On visions, maps, timing and God’s jigsaw of harvest of souls in New Britain

Hands Holding World by TwobeePrediction, prophetic words and visions are pieces of God’s invisible jigsaw puzzle. The spirit of wisdom taught Solomon ‘It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings’ (Prov 25:2).

Moreover, as mature sons and daughters of The King, His Holy Spirit may enable us to discern pieces and aspects of the immense invisible jigsaw He’s laying down – and it seems to be of the harvest foretold in scripture.

We need to consider some recent, related events first:

Yinka Oyekan’s vision of the coming harvest of souls in New Britain isn’t the only one to have been received by Christians. His, however, connects into a developing one that came to me before and after the EU Referendum.

Yinka posted on Facebook 4th August about angelic armies, areas being newly blessed and the harvest. The next day Veronika West brought A Now Word for the UK. which opens by referring to the ongoing spiritual battle that I’ve covered elsewhere, and then goes on,

‘Listen!…Listen! Heaven heralds new hope, new life and UNPRECEDENTED HARVEST IN THIS HOUR“! I see battle lines drawn in the spirit…’

I quote extracts from this magnificently heartening word but,  to gain a proper appreciation of the outcome, I strongly recommend your reading it in full from the above-titled link:



‘My interpretation the HARVEST IS READY, AND HELL IS NOT HAPPY!!! I submit Satan has assigned His demonic cohorts to the fields that are READY for Harvest. There is battle over the United Kingdom that is raging in the heavens in this hour for this ETERNAL HARVEST…’

Personally, this is exceptionally encouraging because the parable Jesus taught about the harvest in the ‘Gospel According to an Inland Revenue Tax-collector’ (see Matthew 13:) prompted my starting to write with ‘The End-game is Now in Play’. [If you’re new here you may like to check this out at 7th Anniversary of Writing, which gives a useful introduction to personal themes that sometimes pop up, as now: ‘God-incidents & Jigsaws’.]

NOW, get ready to find out how eight pieces of an invisible jigsaw came together:

Teamwork - prophetic pieces come together

Bringing prophetic pieces together

Lead-in to EU-Refendum 

The day I blogged about previous Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s prediction of popular opinion about the European Union along the lines what prophet Daniel foresaw (see Daniel chapter 7) we went to Winchester for an evening meeting of intercessors. Our friend Neil Mackereth, whose summary Stay or Leave? was one of the first of many blogs on the EU membership referendum, had mentioned that gathering and we thought it appropriate to attend.

That day I published Vision of Spiritual Battle for Britain’s Birthright in which Veronika West claims to have seen mighty warrior angels in a fierce battle and tug of war over the future destiny and sovereignty of the UK, wherein she saw:

“A Mighty Guardian Angel stood hundreds of feet tall and with eyes of blazing fire: he stood with a raised sword and shield which completely overshadowed the whole Nation of Britain”.

At the evening’s inter-church intercession a couple of folk brought scripture and prayers about our spiritual birthright. Towards the close I referred in passing to the vision of UK’s Guardian Angel but, at the very mention, a couple of sisters were affected so strongly in their spirits they immediately reacted physically. (Like when the Lord spoke to Nina during Trooping of the Colour and she saw the scrolling text: This is MY country!)

Winchester – 1st jigsaw piece

Other than with Neil and convener Caroline, I haven’t yet shared what I’d ‘seen’ throughout the meeting in Winchester Vineyard church. Here’s my email to her:

‘Whilst we stood in a rough circle I kept getting the impression of a huge outline of Britain hazily hovering a foot or so off the floor between us. It was as though we were standing as giants all around and looking down on Britain with our backs turned towards Europe and Scandinavia…

‘I was positioned by the ‘Isle of Wight’ and, after Neil read about Jesus telling Satan to get behind him, I was moved to declare that S in Europe get behind and away from Britain.

