await the main course >>


  1. Introductory outlines to ‘God-incidents’ & ‘Invisible Jigsaw’ explain concepts.
  2. ‘Hand Holding Puzzle Piece’ by Ponsulak, courtesy

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