Map-vision & Word: epicenters of rivers of God’s glory in Britain

First briefly mentioned in New Nation: Spiritual Rains Have Started and in Notes to A Vision Over This New Nation; then as the ‘4th jigsaw piece’ of On Visions, Maps, Timing and God’s ‘Souls Harvest’ Jigsaw – NOW hear it as Lydia Marrow interrupts what she’s saying about STN’s international mission to bring this powerful prophetic word from the Lord in its full explosive flow.: 

My transcript now available here

This must surely relate to the astounding vision Smith-Wigglesworth and prayer partner Norman James had 50 years later of the Lord’s mighty move in Britain (this post refers). No wonder she’s so excited…

Also, it was encouraging to both of us in confirming not only that I’d not imagined ‘seeing’ two maps of the UK earlier in that gathering but also, and considerably enhancing, what Nina received powerfully during Trooping of the Colour.

We were only a few feet away on 2nd July and it’s so good to hear this again – and still get ‘electrified’! (As reported here.)

We first saw Lydia Stanley six years ago as the late-teens worship leader of The Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival, at Church of His Presence in Alabama and after she’d married Nathan Marrow, evangelist Nathan Morris’ associate (both from Rotherham, England).

[Read also: Prophetic word in worship “There’s coming a great shaking and great crash..”  and “London’s Burning…” and Revival 1: glory stories.]

1 thought on “Map-vision & Word: epicenters of rivers of God’s glory in Britain

  1. After I had stopped crying, as one of the many that have prayed into the Smith prophecy for years, I cant put what I am feeling into words. Have shared it with all those known to me who are watching and praying and just want to say thank you again for putting all this together and give Praise to the Lord for His goodness and mercy to the United Kingdom, God Bless

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