‘Also, I saw a huge tear through the ‘map’ and emerge over a larger area (ie North Downs to Scottish borders?) then when I saw a similar but very clear open vision 12 years ago  (https://richards-watch.org/2011/08/18/comments-on-sharon-stone-collapse-of-society/ refers)

This latest was a faint yet persistent, transparent outline of the English, Scottish and Welsh coastline. I noticed it was as though on a large map-table in a ‘situation’ or war-room and we could perhaps be engaged in strategic planning.

At the close of the meeting it suddenly ripped open, as though an immense and invisible tin-opener had pierced and prized open most of the land. I saw torn parts of metal curling upwards along the length of the country north of Salisbury Plain and across from Swindon area to west of London. The colour of the land that was ‘visible’ was an orange-sand all over – how peculiar, thought I.

Referendum Polling Day

In the late 1970’s ‘Sandra’ was blessed with a vision of Britain lighting up, similar to that of Jean Darnall but without knowing about her until later. The Lord directed ‘Sandra’ to keep praying since 2002 because “the tide has turned” and told her it would look as though He’s not answering prayers, “But I am, in my own time and in My own way”. On 23rd June she was able to observe remarkable events at a polling station and informs me:

“I watched God’s miracles unfold – incredible even though I’d prayed for this for many years. There was 80% turnout…queuing at the door before 7am determined to vote as soon as polls opened. All day they came, old people and 1st-time voters, and many in between. Some did not know how to vote but they were determined anyway. I know God would have influenced them in their choice. Some had great physical disabilities and could hardly walk or some had other impairments but they got themselves there somehow. There wasn’t any time for staff to take lunch. It was truly amazing. In the end, whether they acknowledge him or not, all people will serve their Creator. “Your Kingdom’s coming – Salvation Day – a time of breakthrough – the Lord is on His way. Only our God is strong to save. Only our God will save us.” Thank God that we will never completely know the horrors from which we have been saved had the country voted the other way. Thank God that He will, in time, help Europe too.”

All that’s especially so in view of polling day’s unusually heavy storms and flooding!

Peterborough – 2nd, 3rd & 4th jigsaw pieces

Shake the Nations Legacy Conference in Peterborough (covered briefly here) brought developments upon that Winchester vision. During the elevating, prolonged worship of the first evening I sensed a golden-yellow light radiating towards East Anglia and out over the North Sea. (The 2nd piece.)

Funnily enough it was directional and not a full circle – just like we see on radar screens depicting where the radar beam is sweeping. Again it was another map image.

A couple of worship sessions later I had a distinct impression of a map of the UK main-land and again it was like a bright orange sandy beach but this time it was all over, for the huge gap that I’d seen previously had disappeared! Furthermore, I saw a giant hand moving all around the land gently smoothing and patting it. Any signs of ‘cataclysmic’ tear across the nation had been folded back, repaired and healed and covered by what appeared to be a nation-wide field of colour void of any habitations or forestry. (The 3rd piece.)

Then I realised the entire land looks just like an immense field ripe for harvest: all the way from Lands’ End in Cornwall to John O’Groat’s at the top of Scotland and across from the Welsh peninsulars to the eastern coast abutting the North Sea!  It must surely signify all  Britain will soon be harvested for souls coming into the Kingdom of God – their personal salvation! Hallelujah!

Praise the Lord that His will will be done on earth – in Britain – as it is in heaven!

This new vision was soon to be confirmed. On the morning STN staff shared their vision for further global evangelism worship leader Lydia Marrow from Alabama suddenly burst into prophetic flow about many towns in the UK erupting with heavenly rivers – the 4th piece!  Also, she called for “Redcoats” (Yankee term for 18th Century British army) to come, which must relate somehow to what the Lord was indicating when Nina saw the Coldstream Guards marching down the Mall for Trooping The Colour. [UPDATE: video and transcript now available.]

aurora-uk_2192580k_Image credit Telegraph

I’d drafted most of the preceding paragraphs as soon as I could on Wednesday morning. As I was doing so yet more pieces to the jigsaw puzzle appeared via my PC. Whyever not?  Many times as I blog relevant email, news or songs have turned up ‘coincidentally’ . After all, the Lord taught me a deep lesson whilst building it (see And Now A PC Gospel?)

