Today’s storms mirror Battle for Britain in the ‘heavenlies’

StormcloudsIt just cannot be coincidental…

Prolonged heavy thunderstorms and flooding since late last night and well into the early hours today across south-eastern England surely speak of what’s going on in the spiritual realms, as in the powerful vision for Britain’s birthright Veronika West experienced:

“In this hour I see a fierce battle, a tug-of-war that rages over the Destiny and Birthright of Britain, but fear not for your words and prayers have been heard and He has come!”

Last night we were blessed to attend interdenominational intercession held in Winchester Vineyard church.  A couple of folk brought scripture and prayers about spiritual birthright and I briefly referred to a Veronika’s prophetic word and her seeing the Guardian Angel of Great Britain.

Mention of that angel immediately affected a couple of sisters so strongly in their spirits they reacted physically (like when the Lord spoke to Nina during Trooping of the Colour and she saw the words as scrolling text, This is MY country!).

As we left the building Nina noticed ominous clouds gathering but we drove away up and over the country hills eastwards with north-northwest sky lit by the sun below the horizon. Occasional rain started 20 minutes later upon reaching the small town on the heights of the A31 and began our descent of the dual-carriageway towards Alton.

Well beyond there, over our destination’s far horizon, we saw the darkest cloud masses lit by flashes. The overhead sky’s fireworks welcomed our arrival home after the 40 minute journey. It quickly sailed away – but more, lots and lots more with lashing, torrential rains was to follow throughout the night.  Incredibly, I missed the directly overhead crashes and flashes!  Drats!  I love watching night storms but was quite tired and awoke fired up.

4 thoughts on “Today’s storms mirror Battle for Britain in the ‘heavenlies’

  1. Here is another God-incident: yesterday I noticed that your blog had over 289,000 page views and my blog High Plains Drifter had over 289,000 page views. I believe this means that, not only are we on the same Holy Ghost wavelength, but if Britain leaves EUBabylon, that there will be a ripple-effect throughout the world—even here in the United States. Certain nations need to cut themselves off from Godless alliances.

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