It’s happening: darkness and its veiled minions are being exposed — RJ Dawson, Real Christianity

Greater light is shining on the Judases, their nefarious deeds, and their criminal connections. Those aligned with evil are becoming ever more obvious. . CHOOSE FOR YOURSELVES TODAY WHOM YOU WILL SERVE Whoever is not standing up and fighting against the fraud is a part of the fraud. Whoever is supporting the faux elect is […]


3 thoughts on “It’s happening: darkness and its veiled minions are being exposed — RJ Dawson, Real Christianity

  1. In the Sky News this morning they mentioned that the conjunction of two planets creating the ‘Christmas Star’ due to be seen on December 21st, was last seen in 1620.

    Wondering why this date rang a bell I googled it to find it was the year the Mayflower first set out. Perhaps, in the words of the slogan ‘Wise men sought Jesus, and wise men still do’, it is time for America to ‘set out’ again, on a fresh journey, seeking Jesus?

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  2. This reminds me of a prophecy not too long ago which said that, whereas in the past it has not always been easy to see which political groups are “better” than others, in the future it is going to become very clear that one side is basically on the side of evil and the other against it – or words to that effect. It seems that that time is from now, basically, at least in America. What really gets me is the way that, even though there is such conclusive evidence for there having been – at least – irregularities sufficient to swing the election, so many people choose to look the other way or even pretend that’s not the case, including (or especially) those whose job it is to enforce the rules. It’s clearer than usual – clearer than it ever was with Brexit – that this is a spiritual battle.

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