Angels in Peterborough – 5th & 6th jigsaw pieces

Now for an excellent example of the Lord’s timing, or ‘God-incidence’. Soon after I started writing about Winchester an email arrived from a couple with whom I’m only occasionally in touch. We’d met Peter and Rosamund D at the gathering of early 2012 mentioned in the post about the new PM’s mission fulfilling a 2005 prophecy (see Fulfilled Prophecies #9).  [‘Weirdly’ enough the distance to that venue in Torquay was another validation of my encounter with the Lord in 1989 as well as of prophecies for 2012, as recounted here.]

Their email is headed ‘Vision on 3rd August 2016 at Faith Camp Peterborough (!!) during the prophetic worship’ and is the 5th piece. It reads:

‘Immediately the prophetic worship started on Wednesday evening, I had an awesome vision.

‘My husband and I both heard a “creaking” sound!  The Lord said, “I have opened the ancient gates to the nation!”  Then I saw millions upon millions of warrior angels arrive through these ancient gates.  They were all dressed for battle and close together in formation.  Then I saw a great light, as the Lord Himself arrived.’

Immediately I stopped blogging and, in view of the 6th piece – a dream I’d had that very morning (Wednesday), I could confirm their vision and replied as follows:

‘Had an awesomely powerful dream that woke me up wide-awake. It was multi-level symbolism and conscious learning with continual and intense praying and prophesying in tongues for UK. In essence, I think it means the Lord is empowering intercessors…to declare and prophesy Godly changes into our leaders and situations, thereby taking our heavenly rulership so that His will will now be done on earth as it is in heaven; ie. for and in Britain. He even gave me an understanding of how His purpose for Britain inspired Henry VIII’s building a naval fleet, thereby preparing for our great maritime power in evangelising globally and building a Christian empire.
‘…the most powerful part was when I saw swing-doors/gates closing against what was coming from the heavenly realm YET the power from heaven continued to pour through mightily!!’

Peter replied, “We are encountering one divine set-up after another!”

Therefore, intercessors may want to note those principles of prophetic declarations. [For more see Mentoring Day parts 1 & 2 and Apostolic, Prophetic Decrees Over The UK.]

Prophetic Word from Oz – 7th jigsaw piece

Taking a break later that day I mulled over hard-copies of long prophetic words that I only have time for quickly scanning on-screen. One was Word for the Nations, including UK from Amanda Wells, now shown in Thursday’s post.

It confirmed that insight into Henry VIII’s fleet by Amanda’s referring to August trade winds having “enabled the European empire to expand into the Americas and trade routes to become established across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans…Historically trade routes were the avenue were the avenue where religion, trade and technology spread across regions…many became paths for great revivals also…”

The ‘Now Word’ for UK – 8th jigsaw piece

Today (Thursday) I decided to scroll through Veronika West’s site as my Facebook blog-page doesn’t get any automatic feeds from those I’m interested in. So I caught up with her post of 5th August, as above, wherein she describes seeing “A large field of corn – the harvest looked ready”, rather like the UK-wide golden ripe field in my third map vision described above.

All of this relates back to 2009 when I had to tell friends and church leaders about Matt 13 parable of wheat and tares and that I’d heard, “This is ALL about to be fulfilled!”


To those personal eight pieces we could add the original that ‘kick started’ them, the vision of a spiritual battle given to Veronika and that to Yinka of regional awakening and harvest.

Could our heavenly Father like doing jigsaw puzzles with us? Has He got a jigsaw box ‘Souls Harvest’ and does He want us to help Him solve it and put it all together?  Events and evidence suggest that’s what He’s got and would like us to do – so we thank and praise our Heavenly Father in revealing His plans to His sons and daughters.

  • Thank you to my quoted contributors and for permission to quote
  • Hands Holding World by Twobee, courtesy Freedigitalphotos.net
  • Teamwork by Franky242, courtesy Freedigitalphotos.net
  • Aurora from International Space Station, courtesy Telegraph

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