Fulfilled Prophecy #9 – PM May’s personal mission predicted in 2005 Vision for Britain

New Prime Minister’s personal mission foretold by Father God in 2005 and its timing for Spring-Autumn 2016 revealed in 2013

STelegraph 31July16Don’t normally have time for a Sunday newspaper but when this front-page banner headline grabbed my attention I grabbed a copy. Scanning its body whilst queuing to pay, I noticed its direct relevance to an incredible prophetic word from the Lord to Chuck Pierce in 2013 – one with a specific timing for fulfillment in this year, 2016! – and which I’d I nearly omitted in the final part of Fulfilled Prophecy #8 for the sake of brevity!  (So pleased I got a firm ‘mental check’ and didn’t do that!)

The news reference is to the abolition of human trafficking of all kinds, against which I’ve often heard Dr Sharon Stone strongly encouraging political involvement. (The first time I recall was in January 2012 at a conference we attended in Torquay. It was led by Patricia King from XP Ministries, Maricopa, Arizona, who spoke about her ministry’s missionary work in Cambodia against sex-trafficking.)

Thank you to Lynne Hodder of Father’s House of Prayer for reminding me, upon hearing last night’s BBC news of Mrs May’s motive, about the vision that Wendy Alec received in 2005. One of her fellow intercessors believes Theresa May is the anointed choice of God for our time for she felt such an anointing when she spoke about running for PM. As in an earlier post, I remarked at the highly unusual circumstances of her suddenly becoming PM. (I’m amused that the date the Queen formally invited her to take office is that of my late father’s birthday – 13th July.)

Thus, at least three widely recognised prophets have brought words from the Living Lord God about this grossly offensive injustice.

Sunday Telegraph’s exclusive article by Theresa May is announced on its broadsheet front page as follows:

‘Theresa May today pledges to rid the world of the “barbaric evil” of slavery as she sets out her personal mission as Prime Minister…Invoking William Wilberforce, the 19th Century Christian reformer who led the campaign to abolish slavery, Mrs May declares:

“This is the great human rights issues of our time and as Prime Minister I am determined that we will make it a national and international mission to rid our world of this barbaric evil.

“Just as it was Britain that took a historic stand to ban slavery two centuries ago, so Britain will once again lead the way in defeating modern slavery and preserving the freedoms and values that have defined our country for generations.”

Now note what Wendy Alec writes in the extensive Vision for Great Britain, which has several sub-heads (including ‘Great Britain – Land of End-Time Destiny’):

And like Wilberforce – My apostolic voices shall rise in the Houses of Parliament – they shall arise in London – they shall arise in Edinburgh – they shall arise in the North of England – and even as the unions had a voice in past years that was strident and rose above the crowds and became the voice of the masses – so in like manner shall My Church’s voice start to be heard in a manner far above and beyond this present days.

“And so I shall raise My apostles – and they shall stand at the city gates and the gates of trading – and they shall stand in the government – and they shall stand in the media – and in the banking institutions and in businesses – and they shall stand in the clergy of this nation. And I shall raise up My prophets – and they shall rise – and their faces will be as flint – and even as John Knox voice rang out above Scotland – I tell you that My prophet’s voices shall start to rise in this nation – and I call My intercessors – I call My intercessors – Pray, Pray – do not desist from your prayers – for even that which you have perceived in your spirits and that which you have yearned for – it is almost upon you.”

Regular readers may recall this awesome word begins with the Lord’s urging our release from the EU, as in UK/EU in/out # 5 Vision of Britain and End-time purpose.  One closing section reads:

“And there has yet to rise from these shores one who has a rod of iron – in the decades to come – you shall yet see one rise who has My government upon his shoulders – and he shall rise in the government – and he shall rise in this nation and he shall rule with a rod of iron…”.

(This leads into ‘The great joining of the Lion and the Eagle’: compare with Charles Shamp  The Lion Has Roared and the Eagle Will Fly of 7 July 2016):

I’d assumed that the part of what Chuck Pierce summarised in Sept 2013 had been for the United States – but it could mean that it may be starting in the UK. ‘Incredible Prophecy: Hear the Clock Ticking! You’ve been Catapulted into the Three Years Ahead’ says this,

“…The demons that have been trafficking and even creating trafficking throughout the earth, I Am now going to un-nest their headquarters. That which the enemy meant to destroy through trafficking, I will raise up as an unstoppable army in the days ahead, for that generation will be My generation! I call you, ‘My Army that is Unstoppable!’ I call you, ‘My Kingdom Swarm,’ and you shall invade the kingdoms of the earth. You shall extract that which is needed and you will bring it into My Kingdom….”

Mrs May’s article, shown below, is given prime position on the broadsheet’s centre pages alongside The Sunday Telegraph editorial and readers letters:

Re 2005 Prophecy - Theresa May Exclusive Article, credit Sunday Telegraph

Sunday Telegraph exclusive article – click for link to read.

She writes that in her previous office as Home Secretary the Modern Slavery Act came into force last year – the first legislation of its kind in Europe.  She continues,

‘But we must not stop there. Just because we have some legislation does not mean the problem is solved. So as Prime Minister, I’m setting up the first ever government task force on modern slavery.’

She then outlines three ways she and the new Home Secretary will progress this personal mission. In giving examples of horrors that have been encountered she concludes, “These crimes must be stopped and the victims of modern slavery must go free..” and ends with a personal emphasis upon Britain’s unique role, as prophesied!!  It’s well-worth repeating:

“So Britain will once again lead the way in defeating modern slavery and preserving the freedoms and values that have defined our country for generations.” 

Amen and amen again – let it be so Lord.

Prime Minister May’s obvious personal mission also demonstrates that the Brexit vote and consequential changes are definitely an ‘Act of God’, as blogged here.

AND, don’t you admire this gal’s gumption in her emphatic declaration of re-asserting our unique national identity – the Lion really IS about to roar!!

Lion Roars - Credit GodTV


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