Not many people know…

CONTINUATION of pre-blog email Touching Turkey:

Now all this prefaced John’s talk ‘Eyes to See and Ears to Hear’ (Matt 13) in which he spoke about the Church’s deliberate choice of being either blinkered or able to see and understand what the Lord is doing and moving us into.  He hinted that this may explain why so many believers find it hard to appreciate what happens during visitations of the Lord, for example in Argentina, at Toronto, Pensacola, Lakeland, Mobile etc.

Did you know that the Holy Spirit-led Argentinian revival and the ‘Toronto Blessing’ have borne fruit in the Islamic world?  This oft-ignored impact has come mainly through those revivals’ associated ministries of:

> Norwegian LH made many secret missions into Pakistan where hundreds of thousands, if not now over a million Muslims, have come to faith in Jesus.

> Rolland and Heidi Baker, founders of Iris Ministries in Mozambique, through whom Muslim provinces have converted to Christ in response to their uncompromising approach.  On her visits there, Heidi would challenge them to, “Bring out your demon-possessed, your blind, deaf and lame”, whence all get healed by and encounter Jesus’ love direct.

When I discussed with Rolland a vision of Holy Spirit’s fire sweeping up Eastern Africa and across the Sinai into the Middle East (here), he told me about a strategists’ report from the highest Islamic centre of Al Azhar University, Cairo.  A discussion heard on Arabic TV stated the report’s goals of achieving a global caliphate were well on the way to being achieved BUT with the exception of Africa because of this ministry’s mission, where mosques have become churches!

Praise you, and lots, lots more Lord!

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