Trumpwatch 42: when the dam bursts — JRB Publications

Another Brit is on-the-ball as regards events across the Pond, and here John Barber adds a very suitable scripture for meditation upon the situation…
Let’s be honest – forty-seven days ago I woke with a heavy heart thinking that Trump had lost the US Presidential election. Shortly after, I realised there had been industrial scale, criminality by then undisclosed high-level people to steal the election. It is why I could blog soon after about the fat lady singing, and […]   Trumpwatch 42 – when the dam bursts — JRB Publications

1 thought on “Trumpwatch 42: when the dam bursts — JRB Publications

  1. I agree that although many of us find Donald Trump unlikeable it is what he stands in the way of that is important. I read a brief news report yesterday that China is sending 400 fishing trawlers to Australian territorial waters to catch fish. This story has been barely mentioned by most media but represents what would normally be considered the sort of happening that leads to war.

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